17 May 2017

Mandela's Rogue Police Unit of MK terrs and the can of worms

André Lincoln

By Mike Smith
17th of May 2017

One of the first things I noticed about the New (Improved) South Africa in 1994 was the sudden influx of drug dealing criminals and mafia elements from the darkest corners of the world. You had the Russian mafia (Yuri “The Russian” Ulianitski), Italian mafia (Vito Palazzolo, Glen Agliotti) , the Serbian mafia (Darko Savic – one of the world’s most wanted drug smugglers), The Czech Mafia (Radovan Krejcir), The Palestinians (Badih Chaaban), the Israelis (Shay Musli), the Indians and Pakistanis, Chinese triads, Nigerians, etc, ….In fact by 2001 Steve Tshwete, Safety and Security Minister, said 400 gangs, mainly of foreign origin, had been identified operating in South Africa.

Crime gangs gather to exploit South Africa’s lawlessness

Case of Czech Gangster Reveals South Africa’s Dark Criminal Underworld

Top Israeli mob boss arrested in South Africa faces extradition

When you start to dig you see that the names are all connected and the same names keep on popping up. Of course they would work closely together with Western Cape gangsters such as Rashaad Staggie and Apartheid double agents such as Cyril Beeka, who together with his staff at Pro Security were the foot soldiers doing the dirty work for the foreigners and it wasn’t long before these criminals had the Police and ANC politicians in their pockets.

It is quite common knowledge that the German fraudster Jürgen Harksen had the whole of Wynberg copshop in his pocket, but although he stole millions from South African investors, he was small fry. Glenn Agliotti was the best friend of Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi. Selebi and his wife would go shopping together with Agliotti and pick Viton handbags and expensive shit and Agliotti would pay for everything.

Crime skyrocketed in South Africa, people started complaining and what did the ANC do? They simply put a moratorium on crime statistics. Covered it up.

Said Charles Nqakula, Minister for Safety and Security (2002-2008), in Parliament to South Africans who complained about crime: “They can continue to whinge until they're blue in the face, they can continue to be as negative as they want to or they can simply leave this country."

In 2007, National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi was criticised for responding to concern about South Africa's rising crime rate with: "What's all the fuss about crime?"

It was during these initial troubled times that then President Nelson Mandela was worried about State Capture by criminal syndicates and therefore decided to set up a task team inside the police who would answer to him directly.

Enters André Lincoln…The man who is currently suing the Minister of police for wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution.

Prior to 1994, Lincoln was deputy head of the intelligence agency for the now ruling African National Congress, but was then integrated into the new police structures of post-apartheid South Africa.

In 1996 Nelson Mandala gave Police Commissioner General George Fivaz a hand written note that he wrote in a sealed envelope to set up the Presidential Investigation Task Unit and launch "Operation Intrigue".

André Lincoln’s job was to investigate police officers involved in money laundering, drug smuggling, and other mafia activities as well as ANC ministers and politicians involved with Vito Palazollo, the alleged sixth most powerful member of the Italian Mafia at the time.

George Fivaz
However the Police Commissioner at the time, General George Fivaz, a real gentleman and old school Apartheid era policeman, was not happy about the arrangement between Mandela and Lincoln.

First of all, he knew the ANC terrorists intimately and he knew about their criminal activities, the Spoilers gang, Defence Minister Joe Modise (Apartheid double agent) and his stolen car and drug running rackets between Zambia and SA, etc.

Secondly, André Lincoln was very inexperienced at the time. On top of that, none of the men on Andrè Lincoln’s team had proper police training or passed through a police college at the time.

There were other concerns as well. Their funding was secret and covert. They could bypass superiors in the chain of command and even the Police Commissioner himself and answer directly to Mandela only. It went against any normal police protocol and chain of command.

This shows us that Mandela had no idea how the police worked and that he did not trust Fivaz and rather relied on his own man, whom others like then Deputy President Thabo Mbeki told him, assured him was a good man.

Nevertheless General George Fivaz appointed his own little task team under former police investigator Director (Brigadier) Leonard Knipe of Murder and Robbery Squad to keep an eye on Mandela’s Presidential Investigative Task Unit. The goal was to see whether the unit was complying with rules and regulations, and using state resources efficiently and, as General Fivaz anticipated, the unit quickly turned rogue.

