08 May 2017

Macron, the Elite and the Socialist strategy

By Mike Smith
8th of May 2017

France has a new yuppy president, the Rothschild agent and Jesuit, Emmanuel Macron. Not sure if the split/splintered Left in France is celebrating today or simply feeling relieved that their Nemesis, the Nationalist Marine le Pen, did not win, because during the last few days I haven’t seen these libtard snakes so worried since Hillary lost to Trump.

It will be interesting to see what Macron has install for France, because his “En Marche” during the run-up to the election reminded me of the terrier chasing the bus; now that he caught the bus, what is he going to do with it?

See the point is that the idiots who voted for Macron did not know what they were voting for. One would have liked to see them vote for Macron because of what he had to offer, what he stood for, but Macron has no plan, no policies and no vision. He doesn’t even have a party, just a movement...but he doesn’t need any plan, vision or party either. His only job was to stop Le Pen at any and all cost. Money was no problem, because for that job, he received record amounts of funding in record limits of time from his Rothschild masters. It was his most important job to date, even more important than the $11.9 Billion takeover of Pfizer’s baby food section by Nestlé that he oversaw in 2012 for the Rothschilds.

Nevertheless...Sometimes to expose the snakes you need to set the veldt on fire and smoke the bastards out. Hats off to Le Pen who did a brilliant job of doing just that. They are now so openly brazen about it that there is no more hiding who the puppet masters of Macron are.

This brings us to the age old conundrum of the super rich banker monopoly capitalists (not to be confused with true free market Laissez-faire capitalism) being at the same time the biggest socialists. Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Rothschilds...all the same...All capitalists with a Socialist agenda. What is behind it?

The hypocritical Libtard Socialists always want to pose as the champions of the poor, the oppressed and the common man, yet Macron is everything but an ideal example of a poor-boy from the worker’s class. Both parents were doctors, his father a professor of neurology. Macron had only the best education at elite Jesuit schools and his wife, who is 25 years older than him was his former French literature teacher who molested him when he was just 15, exposing what goes on at these Satanic Jesuit schools. Incidentally Robert Mugabe is also a product of these elite Jesuit schools.

To prevent a scandal over his affair with his teacher he left the school or Lycée La Providence in Amiens and eventually did his equivalent of A-levels (Matric Higher Grade) at Lycée Henri-IV and then read Philosophy at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Science Po) where he did his Masters on Machiavelli and Hegel. In 2008 at the age of 31 Macron became an employ of Rotchilkd & Co. as an investment banker and two years later he became a partner. In 2012 he gave up his position at the Rothschilds to become President Hollande’s economic advisor and Finance Minister (2014).

It was no surprise then, for me at least, when in 2016 it came out that Macron held tax back and had secret accounts from Switzerland to the Cayman Islands. Macron, then the darling minister in Hollande’s parliament, suddenly experienced the French people demanding his resignation which he handed in on the 30th of August 2016. Michel Sapin succeeded him. Macron’s political movement “En Marche” (Forward) that he founded in April 2016 was about a year old when he became President elect of France. The mind boggles at how quickly he had such phenomenal success, but it was not only due the record millions spent on him by the elite bankers, but also their propaganda machine in the form of their MSM that kicked into top gear and tried everything to make Macron look like a saviour angelic knight that would save and defend France and Le Pen as the evil witch that would lead it to destruction.

Nevertheless, it is sad to see the 2/3 majority French people who voted, not for Macron, but rather against Le Pen, fell for it and were so naive, ignorant and dare I say a tad arrogant to vote for Macron. How many were true European French and how many naturalised from North and Central Africa are unknown.

However...To understand this phenomenon one has to understand the French psyche.

See, the French people are very sophisticated, diplomatic and proud of their high European culture. The French language is known as the diplomatic language of the world. When a Russian, a German and a Spanish diplomat meet for talks the Lingua Franca will be French, not English.

Therefore the French people think that they are dealing with rational diplomatic people and that they can simply show the Islamists how much better their high culture is and they think they can simply reason and talk to these Islamist and African cannibal scum and convince them to adopt this wonderful French culture and integrate into French society...

