28 April 2013

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box-Part 38-Black Balled by the Maple Leaf

By Mike Smith
28th of April 2013

It was a chilly morning of 17th March 1961 when Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker returned to Ottawa from the tenth Commonwealth Prime Minister’s Conference in London where South Africa was “Black Balled” and made to withdraw from the Commonwealth because of her Apartheid policies on 16th of March 1961.

South Africa was re-applying for membership after voting to become a republic which it did on the 31st of May 1961.

Diefenbaker, a conservative, who was instrumental in South Africa being kicked off the Commonwealth, was received as a hero. When he stepped off the plane, he said that the Commonwealth was stronger than ever before after South Africa was basically kicked to the curb.

To South Africans it was a bit of a shock at the time.

A year earlier on 21 March 1960 Sharpeville took place and a few days later Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd survived an assassination attempt on 9 April 1960, when he was wounded by two .22 shots from an English business man David Pratt.

At the time the UN wanted to kick SA out, but Canadian Prime Minister Diefenbaker or “Dief” as he was affectionately known by the Canadian media stood by South Africa in 1960.

I always wondered if he ever knew what “Dief” meant in South Africa.

So here you had the Canadian Conservative Prime Minister in 1960 standing by South Africa and a year later he was instrumental in kicking South Africa out of the Commonwealth…what happened?

Enters Canadian hypocrisy… Les De Villiers, in his book “South Africa, A skunk amongst nations” (1975) in chapter two page 51 states that in 1960:

“He (Diefenbaker) hinted that someone in the commonwealth might equally dislike Canada’s restriction of coloured immigrants and its treatment of the Indians”.

For an entire year Diefenbaker was ruthlessly bombarded by the press and MSM.

He wanted to get re-elected. Eventually he caved in and sold out South Africa.

South African Foreign Minister Eric Louw said that Diefenbaker was in trouble at home and he was simply pandering to the ultru-liberalistic Anti South African circles in Canada at the time.

On page 47, De Villiers writes:

"On the day of Diefenbakers’s departure from Ottawa to attend that fateful Commonwealth meeting in March 1961 a three column photograph of the doyen of the press corps in Canada, Charles Lynch, appeared in the local press. In his hand he held a black ball. The caption read: “Black Ball Ends Crystal Balling”. Students planned to hand the black ball to Diefenbaker at Ottawa airport, it was stated, so that he could drop it in the lap of the South African delegation at the Commonwealth conference. They were prevented from doing so by Royal Canadian Air Force Guards, and Charles Lynch took over the mission.”

Operation Black Ball succeeded. South Africa withdrew to be spared the humiliation of being kicked off from an organisation they helped to find.

Boer General Jan Smuts, a lawyer, with his philosophy of holism was instrumental in the founding of the Union of South Africa, the Commonwealth, then the League of Nations and virtually singlehandedly drew up the charter of the United Nations as we know it today.

Nevertheless, the Afro-Asian block also applauded Diefenbaker. But how did they perform at home?

India with a rigid cast system and millions of third-class citizens called “untouchables”, Ceylon (SriLanka) with her stateless Tamils, Ghana, a dictatorship and Nigeria on the verge of the Biafran civil war between her major tribes all condemned South Africa because of Apartheid.

Said South African Premier Hendrik Verwoerd to the Indian Prime Minister during deliberations:

“Within ten years we will stamp out illiteracy on the part of our Blacks, but you won’t do so in fifty years.”

Winged words by a great and visionary man.

But Karma came knocking two years later when John Diefenbaker lost the general election in Canada.

The Commonwealth lost its last “model” Black democracy in a night of terror which left the Nigerian Prime Minister, Tafewa Balewa, and his cronies in shallow graves near Lagos.

Then followed the Biafran War in which two million blacks died –blacks killing blacks.

Kenya and Uganda forced tens of thousands of Indians to leave.

India and Pakistan fought over borders.

Then came Bangladesh and another few hundred thousand victims died.

None of these nations were kicked off the Commonwealth or out of the United Nations.

Early in 1966, Dr Hendrik Verwoerd won another election and was in charge of an economically prosperous and buoyant South Africa.

In Canada in the House the debate centered on the newly independent Rhodesia and the need to crush “White Supremacy” there.

Diefenbaker, now in the opposition seat rose laboriously from his seat. This question of Rhodesia, he argued, was an internal matter for Britain to solve. The Commonwealth should not interfere.

