05 May 2017

Colonialism, Apartheid and the brutality of blacks

By Mike Smith
5th of May 2017

In my Pandora’s Box series I explained in detail what Apartheid was and why it was introduced. There were several rationales for Apartheid, like the vast and irreconcilable differences in culture, religion, etc. as well as the cognitive and biological differences, but of course the ultimate and main rationale for Apartheid was the violent nature of blacks.

Apartheid did not just fall out of the sky. It was not a method to oppress blacks. Quite the contrary, it was a method to help and uplift them. To a certain extent it did just that. Blacks in South Africa had the highest living standards on the continent, the longest life expectancy, the highest educational standards and the highest wages on the entire continent. On top of it they were given the opportunity to rule themselves with training and mentorship from whites who trained their entire civil service, police and army personnel in the homelands as well as white taxpayer’s money that was thrown at them by the truckload. Their numbers exploded in a hundred years from about 2 million in 1910 to about 50 million in 2010.

Apartheid was created out of necessity, to distance oneself from the violent beast inside the common kaffir. The people of old looked at the nine so called “Kaffir Wars”, the Defecane of Shaka Zulu, the cannibalism of the Sothos’s...and to them it was clear that one could not live with blacks.

Unfortunately the white’s soft natured ancestors ancestors were very religious and very pious who believed in “live and let live” and simply wanted to separate themselves from the blacks infesting their lands instead of doing to them what the Australians did to the Abo’s and the North Americans did to the Red Indians. It would prove to probably have been their biggest mistake.

That is why one can only shake the head and chuckle at the ultimate stupidity of the article below by one, Mbuyiselo Botha:

Brutality birthed by Apartheid

Of course he is referring to 12 blacks who attacked two black couples in Rhodes park, drowned the men by standing on their necks and forcing the women to watch, after which the women were both gang raped.

…His speculation and search for a reason for this brutality led him simplistically to the mother of all bads…Apartheid. Never the nature of the Noble Savage, because in his mind blacks are always innocent little fluffy bunnies and the white man is always the evil reason for all that is wrong in this world.

Apartheid is the reason why blacks are poor, Apartheid is the reason why blacks are dumb, uneducated and violent…blame apartheid for everything.

Which begs the question…Why were blacks so violent, stupid, uneducated and poor, before Apartheid and now so violent, stupid, uneducated and poor 25 years after Apartheid officially died?

Why are blacks in Ethiopia and Liberia so violent, stupid, uneducated and poor seeing that these two countries never had any Apartheid or colonialism. Why are blacks in Haiti so violent, stupid, uneducated and poor seeing that they have been rid of colonialism for 200 years?

Apartheid was many things…many things it was not, but ultimately Apartheid has become the convenient stick to hit the white dogs with and the scapegoat to blame all the failures of blacks on.

Blacks should go on their knees and thank the whites for introducing Apartheid, because if there never was any Apartheid, blacks would not have anything to blame their miserable failures on.


  1. Anonymous5:13 am

    Apartheid was hated for the same reason why the elite hate the free market. Because they cannot compete against it

    The zulus can compete (in the blue collar job market and on a limited basis compared to us) and thus don't need to hate in order to compete.

    Communism offered the solution to this inability to compete which is why the zulus are not commies but are nationalists (few exceptions apply like Zooms)

    And it explains why the zulu royal family agreed with apartheid as did Lucas Mangope (Bop leader).

    It also explains why the CIA opposed apartheid. The presence of apartheid was encouraging communism in Africa (because they can only compete with communism and socialism - which is why the EFF praise socialism)

    And so for the USA to lure the africans away from communism, they had to trash apartheid. They had to be lured away because their turning to communism was not good for the USA during the cold war. Also because the Africans were allowing the chicoms and ruskies to get their hands on the rare earth minerals.

    Now that the west has failed in that regard, now what?

    Now that the west is flooded with africans and muzzies, now what?

    Are they still going to use the same playbook against us?

    The handbag fight between us and them is coming....

    1. Anonymous11:58 am

      "The presence of apartheid was encouraging communism in Africa"
      I dont know about that now . Bollocks ! Commie countries wrnt only in Africa.

    2. Anonymous1:53 am

      anon 11:58 Go and read Dr Richard Cumming's book "A diamond is forever"

  2. Anonymous5:16 am

    Well said, lots of people are leaving and when the white man is gone it will be the worst place in Africa, parents eating their kids and worse, cannabalism will be the only thing that keeps them alive, for a while, economy implodes and the farmers will be the last ones standing defending their own with a possibility of ruling again, rest will starve and die of deseases whist robbing and raping one another as they do. Been covert / undeclared war since before 94 and it's coming to a head, best prepare accordingly.

  3. Anonymous5:37 am

    Mike, what is a Nigger if it cannot blame anyone else for it's shortcomings?

    I think 2 new National sports are going to be the next big thing, the Race Card Championship on Saturdays and the Championship in Blame Card on Sundays. Sipho crying on Sat and Lindiwe crying on Sun on International TV.

    What about US crime stats where they are the minority by far but commit the majority of violent crimes by far? Apartheid's fault? No, it's the Black Nigger hearts inside all of them.

    1. Anonymous11:04 pm

      I agree 100%

  4. Useless to the core is all that can be said about this sub-species of some form creature, but human it is not.

    I am so fucking sick and tired of them, my whole weekend is being devoted to manufacturing incendiary devices . . . and drinking beer, of course!