The German Socialist, Thilo Sarrazin, wrote exactly the same thing in his book “Deutschland schafft sich ab” ("Germany abolishes itself") in 2010. His problem was not so much with the masses of Islamist illegal immigrants, but rather with the fact that they did not want to integrate.

This brings us to the questions...”Why do you want them to integrate into European culture? Do you see European culture better than theirs?”

First of all this attitude is rather racist and condescending, because socialists, cultural relativists and racial egalitarians like Macron and Sarrazin see their culture as better than that of the Islamist or African illegal immigrant. If they truly saw it as “equal” and the one not better than the other, like they profess they stand for, then why do they not adopt the Islamist culture?

Secondly what they do not grasp is that the Islamist and African parasite is not interested in adopting a single part of the French or European culture, but rather want to see it destroyed and abolished. Demographics are taking care of that rapidly.

Along came Marine Le Pen and told the French people the uncomfortable truth and gave them the solution in brotherly (or sisterly) frankness. Too frank maybe. Unfortunately there is no nice way of dealing with this terrorist scum. You have to throw them out of your country and close the borders. There is no other way and while you are at it, nail these Socialist elitist bastards who allowed them in, in the first place! That is what Le Pen stood for.

But unfortunately it is too much to contemplate for the sophisticated and diplomatic French people...at least for the two thirds majority who voted against Le Pen. So now when the next terrorist plants a bomb, shoots people with an AK-47 in a football stadium or drives a truck down the promenade in Nice, they should not ask why, because their President that they voted for and his elitist banking masters love this kind of chaos.

People have not realised that when one understands the strategy of Socialism that it is not a conundrum at all anymore why the world’s biggest “Capitalists” are also pushing the Socialist Agenda.

Socialism is not about solving any social problems, rather to create as many as possible.

It works like this: Normal people want order in society and will demand something to be done when there are problems, but with solving problems you either have to be “NOT NICE” or willing to “SPEND LOTS OF MONEY.

However, the money must come from somewhere. The poor does not have any money and it will be a cold day in hell before a greedy, rich elitist banker will share any of his money or pay a cent in taxes. In fact if you are rich and you pay taxes, you are stupid and don’t know about offshore accounts, trust funds and how to get around taxes, as Macron showed us in 2016.

However most middle and working class people are fluffy little sheep who do not want too much nastiness so they will rather willingly pay money to those elitist promising them the solutions that they have created in the first place than to be “Not Nice”.

Further, the elitist bankers found that there was never a shortage of feel-good, useful idiots called “Liberals” and “Social democrats” from the ranks of those constantly trying to fix society such as the academics, feminists and those in the clergy that they could use to drive their agenda. These arrogant intellectuals think they are very clever and treat those with differing opinions on the right with contempt and disdain, but in truth they are the ignorant and stupid.

Truth is that Socialism is no feel-good Red Robin Hood. Socialism does not take money from the rich to give to the poor. It is the elite fleecing the middle class. It is not the friend of the hardworking worker class or the poor. Socialism is a Scapegoat strategy of the elite to steal and extort money from the hardworking and productive people whom they blame for all societies’ ills and problems under the pretense of helping the down and out poor and society as a whole, but when you follow the money the money always ends up in the banks of these elitist behind the likes of Macron and the few cents that fall out of their pockets end up with the genuinely poor.

Therefore Socialism can never get rid of the poor and can never uplift the poor, because if there are no more poor people, there is no need for Socialism anymore and the Socialists politicians will be without a job.

Genuine upliftment of the poor can only come through genuine free market Laissez-faire capitalism, but of course this is the last thing the elite Socialist want.

He knows this, that is why he constantly needs to reinvent a victim class and a new scapegoat to blame.

When you want to beat a dog it is easy to find a stick, but you need a reason to beat him so you have to find a victim that the dog was attacking. In South Africa the victim is the innocent Noble Savage and the evil attacking dog the white person. “Racism” is simply the stick.

