18 May 2017

How to spot Fake News in the Fake South African media

By Mike Smith

19th of May 2017

About 18 months ago two burly white Afrikaans males followed a taxi with four young coloured passengers home after they enjoyed a night out at a night club in Cape Town.

One of the coloured passengers was a bright university student and he was the main target of the two white Afrikaners, who accused him of starting trouble at the night club. A case of mistaken identity. He was not the guy. The other three passengers were a brother and sister pair and a girl friend.

Nevertheless, the two white Afrikaner males then blocked the taxi in when it entered a Cul de Sac and laid into the defenceless coloured victim in what the judge later called a "brutal and merciless" assault. They only went for his head. Punched and kicked him into a coma. He later died in hospital.

Said the Judge: “It seems the main aim of the accused was to kick and beat the deceased incessantly on the head and nowhere else on the body."

A pathologist who examined the young coloured student’s body said he had a brain injury usually only seen in people killed in car accidents.
They also assaulted the other passengers and the driver when they tried to intervene.

This was a disgusting utterly racist crime and usually something like this would be in the South African media for weeks, being milked for every drop of anti white racist propaganda value possible...yet it hardly made headlines. Why?

See...The whole story I just told above was Fake News. I reversed the races of the perpetrators and the victim. The two killers were actually coloureds and the victim was a young white Afrikaans student at Stellenbosch University. THAT is why it didn’t make any headlines. THAT is why the media won’t call it a “Racist Crime” and won’t show the faces of the perpetrators or mention their race except in a small tabloid on page six.

Two to be sentenced for fatal assault on Maties graduate

The two killers with their lawyers: Juane Jacobs, 37 (back) and Brent Henry, 40 (front)

The victim, Carl Schoombie (27)


  1. Anonymous1:02 am

    A black Zim couple are sitting in their house waiting to die. No food, no water, no electricity, inflation 150 000%. Suddenly the pipes rumble with water, the lights go on and there is a truck in the street handing out food. The husband shouts to his wife, “Bring my Fucking panga, the whites are back!''

    1. Adrem6:00 pm

      Ha, ha, ha, I just love it!

    2. Anonymous12:12 pm

      Or husband shouts to wife, yebo ! The jobs are back , you can clean house and I can do garden with pleasure , and get fed and get money, you can drink and eat from fridge and watch your favourite show etc. Madame can help pay for schooling nearby and children can stay with us , I can get some beer for weekends and if baas is braaing we will get some too. Come end of year , leave pay with bonus and taxi paid to our second home for six weeks all paid . Only thing umfazi wami , you must stay , because I'm seeing my other wives, and children.

  2. Anonymous1:35 am

    When I read the first half, I thought "very uncharacteristic of whites to do something like that"

  3. Anonymous2:32 am

    Yeah Mike, we know. The white population is so downtrodden that they don't give a shit anymore. The people's eyes are dead.

  4. Anonymous2:59 am

    WHY WHITES DESERVE A BIG THANK YOU FROM AFRICANS FOR BRINGING CIVILIZATION AND FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA - http://zimbabwe-today.com/whites-deserve-big-thank-africans-bringing-civilisation-developing-africa/

    1. Anonymous10:18 am

      @Anonymous 2:59am
      Distraction ..

      HARARE, May 17 (Xinhua) -- The dualization of Zimbabwe's main trunk roads, the Beitbridge-Harare-Chirundu highway, will begin following the commissioning of the project by President Robert Mugabe on Thursday.

      The groundbreaking ceremony will take place at Chaka Business Center, which is 222 km from Harare on the Masvingo highway and just a stone throw away from the site where 31 people died after a bus crashed with a truck in April.


      One wonders what will be rolling down that road ?

  5. Liam Verum3:59 am

    Now if only your article could be published in the mainstream media. Just a side comment, however, there are bone-headed whites who do behave like that. Years ago I was part of a small group of friends who were attacked by other white youngsters outside a nightclub for no apparent reason whatsoever. Luckily no-one was badly hurt, but it could easily have gotten out of control. The NSA does not work because of a lack of shared values between black and white but there are many low class whites with whom I share no values either and who I would not want as neighbours! A white skin alone does not necesarily make one superior

    1. Anonymous5:48 am

      Bingo! See Libtard for proof.

    2. Anonymous6:08 am

      Sounds a lot like this piece of FAKE NEWS: http://www.politicsweb.co.za/news-and-analysis/the-tiger-tiger-five-analysis-of-a-race-hoax

    3. Anonymous7:09 am

      Mike's intention was not to "prove" that all whites are superior beings (the fact that libtards exsist is uncomfortable enough to live with), but rather to illuminate the MSM's endeavor to "prove" that all whites are evil. You know about the 2 white guys that caught a black red handed, decided that it won`t be worthwhile to turn him in but to rather give him a good old fright (by putting him in a coffin and threatening to bury him) and then just let him go. The MSM paints this as the most base and inhuman behavior that anyone can sink to (even Pretoria FM). Contrast that with the case Mike discussed.