When someone started asking uncomfortable questions about if he was not the one in 1961 who opposed Apartheid and instrumental in getting SA kicked off the Commonwealth due to Apartheid, he replied:

“At no time did I indirectly or at all support the removal of South Africa. At no time was such a stand taken.”

That was the kind of snake John Diefenbaker was.

Always twisting and wriggling himself out of difficult situations. But remember how Diefenbaker stated in 1961:

“…someone in the commonwealth might equally dislike Canada’s restriction of coloured immigrants and its treatment of the Indians…”

Why, whatever did he mean?

How many of you know that currently in 2013 a Truth and Reconciliation Commission is being conducted in Canada?

That is right, Canada is a few years behind South Africa.

It has emerged that for more than 150 years Canadian liberals have kidnapped Indian children and put them in white communities and forced them into white schools to force them to become white people with red skins.

They called it the “Kill the Indian in the child” program that lasted from the 1870’s to 1996. “Ashantai Hatheway, Press TV, Montreal, video 02:08 minutes into the video. 26th of April 2013) Canada aborigines were abused at school

This is the psychotic extremes liberals will go to, to prove their racial egalitarianism and cultural relativism theories.

An estimated 150,000 aboriginal children have been uprooted from their families and culture and sent away to government-funded boarding schools where many of them were subjected to emotional, physical and sexual mistreatment.

There were reportedly over 130 residential schools across Canada.

The first schools opened in the 1870’s and the last one was closed in 1996.

Another victim said,

“Our traditional, spiritual way of life was pulled away from us, taken out of us, kicked out of us, punched out of us.”

The First Nations children in schools were not allowed to speak their native language.

They also had to deal with difficult conditions including overcrowding, unhealthy food and poor sanitation.

Now contrast that with the former National Party Government of South Africa and its Apartheid policy who granted every aboriginal tribe in South Africa its own governance, complete with its own police force and army, who built schools and universities for every single tribe in South Africa and always fanatically stressed mother tongue education for all the tribes at least up to primary school level.

For that, Apartheid was declared “A Crime against Humanity”, whilst the real criminals against humanity like Canadian liberals go unpunished today.


  1. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Ooh lala. I can just see the canucks getting all frothy about the mouths here.

    1. Anonymous7:35 pm

      I can't. Canadians are notoriously cowed by cries of "white racism" to the degree that their nation has gone from 88% white in 2000 to 80% white in 2012. It is in fact illegal in Canada to openly voice opposition to the wave of mass immigration washing over the once pure white north and turning it into a shit-covered snowball on account of Canada's hate speech laws.

  2. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Diefenbaker & these guys in Canada sound like monsters,They should be locked up in a lunatic asylum.

  3. FredBarbarossa7:25 pm

    Here’s an excerpt of what Elana Mercer wrote ........ ’Twelve years into the Nationalist government's rule, the rate of literacy among the Bantu of South Africa was already higher than that of any other state in Africa, or that of India.’..... The truth will triumph eventually!

  4. Anonymous11:42 pm

    "Boer General Jan Smuts, a lawyer, with...."

    Jan Smuts was a Afrikaner and not a Boer. You could say he was a Boer sympathizer nothing more. The only reason why he ended up in the Transvaal as AG was because he knew the nephew of Paul Kruger.

    1. Ron is that you? We have been down this road before and I am not going down it again.

      I see you still peddle that bullshit that Afrikaners and Boers are different people.

      I see you are still on about Boers being of German decent and Afrikaners from French and Dutch decent.

      Listen pal, Jan Smuts comes from Malmesbury in the Cape, but he was a Boer General on the side of the ZAR.

      How about General De la Rey who had not a drop of German blood, rather Spanish, French and Dutch. Was he not a Boer?

      By your definition the other Boer hero General Louis Botha must be an Englishman seeing that he came from the Natal Colony. But his first and last names are French? Both Smuts and Botha sided with the British against the Germans. In your definition “traitors”, right?

      General Piet Cronje came from Colesberg in the Cape. So he was an Afrikaner and not a Boer?

      How about General Piet Joubert…more French than “Joubert” you do not get…he was from Prince Albert in the Cape Colony. In your narrow mind and by your thick skulled definition he was not a “Boer”.

      And what about General Hertzog? German surname, but born in Wellington in the Cape Colony. Afrikaner? …Or Boer?