The socialist thrives on inequality and division. The moment society becomes too equal the Socialist invents a new victim and a new aggressor to blame and if there are no Marie Antoinettes, no racial difference then there are gender differences or whatever difference…does not matter. Divisions will be created where they don’t exist.

Like they did in Scandinavian countries where you had just about everyone rich and equal and the new flavor was feminism until the rapefugees arrived.

Feminism is just a variant on the strategy. You just tell the women that they are victims of their men. That the men occupy all the good jobs, have all the money…that the women are just sex slaves to the men who drink lots of alcohol and become aggressive. Women are just babymaking machines and their wombs exploited by their males…And soon you have gender “inequality”…men turning to more alcohol, families breaking apart. Men shunning their feminist women…these women turning to other races different to their men…Chaos and division everywhere…Socialist paradise.

Socialists do not mend or heal society. They do not unite society…they constantly look for cracks that they can drive a wedge into to create inequality and chaos as much as possible. Then they offer a solution that will cost money and provide an excuse to take it from the hardworking and productive workers through taxation. Socialism is a scam. An extortion racket run by the elite Monopoly Capitalists and Bankers who back the likes of Macron, Hillary and the ANC. Socialism is their strategy for theft.

Those tree hugging greenies and libtards who genuinely believe in the feel good bullshit of liberalism and socialism…those who worship their savior god Mandela and who believe the junk of a Rainbow Nation and holding hands with terrorist scum like the ANC or Islamists for that matter are just useful idiots and sheep. They are completely blind to the theft going on above them. In fact they think the wolves fleecing them are knitting nice jerseys and pullovers for the other little sheep… How simply wrong they are.

Marine Le Pen did a good job of trying to wake them up and shake them up. Nowadays with the internet and social media it has improved. Exposing the Socialist agenda and those behind it should be the task of every right-thinking person in the world.

One thing I have learned from the Springboks and the All Blacks is that sometimes it is OK to be number two, because it makes you work harder and keeps you on your toes. For the one at the top, there is only one way and that is down. If you relax and make a stuff up, history tends to be unforgiving.

Personally I think Macron should not get too comfy and cushy in his new position, because he basically has one shot at it. If he makes a stuff up, he will pay the price, because then the road to the top is clear for Le Pen.


  1. Anonymous6:19 am

    Screw the french. We have our own problems.

  2. Anonymous6:48 am

    As hy stront aanjaag is die pad boontoe vir Le Pen geteer? Nee wat. Die blanke is te onnooslik om ooit ten volle wakker te skrik. Dis soos hier by ons... verkrag, besteel, vermoor, deur bee bevark, maar as Angus praat is als weer ok en goed net soos dit is. Fok d blankes werld wyd oor. Hulle haat hulself en is heeltemal tevrede op hul selfmoord pad.

  3. Anonymous6:58 am

    Marine Le Pen will be elected next time round. It was too soon for her to be president of France now. France (and Europe) need a few more years of more problems with immigrants before they realize that Le Pen was right.

    Ou Toppie

  4. Anonymous7:36 am

    Was it rigged? How many voters did not cast a vote? Or was it a case of money talks and bullshit walks.

    One by one the Nations capitulate, but to whom?

  5. Anonymous8:08 am

    French Embrace Rothschild Flunkie


  6. Anonymous8:43 am

    French politics and foreign policy has always been a mess
    They are so patriotic -- about what I wonder
    Look what they did ( or didn't do ) in the WWII
    Look at what has happened to every one of their colonies.
    Just as well the British managed to get rid of Napoleon ( who was a CORSICAN )

  7. Whiteman9:06 am

    I do not know if this Macron guy is handsome ? If he is, you can be sure millions of brainless libturd females voted for him. Especially the older ones. ( He has a definite fettish for " mother-figure " females. ) Looking at him, the following descriptions/perceptions flash through my mind, and I know people may think the same of me. Enigma, poefter-boy, mammas boy, yes-man, wanker, nerd, smooth operator, dodgy character, French arse hole ! I would never allow him to marry my sister and/or daughter !

