19 May 2017

Ignorance is bliss when it comes to European superiority

By Mike Smith
19th of May 2017

Define “superior”.

I believe black Americans are superior to whites when it comes to basketball, 100 m sprinting and boxing. Few people will have a problem acknowledging that.

Why do blacks have a problem acknowledging that whites are intellectually superior to blacks and on average 30 IQ points higher than sub Saharan blacks?

In fact there are lots of things that blacks are superior in over whites; Rap, break dancing, crime, joblessness, laziness, gangsterism, female and infant abandonment, ....Blacks are far superior than whites.

Having said that I do not believe that Whites are superior intellectually in everything, because IQ scores have shown that North East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) are on average 5 IQ points higher than whites and that Ashkenazi Jews are on average highest in the world 15 IQ points higher than White Europeans.

Some things about a human being can be improved, such as culture, values and beliefs, but IQ will remain the same. It is inherited.

Problem is...what value system and or culture is the best and most superior in the eyes of whom?

If we can all agree on that, then surely we should all aspire to this superior value system and culture, whatever it is. Why can we not pick one and all become like that?

Let us say the Arab or American culture is the best and highest, then, why are we not all aspiring to it? If the Chinese culture is far superior, then why are we not all trying to be like them?

The reason why I am asking is, because the Europeans seem to think that their culture and value system is the best and that these illegal immigrants they call “refugees” should adopt their leading culture, or as the Germans call it...the “Leitkultur” a term introduced in 1998 by the German-Arab sociologist Prof Bassam Tibi.

Of course Tibi is a Muslim, but he also coined another term, called "Euro-arrogance" and said that Europeans are the inventors of racism and European imperialism and colonisation disrupted and deformed other cultures...conveniently forgetting of course that Muslims colonised everything from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, large parts of Russia, Syria, North Africa, Spain, Greece and Italy...Muslims ruled Spain for 800 years. However, according to Tibi, that was all OK and good colonisation seeing that it was not driven by “racism”. The only colonisation ever driven by “racism” was European imperialism, therefore it was bad.

In 1995 he was decorated by the President of Germany, Roman Herzog, with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, (Bundesverdientskreuz), First Class.

The problem is that Muslims in France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, etc are NOT integrating and not interested to EVER integrate. Thilo Sarrazin wrote a book about it.

To the Europeans this is unacceptable, but also a mystery. They cannot believe that these people are shunning their superior white western European culture and values. European culture is so great, why wouldn’t anyone and everyone fight to be a European?

Try as they might, the Europeans are finding out that after three generations of living in Europe, many of the Turks and Arabs can hardly speak German, Dutch or French.

What the Europeans do not understand is that Muslims see them as filthy and weak.

First of all, Europeans eat pork. They love pork. To a Muslim this is the most disgusting thing anyone can do. To them a pig is a filthy, disgusting animal. Calling someone a pig is the biggest insult to a Muslim. If you eat a pig; You are a pig.

Muslims despise alcohol. Europeans love it. Beer and wine is part of their culture. Imagine Germany or Belgium without beer. Imagine France, Spain or Italy without wine. Even Germany has vast wine regions and a wine drinking culture. However, for a Muslim, next to pork, alcohol is the most disgusting thing one can consume.

Then we talk about dress code. When I was about 22, I made the mistake of walking through the streets of Adana in Turkey with a “Manga” shorts, T shirt and flip flops. My two South African friends had the same clothes on. It was hot. Unbeknown to us, we were seen as gay. Men would follow us and feel our legs up from behind and came on to us. The first time the one touched my thigh I thought it was an accident, the second time I wanted to punch the fucker. We only found out much later what it meant in Muslim countries when a man walked in shorts.

You are gay and free game. Muslim men do not walk in shorts.

Now imagine what Muslims think of German men in Lederhosen.

European men love it when their women wear mini’s and high heels and have beautiful long hair. A European man feels proud to walk with such a woman...