    Cheers, mates.

    1. Anonymous10:15 am

      Dink ons moet jou bier weg vat sodat ons jou befok kry sodat jy iets kan afbrand soos bv n kragsentrale

    2. Anonymous1:34 am

      I see you have learned NOTHING from the "Boeremag" and subsequent trial ( that lasted years )

  5. Anonymous6:03 am


    There is one thing about a Karasite that I cannot stand nor comprehend. In fact, I gave up trying to figure these things out and now figure out how to remove them from Southern Africa - scum of the earth, heathen pieces of ape shit they are.

    Why is it that these clever Karasites always cite and mention only "Karasite tendencies & personality traits" found in South Africa but dont look further a field?

    Its quite simple - If they did that, they would be looking in a mirror.

    There was no apartheid in all the nations right up to Egypt, yet we find this same beast in all the lands, right up to the Arab/Berber lands, all savage, all backward, all doing the same thing.

    The biggest, biggest, biggest, monumental fudge up in this country was not doing what the other settlers did in other lands.

    If these people actually read their bibles, they would have realized that in Joshua, it is clear as daylight - in fact he gives us instructions on his death bed.

    You are not to mix with the heathens. These people here thought you could live separately in the land but this is not what the bible really says when you analyze it.

    The land that Joshua cleaned up, like the Yanks, Aussies was cleaned. There were no Karasites or heathens left besides a few camps - that will come back and bite them in the asses as well - you see it now with the Abbos & left of pow wow Indian res boys.

    His message was not not let them in again!

    What we did was let them in, keep them in and then try force apartheid. It should have been clean up, then keep them out.

    Now its time to clean up and show no mercy! Stuff not letting them back in again, they have been killing us in disguise of democracy when in fact it is a low level war in this great battle that will decide who keeps South Africa.

    If you look up the wars the yanks, Aussies fought - you will see that the main men who got rid of those peoples were of a specific genetic line.

    From my research, most of the generals & soldiers came from 2 bloodlines, that are really one blood line and if you look at the declaration of these nations, one can quickly find who they are and what they were doing in the new worlds, they were doing in the old worlds.

    What they were doing in the old worlds and in ancient times was following the commandments of Joshua. In fact they even claim they are from these peoples descendants & we know they are as well.

    The Scottish & Irish made up a vast number of the peoples who fought in those battles to rid those lands of the heathen. The Scottish declaration of arbroath.

    "They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous."

    Read more at: http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/the-text-of-the-declaration-of-arbroath-1-465230

    We find that the battles in Natal between the Zulu were also fought with many Scotts.

    Of course not all of them were Scots & Irish but a vast majority made up those early colonies, specifically Texas and look how all the nations view the Texans even to this day. Aus the penal colony was filled with Scots & Irish during the potato famine.

    Between 30-40% of Australian ancestry are from these lands and they cleaned up.

    I only point this out because they followed the law. Reading a book does not mean one is following the law or taking notes and implementing them.

    We did not follow the law.

    Perhaps we used the bible as a way to convince ourselves out of fear back then with only a tiny settler population.

    1. Anonymous9:51 am

      which is why the scots and irish are willingly letting in the "heathen"

      You are such a genius.

    2. Anonymous12:13 pm

      BN There was and is apartheid in all Countries , each tribe has their own rules , their own ways etc. Just in SA the karasites fought with all his might to get into the Host to be with us , thats the whole objective to be carried and FED.
      Watched a Doc. on parasites how they get into the bloodstream and settle into the Brain , Eye or other and create havoc , that needs an operation and cut out.
      Other wise it will PERISH . Now in the case of the Host , if it dies and then gets depleted? drained etc the Parasite will DIE too. but only when all source has been sucked dry.

      Man its Sacrilege that the betrayal by so called allies , made way for this curse to devastate a fine run County to nothing , like sucking something dry and moving on , like Locusts off to Europe.

    3. Speaking of Egypt - years ago I received the very interesting article on what happened in this country which was at first inhabited by people from the MEDITERRANEAN countries until the Nubians from further south in Africa decided to invade a country that was once a bastion of WHITE civilization - the rest is history: However, to see the broader picture of the deterioration of the White civilization, let us go back in time to around 4500 BC and learn something which is not generally known to the average John Citizen:


      Unfortunately I don't have a direct link to the article as I had copied the full text on to my documents, so perhaps you might want to google it - apologies for this.... but make no mistake - Myron Fagan is a brilliant historical researcher and author. It makes worthwhile reading.

    4. http://tia-mysoa.blogspot.co.za/2012/02/origin-of-ancient-egypts-destruction.html

    5. Anonymous4:56 am

      Egypt had dodgy half human, half demon creatures. Hardly white.

  6. Amen! Sums it up very nicely and accurately!

  7. Anonymous6:12 am


    For example look here


    This is what I am talking about.

    Violence if you dont do anything.
    Violence if you do something.

    The violence will ONLY stop when you get rid of the violence. The earth was filled with violence before the flood, it was because the Earth was overrun with the heathen.

    Will be as the days of Noah, what is happening here & around the world, these things have risen up!