  8. Anonymous9:11 am

    Mike Smith,

    I need you to make a tactical call here boet, who's uglier, Macron's vrou, or Prince Charlies' spaar wiel ?

    Parker-Bowles looks like a horse, but Brigitte Macron looks like Skeletor.

    Remember Weenen.

    1. Could have been worse. Imagine an Dlamini-Zuma or Winnie Mandela lookalike.

    2. Anonymous7:23 pm

      Dlamini-Zuma looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp!

  9. Anonymous10:22 am

    Q What does the french presidents wife use to keep her ankles warm?
    A. Her tits.

    1. Hahahahaha ;-) Wrap around.

  10. Anonymous11:18 am

    Another useless leader in this world just like Hollande All Hollande could do was just give lip service,now this Macron comes along this asshole is not even 40 what is this world coming to.

  11. Brilliant and spot on Mike, as ever!

  12. Anonymous11:48 am


    Great sum up.

    The same reason he is in, is the same reason the whites handed power over here. They dont want a conflict and its better to boil away slowly than to have the same fate in one swell swoop.

    France, Netherlands are over. There is no way coming back from that fact.

    The demographics show that another 2 elections (3 at most) we start seeing Islamic parties could have enough vote to get into parliament and change those countries.

    What will Frenchie do when the bombs go off?

    They will hand over their weapons. The Muslim will not be so kind as the Nutzis, the Muslims will slaughter them and enslave them much like the whites have been enslaved in SA.

    Sad day but lets see.

    Bon-voyage France!

    1. Anonymous4:28 am

      If the "Nutsies" had won ww2 we wouldn't be suffering under the White nation extermination policies being inacted world wide today.

      Although not perfect (who is aside from our Father God and his Son?). Hitler knew what the future held for whites and tried unsuccessfully to prevent the calamity that is overtaking us today.
      He loved his people and was forced into a white brother war by the globalists.

      I am sick of the "Evil German" movies Hollywood pushes out to brainwash us.

    2. @Anonymous 4:28 am...You seem to forget that the Nazi Party (National Socialist Worker's Party of Germany) came about when the Socialist, Julius Streicher, merged his German Socialist Party (DSP) with that of Hitler's.

      Which part of "Socialist" do you not understand? Nazi's are leftwing scum, not rightwing at all.

      If they won, you would have had the same story as in Stalin's Russia. Look at the similarities between Hitler and Stalin. Both were foreigners in the countries they ruled. Both were dictators. Both had secret police. Both had concentration camps. Both were mass murderers.

  13. ...this is mostly the fault of the liberals, but also those right thinking people who are not standing up for what they know is right in the most brutal way. Thousands of years of glorious European history and science will be lost once these savage islamists take over.

    Islamist, exactly like blacks can ONLY destroy and nothing else.

    Look at this one: https://www.infowars.com/rape-legalization-gains-ground-amid-migrant-influx-in-europe/

    1. Anonymous7:39 pm

      @Phoenix 1:26pm

      "Islamist, exactly like blacks can ONLY destroy and nothing else."

      Don't forget the White converts who can blend in wearing western attire. They could be more dangerous than typical Muslims and blacks.

    2. I agree. The white liberals are more dangerous than the islamists or the blacks. It is because of these liberals that the islamist filth and black idiots have the power they have today.

      Once the world is rid of liberals the other two problems will solve itself.

  14. "Socialism is their strategy for theft." A classic comment that resonates. A great post, Mike. Cheers from OZ.

  15. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Sometimes i recon we need to help hasten the liberal agenda. The quicker everything goes massively pear shaped the faster the sentiment turns in our favor.

    Sometimes it is better to break that bone properly so it can set right rather than grow crooked. Strap in and hasten the pain is what i say. Now some of you all are thinking who the fuck cares about other countries ! Well when those countries swing, they could swing favor to our cause and put a bit of pressure on the dumb fucks in office in SA. I say dumb fucks by which i mean the fuckers we see, but hopefully also enough to scare the aristocratic dumb fuck puppet trolls off too.