...Not a Muslim. Such a woman is an utter slut and deserves to be gang-raped. To Muslims the hair of a woman is part of her private parts. It is like her cookie or titties and only the husband is allowed to see it. To a Muslim it is unthinkable to let a woman dress like European women. European men who allow their women to dress like that, and God forbid leave the house alone or go to work like that, must the most softest of sissies you can imagine.

Lastly, Muslims are quick to point out that they believe Jesus was a prophet, (Nabi Isah = Prophet Jesus). However, Muslims despise Christians. They cannot comprehend the Trinity of God. It is completely unthinkable how stupid Christians are to believe that God can be three Gods in one. Christianity is a disgusting false religion that should be destroyed.

Problem is the European libtards will never get it. They honestly believe they are good people. They keep on helping Muslims, supporting Muslims. They believe in “tollerance”. They keep filling their cities up with people who despise them, their religious beliefs and their culture, yet believe if we are all tolerant to each other we can all live happily side by side. They simply cannot understand how somebody can hate Europeans. Therefore they don’t believe it is true. They believe, just be nice and kind to Muslims and when they see what a good person you are they are going to love you and want to be like you. Totally naive.


  1. Anonymous8:28 am

    Exactly. They have 50 Muslim countries in the world to choose from, so why do they choose to be offended by lederhosen and pork eaters in Europe?

    1. Anonymous10:00 am

      This is a very interesting question ?

      WHY go to a country that is foreign to you and where all these hated things take place ?
      When as indicated there are so many other muslim countries you could go to ?

      It almost appears that they want to get away from one set of muslims only to start up another set somewhere esle ?

      WHO benefits from the upheaval it causes ?

    2. Anonymous12:12 am

      Because Muslims won't be satisfied until they've taken over the European countries and the entire planet.

  2. According to an old aphorism, we should "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." However, Muslim colonization has been such an obvious disaster for Europe that stupidity cannot explain why many Europeans continue to welcome it. Even people who are mentally retarded don't knowingly drink poison, nor do they deliberately set themselves on fire. It would not be unreasonable to compare Europe's demographic suicide to drinking poison or setting oneself on afire.

  3. Anonymous9:59 am

    Hey LTMA/BN/Tomkat etc, follow this guys example and repent boete:




    1. Anonymous9:41 am

      Hey Tsotsi

      What's it like to be completely black, have smelly breath, red blood shot eyes, stink like shit due to no personal hygiene, have HIV due to fucking anything with a pulse, have takkie lips, have hair that looks like a burnt mealie, be as thik as pig shit, be completaly non-human - in other words you are a form of primate that has the ability to mimmick a human being and have a lower IQ than a zombie?

      Let me know you dumb kaffir.


    2. Anonymous10:18 am

      @_sooty 9:59am.

      You know why I call you sooty?

      Are you sucking on the brown drumstick of the colonels again you black faggot?

      Repent for what? A word of advice shit head, repenting ain't going to be saving you.


    3. Anonymous10:35 am

      Repent sounds like your myt mothers name. We have been stepped and shat on for too long. If he wants to kiss feet let him but i wont..

    4. Anonymous10:47 am

      @ Tsotsi

      That is not a real man, do you see that flabby belly and floppy arms ? That low muscle/fat ratio causes a estrogen/testosterone imbalance. In short he is suffering from a chemical imbalance in his brain.

      No self respecting or right minded person will abase himself for something he hasn't done. Slouching in that chair like a naughty schoolboy in the Principal's office, or does he just have kak posture like a man who's never done a stitch of hard graft in his life ?

      He cannot apologise on anyone's behalf but himself, but he's too old to have benefit from Apartheid in any shape or form. People like him are the modern day hensoppers.

      Even if he and his forebears were the biggest racists in SA at the time, what good does it do scratching at old wounds ? The Africants who had a claim were brought before the TRC and were paid for the "transgressions" of Apartheid, but it seems more and more victims are being spawned each day.

      The real beneficiaries of Apartheid are in fact the Africants, they had everything laid out on a plate for them. All that was expected for them was to do an honest days work for an honest days pay.

