16 May 2017

'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness"

By Mike Smith

16th of May 2017

Following Rian Malan’s excellent article about the black hooliganism, looting and burning in Coligny came a stream of Simian apologists such as this claptrap by Feminazi Wits Media studies Prof Nicki Falkof who sharpened her propaganda and coal burning skills in the UK: Coligny story sparks fear lurking in my lizard brain - 'they' are out to get 'us'

Brags Prof. Fokkof. “I am an academic who specialises in analysing the politics of race and fear in the media. This sort of thing is my bread and butter.” However she admitted to not having a cooking clue as to what happened in Coligny, unlike Rian Malan who actually went there and interviewed the people: “I have no idea what happened in Coligny, said Prof Fokkop.

Yet it was enough for her to accuse Malan of spreading “politics of fear”and “polarising”black and white.

Continues Prof Feltcher Belcher Fucktard: “In my department we try to teach our students to be thoughtful, critical consumers of the media, to understand that most news necessarily contains some sort of bias, and to engage their thinking selves rather than being swept away in the hyperboles that some segments of the press indulge in.”

Allow me to briefly answer this libtard bitch:

Oh do fuck off you silly tart , teaching people “to be thoughtful, critical consumers of the media”, is what WE do on this website. What you do is to teach them confirmation bias. To pre-program them to discard facts contradicting your libtard view that all is well in the Rainbow nation and that blacks are always innocent and whites are always racist. With your rubbish rant you set the example of how to character assassinate and attack a fellow journalist who dared to tell the truth (albeit with a leftist slant) about what truly happened in Coligny.

Another such idiotic response was from Sisonke “The donkey” Msimang

His traitor’s heart: Rian Malan and his fictional Coligny I mean…take it from hence it comes. Sisonke lives in Australia where she is the Project Director of Perth's “Centre for Stories”.

Say no more. Doubt it if she has ever been to Coligny and besides she is extremely racially biased towards whites; ALL whites. 'The first thing that strikes me about Australia is how racist this place is', says Sisonke Msimang and Xenophobia: Out of the (South African) frying pan and into the (Australian) fire

Normally, any sane person would dismiss such rubbish, but Rian Malan felt he had to answer these two idiots.

Rian Malan to Sisonke The Donkey: Yes, I am Paranoid Of course Malan is 100% correct when he mentioned the anti white rhetoric and hate speech coming from black leaders and analyzing the black on white violence, the farm murders, etc. But then Malan said something that made me sit up straight:

“So yes, I am Paranoid. Most mornings I wake up feeling like a Jew trapped in Nazi Germany circa 1938, trying to convince myself that most Germans are nice people and the extremist cannot possibly mean what they say…”

Now where have I heard those (almost) exact words before, I asked myself… Aah yes…Ten years ago on South Africa Sucks, the Uhuru Guru wrote an article called “In South Africa every night is Kristalnacht”.

Unfortunately we don’t have that article anymore, but back then we were also criticized for telling the truth, just like Malan is doing now. We were called backward racists. Ten years later, events in South Africa exonerated us and proved that we, “racists”, were right all along. They even copy our words, like the Sunday Times stole my 2011 article Blacks should compensate Whites for giving them South Africa
Said Uhuru Guru to me, “Yeah Mike, and then they call themselves “Thought Leaders”…
Yeah right…More like thought followers and catch-uppers if you ask me. We were leading thoughts more than ten years ago already.

Like I quoted Uhuru Guru's favourite saying by Oscar Wilde in the title: — 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.'
You heard it first on SA Sucks.


  1. Anonymous2:16 am

    Siskone says all white Australians are racist where does this K bitch come from.Has she seen who works as the railway security guards on the trains in Brisbane stupid cow.They employ a quite a number of Africans as security guards on their metro rail in Brisbane.

  2. Anonymous2:28 am

    I personally love it when libturds go on-record. DOTR approaches bitches.