  16. Anonymous4:55 pm

    "Feminism is just a variant on the strategy. You just tell the women that they are victims of their men. "

    This sounds familiar, the serpent that decieved in Eve in Genesis 3.

  17. Anonymous8:40 pm

    The Globalist Cabal won't let any more of their ill gotten and stolen crown jewels be taken from them by the people.

    Sounds almost exactly like the AanC's game plan.

  18. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Japan will be Japanese in a hundred years. France wont be French in 20 years. The language might be French but so is the language of Mali, Madagascar, Benin, Congo etc


    1. Anonymous5:31 am

      Thats because the Japanese heap praise on apartheid

  19. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Somewhere in the rush for acceptance and correctness homo sapiens have lost their identity and now are a breed unknown to themselves.

    Civilization has become a scramble of word play on nonexistent values and misconception of order.

    Saying the right thing is the accepted norm but not the inherent value that makes homo sapien a species that stands alone, talking and not doing has led and is still guiding us to our demise.

    Should we wish to continue as a species we will need to drastically change this ever encroaching weakness and rise to the challenge.

    Like France other nations will choose the easy route and discard the values that make us homo sapien. They shall adopt the values of the retarded and unevolved and in time all signs of homo sapiens will dissolve only to be remembered by a fossilized skull or preserved artifact buried in soil.

    Like the Kwagga, Blue buck, dodo and very soon the lion, leopard and Rhino we whites are going to disappear, bred out by multiculturalism and weakness and killed off by a weaker species, all because correctness and acceptance is the rule to follow.

    Rather I choose the honourable route and respect my origins than fall foul to this disease that eats into my tribe and kind.


    1. LT, standing ovation, my mate. I walk that route with you, never fear. There are still a lot of us left, but most are too scared to come out off their shells. They feel isolated. It would help a lot if more of them could discover this blog and realise that they are not quite as alone as they think.

      Pure White and proud of it! Stuff the PC.

  20. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Macron better watch his step trying to arse creep up to Aunty Angela (Merkel),that wife of his will beat the crap out of him.

  21. JESSEJAMES11:25 pm

    Things are happening só fast now in SA and abroad that we need a few more Mike Smiths to cover the incidents.

  22. Mike back at it again with his stupid analysis. Laisseze faire rubbish has never existed anywhere except in your fantasies. Again showing your lack of historical knowledge french used to be the diplomatic language until ww1 when America took over. English is the de facto diplomatic language of every country in the world. This is what happens when you try to appear smart.

    Here we go again attacking Islam and Africans. Where was all this when Nato destroyed Libya and Saudis are Wests biggest allies so spare me your crocodile tears. West is the real parasites and hates every country that doesn't tow the line like Iran while having no problem with Saudis.

    Lol middle class is the result of socialism like unions giving workers rights as stakeholders. You don't know economics do you? Free market will kill the middle class as they lose protection from cheaper foreign alternatives and those nice agricultural subsidies.

    Its ironic you cite Scandinavia when it got rich under socialism not your free markets.
    Le Pen is not gonna win jack not now and not ever.

    1. @Shaka...Next time you go and buy green peppers take a look at the bottom of them. You will notice that some have three bumps and some have four bumps. The ones with four bumps are the female ones, are full of pips, but sweeter and are better for salad. The ones with three bumps are male and are better for cooking.
      Come back tomorrow, and the day after, and I will teach you something new every day,

      ...but kindly refrain from talking shit about things your surgerised and lobotomised brain cannot comprehend.

    2. Anonymous4:36 am

      Scandanavia got rich under the free market and turned to socialism in an effort to spend their surplus capitalist money on something. It is much like making a billion by the age of 30. If you are a decent person, you will spend the money on your community (socialism)

    3. Oh Shaka, you tedious turd-coloured no-brainer, are you back again? FFS, just when I thought we were rid of you here you pop out of the woodwork again. Like the proverbial "brommer om 'n drol" which is exactly what you are; a germ spreading nuisance.

      Please go away. There is no point in Mike teaching you one thing a day at all. By tomorrow you'd have forgotten what he taught you today. Your species is not beyond salvage. There never was anything to breakdown that one could salvage.