Members were said to be booking out sentenced prisoners on false statements, living in safe houses with their families, renting vehicles, and giving police cars to informants to roam the streets.

General George Fivaz, now retired, testified in court a few days ago that, "It came out that the unit is extremely ineffective and there are serious allegations of misconduct that could also mean criminal conduct."

Charges were brought against Lincoln and his unit in a trail that would last ten years and see all the charges dropped.

Lincoln’s trial is over, but he wants revenge. For ten years he has been planning the day he was going to get his own back and nail the ones who prosecuted him.

Lincoln is claiming damages for what he calls malicious prosecution when he was charged with fraud, theft and drunk driving during the time when he was commander of the presidential investigations task unit. Of the 47 charges brought against him, 30 were dismissed by the regional court. On appeal to the high court, the remaining 17 on which he was convicted and sentenced to nine years, were also dismissed.

He is making some really wild accusations such as that Apartheid security police lured youths to their slaughter

He said that police officers removed evidence from the scenes of government-ordered crimes committed in the 1980s. Lincoln believes Knipe was part of a group of police officers that "cleaned" crime scenes, including after the killing of seven anti-apartheid activists in Gugulethu in 1986, and the bombing of Community House in Salt River in 1987.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission however found Knipe not guilty of any wrongdoing in both the bombing and killing of the seven. The only reason he was at the scene was because he heard about it on the radio and it was his duty to respond.

Lincoln testified that Club 35, a group of 35 high-ranking policemen, had played a role in the investigations against him and in his prosecution.

He said Senior Superintendent (Colonel) Peter Rossouw, who was the chairman of Club 35, influenced witnesses to testify in a manner incriminating to him. He said Rossouw and then police director Leonard Knipe “put pressure on witnesses” to make false statements against him.

Advocate Craig Webster, for the Police Minister, argued that the club was a social club and was not influential.

André Lincoln’s lawyer Johan Nortje said in one investigation in collaboration with the American Secret Service, dubbed Operation Donna, they found a printing press in the national police office at police headquarters in Pretoria which printed counterfeit US dollars as well as "all sorts of documentation" such as matric certificates, university degrees and drivers licences mostly printed for various generals within SAPS. Simon Nothnagel, attached to the police's commercial crime unit, was allegedly involved in this counterfeit US dollar and certificate operation.

Another allegation was that the ANC “had financial difficulty” and in an attempt to fund the 1999 election campaign, “the ANC sold drugs”.

Claim ANC sold drugs to fund 1999 election campaign

Details of a plot to assassinate Mandela during his inauguration was also revealed.

A handcrafted sniper rifle was found under the desk of a senior police officer in Pretoria, and was allegedly going to be used to kill Mandela during his inauguration. But, Lincoln said they had to turn to the high court in Pretoria to obtain a search and seizure warrant for the national police office. He alleges fellow senior police officers realised he had gathered intelligence on their plans, including one to murder Mandela, so they framed him.

General Fivaz had a different version:

Fivaz on Monday called the testimony a "blatant lie".

He also said it was a fallacy that a rifle was found inside the police head office. It was also misleading to say the investigation was stifled.

The gun had been an exhibit in police custody, "sort of illegally booked out for an operation," he said.

"It was recovered by some police official in a police safe house somewhere in Johannesburg, and that is very far away from the police head office."

An investigation followed and the case was submitted to the National Prosecuting Authority for a decision.

"At the time, he [the prosecuting official] regarded the whole saga as smoke and mirrors. He was not at all convinced there was a proper case."

Continued Fivaz:

"Every time I spoke to the late president Mandela about an assassination, he was very amazed about it and his reply everytime to me was: 'But George, how on earth will somebody assassinate me? I am the popular choice of the nation'."

"He was not at all interested in this type of thing. I got the impression that he doesn’t believe it."

Prosecutor Andre Bouwers, who prosecuted Andre Lincoln 17 years ago, said he had enough evidence to mount a successful prosecution against Lincoln.

“We had good dockets to take the matter to court,” said Bouwers. Bouwers further testified that: “Lincoln being framed was an allegation made from day one. Everyone was shouting it, so we were aware, but it just made us more careful.

“We made sure that we had a case and the evidence we had was proper on every single count.”