    Like I say, they have had their fun with our white brothers/sisters in this country. For EVERY single one of them killed in cold blood going right back, a million Karasites will pay in the end.

    Do the Maths. Im not kidding nor shitting you when I say it, I mean it with every fiber of my being! My personal family will be avenged, my distant brothers & sisters will be avenged.

    Justice will be served by the sword! Those whites, including my own family died in cold blood, no reason other than being white during "peaceful" times.

    The time will come, it always does and always will with the heathen nations. They will either rise up and drive you out or enslave you and destroy you.

    We have been enslaved by the heathen Karasite in this country economically. We work like slaves, too scared to say anything in case they rise up and slaughter the whites - that is the main reason.

    Our greatest fear has come upon us.

    In the future we will again have to choose - be nice or be tough and enjoy a pain free, thorn free, existence in this land but WHEN it starts - dont be naive and think you can simply stop with SA.

    Unfortunately the white man is a compassionate being, he feels sorry for these nations but when pushed, he always has to put them back in line again.

    I just hope this time, we actually stop listening to weak white men preaching the word, or giving us their version of the word.

    There really isnt a choice.

    Either they leave or you leave, its as simple as that but it is a fantasy to think both will be able to live in peace.

    I hope you guys have learnt your lesson!

    1. Anonymous10:35 am

      You should have trained your family. Then you would not be so angry all the time

    2. Anonymous9:19 pm

      @ anon 10:35 am.

      I truly hope that your family gets a surprise visit by tardus maximus, I hope you are present at the time and get to witness the ordeal and feel the physical pain of the experience.

      I hope that tard extends the experience into a prolonged agony and leaves you alive to live with the horrors of the experience.

      I will not go into detail of what can happen but I am sure you have read some of what happens when tard rages and ranges into a nice white families home and dishes out what tard calls justice for its perceived injustice perpetrated by whites.

      I can only hope for your sake that they leave you clinging onto life and let modern medicine fix you up physically but not mentally, then I know how the assault of the mind will slowly and continually invade your thoughts and the horrors of the experience will infiltrate your memory and eat away at your sanity, of course the guilt of being left alive and you not fighting for your life and defending your kin will be a burden of its own as well and between those two guilts you Mr Wisearse 1035 who had not the courage to protect his family will become dependent on chemicals to ease your pain but that will not stop the disease of your cowardliness and conscience from eating away your soul.

      You're a big mouth now but wait your time is coming.

      You love these tards and the huddly cuddly non aggressive come let's all live happily together feel, well carry on please, when the visit comes remind me to ask you why you never trained your family


    3. Anonymous7:14 am

      LMTA... Dood... Seriously? Whose side are you on anyway?

    4. Anonymous7:16 am

      LMTA, You hire them 'tards'. I don't...

      put that in your pipe and smoke it

    5. Anonymous9:30 am

      @ anon 7:14 am.

      I am the master, I must hire them, I am a capitalist and a businessman so if I can turn a coin I will, the whites don't want to work, I have tried them. If you think I am going to pack up because I don't have labour and go sit on a street corner like whites do then you should rather go back to your planet because you're definitely not living in real time.

      I am not ashamed of my right to dominate and succeed so I will smoke my pipe.

      As for 7:14 am I am on the white side and I am on the side that is real, your comment at BN was a stir now stop crying because you got back what you thought you could give out.

      So dry up them tears now boy and decide whose side you are on.


    6. Anon 10:35 - you are a seriously despicable person. That has to be about the most insensitive chirp I have ever encountered.

      I too, sincerely, hope that everything LT has wished for you comes about. If the 'tards don't do it, I would, gladly. I think I can be a bit more imaginative than the 'tards.

  8. Anonymous6:46 am

    WHY Mr Smith were they then allowed into the "white" areas ?

    Treated like "lawnmowers" ?

    Yes I remember all about the 21h00 CURFEW

    Surely IF you want to be separate from them then you do not allow them anywhere near you ?

    You see this is the massive unspoken of HYPOCRISY !

    Whites in general but mostly actually jewish mine owners needed their labour -- but the captured NP government were not prepared to give them ANY of the associated rights.
    Why was anyone one of them -- in the singles hostels or townships NEVER allowed to purchase land -- or acquire title ? ( because it was a -- "white-area" )
    HA HA

    What else do you call this but a type of slavery ?
    Something that looks very much like SOCIALISM

    THIS -- the economic reality of the need for cheap labour in the so called WHITE areas was what sunk any grand plans of -- separate [but equal] development.

    You can try to justify it anyway you like -- it does not change the reality of what the system really looked like !

    1. Anonymous9:38 am

      Why did they not go & build their own mines in Zimbabwe or Lesotho or Swaziland? Why come & work for the terrible wit baas in ZAR as lawnmowers?

    2. Anonymous10:25 am

      Doos. Why would we give foreign employees houses and lands? You work in my house mowing the lawn and now you own the land? bugger off neo marxist

    3. Anonymous10:25 am

      It was painted black by lies. That why you believe that that system was all bad. If there is a supply of cheap labor like there was en that cheap labor will be used.
      I speak to many black who say that system was MUCH MUCH BETTER. Because they had jobs. they had full belly's. There were safe. It is the older generation who says that.
      It is the younger generation who pushes all this Afro Nazi shit. It is just the RAW kaffir showing.