  3. Anonymous3:06 am

    I do really miss that site. Time for resurrection?

  4. Anonymous3:23 am

    @Anon 3:06am. Good idea but watch out for people like Renaldo Gouws, now a DA councillor in NMB.

    1. Anonymous4:56 am

      I wouldn't worry about being shopped by Renaldo Gouws. You have a lot more to fear from the backstabbers among you who will sell your details to the ANC for the price of a bottle of cheap vodka.

    2. Anonymous5:32 am


      That guy is a real fag - become wet and then pretends to love the Karasite.

      It is either the Karasite or you - they dont give a shit about whites, any white feeling one, little, bit for a karasite is crazy.

  5. I agree with Anonymous - please resurrect that site??? Used to provide very thought-provoking articles right on our doorstep...

    1. Anonymous4:30 am

      Foxie the accurate articles on this site is all we need .


    2. Anonymous4:35 am

      Mike thanks for an accurate analysis , we all know what the selfish anc and cadres are all about.

      "Blacks should compensate Whites for giving them South Africa"
      This profound article should open some eyes for those who care for the truth and nothing but the truth. LW

    3. Anonymous5:07 am

      The writers are gone.

  6. A bit of topic, saw this today...


    I solute these guys for their bravery and taking a stand, especially now!

    1. Anonymous8:49 am

      A SOLUTE is something that is DISSOLVED in a SOLUTION by a SOLVENT.

    2. Anonymous10:19 am

      Ja baas, let us salute instead...


    3. Anonymous11:38 am

      But South Africa is becoming INsolvent. 'Splain THAT! :D

    4. Anonymous3:50 am

      Eh that's nothing, ANC he can't Solve fuckall.

  7. Anonymous4:24 am

    No doubt about it - that was a sensational blog, but so is this one.

  8. Anonymous5:35 am


    Dont you just love it when the liberals squirm...


    Max is now slowly having to admit he was wrong all these years, he is nearly there.

    You will see them all open their eyes in the coming months.

    If they think they are radical, lol they aint seen nothing yet!

    They call us foreigners, I call them an extinct species - their time is almost up. I cant wait for them to start their shit, this time no nation must hold us back.

    I dont want to see 1 single karasite from the Cape to the equator and no reservations either - we will take a page out the Canadians & yanks book & deal with this thing like the Aussies did but also improve on their way of handling a savage.

    1. Anonymous11:22 am

      @ Boere Ninja

      Fuck the Canadians, Yanks and the Aussies
      We White Africans were their scapegoats.

      Being well read and travelled, many of the above whites attacked me due to my SA accent, I was accused of many things. I simply replied about their history and laws regarding their own darkies, they shrugged me off by the saying...

      "My family and I were free settlers"

      To me its the same as "its because of apartheid"

      Hey that's just my opinion based on experience.

      (Apologies to decent folk from those countries, you know what I am referring to)

  9. Liberals want to destroy everything that is good in this world, Mike. I know of no other group or people who wants to do this, except islamist, of course.

    Liberals must be considered the most evil people around. Even more evil than islamists. Which is logical, because without liberals, islamists would have no power in the civilized world.

    All over the world, liberals are doing their best to destroy that which is good. Liberals hate freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to self-protection, freedom of thought - in short everything that spells freedom is hated by liberals. They want everyone to think like them under one totalitarian government which dictates EVERYTHING that you can and cannot do.

    Liberalism must thus be considered a disease. A disease which must be eradicated with extreme prejudice - and as soon as we can.

    Anyone who removes the liberals from his or her country, will quickly see that most other problems disappear like mist before the sun. I would prefer that every liberal dies screaming, but that is just my individual cruelty and I am sure there will be wiser men than me, who will work out better and more "humane" methods.

    There is nowhere in the world where liberals or liberal ideals established something that was good for the land or the people. There is NOTHING in the world that liberals can point to and say: "We establish this and look its working perfectly and everyone is happy."