      What I suggest you do is read Mike's Pandora's Box series before making a fool of yourself. You can read it while you eat your KFC.

      Remember Weenen

    5. Anonymous9:38 pm

      Africants? Nice!
      Africunts! Better?

    6. Anonymous12:10 am

      @Titso Tsosser 9:59am

      Why don't you and Phindile apologise for farm murders, BEE, AA, the ANC and all its theiving cronies?

    7. Tsotsi, listen to me very carefully. The only apology your Satan's spawn will ever get from me will come from the barrel of a rifle or from some other for of fatal disinfectant. You lot are not part of God's solution for the world. You are part of the problem, the dispensable foot soldiers of The Beast who spawned you and who you worship.

      And, believe me, you will be dispensed with, totally, with extreme prejudice. You see Good cannot triumph over Evil while you lot still infect the Earth with your stink and destructive ways. Sorry [now I am really being facetious!], but you have to. All of you, very last one.

      Ninja, my mate, sorry. We're not even keeping a specimen for your museum, Boet.

  4. Anonymous10:55 am

    The Euroes are not commiting suicide. They have a deep desire to spiritually fornicate with the devil and his ilk.

    You will notice that it is only the countries that were hostile to us that are being invaded.

    Countries like Poland, to my knowledge, were friendly to us and the Poles are not being hit as badly.

    1. Anonymous10:30 am

      @Anon 10:55,

      Seems like the Eastern European has his head screwed on right, for the most part. People often forget it was Eastern Europe that bore the brunt of the ottoman empire when it was doing its conquering. So they are not too keen to go through the same shit again.

      Remember Weenen.

  5. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Randy, I'd say it's the power of propaganda via the media backed up by legislation for thought crimes, the like of which Goebbels could only dream of.

  6. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Fact Mike , as always. Am in Germany at the mo and as I always stay in the Villages than in the Hotels , Ferienwohnung so to say much cheaper.
    Even these little christian villages with their churchbells chiming for time and special ceremonies , who comes crawling out of the dark going towards the train station to go to the bigger town? Marasites ! And so many different kinds , from east to west of the Arabian desert , one can see by their dark and hooked features , all one thing in common cell phones with earphones , designer clothes and leather jackets.
    One thinks they would inter grate. Not a bratwurst. They get well looked after.
    Even the German girls are hanging out with them .
    When one sees the many turks with their loyalty toward they homeland , one could wonder why don't they go home ? I've seen how the Syrian refugees greet the turks with their blessing heart touching greeting, like they brothers in arms .
    Then with so many flooding in with the blessing of the government , and the turk military high rank seeking asylum in Deutschland, one can only assume with thought that this could all be planed to take over the milch bubis .
    Surely they can we this ?

    1. Anonymous12:56 pm

      why would you want them to integrate? Why mix shit with ice cream?

  7. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Europe will lose its identity and culture, just a matter of time

    Unlike the whitey, the raghead will not seek a peaceful solution, they will not come to the negotiations table, they will not make allowance for difference of opinion and they will not be weak and considerate of whiteys rules and order.

    The truth is that because of all the fairness, humanity, care, charity and kindness the whitey suffers from he will lose and he will die and be slaughtered.

    But its ok, I am sure he will find some excuse to justify why its happening rather than accept the responsibility and take ownership of the problem and sort it out.

    I wonder when the westerners influenced by christian faith and beliefs are going to realise that they are the only tribes to suffer from humanity and compassion, they are the ones that bring about their own destruction and annihilation.

    May their god be with them into their next life for he surely is not with them in the present fight.