      Word Wakker Boervolk

    4. Anonymous12:20 pm

      Anon 6:46 Today is you perfect example of WHY , Look around and go look how areas have changed once some occupy it , it turns to SHIT ! and you ask why ? If you squat and shit on my Lawn or steal my home grown Fruit and Veg , instead of growing your own Im gonna remove and chase you. Hope it makes sense to you .

    5. Anonymous1:53 pm

      Yeah, you tell 'em pard this current system is so much better for all now.

    6. Anonymous12:24 am

      Mr Smith
      I can apply rational thinking to your articles
      I see the normal mindless replies of the low IQ gang
      Maybe these are your buddies ?
      Sorry for you having to drag this bunch along
      They are nowhere near your level of knowledge or sophistication
      They just do not have the educational or intellectual background to be able to see the bigger picture !
      It would appear that at the level at which they operate they only ever see -- "garden-boys" and "maids" - or itinerant labourers.

      WHERE did I ever say people would / must be GIVEN houses ?


      THAT is what I said

      As to foreigners -- WENELA

      Witwatersrand Native Labour Association


      NOW see if you can work out who -- owned / ran WENELA

      A very quick Google search will turn up a myriad of papers on Black Labour Recruitment -- FOR THE MINES


      BTW ;
      How is the program / project to provide "FREE" black housing coming along NOW
      How many are PURCHASING ?
      How many are being given TITLE ?

      As to "cheap-labour"
      In the end it works out VERY expensive
      IS the white South Africans weakness and excuse -- for never doing anything him / her self ( including THINKING )
      It is also the blood on which the -- RANDLORDS built empires.
      Randlords who were quite happy to sacrifice white for cheaper black labour -- ALL in the interests of MORE PROFIT
      NO -- these were NOT British
      Go do your OWN homework ....

    7. Anonymous2:48 am

      12:24 Please stop the capitalization of every second word, you look like a simpleton and retard.

      You must be a real blast at parties with your knack for whodunit and sussing things out. You also have this uncanny ability to change tack like a chameleon. People like you must be eliminated first if we are to trust one another in the coming future, sorry mate, you won't make the cut.

    8. Anonymous8:55 pm

      @ anon 6:46 and 12:24 am.

      You seem to miss the fact that retard is not human but just a forgotten species left behind by evolution, judging by the smell of your kind I think you lot crawled out of Australopithecus's shit and presumed yourself its equal but alas you were not even equal to that progressive creature.

      You turdy tards need to realise that slave cannot be the master and a master will never be slave, you seem to have forgotten the laws of nature and that order should never be replaced by disorder, since some libarse told you tards that you could achieve homo sapiens status if they could just rewrite science and history you idiots now believe you're on your way. Sorry to disappoint you but standing upright and mimicking the master is not being equal.

      So I think the best is to crawl back into a turd pie and stay there because the shit you spew here stinks as bad as the stench that permeates you.


    9. Anonymous1:29 am

      I can see that you have NEVER studied the history of HAITI !
      Fire your retard "wekkers" and swing the pick YOURSELF

    10. Anonymous5:59 am

      @ anon 1:29am.

      NAF, I am going to enslave more of them and work them hard and consistent, never letting up, they were allowed to crawl out the turds to fulfill their task of slavery to us homo sapiens so I will enslave them.

      I am not a weak pussies footed liberal, I don't suffer a conscience of guilt and regret, I am a master, a superior being, the boss, I am homo sapien, evolutions choice and enforcer, so I think I will dominate the weak and prey as I was meant to.

      I see nothing wrong with slave and labour as it is my birth right and I am proud to be at the top of the food chain.

      Only weaklings cry foul and injustice, the strong are the ones that don't cry about it but just continue to dominate as they should.


    11. Mr Capital case guy..

      What's your plan here.? Always Mr know it all.?
      Hypocrisy.?. Where.? Still can't see it sorry.. Were the white's perfect.? No. Was Apartheid perfect.? No..

      Why were they never allowed to own land in the Republic.?. Let's take a taxi to Jeppe town for the night and go for a few beers and you will understand the curfew.  Or spoil your family this new years and take them to Durban beach.. That's why asshole, simple, really fucking simple..

      But..Land..? Your question should rather be aimed at the then corrupt homeland chiefs and why they didn't sell land to their own in their OWN homelands.? You should ask why still to this day certain 'Chiefs' are pocketing millions in funding from kickbacks through those racist white mining companies..? Seems like they've spend your cut..

      The system as to what it looked like or what it was set out to achieve.?.Should Apartheid have been as success the homelands would have been developed and by af few years later been made independant. The job market would have shifted and more people would be part of their own states economy. Apartheid had 2 decades and it was destroyed. If Dr. Verwoerd stayed on board for another 10 years active the SA today would have been a mini Europe with many Sovreign States. With all the perks of low crime and plenty of work..

      Maybe you should begin to understand and admit that they were never particularly skilled in creating true value and especially future value from nothing into something.. This was a fact then, and is still a fact now..
      What has been standing in their way the past 25 years from making a change.?. A Full quarter of a century and what have they got to show for themselves.?. Japan and Germany 25 years after WW2 rebuild from nothing to mega economies, in the same time it took the ANC and it's followers to break a 1st world country and pull it six ways through their arse..?!..