      Please just go away and stay away? I'm asking nicely. Go and start a blog with your kind, RFR and the likes. There you can sprout shit all day long, to your hearts content. Asseblief, my booitjie, ek het nou mooi gevra?

    4. Anonymous8:30 am

      Shaka you are talking Bull about English being used in most diplomatic situations, not in the case of every EU country.Do you think Merkel and Putin speak English when they meet.They speak German on rare occassions when they do get-together.

    5. Anonymous9:40 am

      TT 6:34 "brommer om 'n drol" ? wie is die drol ? Haha , meer soos n piekanin wat geld soek .
      Kan net nie weg bly nie . As al die wittes na Oranje moes trek , sal ek jou wet dat na een week swartes by die hek so staan en werk soek.
      Beinop sou daar ook werk wees , want hulle word so benodig by die die dit nie self wil doen nie. Hulle moet net in sin hou dat sonder die wittes is hulle maar net n ander swart man in afrika.
      Dis die wat in die Diktator saddle sit en so lekker kry dat hulle nie wil afstaan nie .

    6. Anonymous9:44 am

      @Shaka I read your comment and thought to myself that this guy is out of touch with reality... and then afterwards I saw your name... and it made sense, you're black and definitely have the common IQ of blacks in SA. You sound a lot like your dumb leaders in SA. Out of touch with reality, unable to comprehend future events, full of hate and stupitity and the list could probably go on and on and on....

      Sosialism does not work period - Even with whites who has a much higher intelligence than blacks.

    7. Anonymous10:55 am

      @ MS.

      Sheezus! There is a terrible stench that has overwhelmed this part of the blog, I think a retard must have slipped through the firewall because its truly the stench of unwashed shit that's hit this section.

      Maybe a tard opened its mouth or took its shoes off? Just wondering as the stench is really bad.


    8. Anonymous11:18 am

      hey shaka you piece of shit please refer to :


      It's a pleasure, now fuck off Nigger!

    9. Anonymous12:18 pm

      Shaka you are from Hawaii no doubt I hope that fucking island of yours breaks up into little pieces and disappears under the Pacific.Need one hell of an earth quake or tsunami.What a fucking shit Obama was born in.

    10. Anonymous1:17 pm

      @ 9:40

      Eish my baas, ek soek hom die job. Plise I want kill you or amyfing, Ima da good boy, truce as bob. You kan trus meh.

    11. Anonymous7:32 pm

      @ TT.

      This turd colour that you address here is just another prime example of misconceived entitlement, these retard claim right to all and everything, expecting to be welcomed into the fold.

      The retarded IQ does not allow for acceptance that they are unable to compete, cannot compete and are only alive today due to the weakness of some dense stupid homo sapien dick that should never have been given opportunity to breathe but rather should have thumped and clanged onto the floor of the abortion bin.

      These retards have over promoted themselves in social standings and are of the impression that they can say in the masters talk, they are seriously short of the masters whip and stone stone breaking needs.

      These tards are born to the rock quarries and their stinking flesh invites the whip while their ankles and wrists welcome the shackles and chains.

      Why do you think their breath stinks the way it does, if one has shit for brains the gas must vent somewhere.

      The day is fast approaching when this kind will experience the dedication and ability of the master again but this time there will be no sympathy, compassion or humanity, we annihilate, obliterate and dispose of the tard for the ape is a better, more intelligent and less disturbing neighbour.


    12. @VB

      Talk of the devil.... You should not have mentioned this turds name last Sat(inside joke). Now he pops out of nowhere.

    13. All of you just displaying your low IQ. Fact is Mike wrote a rubbish article and couldn't refute what I said and resorted to insults as usual. Admit it, I am the superior man.

    14. Anonymous8:21 am

      Shaka how about, no!

    15. Anonymous12:47 pm

      HAHAHAHA a monkey calling itself a man? next joke monkey-boy

  23. Anonymous2:09 am

    I dont understand why we are so afraid. What are we afraid of ? America tommahawking us like the Serbs? Fuck it. Let them. Let them bomb every single dam, powerline pylon, transformer, school. Fuck it. Let them. There is no way 50 million blacks can survive without racist whiteman's infrastructure.