  8. Anonymous10:32 pm

    You are right Mike, the muzzies are a huge problem in the western world. They are driven by making the world muslim. They really believe that they can recolonise everyone, and everyone must believe in Allah.
    The other thing that they hate but westerners love is dogs. Weird but they even assault people walking their dogs where the Muslims are in the majority. Its little things like that , that makes the lefties in Europe catch a wakeup. Not that the muslims sees any western woman as fair game, but that they dislike dogs.
    The other thing where they get one up on Europeans are the law of Taqiya, whereby they can actually lie to you in your face and there will be no repercussions for them religiously as they are in the minority. So they can insist that muslim is a religion of peace and no one is persecuted. Even gays are welcome in a muslim society. Thats whet they tell the gullible westerners, back home however they chuck gays of buildings.
    Its sad how fast they are growing in the west and how Christianity is declining.


  9. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Tis but a low-key invasion. The Europeans are being clubbed into submission on one hand by their governments, through laws designed to silence the outspoken and have them thrown in jail for pointing out the incompatibility of the two cultures. On the other hand they get bullied by an aggressive occupying army.

    Europeans have always seemed a bit naive(for want of a better word) to me, so trusting in their elected officials and were always willing to leave their safety in the hands of the government, so long as they can get along with their lives in peace...well look where that has led them ?

    Their Governments are clearly pro-muslim and are clearly anti-white, through years and years of careful cultivation most European men are limp wristed individuals who can't defend themselves let alone their women from these desert rapists.

    It's all going according to plan, the European birth rate is below replacement level and Governments soon will not be able to leverage loans against a dying population, so they must fill the gaps with the scum of the earth who breed like flies.

    The owners of the Central Banks are responsible for Genocide against all people of European heritage, because they have put in place a system that has caused the drop in Europeans birth rate. For the super-ultra-mega rich, the saying is "capitalism for me and socialism for thee"

    Remember Weenen.

  10. Anonymous11:44 pm

    They think we look gay wearing shorts,a lot of these Muslim men look like faggots in their long white robes.The Nigerian Muslim male looks like a local Chef in a hotel kitchen.

  11. Anonymous3:52 am

    What or who is the cause of the ulcer, that's the question to be solved.

    In order for the freemason illuminati globalist NWO bastards to implement their one world government you need to eradicate those with the intellectual advantage so the total world population is on one stupid IQ level , incompetent of rejecting their sick ideas.

    How do you dumb down a horse. You multiculti him with a donkey. You create mules out of them. Lazy useless creatures which only works when whipped. Further more it munches his owner to bankruptcy too.

    How do you dumb down the higher intellectual races? You plague them with multiculturalism too. First you need to take over their governing structures so you can create and implement the correct brainwashing and educational propaganda. It will happen over a period of 100 to 200 years.

    That's what they are busy with now. Look at the white western civilization and see how successful the evildoers were so far.

    The last straw to break the back of the ox will be one big world war. The remnant of that will be subdued to a total world domination by these illuminati bastards.

    Whether they will succeed is yet to be seen, but none of us can deny we all are suffering much pain and destruction by their sick process of a one world order.

    Alex Jones had a chat with Tommy Robinson. What he revealed there is absolutely inhuman and completely satanic inspired. There are parts in England where muslims took over completely and as we all know a liberal can't see anything wrong with any of their crimes. It came clear that some of the girls were dumped into a meat grinder of a kebab shop which were sold to the liberal public.

    It is clear, cultures should not be mingled unless you are up to something very wrong. In nature all cultures respect each others culture without hating each other, but as soon as the Hyena oversteps the limits, the Lions let them have it. The lesson is clear, stay out of each others environments and culture.

    We humans are forced by legislation and circumstances to a multicultural society globally, which make it almost unbearable. Hell is about to break loose somewhere. Titus 66:6 "God weet, so kan dit nie aangaan nie!"

  12. Graeme5:47 am

    Mike a quick correction here, Muslim's absolutely adore alcohol and I know what I am talking about!

    The causeway between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will be choked with drunkards as I write, this being a Saturday evening, those who are too drunk to stand up will need to sober up before being allowed entry.

    I was in Tehran less than 48 hours ago and the gentleman there that I met said jokingly that it is O.k. for Muslim's to drink Johnny Walker and Chivas as it is not mentioned in the Holy Quran, he flies to Dubai every month to join his old companion Mr. Walker.