    12. Cont..

      It's been said a million times on this blog that employing blacks was a mistake, so don't think you're being clever now.. They should go on their hands and knees because they didn't create jobs for whites, whites created jobs for them..
      If I'm a skilled engineer, or a doctor, why would I ever go and settle and build my house next to a black township and walk from shebeen to taxi rank asking for a job.?.?.
      So then,,, if the blacks had life figured out and were as clever as they pretended they were ie; doctors and engineers, why did they not create something from nothing..? Why did they go to the whites begging for jobs if they were themselves capable.?
      I am still to find the white guy that has in the past 350 years walked up to a black man's house and asked him for a job.?.?..Ever asked yourself why.?.
      We made due without them before, we can do it again.

      You see,, the difference is in choice. A prominent black businessman once asked a top Japanese Sony Executive why they are so succesfull and he answered;  "You look for a job, I look for a oppurtunity. I start the farm, you sit and drink, check the birds and watch your cattle. I build a ranch and breed my cattle into bigger numbers and start a meat company.. You, still sitting staring at the veld...."

      The previous generation of whites felt sorry for them. The, the blacks just could not seem to get it together in life and still can't.. Here we are decades later and still... Apartheid ne.?.? Shame man..
      We treated them like lawn mowers you say.?. No boet, definitely not most of us. Why not ask Mike himself how much he paid blacks working for him above average.?. White families who pays for black kids' school fees because the maid got shagged by some guy who never bothered being a father to his child and put him through school and give him a life..
      Now.. Bring me the black family that has paid for one, just one.! white orphan's education in the last 400 years..? Please bring me the rich black communities who will support a white squatter camp.?.. Let's make the picture bigger.. Bring me the African country that has ever organised a relief package for a Western country, or Asian, or Russian or where the hell ever where there was a flood or earthqauke or volcano or whatever... 1 maybe.? Yes.?..

      Vacant land is not really the blacks folks' strong point now is it.?. Wherever they settle it's a bit of a fuckup incase you haven't noticed..?.
      Think you are going to score some land and then what.?.The government is broke sunshine. Who's going to drill your borehole and supply you a substation.?. ..

      Now the saying really applies..;

      'Power corrupts....'

      'Absolute Power currupted the ANC and it's followers ABSOLUTELY.. '

      They've had 25 years and what.?.

      Justify.? No.. Just common sense boet.

      Listen man. Not everybody sits behind Wikipedia 16 hours a day committed to being the world's most knowledgeable person.. Why the hell do you always have to come here and think you are super smart and just way more intelligent and schooled than everybody else.?.. Why don't you go read Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job, and let's see how far YOU think 'Your Wisdom' will take YOU.. Jy dink jy is baie slim..?. Jy's maar n poep in die wind ou tjom...

    13. Anonymous2:15 pm

      I don't have to think -- I have the certificate

      I am not blind to reality -- as you describe it
      I am also not blind to hypocrisy

      All this great modern South Africa you speak of
      It was built on the sweat of black labourers
      Sure they did not design it or have the knowledge or skill
      Neither did the whites have the knowledge or the skill to design the machines to replace them
      Seeing as job reservation made it so easy for whitey to never have to think about picking up a shovel or a pick or pushing a wheelbarrow himself
      They -- the tards -- provided the brawn -- the labour
      See if you can deny that ...
      The only thing they got out of it was a wage -- perhaps for some that was good enough ?
      Perhaps others though about their contribution , about how it was never really recognised ?

      As to the "homelands"
      Who is more knowledgeable or intelligent ?
      The white man or the karasite ?
      The white man , then why so little understanding of how traditional culture worked
      How unsuitable a "homeland" would ever be under such traditional methods for any from of advancement or progress ?
      Certainly there were social scientists / anthropologists that tried to give advice
      Professor Tomlinson / Werner Eiselen and many others.


      BTW ;
      As any real academic will tell you 16 hours a day is perhaps just about nearly enough for any serious research
      PS ;
      The 16 hours are NOT spent on Wikipedia

      As to slaves and slave labour
      The Nazis instead of mobilising their whole populations ( woman ) relied on it ( slave labour )
      How far did it get them -- those white supremacists ?
      You see civilised educated people in civilised first world countries look at the comments here -- especially those of that supertard and all they see is -- well -- supertard
      Nazi white supremacist. The archetypal Nazi fascist the model and the proof of the racist Afrikaner.
      NO-ONE is interested in supporting such a -- supertard !
      ALL white South Africans become identified and associated with this perception / impression

      Keep on posting your facile nonsense
      Keep on alienating normal sensible educated people
      MIGHT one day have wanted to help you !

    14. Anonymous7:32 am

      Bla bla fkn bla 2:15 you've been saying the same shit for 2 years now, please stop.

    15. You and the Donkey plough the field... At the end who did the most work.?. Who gets the most pay.?

      Yes, they did supply the labour, all by free choice.. Nothing was ever forced.. Is this not where the guilt trip starts for whites.?. Why should we apologize for being more driven and advanced.?. Majority of blacks are consumers and majority of whites are producers. In that world the producers will always be the ones doing the employing and getting the top jobs..
      Did the black's have any other choice but to come to us for employment.?.
      Yes they did.
      Did they have a choice to say we will get on by ourselves.?
      Yes they did.
      They could have done what we did.. Get a plan and a vision in place. Get the people's minds educated and build a nation.

