12 March 2017

Woman tortured on South African farm in modern crucifixion ritual

Nicci Simpson

By Mike Smith
12th of March 2017

According to the Afrikaans Newspaper in an article “Here laat ek maklik gaan” (Lord , let me go easily) this woman was tortured with an electric drill, a knife and a plastic bag in a modern day crucifixion ritual. The Democratic Alliance named her as Nicci Simpson (64, but according to other reports 60). The bastards also killed three of her dogs. Police confirmed one dog killed.

Simpson sustained serious injuries to her feet, knees, and hands, and several ribs were broken.

This has all the hallmarks of the Mau Mau terrorist attacks of Kenya but look how the media downplays it as a simple robbery and call these TERRORISTS “robbers”. What did they steal? A cell phone, a firearm and a vehicle that they drove 300m (another report says 1km) and then abandoned.

The cell phone for intelligence gathering about who her friends are and where they can attack next and the firearm for killing more farmers, but why leave the most expensive piece, the vehicle behind?

What the media did not say is that she was under attack before in 2013 when she fired off warning shots at arsonists after four blacks killed her neighbour, farmer Hannes de Wet (52). Her farm is in the Kalbasfontein area, which is about half way between Fochville, Westonarea and Vereeniging.

Take note, despite being vigilant, having three dogs, a firearm and previous experience with farm attackers and arsonists, this woman was still surprised by her attackers.

As I have mentioned many times before. You can have as many alarms, as many advanced warning systems, as many dogs as possible…they are all Defensive methods. Defense is good and you might survive the battle, but it does not win the war. If you want to truly eradicate crime and farm murders, you need to go on the Offensive. You need to patrol and hunt the fuckers down. You are not dealing with “robbers”. You are dealing with a terrorist insurgency.

Now it depends on which side of the fight you are on at which stage, because if you are trying to simply survive, good defense is good and it might be a good tactic to prolong the fight to tire the opponent out (who wants to finish you off as quickly as possible), but once you have seized the initiative and go on the offense, you need to be as quick and as brutal as possible so that he does not tire you out.

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Nevertheless…If anybody has any more information please let us know.

Robbers tortured woman with drill in farm attack

Woman in critical condition after suspected farm attack

Farm attack woman stabbed, tortured with electric drill

Censorbugbear – Farmer Nicci Simpson fires off warning shots to scare off arsonists torching Fochville farms


  1. Anonymous1:39 am

    @ MS.

    I cannot agree with you more, I remained convinced that reaction is always one action to late. Reaction is an art of tolerance and acceptance, people accept the fact that they will be attacked and then only plan to react thereafter. That reaction is the telephone call.

    FUCK! I wish these SAcans would wake up and realise that a fine bank account, good off shore investments and flashy cars are worth nothing when you're dead or being beaten to death.

    It cost money to run an effect full time proactive counter terror team but its not impossible but people don't want to pay, they always believe that it will not happen to them. So off they go and buy expensive cars, big curve TVs and the rest of the worthless shit that just makes them more of a target, instead of forming a serious counter and proactive strike force.

    In the modern and much retarded SA it is a given that if you take out the terr you will be tarred and feathered so plan for that, It will be happening. When one sets up the unit if you want to call it that, employ the services of the best law firm in your area put them on a retainer and keep then on the back burners

    If not make sure there are back actors or excavators on standby.

    But yes, when white SAcans start being proactive and taking the terrs out before they get taken out then we will see a massive change in attitude by our present enemy.

    The only thing I hear or read is farmers killed and murdered I never hear about the terrs being fubar-ed and left as a message to all would be,s to see.

    I know that some cunts in amongst the pop will turn yellow and lick dark arse but that is where we need to teach the discipline code to those whites that do not know it.

    What amazes me is that thug organizations like Mafia survived for so long against a whole system build to prevent it but we approximately 3 mil whites cannot even defend ourselves against a system that does not even keep the lights on.

    Seriously, I do not see much chance for the majority of whites in SA unless there is a massive shift in their thought patterns, A complete unity across the entire spectrum and a really fast wake up to the reality of what we live in.

    Thanks for the article It is really the biggest shame that you cannot reach more people than what you do.


    1. RunForrestRun10:40 am

      LOL, you do realize that you've just agreed with me? I keep telling you the dregs are not loyal enough, clever enough, organized enough, motivated enough to be worthy and you abuse me for it.

      Yet here you just confirmed everything I said? You, asshole are the living embodiment of cognitive dissonance.

    2. Anonymous10:06 pm

      @ rfr 10:40am.

      I have never said you were wrong, you fucking idiot. I have battled you on the negativity you spew into an already distrustful and disintegrated population.

      You really are a twat, do you know anything about leadership?

      Let me help you out, leadership is about convincing people to follow you, directing them to an end goal of success and picking them up again in times of failure.

      If you were an officer as you state you were then you should know the difference between a follower and a leader. You rfr cannot even be a follower because you refuse to see the end goal, you only see defeat and disaster.

      You think it is the right way to mouth off to people about being yappers and when we,s. I believe the only right is when you have converted the defeated and have the positive to encourage one that stands before a monumental task that he would never even have looked at before but with the encouragement and drive he finds himself facing his fears.

      Now fuck off and go buy some Nike's because you need them again.

      I am still here and I continue to convert, you are sitting far away, you chose your course now stay it. I truly believe that you are one of the biggest cowards to troll these pages.