    The New South Africa must probably be the greatest "achievement" for liberals. And look; it’s a complete, but complete failure on ALL levels. EVERYONE, including the blacks - whom they "liberated" - are very unhappy.

    Then they succeeded in voting in a black and extremely liberal president in the US. Once again a complete failure. Obama is considered the worse president the US ever had. Even an idiot like George Bush was a far better president than him.

    So it should be clear to anyone with a right thinking brain that we cannot tolerate liberals in this world.

    You can't talk to a liberal. You can’t convince a liberal of anything. It is only something extreme that will make them change their evil ways. Like David Bullard who was robbed and assaulted in his own house by his "darling black fellow countrymen". And lo, he was cured and could dwell among his fellow man again.

    Unfortunately this won't happen to most liberals. So I think it will be up to the rest of humanity - who wants to live happy lives - to help the liberals on. There is no other way.

    1. Anonymous7:55 am


      @Phoenix5:43 am

      Yes mate!

      It is 100% the liberals. They have to be taken out with the trash and be the first to go.

      Obama was a mirror man - he loved the sound of his own voice & looking in the mirror for years making speeches which was evident when he spoke. They claimed he spoke well but not without a script - typical Karasite.

      Phoenix the liberal will NEVER open their eyes!

      It is an impossibility, when the massacre happens here, they will blame it on racist whites for not handing over everything.

      You would have thought that 75,000+ white murders would have woken them up, you would have thought the racist talk from the blacks would wake them up, the land invasions, BEE/AA - nothing my man will ever wake them up - not even a massacre.

      You will never wake them up - they will blame it on whites forever. They, like you mentioned put the things in charge not because they love them but because they hate themselves and the achievements of their forefathers.

      They have a serious guilt complex, which is why even if something does happen to the whites, deep down they will love it. They will love it because they hate their white skins.

      Max will not even admit it, despite everything that the "racist" whites said would happen & that we see happening, he still plays everything down in this country.

      In effect, we can blame the liberal for the coming massacre. They are genocide and massacre denialists and should be punished.

    2. Anonymous11:04 am


      I believe that the liberals, if they are still in SA when the SHTF, they will be punished enough. Their pets will turn on them. We're all singled out by the colour of our skin.

      The African'ts hate us all. The libtards just haven't realised it yet.

      Remember Weenen.

    3. …exactly, Boere Ninja. That is what makes liberals an enigma within a paradox to me. They are usually highly educated and very intelligent. So why can’t they see that they are more often than not the first to die, when the people they were fighting for, take over.

      All those nuns and priests who did nothing but good for the blacks were the first to be attacked and even killed when the riots started, both here in South Africa and also other African countries. White NGO employees within areas where unrest break out are killed or raped on the spot. Nobody cares about the good they were doing in the area all the time. Amy Beal, super liberal woman from the US of A, killed by her beloved “gentle” blacks when she dropped her colleagues off at home. All her liberalism couldn’t help her, when they dragged her out of her car and bashed her to death with bricks and pieces of concrete.

      Even when her liberal parents came to attend the court case, the blacks jeered them. But even that utter humiliation didn’t wake them up out of their liberalism.

      There is simply no cure for these people.

      I spoke about David Bullard in my earlier post. I spoke too soon. Seems David is reverting back into lala-land. He is now complaining because no female journalists were on the panel that discussed land reform and agriculture at the Nampo Harvest day. So I suppose there was a black, an Asian, a cripple, a blind person, a gay person and a deaf person on the panel. They only left the female out. Naughty-naughty, Nampo Harvest Day…

    4. Anonymous1:47 pm

      BN 7:55 , Fact , these sitting in the high chairs all have something on each other , so if one splabs the other will check him with something he has on him, so they all gonna keep it under raps for as long as possible, until some see where it is going and it will all come crashing down , and it will get ugly.
      In the mean time the crime keeps the law abiding focused on self preservation or moves out , so they control and rid the Good people out.
      Joburg city got infested with crime and the Hotels and restaurants and businesses moved out and out went the WHITES , and in moved who ?
      These are Evil , and they wont last .