      They are backwards, always have been, always will be. They could have learned from us, became civilized and build on hundreds of years of European knowledge.. They could have became the most advanced black nation in Africa. What did they choose.?. To remain a savage.. Arrogant pride caused them to reject knowledge. 

      Once again it's a choice. If the blacks refused to work for whites, which they were more than entitled to do, and let us say demanded exactly half of South Africa to be a sovereign state for blacks only, what would have stopped them.?. Why have they never really pushed for self determination as a whole, completely removed from any 'white influence'..? Easy.. Being a producer is just too much work..

      Do you really think some Boere were going to let life come to a standstill because of no labour.?.. If a Boer was left with a choice of getting the job done, he will dig that trench himself.
      Look at most whites post BEE. Fired or retrenched.. What did they do.? Many of them started businesses..  Funny how they have supplied more jobs than any kaffir government would ever be able to do.. Now these same people that got forced out of the economy are forced to employ blacks.?.?. What a joke.

      You say job reservation made it easy.? Sure. Especially when you created those jobs.. You forget that whitey dug the trench 200 years ago himself but moved on to farming and engineering and medicine..
      Should I be throwing a Pik around and some guy approaches me and say I will do that for R200 bucks, I will be more than happy to say "here". I've got way more important things to do. If his still throwing that same Pik 400 years later in a free society.? Well then that's his problem.. The wise rules over the foolish.

      Homeland.? Unsustainable.? Not my problem man.. If their 'traditional methods' could not cut the mustard then tough shit. What's next.? Holding their hands while they go to the little boys room.?
      Why could they not as a black nation sort out their own problems
      They could plant bombs, burn down schools etc. all in the name of 'defying' the white man's opression, but strangely never did a homeland get burned down because of their fucked up greedy kaffir chiefs..?
      So what do you suggest then.? Their chiefs don't wan't to sell them land so just pull in with us here in the Republic.? Unsless I'm missing something isn't this what then happened.?.

      As for some Nazi whites.?. Well then I'm sure the international readers can apply discerning and out of a 100 comments see that there are some sane people to be found as well.. Just because I watched 1 episode of Jerry Springer won't make me believe the whole US is full of rednecks..

    16. Anonymous4:46 am

      The non rednecks never spoke out against the ANC, thus they are in silent agreement.

  9. Anonymous7:53 am

    The best system of apartheid is a massive hole with every retard shoved into it, cover it over, compact it soundly, slab it and watch over it for 3 months because I can assure you that some fucker will get out of it, they break everything so I am sure they can break a hole.

    1. Anonymous4:47 am

      How do you split an atom? Give it to a darkie and tell him not to break it.

  10. Anonymous7:55 am

    Good 1 Mike!

    I read the article "Brutality birthed by Apartheid"


    I think people need to apply for social media licences.

    You need a TV licence just to watch TV and we have billions of people posting their every thought on social media that causes major shit. (Facebook has 2 billion)

    When somebody thinks of a steaming pile of shit it doesn't mean there is a steaming pile of shit.

    Oom Siener said things would be very confusing and we would fight differently.

    Perhaps being a keyboard warrior is what he meant, who knows but keep your piece handy.

    1. Anonymous4:51 am

      I too have wondered WTF that old goat meant with "fighting differently" ....

  11. Graeme9:17 am

    Just another Gem from the annals of Mike Smith, I know of so many Apartheid apologists, for one I am still unashamedly Pro-Apartheid, simply because it works!

    Even blacks and Indians that I know, favour the system, in the late 1980's before the traitorous F.W. ousted P.W. Botha in a bloodless Coup there were attempts to establish a Cantonal system based on the Swiss model.

    We all know what happened after that.

    The only real failing of Apartheid was lack of acceptance by the masses abroad who were lied to and excessive Socialism granted to blacks, policing, housing, schooling, health care (I can go on)!

    Any objective black who is truly honest with themselves will gladly have a Nat government over the feckless abortion that they have today.

    In reality their franchise, their right to vote is absolutely worthless!

    Thank you again Mike for shedding light on darkness, dispelling the myths, the lies and the deceit!

  12. Anonymous9:34 am

    Hey Boere Ninja - here are a few videos to spice up your day, enjoy ......https://www.facebook.com/elschonette.schutte/videos_by

  13. Anonymous10:29 am

    why didnt Boere ninjas family defend themselves?

  14. Anonymous11:11 am


    Jan Lamprecht is talking about the dangers of Mall ninja

    1. Anonymous1:06 am

      What he is NOT talking about is ....

      The identity of the -- femme-fatale

      The jewess black widow killer woman who kills everything she touches ( according to him )

      Come on Mr Lampecht IF this woman is so deadly then surely we need to know about her
      SO -- please do us ALL a favour and IDENTIFY this deadly woman
      Perhaps like David Irving you are worried about having your arse sued to hell ?

    2. Anonymous3:23 am

      I don't know who boere ninja is, but Lamprecht is 100% right about trusting nobody.