      How about General Ben Viljoen who was also born in the Cape Colony…also not a Boer right? Seeing that he has a French surname and was born in the Cape, he was definitely and “Afrikaner”.

      How about General Piet Kritzinger, German surname but he was born in Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony. Was he an Afrikaner or a Boer?

      And then there is General Christiaan Beyers, Boer general and Bittereinder Rebel against the Botha government…born in Stellenbosch, Cape Colony.

      WOW!!! Is that not amazing? Just about ALL the Boer Generals and heroes were from the Cape Colony and therefore Afrikaners. Now who would have thought that?

      Your anti Afrikaner agenda is to prove that any “traitor” from the Boer side was never a real Boer, he was an “Afrikaner”…A real Boer would never side with the English or be a traitor. A real Boer is a “Bittereinder” right? Only the “Bittereinders” were Boers, right?

      Boers are all angels and heroes…But Afrikaners are scum and traitors. In your dictionary “Afrikaner” is synonymous with “Traitor” and “Boer” with “Hero”.

      Utter bollocks. Any fool can see right through you.

      Come, why don’t you tell us what your REAL agenda is?

      The people who call themselves “Boers” today are only a handful and will never get self determination under the “Boer” banner. You know this, so you want to increase your numbers, by vilifying “Afrikaners” so they shame themselves and start calling themselves “Boers” instead. Scrap the “Afrikaner” name and adopt the “Boer” name, that is what you want.

      Either that or you want to divide the Afrikaners. Divide and concur.

      In the end it comes down to the same thing, just a difference in name, same people. Concidering the language, the religion, the culture, etc there is today NO difference between Boer and Afrikaner.

      Italians do not refer to themselves as Romans anymore. The French are not called Gauls anymore. Germans do not call themselves Prussians today. Scandahooligans don’t call themselves Vikings anymore.

    2. Anonymous3:36 am

      Mooi man hierdie ou praat kak!

    3. Anonymous4:26 am

      Good post Mike.

      It amazes me that whites still spend time trying to divide their own people instead of looking at the bigger picture of things.

    4. Captain Logic8:20 am

      Not sure if he's Ron or not, but Ron has made an excellent job of buggering up ILUVSA, which used to be a decent blog before he became a moderator.

      Ron is NOT South African, by the way, which probably explains a lot.

    5. Anonymous9:46 am

      Mike this is not about a divide , I am 30 something and grew up as a Boer neither my father nor my grandfather knew what exactly an Afrikaner was. I was born a Boer and will die one , and please note that most people in my family would be considered left of the political spectrum. But the fact that the Macro Afrikaner designation swallowed the Boers is a fact.

    6. Yes Mike, these people have another agenda, well you explained it so good that even Zuma can understand it, but alas, this Ron must also try his best to stop his kak.

    7. Anonymous11:09 pm

      @Anon 9:46

      Listen boet are you just mildly retarded, or willfully stupid? Read Mike's reply above. Many/most Boer generals were born in the Cape. The fact that these facts are like water of a ducks back, creates the impression that facts do not have any bearing on your agenda, which in turn implies that your agenda isn't above board.

      Divide and conquer, hey Ron?


    8. Anonymous2:36 am


    9. Anonymous2:48 am

      Ron,forget de Wet,One boer general didnt lead the boers into war.
      I can just see your face when you read mikes comment regarding the boer generals,it surely made your eyes water,how do you now live with yourself after mike showed you up.

      Mike,mooi man.
      In the past you and Ron have had massive arguments regarding this subject,all for nothing because I see he still has the mind of a railway line.
      Your latest comeback was what you should have stated daai tyd.


    10. Anonymous6:00 am

      “If you know not the names of things, the knowledge of things themselves perish; and of you lose the names, the distinction of the things is certainly lost.”
      “He who distinguishes well, learns well”

    11. Anonymous3:23 pm

      I was born into a white English speaking South African family and my grand parents are originally all from the UK. I am fluent in both English and Afrikaans and I am now a proud "SA Boer" and will be proud of it until the day I die. One of my grandfathers (an Englishman) told me that if Hitler had German officers and Boers (South African) troops he would have won the Second World War. Furthermore my own father told me that man to man the S.A Boer was the best soldier that ever fought upon this planet. The Boer is a combat legend and their marksmanship and bravery against overwhelming numbers has never been surpassed.