There was enough evidence against Lincoln

Lincoln took the stand and told the court he had 23 years of police service under his belt. He is currently working as the cluster commander for Wynberg, and is a Major-General.

Some further reading:

Mandela was amazed that someone would want to assassinate him, Fivaz

Fivaz never gave Lincoln clear mandate

Mandela’s top cop back in court

Court rejects absolution bid in ex Mandela cop case

Presidential unit was 'running like a rogue unit'


  1. Anonymous8:32 am


    We have been robbed, raped & violated in so many ways in this country.

    It is beyond words.

    Isnt it ironic that Charles Nqakulas son would be murdered and stabbed to death?

    No, that is what happens when you turn a blind eye to crime for your own gain, what happened to so many eventually came back to stab his son.

    The same will happen with the liberals here & the corrupt ANC in the end.

    The minute the shit hits the fan, all these gangs will be the first on a flight out of here.

    Trace the money, the heads of these gangs and whats the bet its high level politicians, KGB, they supplied them with weapons long before they started selling drugs here.

    The gangs, ANC, removing apartheid - all goes hand in hand.

    Sad that the country is nothing but a gang den with politicians controlled by Mafia & Mafia family.

  2. Anonymous10:38 am

    And now for some breaking news, the upper echelons of the Police are criminally involved in.....hey look over there! Racist whitey.......look at whitey....

    1. Anonymous12:38 pm

      lol... that would make an excellent Simpsons cartoon

    2. Anonymous9:28 pm

      This country is a macabre cartoon after all. Smile and wave boys, just smile and wave.

  3. Anonymous11:44 am

    Yanks are the new Afrikaners.



    1. Anonymous12:23 pm

      Yanks are the new poms always whining. They have the second amendment(the RIGHT to bear arms) and they're still a fucking majority ffs.

    2. Take from whence it comes. Alex Jones is a CIA disinformation agent. Both his parents were paid CIA agents as well.


    3. Anonymous3:43 am


      That site says he is Bill Hicks as well. How do you take this seriously?

    4. Anonymous3:46 am

      So what "dis information" does Jones spew out?

  4. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Hi Mike
    We must have been the laughing stock of note during negotiations. They (anc) must have got drunk after each session and pissed themselves because of our naivety. Man, the old guard was gullible.

  5. Anonymous10:18 pm


    I thank you for enlightening but I do say that you add fuel to the rage and anger at the same time.


  6. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Of all the countries that were colonised the 'colonisers', 'whites', are no longer there. They were persecuted and chased out.

    Why is it then that the 'colonisers' feel that they have a right to stay in South Africa. What is different here. Nothing. So the colonisers will be chased out then.

    What say you colonisers? And don't get nasty now.


    1. Anonymous2:14 am

      I say just another retarded useless shit stinker making noise again. Nothing new.

      I would love you to chase me out, I have listened to your mindless rhetoric crap for decades, I have seen your intent to do fuck all and wreck what is but I ain't seen any action from you retards to chase me out.


      Are you afraid that there is something that awaits you that you have never seen before?

      It is apparent in your idiotic post that you're as ignorant as retardus is supposed to be, had you travelled through Africa and seen the desperation, destruction, apathy, hunger, need and unemployment, not to mention the lack of service, inadequate medical care, almost non existent industry and no grants to live off, you would have rather shut up and continued to let people wonder if you are as thick as you look but no you go prove that you're thicker than you look.

      But please do materialize your constant natter noises of driving us out and taking back what we stole from you and all the other shit that you spew from that vent you think is a mouth. I want to show you what colonisation is all about.

      Stop threatening boy and start doing.


    2. Anonymous3:47 am

      Go read "Indaba My Children" by Creto Mutwa. YOu will be shocked to discover that you are the colonizer, bantu boy.

    3. The white colonizers have a bigger claim on the land than the black colonizers because they came here first.

    4. Anonymous5:33 am

      @11:53 Talking about shit. Watch this spot, your idol, Brian will start singing like a bird soon. There was not R30 mil left in the GEPF, all gone down the Lilliput. Wait, hungry Sassa children will figure this out soon and then the shit will fly. Follow the money backwards from the Lilliput, then watch your back, common practice in Africa to stab your best friend in the back for money and fame. Good luck, enjoy the shit hunt!