    3. RunForrestRun11:23 am

      @LTMA,--stupid is as stupid does. Let me give you a little tip, this has got nothing to do with leadership and everything to do with intelligence, believe me arsehole, with your mouth and way you talk to people NOBODY with any brains would follow you for very long, so yeah, you may get a bunch of halfwits chanting your name and following you over the edge of a cliff, but that's not hard, lemmings do it all the time. Here are what experts reckon are the 5 signs of intelligence, by my reckoning you don't meet a single one, so I don't really care whether you can lead halfwits or not, the fact is you will only lead them to their doom.

      1. You learn from your mistakes

      Psychological studies prove that smart people are the ones who can recognise and accept their failures - and, crucially, learn from them.
      Rather than viewing mistakes as setbacks, intelligent people see them as learning curves and opportunities to grow.

      2. You read for fun

      People who are avid readers and pore over a good book for pleasure rather than actively trying to seek out new knowledge are naturally more intelligent.
      According to research, these avid readers have better memory function, communication skills, and focus.

      3. You can argue against anyone

      Arguing is a sure-fire sign of intelligence - but it's the way in which you do it that sets you apart from others. It isn't just those who can argue from their point of view, but from everyone else's, that have genuine intelligence.

      4. You think before you speak

      Truly intelligent people have a brain that is quicker than their mouth.
      If you take your time to answer people's questions and think them through to provide a genuine answer that you've thought about, you're one step ahead.

      5. You don't care what others think

      Seriously intelligent people don't consider other people when making decisions.
      They don't think about how others will feel as a result of their own actions and do things regardless of other people's judgement.

    4. Anonymous11:31 am

      so that is your idea of converting? lol.

    5. Anonymous1:36 pm


      @RunForrestRun10:40 am

      IF you live overseas - either come here & make a worthwhile comment, or stay where you are and comment on local issues.

      This is a very, very, very negative prick. He is actually toxic, there is no hope for him. The best thing about the ANC is that it has gotten rid of whites with no balls or a leg to stand on.

      Now they live overseas and all he can do is bitch, moan, mock and tell us were are all wrong. Says the man living overseas.

      The chicken run...

  2. Not been critical but just trying to make sense of the following .Our forefathers show courage and move to the tip of Africa They then show courage again and trek North This generation generally speaking sits vas Maybe the pain of moving is still greater than the pain of sitting put. I'm just trying to get my head around it

  3. Whiteman3:38 am

    Mike, it really bothers me, when people post on your blog, and tries to convince us, that this black satanic vermin, is your potential brother and sister in Jesus ! Even to the point of accusing the victims that they are also terrible sinners, and dare not " cast the first stone ! " And how dare you judge these poor hungry, previously disadvantaged, suffered under Apartheid TERRORISTS ! They are much worse than the average libturd. The nignogs have for CENTURIES, told these " christians, " to stick their religion up there arses. When they supposedly become " christian, " it is for the SOLE purpose, of getting something out of the stupid whiteman. Many years ago, Dennis Davis had a TV show called Future Imperfect. During a debate, an educated black bitch got up and said : There are NO black christians. We have our forefathers ! Now what can these " goody two shoes " christians not understand ? ? FFS ! As bad as it sounds, they will have to be culled completely out of this country, before we will get anywhere. They can NEVER be trusted, especially in a war situation. Maybe they choose to run north, to get away from the Boere onslaught. The whole equatorial Africa, is waiting in suspense, for their dedicated " christian " outreach, and missionary work. GOOD RIDDANCE !

    1. Anonymous9:08 pm

      What complete and utter bullshit, I am a Christian as are many people that I know and the majority are right wing conservatives. Don't confuse a LIBERAL tit with a real Christian. Remember REAL Christians brought you the Crusades as well as the Great Trek. I dare say that it is people with your totally backwards mentality that are keeping us from uniting and eradicating these dogs once and for all.

  4. Anonymous4:35 am


    Perfect timing with all the other statements mentioned by Zuma & Malema.

    With shouts that we are thieves, these lower IQ parasites will kill for the sake of killing because of our skins.

    Where is that little troll that keeps on at me about genocide but is very silent when our people are being annihilated?

    In the end eradicate every parasite, first in South Africa, then move up North. Shit can still be used as compost but this thing.... Nah, it has no place.

    I would really like to never see a parasite here in Southern Africa in the future. Useless thing.

    Condolences to her family & loved ones. Terrible way to die.

    1. Anonymous11:46 am

      Boere mall ninja never reads my replies...

    2. Anonymous12:49 pm

      She didn't die. She's in hospital in a critical condition.

    3. Anonymous2:25 pm

      Sy is nie dood nie
      Sy is in die hospital -- en sterk aan !

      Só het die 64-jarige Nicci Simpson Saterdagmiddag uit haar hospitaalbed gesê nadat sy Vrydag ’n wrede aanval op die plaas Kalbasfontein naby Westonarea aan die Gautengse Wes-Rand oorleef het.


    4. Bastards. They wanted to cut both her legs off with an angle grinder. Tortured her for 6 hours.

    5. Anonymous6:40 am

      @Mike 4:40am

      They are worse than bastards. They are soulless creatures of darkness.

    6. Anonymous5:49 am

      Cape Party :

      The Cape Party's relevance (or other secessionist party) will only grow when, or if, there is hyperinflation and people are left with nothing. Then they have nothing to lose.
      An ugly thought but a realistic one if we continue on our current path. We will hit the tipping point where we start free falling.


      We are arriving at station NO HOPE very fast now !

    7. Anonymous : "They are worse than bastards. They are soulless creatures of darkness." Locusts.

  5. Anonymous5:54 am

    Sy is oorval toe sy stilgehou het om die plaashek agter haar te sluit.