    3. Anonymous1:27 am

      but Lamprecht is 100% right about trusting nobody

      Trust is the basis of ANY transaction between persons
      All that Lamprecht is doing ( part of his agenda )is sowing seeds of distrust / mistrust. Causing people to sink into paranoia / helplessness

      What Lamprecht is also failing to do is provide a description of HOW one weeds out the gooks , the spooks , the perps , the geeks and the freaks

      Perhaps Mr Smith will be good enough to explain how ones goes about this ? ( there are certain standard procedures )

      How MK and the SACP developed "cells" during Op Vula. How these were penetrated
      How the security forces made a hash of things .....

  15. Anonymous11:51 am


    Your pic on the top of this page is terribly wrong.

    The chimp, Australopithecus and robustus are fine but retardus out in the front there is totally a no, no.

    The stench would kill chimp, Australopithecus and robustus and then of course homo sapien would have to duck down behind the faring to avoid toxic fume inhalation and would not be able to see and as you know, only leader and dominant beasts are front yoked and retardus is not dominant or leader quality so the chariot would never go anywhere because tard would be too lazy to move.

    So that pic is really a lie, we colonials would never be so stupid to yoke something so dumb and that stenches so badly into the front of any team.


  16. Anonymous12:07 pm


    Jan lamprecht is talking about mike smith at 13:00

  17. Sorry I don't know where to post this. It is directed at all soldiers world wide. It goes with Mike's posts.

    Don't fight for your country. Don't fight for your government. They are all corrupt. There is not one government on this planet that is not corrupt. Thank you for reading

  18. Whiteman12:06 am

    I have noticed a new " religion " on the block. Some very clever educated people are telling us to join hands against the globalists. They are instigating hate and war between black and white, and even between factions of the same colour and religion. This sounds so enlightened, but these people are actually saying that we should all cross breed, and thereby form a united front against the horrible globalists. And we will all live happily ever after. How the hell are you going to sell this " elevated " thinking to millions of bloodthirsty, whitey hating, already brainwashed black barbarians ? It is common knowledge that the whole world is ruled by the money men. They want to see a mixed world creature, with no patriotism or nationalistic tendencies. Much easier to control and dominate into mindless slaves. They are basically just taking over from the ( christian ? ) churches, because the churches are not getting the BIG MIX executed fast enough !

    1. Graeme11:31 am

      Whiteman, you are referring to Cultural Marxism!

  19. Anonymous12:42 am


    Must be apartheid hey ? when she wants togetherness.

    1. Anonymous8:18 pm

      @Anon 12:42am

      It just shows that relocation will never tame the beast.

  20. Cannibalism of Sothos' really?
    1) All accounts of so called cannibalism come from missionaries who magically were not cannibalised themselves.

    2)It just so happens that Basotho regarded God as an evil force,monster,whom they called modimo,modimo is also a name of a cannibal,missionaries did not like this concept.

    3)Scientists have allegedly found the first human,where is the archeological evidence of hundreds of thousands of cannibalised bones,I doubt they would be in burial site.

    4)Missionaries had to find funding for the trips here from Europe,so some fantastic stories were needed.

    1. Anonymous11:11 am

      I saw this on a SABC documentary in the early 2000's, in the area which is now Lesotho, the black tribes fleeing Shaka resorted to cannibalism.

    2. Stephen12:20 pm

      Moloto - your talking ama-loto kak again , pardon my French.
      But realy , here we go again with ''allegedly''...come-on we all know you kaffirs even ate the bones , freakin zombie .

    3. Anonymous5:44 pm

      Suppose during the 80's when the enlightened Winnie followers were braaing (with tyres and petrol), the non comrades and chopping pieces off and eating them it was only symbolic? Even Tutu had to step in and castigate them as it would look bad in the international press and damage "the cause".

    4. Anonymous8:33 pm

      @ MS.

      This 4:52 am.

      Another prime example of the low intelligence, zero knowledge and shit absorbing retard that drags its knuckles through your blog.

      This stink will be telling you just now that they lived in cities with electricity, sewer systems, paved and cobbled roads and streets and of course invented and used money before the white man came and stole it all.

      The stencher will also tell you that you changed history to make it look like you discover the continents and wrote the facts.

      Come now Mr Smith, can't you see what a shining example of ultra progressiveness and ingenuity SA's neighbours are. Look at how the ultra modern and economically sound zimbabwe is and mozambique and angola and countries within the borders of SA, lesotho and swaziland are just rolling in wealth and have a zero unemployment rate.

      Mike, I don't know why you reason with stink, they are to retarded, stupid and ignorant to realise for themselves how stupid, retarded and ignorant they are so htf are they going to recognise the truth from you.

      The best way to get a message across to these imbeciles is in the form of high velocity delivery, it works so well that they stop their shit immediately.


    5. Anonymous1:34 am


      You should know all about fantastic stories aka bullshit!

    6. Anonymous1:52 am

      I wonder Mr Smith IF you ever took the time to look at the image on the cover of that book ?

      Did it say something to you ?
      Anything ?
      Does it have significance ?
      Why particularly THAT image ?

      I see some of the posters to that old article also had reservations


    7. Anonymous12:28 pm

      ^^ 1:52 Capfuck is back with the Cluedo game...

    8. Anonymous8:46 am

      Cluedo THIS .....

      A farm house was burnt down by protestors in Coligny in the North West, after the magistrate granted bail to two farmers accused of killing 16-year-old Mathlomola Mosweu on April 20.