    Finally in Saudi Arabia (I was there 2 weeks ago) Saudi men wear cargo pants nowadays, 20 years ago they were absolutely verboten.

    The problem lies in Europe, it is an absolute magnet for bearded fanatics, those are not tolerated in the Arab Gulf States, no Sheikh is ready to sacrifice his lifestyle for a bearded Goat herder.

    Said Goat herder will find himself in jail quick, sharp. The Mosques are closely monitored for dissenters, they are making it nigh impossible for Hillary Clinton types to destabilise the region with any delusions of imposing an Arab Spring.

    The problem lies in Europe and North America, not in the majority of the Gulf States.

    Thankfully the leadership is smart enough to realise that, unlike Pienk Frikkie and other Commies and Socialist like Marx du Preez. (Sorry my spell check is not working again).

  13. Anonymous7:27 am


    Having said that I do not believe that Whites are superior intellectually in everything, because IQ scores have shown that North East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) are on average 5 IQ points higher than whites and that Ashkenazi Jews are on average highest in the world 15 IQ points higher than White Europeans.

    Mike these are bullshit tests, let me prove it.

    They score high on these tests because (I have witnessed it) they are able to take a book, text book from the West and devour it.

    I have seen teachers in India pick up a tech book and teach it 3 days later. They sound like they know it, they teach it but if you ask them one question out of the book that does not fit within the frame work they have learnt it, they go all fucked in the head.

    Its like a robot - they can learn it parrot fashion but cannot think outside of the box or the content that has been taught.

    Why for example have they not come up with all the technological advancements?

    They score well with tests when they read our books but they are never able to take the information and run with it.

    If you or anyone doesnt believe me, the next time you deal with a call center in India (where everyone working there has 1-3 degrees) ask or pose the same question in a different light and watch the robot do a mind fuck on the phone...

    Vat did you sey? Sorry I didnt get you? Sorry ken you ripeat egen... I hear it all the time.

    Yes, they are able to digest the information but they are not able to take the information and use it in the form of ingenuity.

    Indian doctors are some of the best in the world, yet they dont learn from Indian text books, they learn from Western textbooks.

    I have heard they are great at physics and a whole host of other subjects - yet why did they not invent the light bulb?

    The same way a Karasite quickly reverts back to its previous form when the white man leaves, leave these races with the same information/text books and come back in a 100 years and you will find very little progress or further development in those respective fields.

    IQ and intelligence I think many people confuse, despite the fact they are used interchangeably.

    I see IQ as the ability to learn a subject and get good grades.

    Intelligence is being able to progress, invent without the need of text books. Those textbooks come out of the intelligence which is why we never see progressiveness come out of these nations.

    Any progress they make is from first learning from us, the not so intelligent species.

    Its not intelligent to have a cow god but let it walk around starving - you see them all over India - they let their beloved gods starve.

    Its not intelligent to have have more mouths than you can feed, India + Africa.

    All of Indias technological advancement came from the Persian region. Their language - Sanskrit, the Bhagavadghita, Yoga, their texts - all from civilizations entering India.

    The same goes for all the nations surrounding them.

    Remove those Western text books & you will quickly see that they CANNOT progress.

    The Chinese great at copying, yet few inventions.
    Japanese the same.
    Koreans the same.

    Besides silk, Swords, Ninja stars, Indian spices they have not uplifted the world AT ALL.

    The Japanese were only able to defeat the Russians in naval warfare due to studying the British tactics on the high sea. They copied all their strategies.

    Super smart at learning, piss pour at thinking outside the context of the books.

    If those Jews were so clever, surly they would have figured out after being kicked out of 200+ countries that by simply changing their religion they could stay.

    They are parasites. They need a host, unfortunately we the white man are the hosts.

    1. Sorry you are wrong:

      Jews make up only 0.2% of the world population, yet comprise 22% of Nobel laureates.

      Some Ancient Chinese inventions.