  5. PreatorianXVI12:26 am

    Some People are really afraid of the White Western Alpha Male type, yet we are so few and they are so many, they will never be the Giants that we are.

    We have build Civilizations and brought light to the dark world and for this they hate us.

    Think of this, if you are a person of Colour, everything around you was invented and made by a White Anglo Germanic, the modern clothes they wear, the alarm clock that wakes you in the morning, the bed and linen you slept in the night. Your Modern wood / brick house, the car the roads, everything, you invented or made nothing, you as a person of colour only provided the cheap labour, only because the White man was generous to allow you to share in his glory.

    And you wonder why they hate us, we give so much and they take even more, yet we prosper and survive them, they will always have nothing of their own, always borrow or steal from White Western Civilisation.

    1. Are you really sure those men were 'ALPHA' males. Have you ever taken a look at them: Short, portly, balding, and rather ugly. Unless, I misunderstood what an Alpha male is supposed to be. Is it meant to mean, a gentlemen who is clever, thoughtful, moral, industrious, disciplined, ethical...etc.? Nope pretty sure it's the Beta's who did everything, and the Alpha's were sent to do their dirty work. Because Alpha's are not know for being long term thinkers. Or are you speaking of an "A" type personality, or even the "R" factor? I'm not negating what you say about our culture, but I've never thought of an engineer or a scientist as an Alpha male...the men and women who created all of the things you refer to when you speak of the Alpha male. I think men need to expand their view of what men are capable of regardless of their physical prowess. You do also realize that the more testosterone a male has the less likely he is to be bright, and rather is more of a brute?

  6. Anonymous1:22 am

    I also thought Apartheid was a crime against humanity. This was drilled into us growing up. How evil white people are, how the boere suppressed a whole race and we should be ashamed to be white.

    I only realised the truth about 2/3 years ago when I got an email containing one of Mike's Pandora articles. So I read the whole thing and did my own research.

    Now I'm thinking that if it opened my eyes, it should do the same for a lot of other people. Then again some people really love living in their own delusions and believing in them. So what do we do? I'm not seeing any evidence of a home state, which makes me believe that we should work with what we have. Isn't there some way to convince the masses of the truth on a level that they'll be able to relate to?

    The ANC corruption is being seen by more and more, and a lot of the masses are more open minded now, although they slam shut whenever you say apartheid wasn't bad. Maybe the trick lies in them seeing it for what it really was?

    Hopeful LWB

    1. Mr Mister5:11 am

      I had a Damascus moment in 1997 when I woke up and realised the truth and how I was almost brainwashed in high school.
      Then in 1999 or 2000, the final penny dropped after watching the sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun Season 5 Episode 6 (Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner) in 1999 or 2000.