    This is an old old story even from Rhodesian days
    WHY do people not have cattle grids ?

    NEVER never get out for gates -- favourite ambush place

    1. RunForrestRun10:42 am

      Stupid is as stupid does.

  6. Michael Dean Miller6:58 am


    Farmers might do well to start hiring only White families and/or host a White homeless camp on a section of their property.

    Safety in numbers...

    I wish I could send y'all some M16s and ammo.

    Good luck.


    1. Anonymous11:47 am

      Well You sent M16s and TOW missiles and stingers and Toyotas to ISIS. Why cant you send them to us?

    2. Anonymous12:36 pm

      @Michael Dean Miller 6:58am

      Yes, support Whites not karasites!

    3. MDM @6:58
      You read my mind! I'm banned from ever owning a firearm in this country again [and they should count their lucky stars] so I was thinking to ask my nephew in the States to buy me a Colt A4 Carbine {I think it's the A4 - the trimmed down, cheaper version of the AR15?].

      Something has got to give. The shit going on in this country has to reach breaking point soon. I believe it's just around the corner with the social grant fiasco and Showerhead's other behind the scenes shenanigans. The people must wake up and quickly too.

      Yesterday morning at 8 I was driving to the mall and I saw an old tannie from the old age home walking alone down the street. I thought, WTF my auntie! Okay, where I live there isn't much shit . . . yet, but all it takes is one savage attack and it'll start to snowball.

      I don't know what to say anymore. It's that, "it won't happen to me" syndrome that we have to overcome.

    4. I previously posted the same advice, guess what deaf ears out there. I live in South Africa, this shits real. My family, 4 men 1 woman were prepared to move onto a farm, do our duty but start to prepare, get other people who, are of sound mind and common values, together, ready to defend their lives and the farmers. Naturally the farm work needs a doing too but heck we are much more productive than what they got, we learn fast, so I the end a good trade off. Not a single person took us up on the offer. So we still prepare but now with other plans. There are not many of us but I do know of some Asian Indian guys who are preparing.

    5. Anonymous11:26 am

      MDM why don't you lobby the NRA for us where people can donate, rifles and ammo to our cause in SA, We also need lots of AR 15s and uppers in SOCOM .458 and 300 blackout.

    6. Anonymous1:38 pm


      @Tomkat's Tribulations12:04 am

      Tom we have to simply start making our own. Have family that have made their own shotguns from a few pipes laying around.

      Time is here to start arming and making our own.

      Make your own - so, so many videos on youtube. from making basic automatics, to shotguns to hand guns.

  7. Anonymous10:09 am

    I hope Trump can carve out a policy of allowing South African Whites to emigrate to the U.S. I understand many in SA are too proud to leave and dream of making a final stand and all that. But there will never be another Blood River as they're going to kill you off slowly at first while building momentum for land seizure. Everything is stacked against Whites in SA - mind-boggling kaffir population growth, black-run SAPS and court system and, thanks to the corrupt media, a global indifference to the the plight of White people in general. At least the U.S. it is still majority white and you can sleep without fear of home invasion and horrific torture. And you can walk into a gun store and buy a battle rifle, 100 round drum magazines, cases of military ammo and body armor if you wish. Fellow Whites would be most welcome to move here if (when) SA descends into anarchy.

    1. RunForrestRun10:53 am

      Thanks mate, but the mindset of the people who comment here don't understand that its a worldwide phenomenon and that they need to find like-minded people internationally.

      They live with the delusion that they are Gods "chosen people" and somehow genetically and otherwise "special". All the while they are unable to see the darker hue's and tightly curled hair some of their family members have, a relic of hundreds of years of Arab/Turkish/Bantu/Indian miscegenation. There are very few "pure" bloodlines on our planet and certainly not many in South Africa. Being "white" is a choice of values as much as its a racial thing, so IMHO people who choose those values internationally should stick together,---even if it means they end up congregating in Alaska or the Kalahari.

      You should now prepare to be called a yellow bellied coward with cum stained shit streaks running down your legs for your views.

    2. Anonymous11:48 am

      So then why did you boycott us in the 1980s?

    3. Anonymous11:46 pm

      I didn't boycott you in the 1980's. I was a young teenager in England fully focused on making my 50cc moped go faster, siphoning petrol, illegally selling home-brewed beer and chasing equally young teenage girls. I can't say the same about my government at the time.

    4. Anonymous12:04 am

      @ rfr 10:53 am.

      You are an arse licker of the worst kind, you will even lick your own arse if you think you will find favour with yourself.

      You are a truly insignificant no self esteem loser, you are the snake shit that is invisible to the human eye, you can not even throw a shadow, you are nothing, desiring to be something even if its a little thing so you will suck arse, bend over and also suck dick for just a little recognition.

      Sheezus you make me puke with all your pathetic, feebleness.

      Haven't you got a dick to suck, your worthless piece of shit.


    5. Anon 10:09
      I'm 64, WTF am I going to do in the USA? Thanks for the kind thoughts though. I'm sure there are many younger people who would love the opportunity to move, but I ain't got nowhere to go and no inclination to. I'll die here, one way or the other.

      PS. RFR, fuck you. As always sprouting your defeatist shit. You obviously are a non-believer and therefore definitely not one of the Chosen People.

    6. Anon 10:09
      Sorry, what I wanted to say, before I got sidetracked by RFR's usual crap, was that anarchy already rules in SA. It's just disguised by gubbamunt and the lying, bullshitting MSM.