    5. Liam Verum1:22 am

      Don't take everything David Bullard says literally.

    6. Anonymous3:58 am

      I can see it now, the blacks will eventually just find somebody else to blame - "The Coloureds, it's all those Capie's fault. It's their fault, BEE and AA their asses. Those racist bushies must pay, send in the MK death squads to kill them in their beds and on their farms. AMANDLA!"

      And so ANC and Libtard circle jerk will continue.

    7. @ Liam Verum

      My apologies, Prof. But remember one can't "hear" the humor when you read something. Please give an indication somewhere that your meaning is sarcastic. Good to see you are reading Mike's blog, though...

    8. Anonymous8:45 am


      @Phoenix12:56 pm

      So why can’t they see that they are more often than not the first to die, when the people they were fighting for, take over.

      I will tell you why Phoenix...

      There is such a thing as an over educated fool.

      Books might give one knowledge but what a book, a degree, a college education cant give you is rational thought and how to think independently - just like a parrot can learn every word in the dictionary, it will never be able to converse.

      They have become so educated that they refuse to see the world as it is.

      Never underestimate Mind programing + dont forget in all these higher educational facilities they have been hijacked by liberals who tell them what to think and how to think.

      They think education overrides genetics but it is not the case.

      But even these "intellectuals" will eventually have to see the error in their ways.

      What we see happening now is what happened to the "intellectual" Greeks back in the day. They thought they were so clever with all their theologies, paintings, art, mythology, Philosophy and the result was that they were eventually out bred and stopped progressing.

      They went from philosophy, mathematics, astrology, to simply making olive oil and Halumi cheese siestaring half the day away.

      The same happened to the Romans!

      There is nothing new under the son!

  10. How does this Falkof woman speak for whites? She says:
    "First, because, as a white person who does not live in an exclusively white world, I know enough to be appalled by Malan’s inclusion of quote by a Bangaladeshi trader whose shop was burned down, that “a black person has no heart”. Etc Etc Etc.

    But when I clicked on the Hyperlink (her name) provided in Mikes article her profile pic is clearly of a coloured.


    1. Anonymous9:35 pm

      Looks like she can eat an apple through a tennis racquet.

      She is now also marked.

    2. Looks like a karasite with that nose and lips.

  11. Anonymous9:43 am

    Anyone watching Info wars? I find it so hilarious to see the Euroes and the yanks (who sanctioned us) go through exactly what we went through.

    It is time that they tasted what they gave to us. For there is no reconciliation until they admit that they were wrong about us

    1. Anonymous4:00 am

      The ego is a bitch. Nobody can honestly face it.

    2. Anonymous6:08 am

      Well, by now you should know who's behind all of these attacks and fake news. The illuminati globalist NWO works over a much longer span than we ever can . As they die, the next generation carries on with the evil idea of a one world order. We are totally controlled by them. The whole white western civilization is under their attack.

      Unfortunately, there are many liberals amongst the whites there, who are usefull idiots like in Le Pen's case the other day. The fact that they are going under the same circumstances as us is only evidence of the total onslaught on the whites world wide.

      They are pushing a false narrative to spill Europe with so-called refugees. Another trick to mongrelize the white race.

    3. Anonymous8:38 am


      @Anonymous9:43 am

      YIP! Sooner or later they will have to either be swallowed by the multiculturalism they forced onto us or revolt and throw up all the shit.

      Funny was discussing this last night, little did they realize that what they were forcing onto us was actually being forced onto them.

      For them to reject multiculturalism now, is going to be moerse difficult.

      They will have to admit they were wrong - something a liberal will never do (just look at the liberals here despite ALL the evidence) and by the time they are willing to admit they were wrong it will be too late.