    5. Who came here first is irrelevant. Who stayed here and built the place up is what is important.

      Many years ago when I built my first house the land had many inhabitants from spiders and ticks to snakes and cockroaches. At the time there were no borders between the plots so the spiders, snakes and roaches crawled and slithered from one plot to the next scavenging and parasiting on the land...All the time living in temporary structures.

      I came and fenced the plot off, cleaned it up, brought order to it and built a house that still stands today. It is my fucking plot; it is my fucking house. I made it into what it is. The parasitic insects still living there is just a fucking side show. I don't hate them, because after all they cannot help for being parasitic insects, but I swat one whenever I can.

      However...They should never claim that the place is theirs and they should never try to take over. I don't care how many fucking roaches there are. Try to take over...It will be extermination time.

    6. Uitstekende antwoord mnr.Smith. Ek laaik!

    7. Yep Mike. I was a bit lazy in answering the fool but you cleared it up and painted the picture exquizitly

    8. Listen you JACK@11:53 we are not colonisers. We are the White Tribe of Africa and we're here to stay, preferably without you. Get that into your dimwitted skull, once and for all?

      As Mike says, the parasites that infested his plot when he started building there don't own it. They never will. He accommodates them, but when they bother him he swats them. Do you get the drift, arsehole [though that's a bit of an insult. My arsehole does a wonderful job which no one can ever say about you utterly useless bunch]. Can you show me one thing that you have built on the whole continent, other than mud huts with grass roofs and cowshit floors???

      Now, be a good little boy and go and rape your neighbour's infant daughter and continue to dream your misbegotten fantasies if it gives you a hard-on. In others be, A for away & FO for go.

    9. Thats it Tom, but a fool can never understand the conversation of grownups. I myself even give myselfaA hiding every time we respond to these karasites because we know, regardless of how much you educate them, the parasitic nature and the foolish understanding can never be over breached. Reasoning is meant for the Adamic Tribe only.

    10. Anonymous11:52 am


      The age of colonialism is long gone. The only people who harp on about colonialism and imperialism are communist agitators and their black pawns.

      The countries where the colonisers were chased away have all turned into third world cesspits, bar none. The locals are less free now than when they were under colonial rule.

      The whites built this country, so they have more right to it than the blacks. It was our ingenuity, planning, capital and investment. All the blacks did was lay the bricks, which they were paid for.

      I've often watched black orphans begging outside KFC and noticed not one black patron will spare so much as a crumb, but the whites and indians more often that not give them at least a two-piece. Where's the Ubuntu ? It's a myth..just like the myth you okes are entitled to any part of SA outside of your homelands.

      Remember Weenen.

    11. Anonymous9:20 pm

      @ Toetsi.

      Wait the Chinese are coming to Africa and boy I will be gone but you born frees will still feel the yoke of Communist slavery and Chinese rule.

      Carry on wishing because the red ants are coming


  7. WillemWikkelspies12:08 am

    Very interesting Mike . But what exactly was East London NP Minister Peet de Pontes' role in securing Robert von Kolbachenko's @ Vito Pallazolo's citizenship in RSA .

  8. Anonymous12:34 am

    I found this article so funny, regarding the printing press:


    It states: A senior police officer has revealed how apartheid-era officials bombed a building in Johannesburg to allegedly cover up the theft of a 25-metre printing press, which they reassembled in police headquarters, and used to churn out counterfeit money.

    Now a 25 meter printing press is called a web, and prints off a roll of paper, mostly used for magazines and newspapers.
    It would take approx. a week to dismantle and then another week to reassemble. But these boere stole it, without anyone noticing. You will need a very special concrete floor, to run this machine, or the whole building will collapse around it.
    Apart from that, money gets printed on a sheet fed machine. You don't get money paper on a roll, unless you printing Zim dollars.


    1. When I wrote this article I couldn't help but wonder who they would have blamed if they succeeded in killing Mandela. Probably "The Rightwing" or the "Boeremag"...

  9. I refer you all to the link "198 methods of non-violent action." above.

    We, as right-thinking fellows, have to do everything within our means, legally, to defy the scum in every way possible. Why should we respect the law when those paid to enforce it don't and, more importantly, those who make the laws don't? I obey the law only insofar as a means of staying out of gaol, where I will be of no use. Their laws only apply to us Whites. Parasites are automatically indemnified. Everyone of those looters and destroyers of property in Coligny should be locked up, but will they even be investigated? No, of course not.