    4. Anonymous9:14 am

      yes but in white culture we have our own social discipline mechanisms

  6. Stephen5:51 am

    Hi Mike

    Its as you say , black-on-white crime doesn't get reported.
    But don't dare even hurt their insecure-feelings or all hell brakes loose.

    As I was reading your 'fake' report I was thinking: these guys must have had a very good reason why they follow coloureds back home after a joll . Even in the old days you never messed with a drunk/drugged-up coloured - you'd get a bottle neck very quickly .

    And there's the confirmation , these coloureds sommer kicked an innocent man to death. And where's the media outcry ? where's the memorial-plague outside Carl Schoombie's house ? no , NOTHING .

    They can all go to hell , the media the Libs the kaffirs the whole lot.

  7. Anonymous6:03 am

    Why is Lt. Uhura brown?

    Because William Shatner.

    1. Anonymous9:58 am

      Speaking of which, Star Trek Discovery 2017 has just gone full retard with their femnazi SJW agenda, some nigger chink is the new 'Hero' who will save us all.

  8. Exactly, Liam Verum

    I might be wrong, but the way I see it, people are just people. If you watch Funny Failures videos from all over the world you will see that everyone is an idiot at one time or another; boys girls, blacks whites, Chinese, Japanese, everyone. I am sure all the great inventors, scientists, soldiers and what have you did something idiotic at some point in their lives. That is just human.

    In the republic we have always been told that we needed equal rights. With equal rights everyone would be happy they said.

    But now it seems the blacks are more equal. We now have reverse discrimination, much worse that what we had before.

    Black on White crime is just crime "gone wrong". White on black/Brown crime is automatically and without any evidence "racially motivated" and blown out of all proportion. Where is the equality in that?

    That's why I always say that Whites should also start calling other races racist when they do something wrong. In this way we will reach equality by ALL being racists…

    Bash our way to glory…

    1. Anonymous8:45 pm

      @ Phoenix 7:27 am.

      The two accused here are just the thugs of that day overcome by the urge to complete the thuggery within, their acts we not racially or politically motivated. The media would have turned it into a racial scenario if they had got more airtime and never had alternative media to contend with.

      Whites attack whites just as brutally and aggressively, go google some of the bouncer assaults on patrons of certain establishments.

      Everybody has their time of madness and the struggle with civilization, remember after all we are only animals that choose to cloak ourselves in humanity. That cloak is removable when we choose to remove it.

      Why do we accuse retards of crime? They are not committing crime in their minds, they are purely acting out instinct.

      Everybody here that accuses retard also highlights the fact that they posses a below average IQ so how can you blame them for not behaving and acting human?

      I am just another animal and I retaliate against the actions perpetrated by the retard on my territory, person or family, it is the order of nature not a choice of mine and I will do exactly the same to any white man that should act in similar fashion towards me.


  9. We have to join the inferiors by calling them RACISTS.we should learn just one word like they all do and its RACISTS. Non whites killing whites are RACISTS.non whites raping whites are RACISTS.non whites steeling from whites are RACISTS.non whites steeling white jobs are RACISTS.none whites raping white children are called RACISTS.
    I say non whites because everybody thats non whites are killing us and raping us and steeling from us.
    THEY ALL ARE RACIST TERRORISTS in the country we built and now it looks lije a rubbish dump and its crime infested by these parasites.we need alot of DOOM or RAID for the pests.

  10. Anonymous3:47 am

    Cape Town nightclubs are all infested with violent, drug riddled criminals - coloureds, Eastern Europeans, Greeks, and fuck knows what. Stay away. In my day, students used to have parties at each other's homes. Or they went to the Pig and Whistle, Forester's Arms. Whites didn't mix with goffels at dodgy nightclubs.

  11. Anonymous3:54 am


    Used to be a fun place, until the goffels moved in.

  12. Mr Mister3:53 am

    If this happened six months ago and I forwarded the first six paragraphs of your article, as it stands word for word, to the Huffington Post under Shelley Garland's name, they would've fallen over themselves to print it and wet themselves in the process.

  13. Mr Mister6:55 pm

    Know your Fake News sources:

    CNN = Counterfeit News Network/ Clinton News Network /Certainly Not News
    CBS = Crap Broadcasting Service / Constantly Broadcasts Shit /Communists Broadcasting Statewide
    NBC = Nothing But Crap/ No Bloody Clue/ No Benghazi Coverage
    SABC = Shit And Bollocks Combined