      Yikes! Talk about a sticky situation and making their own beds.

      They thought they were screwing us over but the reality is they were sealing their own fates.

  12. Anonymous10:53 am

    Thoughts on Uhuru and the Economic Freedom Revolution

    By Mike Smith
    29th of October 2011

    Tralalala read it here

    By Mike Smith
    29th of October 2011

    So, Julias Malema’s 50km “Mother of all Marches” is over ...and whites can breathe again...especially the rich ones in Sandton who were threatened by Malema that the blacks were going to come and take the cheese out of their fridges.

    None of it actually happened. The marchers were quite disciplined...I use the term “marchers” loosely, because apparently Julias Malema rode in a van most of the way and faked a limp at the finishing line. Typical.

    The day before the march I was discussing it with a friend of mine. I felt that whites should at all times be prepared for the worst in SA, because you can never trust these bastards and you can never, ever let your guard down as long as they are in your midst, especially when they go on mass marches and protests. However I also felt that this was not the big one yet.

    My reasons were simple. I know the ANC and their tactics. They are cowards who will knife you in the back when you are looking the other way.

    It is simply not their style to advertise their genocide campaign a month in advance. When it comes they won’t give whites the chance to organise and be ready for the onslaught. No, they will come like a thief in the night when the whites least expect it. Their plan can only work as long as they can keep it a secret and surprise the whites.

    It will be almost like the Bloukrans/Weenen Massacre of 1838 where they caught the Voortrekkers asleep at night, raped and killed women and babies in the most gruesome ways.

    Personally my belief about “Uhuru, night of the long knives” have changed over time. At first I thought that blacks won’t attack whites en masse in South Africa as they have done in Kenya or Angola. I thought that it would remain a myth in SA and that the ANC would rather stretch the “Long night out” over years...as Uhuru Guru put it...In South Africa, every night is Kristalnacht for the whites.


    1. Anonymous12:24 am

      6 odd years later, nothing has changed. 6 years from now shit will still be the same. Only more stinky.

    2. Anonymous6:27 am

      Anon 12:24
      If you believe that it will be the same in 6 years, you are a fool. The pressure cooker can only take so much, before it explodes.

  13. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Prof. White-Libtard Fokkof and the Kaffasite living in Australia both know the game. They have to protect their f'ed-up version of the reality that is South Africa today tooth and nail, otherwise they may have to admit that their precious Kaffasites trying to run the country are doing a piss-poor job. They may have to admit that when whites ran the country it was 1 million times better than under the 'freedumb fighter' Kaffasite ANC. What has the ANC achieved/accomplished in 23 years of rule compared to the Boers/Afrikaners/whites post the Boer wars and WWII? Instead of improving on what they were handed on a silver-platter, they have taken the country back towards the Dark Ages - as predicted by anyone with 2 brain cells, including myself. And it's why I now sit in Australia. The schooling standard today under the ANC is a joke; hospitals are pre-death wards; crime is out of control - just to name a few 'accomplishments'. The other day Mugabe said that Zimbabwe was a successful, thriving country - without a hint of irony - that's how delusional these Kaffasites are. To them, having their own citizens flee to other countries, or citizens living in poverty while they, the rulers, fly to Singapore for medical treatment, is an example of a thriving country. A failed country is one run by white people - or colonists, as the Kaffasites like to call us. The unfortunate reality is that they, the Kaffasite, outnumber white SA'cans 10:1 with the majority having an IQ of around 67 - which is 'retard' level. That is the sad reality and no amount of wishing is going to change that fact. When you have retarded people getting a vote then you get retards running the country, using their retard voters to keep them in power 'until Jesus comes'. The only way for whites to survive this nightmare is to create their own homeland and allow ZERO Kaffarsites/non-whites into the sanctum. Those Libtard white shiteheads can live with their Kaffarsites in peace and harmony..... or Cloud Cuckoo-land as I like to call it. I can't see any other way for whites to survive in that crap-hole known as SA. Who would have thought SA would come to this? Growing up in the 70's, this was not even a thought......now it's reality.