      In my mind the MSM is complicit in every murder of a White for failing to report with honesty & integrity. When we take our country back we will line everyone of them up against a wall and dispose of them like the vermin they are.

      Happy days.

    7. Anonymous2:48 am

      please take your private battle somewhere else, along with your filthy mouth. Yug man you vile specimen.

    8. Anonymous3:17 am

      Run Homo Run

    9. Anonymous1:53 pm


      @Anonymous10:09 am

      Appreciate the comments & they sound very sound & logical but there is a flaw which no one or few have thought of.

      Lets think former colonies in Africa. Those Europeans went back to Europe.

      Now South Africa was not a colony, it became subject to British rule. If we have to start leaving OUR own country, then when will the Canadians, Americans, New Zealanders, Aussies do the same?

      We were here long before the Aussies & New Zealanders.

      This is a global phenomena, in fact it is part of the times. As in the days of Noah, the flood happened not due to what the Church preach "sin" but through the corruption of flesh.

      Through multiculturalism. These are the days, the days as they will or would be of Noah. Plain and simple - read the book of Enoch and the book of Jasher they speak extensively about the corrupting of flesh - the corrupting of flesh, racial mixing leads to sin - you dont find light among the dark nations.

      The books the Catholics took out, all refer to God making "ADAM" and the corruption caused through the fallen ones. The Church is part of the NWO, which is why they continually water down scripture swapping out "Adam - for man" the removed books clearly tell us there were other people on earth besides Adam.

      My point being, how much longer do those countries have?

      Should we fall and have to leave here like that, it will be a sign of things to come on Earth. The whites here have been put here for a reason, they are not your average whites - outnumbered, sure but no one outnumbers the Lord.

      If we leave or have to run, the entire Christian world will fall and the entire western nations will have to accept defeat, for what will happen to us will in time surely happen to them.

      Should we succeed, the tide turns & we can only succeed with the Lord by ourside like at blood river.

      Much like what happened when Persia faced off with Sparta. Had those 300 men accepted defeat, Europe today would have all their countries named - Fraceistan, Britainstan, Germanistan, Hungarianstan, Hollandistan... Thanks to Multiculturalism being successful this part seems like it could happen again and is on its way.

      Without those 300 men, the Afrikaners/whites would not be here today, nor America, nor Canada, nor Aus/NZ - that is a fact.

      The Persian empire in Europe would simply have been replaced by the Ottoman empire. We would all be rag tag muslims living in the dark ages.

      The significance of South Africa has far, far reaching consequences. The world knows this, our former allies know this.

      It makes sense & sounds logical but the end result will be disastrous. It will give the heathen nations a power & strength to continue the onslaught against the West.

      Vows have been made in this land & man might change his vows but the Lord keeps those Vows FOREVER. The Lord and our people have a contract, one that only we can break.

      Should we wish for things to get better, we simply have to accept our part of the contract. The first step is getting on our knees and praying.

      Ask and ye shall receive.

    10. Anonymous5:55 am


      100% rational sense from the mal Boere_Crackpot !

      Wonders will never cease

    11. Boere_Ninja 1:53 pm
      What's the name of the book that was taken out? These days one can read literally ANYTHING on the interwebs...

    12. RunForrestRun12:17 pm

      Helizna, doen jou eie navorsing, die "boere ninja" is nie n boer nie, die ou dra "veldskoene" en weet nie eers wat n velskoen is nie. Ek twyfel of die ou baie Afrikaans magtig is. Die stront wat hy praat is om hier en daar dinge uit honderde jare se geskiedenis te probeer aanmekaar flans en in sy deurmekaar breintjie dit bymakaar te tel. Hy vat een plus een plus een en kom by 300 uit. Die Turke het vir honderde jare groot gedeeltes van Europa beset.


      Jy sien die ouens lees comics en sien Hollywood movies en dink hulle het iets beet, die probleem is hulle lees net altyd ver genoeg om hulself te laat glo hulle is reg, -ons noem dit "confirmation bias".

      Leer om te skiet en jou gesin te beveilg maar doen jouself n guns en moenie laat die mense jou insleep by die kak storie oor profete, en verlore joodse stamme nie. Die geskiedenis is vol van huigelaars en skelms,--dink net aan al die duisende wat by die kubus gemors ingesleep is.


  8. Anonymous10:39 am

    The blacks will win the war against the whites one by one using crime as the weapon of white destruction.

    The frog in the the pot is burning to death slowly and not realizing it's fate. All that needs to be done is to turn the heat up a notch, which will go unnoticed by the masses.

  9. Anonymous10:54 am

    After reading this blog/comments for a number of years now it surprises me how few people comment here. Most of the comments are posted by a handful of regulars. Even the 'anonymous' such as mine are multiple posts by the same individual. You get to identify the writing style.

    Any way. Where are the masses of readers? are we all too scared to state what is on our minds? Is there so much distrust in the people reading here? Who is Boere Ninja anyway? or Mike Smith/LTMA etc Are they fishing for enemies of the state? Are they working for military intelligence?

    We have built up so much distrust amongst us whites that we will never come together as a group under threat of annihilation and work out a survival strategy.

    There has just been too much betrayal in the past. So good luck with your battle chaps. I'll remain out of trouble and will also remain a reader only.

    1. Anonymous2:05 pm


      @Anonymous10:54 am

      Yes we may be few. Mike might know the stats. The time is not right but moving forward we will see many, many more visitors and also commentators.

      Its better to play in the shadows for now. The angloboer war taught me to not say too much and to trust fewer still.

      Right now with big brother it is better to stay in the shadows.