    1. Anon 2:09 - Agreed.

      We've got to make peace with the fact that we're going to have to go back to the bush for a while before we can start rebuilding our country. People must learn to accept the fact that they're going to have to get by without their fancy houses and all the comforts at their fingertips.

    2. Anonymous4:17 am

      Ox wagon living will be great again. Just think about "Bloedrivier', Rrrrevengggge.

    3. Anonymous4:48 am

      Almost %95 of that 50 million blacks in South Africa are there with fake documentation.They don't belong in South Africa. When the water and food dries up they will simply depart back home up north. But I know, the very same which happened with Macron and le Pen will happen again. Liberals and idiots will rather die by terrorism rape and robberies before they will let the baboons die of thirst.

    4. Anonymous5:30 am

      lucky we aren't liberals then, hey? :D

    5. Anon 4:48 - there's only one thing wrong with your scenario. They have nowhere to go back to. They already fucked everything up where they came from, so there's no safe harbour for them there either anymore.

      The humane thing to do is to simply put them out of there misery as you would with a grievously wounded animal. Their IQ's render them in muchthe same state, mentally if not physically. No difference, really?

  24. Whiteman4:12 am

    TT, I am afraid that is the bottom line. We bullshit ourselves by saying : It is always that OTHER guy, who gets robbed, burgled, hijacked, murdered. Now we can also say : It is those stupid racist farmers in Coligny, who get their houses burnt. To wipe out the Boer Nation, the British burnt and blew up their farms. ( And murdered their wives and children.) The nignogs know this is a method that works. That is why the clever patriots are planning for this scenario, and they WILL survive !

    1. Anonymous5:29 am

      You aren't thinking like a "whiteman".

      If the protestors are on your street, then those protestors are not in their homes.......

      *Queue the X files theme song*

    2. Anonymous8:45 am

      Its actually "Que" my China!

    3. Anonymous11:20 am

      My China? You wayciss! :)

    4. Anonymous11:22 am

      I am old school, bro...

    5. Anonymous11:23 am

      Not if he's using Windows Media Player 8:45

    6. Anonymous8:26 pm

      @ Whiteman.

      The whites need to lose this humanity anchor, stop caring, helping and trying to understand these creatures of the cesspit.

      Stop worrying about the material and start actioning the means to defend, protect and ensure life. To many whites floating about worried about the house, the car, the next fancy toy, I have news for you, those items are gone, they are already valueless because tard has made it so, one might still be living in the buildings, driving on the rubber and playing with the toys but they don't own them, tard has marked them either for destruction or ownership.

      The sooner whites realise this the sooner life for white in SA will change.

      No retard cares for you, they hate you, despise you, want to kill you, burn you and butcher you but alas whites want to analyze, discuss, reason and tolerate so they must live the consequence.

      As we say to the retards and libs on this blog, look at Africa for the lessons so should the whites that claim to be resistance look at Africa, consider the past and learn from the present because one thing that tard can do is live in chaos without suffering the consequence, whites cannot so either we must rise and put action to talk or we must pack and run because the era of chaos dawned a long time ago but we have reasoned ourselves into believing that chaos is not our present circumstances but will in future be.

      Wake up whitey while you were sleeping chaos came and stole your order as tard will come and steal your life.


    7. Anonymous8:19 am

      It's actually "cue"

  25. Anonymous4:23 am

    The worst part of Socialism is that they control the media and broadcast only lies like everything is fine. None of the "stront aan die wol kombers" is broadcasted. All useful idiots carry on feeding the hand that robs them day after day.

  26. Anonymous9:16 am


    Excellent article regarding Coligny.

    Perhaps a fan of yours Mike.

  27. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Shaka stop trying to be clever you just come across as even more stupi, your not welcome, even your name sux, go clean a garden or something.

  28. Anonymous3:46 am

    Before writing this slop about about Macron, you should read a bit more.......