    1. Anonymous3:19 pm

      That you, Ozzie Saffa? If so, what's happened to your blogsite?? (That was always another delight to follow...)

  14. Mr Mister1:57 am

    All she had to say was: “I am a hapless academic who specialises in analysing the politics of race and fear in the media. That is the sort of thing that makes me orgasm and cum while fingering myself”

  15. Whiteman3:41 am

    Mr Mister, thanks for the humour ! What are we going to do with these feminazis ? It worries me that even the nignogs will not be willing to rape and kill them. Robben Island could be a solution to the problem ?

    1. Mr Mister6:41 pm

      What are we going to do about those feminazis ? Nothing really, I ignore them, they're nothing without the wonderful media technology invented by the white men they so despise. I've noticed a lot of conservative uni students in America invite speakers and like Milo Yiannopolous over to their campuses to challenge the feminazis and call them out on their bullshit.
      Isolation is the best solution for the feminazis - life will pass them by, nobody will want to have sex with them. They'll remain childless and end up alone in old age homes with nothing but their cats to talk to.

  16. Anonymous4:05 am

    Who the fuck does this cunty think she is speaking for us? I'd like to see how her PhD protects her against 300 000 die bliksem in yarpies.

  17. Anonymous4:18 am

    Listen to these emergency calls from the van Bread case. You better hope that you never have an emergency.


  18. Anonymous5:00 am



    Karasites raping now at a school near you!

    The grade means absolutely diddly squat.

    Some of these grade 7 pupils are 15 or 16 years of age, we know with a high probability that it is mostly Karasites who act like this.

    I just hope it was not some poor white persons child. I dont give a fuck what a Karasite does to another Karasite - not at all, they could eat each other in front of me and my heart wouldnt skip a beat, in fact I would hand them a panga or a knife to make their job easier.

    Just dont do it to the white volk.

  19. Anonymous9:40 am

    I'll just leave this here...


    Some of what this guy makes a bit of sense, I don't quite enjoy the anti-christian tinge, but barring that he's nearly dead on.

    Quite off topic, but does anyone have any opinions on the Chinese Type-56 vs AR-15 ?

    Remember Weenen.

    1. Anonymous10:55 am

      AR 15 Its crap


      If you were this guy, you would not go past 25 000.
      Rather get the Norinco T56. These have been known to go past 80 000 rounds. While you are using the Ar15 as a bat, we are continuing to thin out the herd :D

    2. Anonymous12:07 pm


      @Anonymous9:40 am

      Weenen, this is my kind of guy!

      We need more whites like this. Like I said, for every single innocent white killed a million will pay.

      The sooner we remove this Karasite from the Cape to the Equator the better. The only good one is a dead one - I say it just like Malema says it but Malema dont know what a radical is yet.

      This time round, we do what the forefathers should have done, enough with this faggity liberal bullshit.

    3. Anonymous12:16 am

      @Anon 10:55

      Licensing is a bit of a schlep, but I am nearly there. The Norinco just feels more sturdy too,I think it may be the lekker wooden stock, compared to the polymer of the AR.

      Yep at the end of the day the Norinco is nothing to look at, but you don't look at the mantle piece when you stoking the fire ;)

      Reliability is what counts, I enjoy shooting stationary paper targets for points so I don't want any breakdowns during a compo.

      @ BN

      Not trying to be confrontational with you broer, but I won't engage when you post about violence.
      That will get us both locked up, interwebz and whatsapp is monitored for that type of shit.

      Remember Weenen.

  20. Anonymous1:45 am

    From the mountaintop to the sea from the squatter camps to the grandest mansion we will purge the cape of all kafasites and liberals. We will use guns and knives and sjamboks aand our bare hands if necesary. Dont fuck with the boers