      No one is saying go on a killing spree or murder, shoot people. What I have and others have mentioned is being prepared & ready.

      The masses are still too comfortable. The whites will come together when the massacre happens.

      It will be out of the blue (for those not in the know) and come with such ferocity, rage - they will butcher, murder & kill many whites when they least expect it worst of all, it will be in their homes.

      This will cause something that can only be described as an "atomic bomb" going off here & alarm bells going off in the world among the white nations already being invaded.

      When you attack women, children, murder them in their beds by their thousands, in the most brutal, barbaric, savage way - it will cause something that no organization, no army will put out ever.

      That is when the cleanup will begin. Those who dont think such a scenario will happen are kidding themselves. You just have to listen to Malema and connect the dots with strikes, grant payouts.

      Already 75,000-80,000 whites murdered in SA. I would not be surprised if they kill 3-4 times this many in a matter of days - Think Rwanda on steriods, they hate the whites more than the Hutus hated the Tutsi.

      They will think there will be no response but what comes from this chojo chjo chjo, may the Lord be with them because to the worlds and their expectations, it will be like an atomic bomb going off here - The UN & other organizations will be too scared to get involved.

      Its easy to throw a punch to start a fight but can they handle the fight, when the fight gets going...

      The whites wont start it, the parasite will in true coward fashion like we see them doing now.

    2. Whiteman11:14 pm

      Anonymous 10:54 am, you make VERY uncomfortable, realistic, logical statements, which are worthy of comment and debate. It is a fact, that on ANY blog, right-wing or left-wing, only a very small proportion of the readers will place posts. Here are some of the reasons : You agree with what is said, and can not improve on the narrative. You are not sufficiently computer litterate to publish posts. You do actually fear action by national intelligence, and various nignog elements of pursecution. You are a sensitive person, and can not handle attacks/critisisim, from especially internet trolls. This list is probably not complete, but we all get the idea. Why is it so important to have websites, and to actively contribute ? Because the mass media, is TOTALLY corrupt, and there HAS to be push back, if we want to survive as a white nation. I have respect for people who want to save the whales, wild animals, and the ozone layer, and DO something about it. Even something as " insignificant " as posting on a blog. What I find most disturbing though, is when the majority of " arm chair warriors, " can not even show some form of support for the " soldiers in the trenches ! " You see it on most blogs for instance. Somebody suddenly appears out of nowhere, and just critisises, and belittles a genuine patriot. But they have NEVER made any worthwhile contribution to the blog, so that the readers can say : Gee, I never thought of that. Or, gee, we should follow up on this point. Or what about, friend, thanks for going to all the trouble, to share this important information with us ! This will show all the readers, although you dont make profound, earth shattering contributions yourself, you are still a true, well bred patriot. Therefore, you definitely are, the SALT OF THE EARTH !

  10. Anonymous11:32 am

    Hi mike,very imformative blog which I've been reading for a while.I know most people overseas would put you in the category of a typical racist white south african, who won't let go of the past!! However,I do not, having lived in sa for a number of years and witnessed the wanton destruction of a once 1st world country. Your blog does not always send out the correct message to the intended recipiants,as I find it smacks of a 19th century attitude! You can't change fokkol,and you're probably better off accepting the fact that you won the battle, but lost the war..all your pc warriers are a joke,with some of the ridiculous utterings I have ever read..''We'll chase the k4's back to the equator''..not gonna happen pal.as for that boere ninja bloke, surely he's pulling the piss with all his rants..maybe he's a black dwarf,gay bloke from boksburg with sod all else to do, but prepare for war!!?? Anyway,a lot of us ex-pats do understand your plight in sa,and are currently trying to expose the anc as a corrupt,theiving, racist bunch of twats that should be confined to the history books.alles van die beste..ps 1 million saffas in the uk can't be wrong!!

    1. Anonymous11:15 pm

      @ anon 11:32am.

      1 million saffas in the UK are wrong, you fucking cowards are not here. Why the fuck do you even class yourself as saffa rename yourself to cowards of SA its more appropriate.

      You are doing fuck all to expose anything . If you were you would already have a case lodged at the human rights and the international courts.

      Stop trying to pacify your yellow spirit with the lies you tell yourself. There is nothing to expose, all of it is exposed but nobody wants to do anything about it.

      These warriors might be a joke to you but they are still here and they have not left their stinking shit stripe behind for all of us to smell, yellow cowardly cunt you are. Are you and rfr bummies? It sure fucking sounds like it.

      Truth be told you are the fuckers we should drop before we drop anything else.

      Your correct message would be one of praise for your Cowardice, I suppose.


    2. Anonymous11:20 pm

      Anon 11:32 am

      Except for libtards we also have these thick motherfuckers.

    3. Anonymous1:36 am

      @ anon 11:32 am.

      You and your 1 million saffas in the UK empower Juliarse and his clan and showerhead and his clan to continue their call for the eradication and removal of whites from this land because they look and see the cowards that you are. They see the numbers hiding in the UK, Oz and NZ and they see the white man is weak.

      You lot can be wrong, you were not exiled and you refused to fight so you are wrong. I spit on cowards like you for you are worse than the blacks that call for our eradication and removal, you are just the sell outs of your people the cowards of your clan.

      I would rather fight along side a black before I welcome you into my tribe, you filthy stinking fucking traitors.


    4. Anonymous2:51 am

      You are going too far now with your hatred for people who have left SA. Everyone has their own reason for doing so. Not everyone is thick like you with a death wish.
      Soldiers like you are just thick and have been brainwashed.