    2. Anonymous11:10 pm

      Segregation is biblical

      1. God wills all races to be as He made them. Any violation of God's original purpose manifests insubordination to Him(Acts 17:26; Romans 9:19-24)
      2. God made everything to reproduce "After his own kind" (Genesis 1:11-12, 21-25; 6:20; 7:14). Kind means type and color or He would have kept them all alike to begin with.
      3. God originally determined the bounds of the habitations of nations(Acts 17:26; Genesis 10:5, 32; 11:8; Deuteronomy 32:8)
      4. Miscegenation means the mixture of races, especially the black and white races, or those of outstanding type or color. The Bible even goes farther than opposing this. It is against different branches of the same stock intermarrying such as Jews marrying other descendants of Abraham(Ezra 9-10; Nehemiah 9-13; Jeremiah 50:37; Ezekiel 30:5).
      5. Abraham forbad Eliezer to take a wife for Isaac of Canaanites (Genesis 24:1-4). God was so pleased with this that He directed whom to get (Genesis 24:7, 12-27).
      6. Isaac forbad Jacob to take a wife of the Canaanites (Genesis 27:46-28:7).
      7. Abraham sent all his sons of the concubines, and even of his second wife, far away from Isaac so their descendants would not mix (Genesis 25:1-6)
      8. Esau disobeying this law brought the final break between him and his father after lifelong companionship with him(Genesis 25:28; 26:34-35, 27:46; 28:8-9).
      9. The two branches of Isaac remained segregated forever (Genesis 30; 46:8-26).
      10. Ishmael and Isaac's descendants remained segregated forever (Genesis 25:12-23; 1 Chronicles 1:29)
      11. Jacob's sons destroyed a whole city to maintain segregation (Genesis 34)
      12. God forbad intermarriage between Israel and all other nations (Exodus 34:12-16; Deuteronomy 7:5-6)
      13. Joshua forbad the same thing on sentence of death (Joshua 22:12-13)
      14. God cursed angels for leaving their own "first estate" and "their own habitation" to marry the daughters of men (Genesis 6:1-4; 2 Peter 2:4; Jude 6-7)
      15. Miscegenation caused Israel to be cursed (Judges 3:6-7; Numbers 25:1-8)
      16. This was Solomon's sin(I Kings 12)
      17. This was the sin of Jews returning from Babylon (Ezra 9:1-10:2,10-18,44; 13:1-30)
      18. God commanded Israel to be segregated (Leviticus 20:24; Numbers 23:9; 1 Kings 8:53)
      19. Jews recognized as a separate people in all ages because of Gods choice and command (Matthew 10:6; John 1:11). Equal rights in the gospel gives no right to break this eternal law.
      20. Segregation between Jews and all other nations to remain in all eternity (Isaiah 2:2-4; Ezekiel 37; 47:13-48,55; Zechariah 14:16-21; Matthew 19:28; Luke 1:32-33; Revelation 7:1-8; 14:1-5)
      21. All nations will remain segregated from one another in their own parts of the earth forever (Acts 17:26; Genesis 10:5,32; 11:8-9; Deuteronomy 32:8; Daniel 7:13-14; Zechariah 14; Revelation 11:15; 21:24)
      22. Certain people in Israel were not even to worship with others (Deuteronomy 23:1-5; Ezra 10:8; Nehemiah 9:2 10:28; 13:3)
      23. Even in heaven certain groups will not be allowed to worship together (Revelation 7:7-17; 14:1-5; 15:2-5)
      24. Segregation was so strong in the O.T. that an ox and an ass could not work together (Deuteronomy 22:10).
      25. Miscegenation caused disunity among God's people (Numbers 12).
      26. Stock was forbidden to be bred with other kinds (Leviticus 19:19).
      27. Sowing mixed seed in the same field was unlawful (Leviticus 19:19)
      28. Different seeds were forbidden to be planted in vineyards (Deuteronomy 22:9)
      29. Wearing garments of mixed fabrics forbidden (Deuteronomy 22:11; Leviticus 19:19)
      30. Christians and certain other people of a like race are to be segregated (Matthew 18:15-17; 1 Corinthians 5:9-13; 6:15; 2 Corinthians 6:14-15; Ephesians 5:11; 2 Thessalonians 3:6-16; 1 Timothy 6:5; 2 Timothy 3:5).

    3. Jason the Boer7:46 am

      Amen to this!! So called christians that I know say it is ok to mix nations I tell them you cant just mix a dog with another dog because they are from the dog kingdom, How can a huge dog mix with a small dog it just doesn't happen. Same with the human kingdom there simply can not be any mixing.

  7. The thing is...very few want to know the truth!!

  8. Anonymous4:15 am

    Had a comment form a former liberal on my twitter feed the other day. He was educated under the new schooling system where Apartheid propaganda is taught. I enlightened him, quite to his surprise, that planting limpet mines at schools was a favorite of the ANC terror machine during the 80's. His remark was: "wait a minute, I never knew that? I will have to go and google this."

    Everytime the ANC phuqs up they blame it on Apartheid. Why? Becuase the people today that does not know Apartheid instantly thinks that things were that bad during Apartheid, that is the perception they create.

    P.S. Mike, if you are on twitter, please follow me on @MyHerkoms. You can do alot of education there. I move in the wrong circles!

  9. Anonymous6:24 am

    Mike you are a fu©King legend!

  10. I have read as many books and websites and have tried to put one and one together but cannot get to an answer.

    Why is this all happening and I am not just speaking about South Africa?

    Why were we all beaten with the same stick?

    What is the goal to be achieved by exterminating us?

    Why is it so important for the world to kill all whites or demonetize them in their own countries?

    Why is it so important to minoratize them in their own countries?

    Why are other whites working so hard at it to exterminate/interbreed their own with others?

    Where do they think they are going to end up themselves?

    All I have is questions, I looked back at history but I cannot put it together!

    What is their end goal?

    I am tired of history I want to know what the future is and the reason because I cannot put it together.

    I am sure lots will answer me and think they have the right one but... I just don't see the picture, call me short sighted.