    The police are simply too fucking useless and those that aren't too useless are just to corrupt. So, without a warrant, don't let them onto your property. And, if you kill a "home invader" [which hopefully you will] the charge is not murder, but a GD [Geregtelike Doodsondersoek - can't hink of the English term now] Make sure you have a sharp lawyer on call so that if they charge you with murder and arrest you, you can sue the shit out of them.

    Be well and united, boys & girls.

    1. What needs to be done? You can divide it up into four groups:
      1) Legal methods
      2) Semi legal methods
      3) Illegal methods
      4) Black Ops

    2. Anonymous2:39 am

      Just like everything else in this country the ANC has terminally infected our once proud Police force into a disease ridden corrupted creature. This commie ANC filth is everywhere. It's sickening.

    3. Agreed Mike. I am of course all for the Black Ops, but one needs to exercise discretion. As I said, I have no intention of landing up in one of their cesspit gaols [been there- well the holding cells - a few times in the NSA], but there's really no point in it.

      I would like nothing better than going out on the prowl in the dead of night and creating a bit of havoc. Just sowing a bit of panic and creating a little uncertainty so the shitheads don't know what to expect next.

      Thus far I have managed to control the urge, but the time draws ever nearer when I won't be able to resist with every day that passes and the shit this mentally retarded scum comes up with to push us Whites more and more.

      They have no idea what they're playing with. These cowards hid behind PLAN and never experienced what the Boertjies are / were capable of. The question is, are there enough of us left? I believe there just might be.

    4. Teddy Roosevelt’s son Ted, was awarded the Medal of Honor for leading the first wave of US soldiers attacking Utah Beach on D-Day. He volunteered for the assignment and had to walk with a cane due to World War One Injuries and a heart condition. He was the oldest man in the first wave at age 56.

      When King Leonidas I died at the Battle of Thermopylae, he was 60 years old, still kicking Persian arse ond would probably have kicked the arse of any 20 year old today.

    5. Anonymous3:56 am

      whats PLAN?

    6. Shit Mike, I think my granny could also have kicked the arse of 20 year old's today. ha ha ha. Thanks for the inspiration though, bud.

      I'm sure there are plenty of us old toppies left who are still capable, but do they have the will or have they succumbed to the Rainbow Bullshit?

      Ah, fuck it, we'll never know until the SHTF?

    7. Anon 3:56 - Peoples Liberation Army of Namibia, the armed wing of SWAPO. Like MK is of the cANCer.

    8. Anonymous9:25 pm

      @ MS 3:32am.

      Please don't forget Frederick Courtney Selous, who was killed at the Lado enclave fighting the Germans at the age of 61 years old.


  10. Anonymous3:47 am

    The pot is simmering and simmering when will it eventually boil over???? Hopefully SOON!

    1. Anonymous10:16 am

      You sound like those ministers who wish for a Venezuela situation for south africa.

    2. Anonymous1:22 pm

      and you 10:16, sound like an ostrich with his head in his ass

  11. Anonymous4:09 am

    Very informative article. Thank you.

  12. Willem Wikkelspies ()9:14 am

    In surfing parlance , the one closest to the energy (back in my day) had rights to the wave . If another bloke "dropped in" and spoilt your wave , he could expect to be "speared" by the infringed party's board and in some instances like the Bluff (Cave Rock and Ansteys) some perennial droppers in , could expect to be displayed about the car park (fucked up). At the time a chap called Denny Aarberg in the USA penned an article "no pants Mance" .
    Mance was a hard core long board rider and the long boards in the late 60's and early 70's were solid enough to destroy any 5 foot 6 and 6 foot 2 boards and smash them into pieces . Apparantly one day Manse got 'dik" of all the lighty's dropping in and simply road the fuckers over with his 9 foot six "rhino chaser."

    Now it is abundantly clear to WW that the retardus velcrocapitus species along with relatives retardus negrensis and irritatus cuntis species have not taken the finger tip and fucked that up , but the whole bloody arm .

    It cannot be that far off that a local version of Manse is going to take that "long board" and smash these recently primitive fucks , to smitherines .

    I fervently recall the satisfaction gained by Mance according to Aarbergs report . History is likely to repeat .