    5. Anonymous2:54 am

      LTMA 11.32

      you have said it all, revealed your true persona - 'I would rather fight along side a black before I welcome you into my tribe'

      say no more...

    6. Anonymous6:21 am

      I lived in the UK for a bit, didn't meet a single 'Saffa' who was happy.

      I came back to the Western Cape and despite all our problems I am infinitely happier and my quality of life is vastly higher, despite earning a good salary in the UK.

      The UK must have once been great but now it is a dreary depressing socialist-style shithole.

    7. Anonymous8:01 am

      @ LTMA

      I'm probably going to regret this, but here goes anyway.
      Imagine if this was a blogging site for any of life's mundane activities or any sort of gathering where different individuals meet. New members start browsing and see the filth you type, do you think that is helpful or harmful ?

      I understand you have passion, but there is a fine line my man and you always seem to be on the other side of it.
      I can see where you are coming from with some of your arguments and I do understand. It's human nature to defend your ideas and opinions, it's ego.
      However, no matter how good your intentions or passionate you are the utter filth you spout makes you look like a raving lunatic.
      I apologise in advance for hurting your feels.

      Remember Weenen

    8. Anonymous8:27 am

      Sorry to all the people I have offended with my thoughtless comments. Deep down I am envious of those who are more successful than me, especially the runners. My felt inferiority, pain and anger are at the root of my irrational attacks on people here.

      Mike I apologize for my relapse. I said that I wouldn't attack runners again but cannot seem to help myself. I shall now speak with a therapist about my emotional problems.

      I am very sorry about being divisive and causing problems on your blog.


    9. Anonymous9:05 am

      @ anon 2:54 am.

      At least those blacks will be fighting and not digging for the passports while running for an exit.

      You people a far want to throw stones and insults but you do not like taking the incoming.

      When you grow some balls and learn some manners then I will show you the same, till then carry on hitting us that stayed and bashing guys like BN and myself and I will carry on bringing the fight back to you.

      You couldn't cut it here but you want to throw it from there not the way I fight mate, I will bring the fight to you because you are the worst type of treachery, you attack your own from behind a pretence of support.


    10. Anonymous2:18 pm


      @Anonymous11:32 am

      Enjoy the last of the UK!

    11. Anonymous2:43 am

      @ anon 8:01 am.

      You need not regret anything mate, I accept your argument and observations, you haven't hurt my feelings, I only feel for my cause and nothing else. My empathy, sympathy and emotions for what society classes as right are long dead.

      As for a raving lunatic, I will rather be the raving lunatic than the soft cock, limp dick stone thrower from distant shores spouting shit that he knows nothing about.

      I will not stand back and let some dick head hammer away at us while we sit in the mix and they have dashed.

      Put up and show don't talk and throw.

      @ anon 9:05 am. Mate add some of my language then you can imitate me, you ain't succeeding with your smooth tongue and sweet word.

      Man up you wussies, when retard comes for you, you're going to shit yourselves brown, for if my language hurts and offends you imagine what his tools of the trade are going to do to you. Whether you are here or elsewhere, if you don't start manning up sharply you will be experiencing the darkside in due course, all because the world is full of soft cocks that want to debate nicely and not stand up and fight.


  11. Anonymous12:51 pm


  12. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Might be an option for the farmers to merge, consolidate their businesses, build robust security compounds and employ and train their own, been so isolated, having so much open land and not being unified and organized makes them sitting ducks. So sad, makes me ashamed to be South African when this sort of stuff happens to any race in this country, is mob justice and necklacing the only language the enemy understand?

    1. Anonymous2:39 am

      The whites should walk away from everything in central SA and form a new homeland of like minded people in the Western Cape. Where thew blacks have no historical claim. They can then grow from strength to strength as a white tribe. This is the only way to survive. It will mean leaving well paid jobs and land etc but it must happen. If the farmers left their farms the masses would starve to death in two years.

      Time to 'trek' again. This time South West.

    2. Whiteman1:38 pm

      Anonymous 2:39 am, what you say is logical and true. Thousands of thinking " racist " patriots, have been toying with this idea, for at least twenty years. But most whiteys, can not picture a life without cheap black slaves. And of course, the fear of the unknown, is something many people can not handle. But it would be wise to take a good look at Orania, and study their situation carefully. The fact that their growth has been so slow, is indicative of how difficult it is, or will be, to create a new homeland. No matter where you want to do it. And to think you will be able to use black, or coloured labour, with a " dompass " system, will never be accepted in this country again. It will have to be pure white, or nothing. Maybe the answer will be to start another " Orania " close to the present one, and then let the one community support the other, and exchange expertise and know how ?

  13. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Whites in SA only have two choices really - consolidate to form your own country in the western cape or exit Kaffiristan altogether. If the former, you would do well to study how the Muslims form their own autonomous enclaves within France, Sweden and Germany. Extreme viciousness and sheer numbers means even the police leave you well alone allowing time to prosper and plan your next expansion.

    Unfortunately Whites have a weakness called empathy and kindness which will ultimately be their downfall. South African Whites are also burdened with a significant population derived from liberal British ancestry - the Jane Goodall types which aspire to feed and cuddle the resident chimps even though they are breeding exponentially and becoming increasingly aggressive.

  14. Anonymous2:44 am

    And we start the week off with more farm attacks:

  15. My man Vlad again!


  16. Anonymous5:51 am

    But if one should refer to that savages as kaffir's or monkeys your then your "Kak is geboek". It is actually shameful that political correctness has higher priority than human life.