    1. Anonymous1:10 am

      I would guess at two main reasons.

      First, Whites are difficult to control. In general we would prefer to be self-sufficient than rely on a leader or any form of government. We don't like to stand still, we are always pushing the technological bar, always struggling to change and improve our lives.

      This is a problem for the parasitical class of people who have set themselves above the general population, those who exist by taking a portion of what we produce. Politicians, bankers, lawyers, religions, ultra-rich, etc, have realised that it is easier to steal/take-more from a multicultural/non-white society where the average people can't think to or can't stand together to challenge them.
      A weaker society opens up more opportunities for parasites.

      Ultimately, I believe those in power are trying to exterminate and replace large populations of whites because they would prefer a more pliant peasant class. Even one successful white country would serve as a beacon to the rest of the world.

      Secondly it is a natural progression of our flawed ideology. Our culture and religion value meekness, consensus and turning-the-other-cheek too highly. Whites feel pity for, and badly want to help, those weaker than us. We are too ready to hear other people's problems and consider them higher than our own. One consequence of this is it makes us too susceptible to mob-rule, Ancient Greece and Rome for example were greatly weakened internally before they were overrun.
      Those who try to grab power certainly manipulate and try to extend this weakness, but it already exists deep within our culture. Few whites are willing to be seen as 'bad people', even if they know they are correct.

      There are probably more than a few reasons we are in decline, it is a mixture of many semi-related phenomena. What is easy to see though, is that if we continue along this path we will perish as a race. I (for one) would not like to see that happen.
      To avoid this fate I believe we first need to address the deficiencies in our culture. We need to push the facts, and the application of logic to them, as Mike does so well. Those who benefit from the status quo will bitterly oppose this.

    2. Whites in general create stability and prosper. There are work and revenue is generated, does not matter which country we are talking about.

      Now we are creating a society which lives of government grants and do not work, no revenue.

      Countries are orchestrated to become unstable. Great, now the powers to be can plunder. They collect their booty and at the end owns everything their hearts desire - what now?

      They sit around a table and decide lets get rid of whitey even though they are white themselves and decide lets create a new breed of the human race.

      At the end no development takes place, the human race comes to a stand still and everyone wants everything for nothing without working for it. Now the guys at the table who started this crap has a problem. They have all the money, power, gold etc. but now their new breed of humans want to revolt.

      What now?

      The puppet masters strings have become entangled with all their playing.

      I come to one conclusion and one alone.

      The human race is a self destructing parasite with no vision except for the few psychotic individuals playing their game with us common man.

      As I have said in a previous post, we have become to clever for our own good, we are self destructing at this very moment.

      Is it not sad to see stupidity in action?

    3. Anonymous11:13 pm

      Everything only fits if you consider that the Western white nations are the biblical remnants of the Israelites.


    4. Anonymous3:36 am

      I agree, the logical conclusion is mutual destruction, but I'm not sure the puppet-master whites can see that far. Most of them are only looking at the short term, anything to profit a little more. Look at how American companies move their manufacturing to China, they willingly exchange their priceless technology for extra profit now, even if in the future the Chinese will be able to manufacture without the American company.

      See how the Christian church is scrabbling for non-white members, expecting lots of money from the increased flock. As they fill the churches up with non-whites, the whites leave, but the church doesn't prosper. They must really believe in that 'all people are the same' nonsense?

      The Americans may believe that the Chinese will honour their contracts and not start a new factory behind their backs.

      I don't believe that there is a tightly organised massive conspiracy to kill off whites (by general non-communist whites).

      Most leaders of companies will sit around a table and decide to do anything to increase their short-term profits, even if it means other whites will suffer. Leaders of political parties will do anything to increase their votes, they would rather stay in power for one extra term and have their country implode in a few decades.

      Communists (including world-union types) are more difficult for me to understand, the general rank-and-file probably believe they are doing the 'right thing', but the people actually pulling the strings must know exactly what they are doing, if only because they do it so well.

      Maybe the few whites who know what they are doing don't care that in a few generations their children's children won't be white? Would they care if human progress came to a stop? They would still live like kings even if most lived in the dirt. They would live better than now because there would be less standing in their way.

      I don't think whites are that much better as a race, we are not all born with incredible civilisation building powers, if we were we wouldn't be in so much trouble now.
      In general I would say that the average white is more stubborn, and a bit more kind than people of any other race. It is these qualities acting in concert with the super-genius individuals the white race excels in producing that have raised us so high.