      • Porcelain (Pottery first developed by the Jomon people of Japan 14,000 years ago).
      • Crossbow
      • Dominoes, playing cards, chess, Majong and other board games
      • Paper Making 105 A.C. including toilet paper, paper cup , paper napkin, paper envelope and gift wrapping paper.
      • The use of negative numbers in mathematics (202-220 AD)
      • Movable Type Printing 960-1279 AD. (printing originally developed in Korea in about 750 A.D., and in 768 A.D. the Buddhist Japanese empress Nara commissioned the first mass media printing, a reputed one million copies of a charm or prayer).
      • First bank notes Tang Dynasty (618–907),
      • Gunpowder 1000 A.D. (also fragmentation grenades, landmines, multiple stage rockets and exploding cannon balls)
      • Compass 1100 A.D.
      • Alcohol 2000 BC-1600 BC.
      • Mechanical Clock 725 A.D.
      • Tea Production 2,737 BC.
      • Silk 6,000 years ago.

    2. PreatorianXVI3:53 am

      The main historical reason the Chinese seem not to progress in comparison to Western Standards is due to a Predatory Elite that exploited anyone who excelled, thus like our current worldwide Communist system, it does not motivate people to be creative and develop new things, hence the reason they are stuck and seem to be good copy cats. That mindset takes a long time to shake, look at how long it has taken Russia to move out from the Communist Shadow of the old USSR and its indoctrination.

      The Chinese are still governed by a Communist system, hence the reason a lot of them are fleeing China, although it comes across as more of an invasion with the sheer numbers of them piling into other countries, could be another Mao Strategy to export their culture worldwide and occupy the planet.

      The same with the Japanese during their Samurai / Feudal Era, it was all about war, as long as an invention enabled progress in war it was adopted, the rest, you stuck to tradition until, they saw Western Culture and almost wiped the Samurai class from the map in Japan.

    3. Anonymous5:51 am


      Mike Smith8:36 pm

      The idea that intelligence can be measured by IQ tests alone is a fallacy according to the largest single study into human cognition which found that it comprises of at least three distinct mental traits.

      Link below.


    4. That is the argument libtards use to prove blacks are just as intelligent as whites.

    5. PreatorianXVI10:53 pm

      @ Boere_Ninja

      Your first problem is the source, the there is no actual reference to the study or any tangible results... Always use the Bell Curve theory in conjunction with said Studies, that puts our ape like co-habitants distinctly last in all civilised categories.

      As per this paragraph from the article, who is at the lower end of the three distinct nerve circuits. The whole article is Liberal BS waffle, devoid of any facts.

      "Instead of a general measure of intelligence epitomised by the intelligence quotient (IQ), intellectual ability consists of short-term memory, reasoning and verbal agility. Although these interact with one another they are handled by three distinct nerve “circuits” in the brain, the scientists found."

  14. Anonymous8:42 am


    * facepalm *

    1. Anonymous11:19 am

      Islam is the one world religion, rise of the anti-christ.

  15. Anonymous10:43 am

    You must so much miss the mild mannered, well educated Muslims of South Africa. :)

    1. Mild Mannered Muslims?

      You mean the drug dealing Staggie twins Rashied and Rashaad? Or do you mean the PAGAD vigilantes who burned Rashaad to death? Or do you mean drug lord Nazier Kapdi? Or maybe some of the other slain Muslim drug lords and gangsters such as Shahiem "Hiemie" and Nazeem Smith of the 26's gang, Niezaam "Jahr" Kapdi(son of Nazier) or do you mean Ama and Farouk Kamaldien of the 28's gang?

  16. PreatorianXVI7:52 pm

    For a change the plight of European descendants makes a headline in the outside world. Now if only most white South African's can acknowledge their situation and WTFU...