      Protests erupted as Coligny residents received word that the two men accused of murder would be released on bail.
      A house at Henk and Karen Keyser’s Rietvlei maize farm was engulfed in flames when petrol bombs were hurled inside, less than 30 minutes after judgment was handed down in the bail application.


  21. Anonymous10:54 am

    Have as little to do with these bastards as possible.
    There is no law forcing anybody to marry, work with or talk to these animals.
    Apartheid was only implemented by whites to safe guard stupid whites from blacks & even today, post 1994, there is nothing stopping whites from totally ignoring these barbarians as if they do not even exist, I do it every day, imagine if all whites could do the same ?
    Dont employ them, do not even talk to them you will be all the better for it.
    Impose your own apartheid against them & nobody could charge you, deny you are a racist around liberals & carry on with your owwn white existence, Im so sick of white liberals & blacks.

    1. Anonymous2:10 am

      @Anon 10:54am

      Yes, freedom of association is your right and to hell with them if they don't like it. Also, don't look at them or listen to them.

    2. I only take cognisance of them because of the potential threat they pose, otherwise I don't acknowledge their existence.

    3. Anonymous3:38 pm

      @TT 3:45am

      You're right. We need to be vigilant around these beasts.

  22. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Hmm, what do you make of this?


    1. Anonymous9:19 pm

      I like the last sentence in the article.

    2. Winning the little battles and loosing the war

  23. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Appartheid saved South Africa, otherwise SA would have been fucked long before 1994 just like all the African countries where the blacks rule.

  24. Anonymous12:41 am

    Picture yourself, an ape leads a herd of baboons. Will that ever happen in nature? From the very moment nature becomes so malfunctioned, it will be possible that one tribe of black apes will be happy to be led by another tribe of black baboons.

    Simply , not one ape specie in nature is that stupid, or will tolerate that. We all know what the effect will be when they choose leopards to be their leaders. In spite of all the education and schooling you have white liberals who simply cannot understand nature. It is racism in their perspective.

    They are more stupid than monkeys and apes who won't let that happen. They let all kinds of baboons, monkeys, chimpzees, whatever clever ape there might be,to lead them. We all know where that will end.

    It doesn't matter how you school,teach,educate,evangelize the ape species,there is one thing that these liberals didn't keep in mind. Any baboon or ape will answer to the principles of nature. Stick to it's own kind. Separate themselves from other species. Except the white liberal baboons. They exceed all stupidity when it comes to nature. All natural principles overboard. Separateness,apartheid is racism. All animals mixed up in the zoo. No boundaries between them. They must learn to love each other and live in harmony. Let the leopard be the leader of the baboons.

    There is not one white or black leader in South Africa with even the wisdom of baboons or apes. I started with sub A in my school career. We were taught not to be that stupid to climb high up in a tree to saw off a branch while you sit on the wrong side. Don't be a "Jan Swaap", they called it. Nowadays, how many "Jan Swape" are governing us? They can't even apply the principles taught to year 1 students. How on earth do they think to govern a country?

    You are insulting a baboon's intelligence by comparing it with these bunch of "Swape". They are high up in a tree hanging over a deep cliff, not even trying to saw of the branch on which they sit,but they ask the other "Swaap" to cut off the whole trunk with a chainsaw.

    Cursed are those who follow these bunch of "Swape". For sure it will not be a soft landing at the bottom of the cliff.

  25. Anonymous7:36 am

    Excellent said, you are my Hero

  26. Anonymous7:41 am

    I agree 100%, blacks cant handle the truth.

  27. Anonymous7:59 am

    Off topic, Mike, here is a run down on communist cars for you out of interest.


  28. Anonymous8:44 am


    Seems like you have a fan Mike...

    Now why would anyone be shocked about the sexual abuse in Zimbabwe but not their own country and secondly - The Indians know about the Karasites.

    Hardly a shock at all.


    The Zimboonwians claim the young girls ask for it.

    Karasites - nothing has changed in 5,000 years.

    1. Anonymous4:29 pm

      And nothing will change for the next 5000 years.

  29. I am utterly disappointed in the french, Mike. But what can one expect from a nation of first class cowards. Louis XIV must be turning in his grave. But now they must just accept the total destruction of their way of life...they had a free election, they voted for their own demise and there's nothing anyone can do to help them.

    I just hope someone is clever enough to destroy their nuclear bombs before the filthy muslims get their hands on it.

    Except for the Eastern Europe, Europe is now a lost cause...

    1. Anonymous11:45 am

      @Phoenix 1:08pm

      Now they'll drown in the stinking Arab cesspool of their own making.

  30. Anonymous10:27 pm


    I see this lover of karasites is going on a last tour before he dies. Good riddance. One less to worry about.

  31. Anonymous4:34 am

    I have read "Brutality birthed by apartheid" now I would just understand how Apartheid birthed the Zimbabweans that has committed the crime? If I could name the Article I would Have called it "Brutality birthed by Zanu PF and R Mugabe"

    The incident is not unique, it is happening almost everyday to white farmers, so why is Mbuyiselo so taken by this one? Why blame Apartheid for the obvious foreign black's actions? And then there are the Brain dead liberals and the lo IQ blacks that calls his article insightful.

    It is getting harder everyday for me to still see even a shimmer of hope for the new South Africa, I believe we should start to work on a even newer South Africa where the whites, like us, are totally separated from the Blacks and the Liberal "Hans Kaffers".