    By the way how is the book on your series about Pandora's box coming along?

    1. Halfway with editing and adding extra info and chapters. You will have to wait for the printed Version to find out.

    2. Anonymous10:22 am

      Cannot wait. Will be a bestseller. Looking forward to the Marieka De Klerk bit.

    3. Anonymous2:22 pm

      Mike the best form of defense is to attack the enemy hard. That is why i see us getting nowhere. with organizations such as Suidlanders preaching wait till they attack us or until the false prophets babling can be interpreted to mean this or that. Has no one in Suidlanders eyes to see what's going on. Real defenders like the brilliant Yitzhak Sadeh would have laughed at the suidlanters prepare and wait attitude. In pre independence Israel the British Palestine police force was assisted by the NOTRIM who were the equivalent of our CPF Sadeh cleverly made sure that every NOTER was also a member of the Haganah, the Jewish secret army and he went further to hand selecting the right individuals from the Haganah to form a small elete attack force known as the FO'SH, these men and women did not sit around and wait for some prophecy from Ezekiel or Zachariah to be fulfilled, but went about retributing the Arabs eye for eye, for every kibbutz settlement that was attacked an Arab village was attacked and destroyed.

    4. I need to pre-order to make sure I get a few when you publish - there's some people I've earmarked to ram the truth down their throats.....

  17. I was just checking my FB. You get more response to jokes, etc., than you do to the serious stuff. All the people that respond to the "nice" stuff also see the serious stuff, but they pretend not to. We are truly a nation blinded by our own hypocrisy, believing only that which we want and doesn't cause us to think about anything that might disrupt our comfortable existence.
    Well, I have news for those people. A lot worse things than relevant news articles and opinions, the ignoble savages, are about to fuck you right out of your comfortable existence and probably kill a huge proportion of you.
    Please, SA, wake the fuck up!!!

    1. Anonymous2:19 am

      Tomkat, absolutely true I see that everyday, people just don't want to know about "negative" things but cannot see because they don't want to see! Most of have been so dumbed down by toxins in vaccines, mercury tooth fillings neurological and endocrine disrupters in deodorants and toiletries etc. That we have become apathetic to the world and it's real problems. Unfortunately it has come down to hear no evil see no evil and speak no evil to our own detriment. I pesonally cannot see too many waking up!

  18. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Off Topic:
    Don't know what to think of this situation. they are there illegally in the first place and they have been warned for years that it is a fire hazard but when the situation happens they are mollycoddled by the powers that be. Damned if you do and damned if you don't . They are now saying it is white people that started the fires!!

  19. Anonymous9:35 pm


    This is probably the most comprehensive article out there, concerning Zuma and Sassa and his planned take over of the South African democracy and it explains Zuma's end game for South Africa.

    Probably the most important article you will ever read. It is truly shocking. The butcher of Quattro has been very busy.



  20. Anonymous9:39 pm

    When his end game, as outlined in the article above, becomes clear most liberals will finally wake up. It will of course be too late and everyone will have to bow to dictator Zuma.


  21. Anonymous12:27 am

    Another farm owner down:

    UP lecturer gunned down in Bronkhorstspruit

    1. Where is the outcry and condemnation by the blacks? When blacks kill a White person they are always silent.

  22. Anonymous5:03 am

    @ rfr 11:23 am.

    You are fucking dumber than I thought, even pig shit is more intelligent than you, you absolute moron, are you black? You sure do act and think like one.

    Let me tell you, intelligent people come up with original ideas, solve problems, carry responsibility, talk without fear and do not read other peoples ideas believe them and then regurgitate them on a blog as a study of intelligence.

    You truly are a fucking moron.

    You are a walking fountain of others idea's, you quote d/k as if it was your bible, I bet you can quote Einstein and try bullshit people that its you, you most probably read popular mechanics and time( kiddies version) so that at the next dinner party you can impress the ewes with the latest shit spew to exit that hole you think is a mouth.

    You fucking arsehole wanker, do you think I do not know what I am saying, do you think that I haven't a clue what I am doing? If so then you are the epitome of thick, thick is actually a compliment for you.

    You are so far gone up your own arse that you wouldn't know the facts of life, let me enlightened you. I lead more than 2 people, I have people that follow me not because I pay them, my people follow me because I deliver what I say, I lead from the front and with experience and I always honour my word. So stop preaching to me about leadership because you are and always have been employed, you have never employed, I can tell that by your fear nature, your cautious character and your ability to flee before shit strikes.

    You little man, you haven't faced an enemy yet and when you do believe me I will pale in comparison to what your enemy will do to you.

    I wish you were in SA because I would dearly love to meet you a show your total brutality and viciousness so that you have a faint idea of what life could be like.

    You're weak and feeble and if I didn't enjoy bashing your already fucked up ego so much, I would ignore you totally.

    Even Shaka has more backbone than you, we smell your fear through the ethers.


    1. RunForrestRun10:28 am

      Lol ,you just continue to show how stupid you are, but I will endeavor to enlighten you. I ran my own business before I was 40 and made enough money to never work again before I was 50.

      You want to be stupid and carry on working, be my guest.

      The pure embodiment of Dunning Kruger, just to friggin stupid to understand exactly how stupid you are.

    2. Anonymous11:17 am

      @ rfr 10:28 am

      So now you're setting up help funds for us struggling SAcans and you are going to aid the homeless whites and help us fight this war by funding the struggle?

      I never claimed to be intelligent, you the one that shouts off about your ultra intelligence. We just tire of hearing about it.