    South Africans trapped ‘like frogs in boiling water’ as racial violence escalates


    1. Anonymous4:10 am

      What pisses me off is the high cost for whites to migrate but the munts get paid by Australia and Europe to "migrate" and be refugees. Arabs get paid 3000 Euros a month to move to Germany. We would have to pay kak loads just to get the foot in the door,

    2. Anonymous12:37 pm

      @Anonymous 4:10am.
      White South Africans should try to move to the Republic of Ireland.With the chaos of Brexit,ROI is the best option for them. Get there, play the victim like blacks from Nigeria, Congo do and go for it. Those blacks gets lots of stuff for free.. as they are very good at playing the victim.

    3. Anonymous3:49 am


      @Anonymous12:37 pm

      The people of Europe should be moving to South Africa while they still have time. Ireland these days lets in anyone into their country.

      The highest proportion of people entering Ireland are from Nigeria, Pakistan & Indian.

      No thanks. From a sunny multicultural country to a mostly dark, damp and infested country where the nation is a nation of drunks.

      I guess if you like living in dark conditions, where the sun shines 2 months out of the year.

      No thanks. Would rather move to Botswana

    4. Anonymous4:07 am


      @Anonymous4:10 am

      I dont get annoyed, I actually would hand them more money to come collect these Karasites. Its good because its quite funny that Van Rensburg said this lot would vanish and go to the UK in the end...

      No its good - They will destroy our enemies. They will destroy Europe. No one will ever again stop us from achieving our destiny.

      We will become a super power in decades & in centuries to come. We need a 500 year plan, a dream and follow it.

      1. WE NEVER accept multiculturalism.
      2. Everything is only done for whites, we never take a cent of our money to uplift any other race but our race.
      3. We dont educate any of these things with our education.

      Some of the basic guidelines I have jotted down, over 300 pages I have written.

      Our enemies of yesterday will not survive the future. They will not be able to impose sanctions on us and we must be aware of those conniving Europeans.

      Met many in other countries who all lived here during apartheid, yet complained about it to me while overseas and yet dont live in the new SA.

      We have to have a way that if they arrive - they learn our language, they are immersed in our culture, they sign agreements to support us and before any citizenship or permanent residency is given, they have to revoke the right to return to their own countries, as well as sign/pledge an oath.

      Screw them all! You should be saluting them for destroying themselves. The Lord is avenging us already.

      You see it throughout Europe. They laughed at us, called us backward and now 30+ years later its come to bomb their children.

      Thank the Lord - the Lord is dealing with our enemies, All our enemies and we didnt even lift a finger.

      Amen to that!

  17. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Quite off topic on this, but has anyone else noticed this ?
    When our Kelly Smaffir labourers are at work and on the job they move like snails trapped in molasses, but at shayela time they move as fast as greased lightning ? The mind boggles.

    Remember Weenen.

  18. I hope all the radical muslims move to Israeli controlled england, france & germany & skin these bastards alive who sanctioned & boycotted RSA during apartheid.

    1. Anonymous3:53 am


      @Krokodil Botha5:33 pm

      Yes me also Krokodil.

      These liberal bastards children are paying for the sins committed against white South Africa. They lied about us, spread lies about us, destroyed what we had built up and they promoted multiculturalism.

      Let them live with their filth.

      22 adults and their children got a good dose of Multiculturalism at the concert last night.

      So much news about 22 dead people, yet this year alone we have had more whites murdered than ALL the terrorist attacks over the past 2 years in Europe.

      I feel fuck all for them.

      The day will come when things turn. I would not even grant these people visas to visit South Africa.

      Liberal, traitor bastards.

      Islam is doing what Islam has done since 600AD - I have no problem with the religion, so long as it is not in my face or country.

      Question is, how did they get to the UK? Aladdins carpet?

      Ja - same way the Karasite came to power, thanks to the liberal politicians.

      All liberal politicians need to be hung for treason.

    2. Anonymous12:12 am

      Some of these pommies came over to SA to live in the mid 1970s because the UK economy was in a shambles back then.I used to go to school with one of them today he lives in Manchester. He left SA in 1993 thinking he was safe in his little Britain.Now the shit has finally come to his own doorstep.Let them and him live in fear they thought they could run but they cannot hide anymore.