    3. Anonymous12:39 am

      as mentioned previously. Stop this aggressive/disgusting retort now. Sometimes one must just sit quietly at the back of the class and pay attention.
      No one hates you but you are like an untrained puppy.

  23. LTMA fuck sake don't let the dude get the better of you

    1. RunForrestRun10:39 am

      Kevin, its not a competition, you need people of more or less equal ability for that. I posted a link to something earlier on.


      Please read it and understand where I am coming from, I will tell you something though, I have had personal experience with the methods employed by the people mentioned in that document.

      Blogs like these are fertile ground for the things they do and certain types of commentators are transparent for one of two things, they are either too thick to realize the extent of the intelligence gathering apparatus or they are part of it, --you choose.

      Now if you want to place your life and future in the hands of some faceless person on the internet be my guest. I will give you another clue, if you spam filter is becoming clogged with adverts for viagra and penis enlargements you have already attracted the wrong attention

    2. RunForrestRun10:39 am . All im seeking is some sensible debate nothing more nothing less

    3. Anonymous12:35 am

      thanks for that link. I read it from your last post and it was a real eye opener. I still don't understand what the police agenda was for the betrayal of fellow whites.

    4. It just goes to show how far Left the NP was that it concidered the rightwing the enemy of the state whilst negotiating a handover to Marxist terrorist scum.

  24. Anonymous4:33 am

    Just been sent this, is there any truth in it? If so been kept very quiet......


    1. Bullshit if you ask me.

    2. Anonymous2:11 am

      Yeah thought so, Thanks Mike.

  25. Mike Smith do you have any plan to get them out of those lands?
    They would be welcome in some cities (safe ones of course) of Peru, we dont hate whites.
    But you need a plan to get all the poor whites fast to Orania, then they would get enough money to survive in my country without job for a few months and finally they would be able to rebuild their civilization in our highlands or in my city, think about it theres thousands of you that could help them but you must form a SILENT group, Good luck

  26. Whiteman3:11 am

    Lets face it, the WHOLE of South Africa, and the world, are waiting in suspense and excitement, to see what will happen if the nignogs really start occupying farms. I am not talking about noisy squatters who occasionly take a chance, and occupy some place somewhere. Everybody has become used to farm murders, and there is basically no white push back on this. The reasons for this, is a long, complicated, deep debate on its own. But I often think of the old saying : A crowd draws a crowd ! If serious land grabbing should happen, and a number of farmers decide to fight back, two things can happen. They are supressed, and thrown in jail, like the Boeremag. Or they activate the slumbering whitemans-rage, which is bubbeling, just under the surface in this country. It has basically always been there, but reached a new dimension just after 1994. And like any rage or anger, it goes through stages, but usually, the intensity increases, and then all it needs, is a TRIGGER. We always thought farm murders would be that trigger, but were dissapointed. But I firmly believe, the right trigger is on the way, and the result is going to be VERY UGLY, for everybody in this country. And the people who are overseas, will kneel down, and thank God, they emigrated when they could. But you must page to the last page of this horror story book. WE WIN !

  27. The Problem is : There is no leader to follow.

    Ons ken nie kwart van ons probleme nie , wat nog te sê die oplossing. EN ons het nie op hierdie staduim die Guns van Elohiem YAHUVEH nie. Wie sal die volk kom lei? En wie is bereid om sy nek uit te steek en soos 'n paal bo water uit te staan- MET die oplossing? Ons is soos skape sonder 'n herder...omsingel deur wolwe. Ons het iemand vreesloos nodig soos bv. Donald Trump

    Mat.9: 36 But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.
    37 Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;
    38 Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.

  28. Whiteman7:17 am

    JOTL, throughout history, there has always been a leader who steps forward and saves the day. If you are a religious person, the Bible is full of such examples. If you prefer just straight secular history, you have just as many examples. But let us consider the situation in this country today. The majority of whites, claim to be christians. Let us leave aside for arguments sake, how holy or dedicated they are. But they are brainwashed, at least every Sunday, to be upright citizens, and not to do anything illegal. Now you are a potential leader, and you want to gather christian patriots, to get rid of zuma, and his " fourty thieves. " Now obviously, it is illegal to try to overthrow a " democratically " elected government. So now you will require all these patriots to go against their churches. Some churches will even ex-communicate them, and this is where the wheels will come off. Either you get the churches to preach a new message, or you get the patriots to break with their churches, and become ruthless, brutal fighters. Because that is what will be required to destroy the karasite plague. Now it is easy to see, why no leader has stepped forward yet. But if the whole country collapses, it will be much easier for any leader to step forward, and clean up the mess. And any church which gets into his way, is then just levelled with the ground, because people will respect his judgement and ability !

  29. Interesting reading you alls comments and it's pretty much happening everywhere to white people. I'm in the US and you can say it happens a lot here but the news don't care to report what happens to white people because it's not good for ratings. Since the influx of illegal immigrants, as well as some legal immigrants, crime has shot through the roof along with black lives matter organizations, radical feminists and liberals (yes they are radical lol). Certain groups, even white ones, are telling everyone to hate the white man, everything's his fault, white privilege, etc.. I don't know where I live anymore but it is starting to feel like Europe. These groups want to eradicate the white population. It's not quite as bad where you are but I forsee it getting worse. Some states still have weapons to protect themselves but others don't. I don't want to see the day when the US starts to look like France and Germany but it's on the rise. I'm almost 40 years old and have never feared going out alone until now. White women are being raped and brutally murdered and attacked and no one bats an eye. We just all have to protect ourselves and our families. Even if we have to die doing it.