      Most whites seem to trust in what they are told, they believe in equality, harmony etc. Even if they 'see' otherwise they want to believe so badly that they override their logic with emotion. They probably want to believe, because the alternative looks like hard work. Few people want to make enemies, they would rather buy them off.

      It is sad, and painful to see so many whites skipping along happily to their doom. They are pitiful in their childlike naivete.
      Life for most whites has been too easy, I wonder if they can even imagine suffering. Couple that with the propaganda they receive 24/7 and it's not hard to see why they act as they do. Maybe they need to suffer a bit in order to grow up.

      Ultimately, is it not our fault that the psychotic individuals get away with what they do. Maybe those of us who think about these things have to become 'psychotic individuals' ourselves, and set ourselves up as puppet-masters in order to set things right. If everyone just 'trusts in God', and expects things to come right without intervention, we have nowhere to go but down.

      I don't know what the answers are. Most of the time I despair, I am ashamed at how I can do nothing.
      Sometimes, against all reason, I catch a glimpse of a future we could have, of what we could build from the ruins of our crumbling civilisation, it fills me with an indescribable hope and fire.

      Sure, most people are 'self destructing parasites with no vision', but that is how it has always been, is it not the duty of those of us with vision to lead the others, as impossible as it may be?

      Anon 110

    5. Anonymous11:13 jy praat bollie. Gaan ploeg op n ander plek met jou israel visie nonsens. Hoekom gaan jy nie ook terug Israel toe soos die regte jode nie...hulle sal jou gou in jou maai stuur.

  11. Anonymous10:44 am


    Amazing articles like usual, the problem is the more i read this, the more pissed i get which is not good at all. The average moron on the street will never know it, the media will never show it, it will die like the history of the goths and their people that in fact they were not savages like the Romans claimed.

    Its too late, we are stuffed and washed up as whites. I read just two days back - there is no longer a need for whites in this country because when you see that there are now more middle class blacks than working white south africans in 2013 this is meant to double in like 10 years

    By 2023 there will be around 9 million middle class blacks here - there is no more need for whites. The ANC have done a good job making sure they no longer need us.

    No even remembers the last prime minister let alone one from almost 60 years ago...

    Truth belongs to the man who opens his mouth first and can prove a point. The damage is done! There is only one thing which will change our history and that is if uhuru happens, if it does not happen then whites will slip into the past just like the koi and san in this country

    1. Anonymous11:15 pm

      The middle class is measured on spending power.
      Whether the black middle class can do the work required of them is doubtful, if you look at the state of the country and its progressive slide towards 3rd/4th world status.

  12. At that time I was 6yrs old. But believe me I can still remember some of the highlights of that time. Mike, I agree, you are a legend. A true hero and unafraid. Now, today we can see how the world, in fact most nations, some with bad records, helped to sink us. And then there are some whites who say any blackleader is better than Dr HF Verwoerd? Please!!!

    1. IMPOSSIBLE,there has never been a black leader in the true sense of the word.

    2. Last month MI6 admitted that they killed patrice lumumba a truly great leader,many other great leaders are assasinated or ousted to install corrupt greedy puppets who serve western interests.

    3. Anonymous1:30 am

      Mohau,you have your wires crossed my boy,it was the C.I.A .

  13. Anonymous2:16 pm

    This is whats so annoying, the Commies complaining to the rest of the World because of our Resistance to their Goals , then the West turning on us because of our success of a Lawful proper God fearing SOCIETY with Masses of Breeders put in the right channels enroute to the normal way of Living, and even Govern themselves. That had to be Corrupted to cause Chaos. Some Western alighned countries were envious of us and our success, due to our monopoly of export of certain commodities, (AUS) We as Employers tried to employ as many of these Junglebunnies as possible to keep them fed and in proper line, but the commie instigating ideology paved by the West (mainly pomms and usa and french) trickled through to corrupt a orderly society. The Afrikaners with they Brilliant achievements built SA into 1st World Powerhouse where our currency was backed by GOLD, not Pomm fictious Pounds linked to thepast empire ,and yankee IOU`s . Making themselves WELFARE States. Now that SA has been taken over to the WESTS blessing and JOY by Tyrants that had no intention what so ever of making their Homelands a success , but wanted Ultimate Power.
    All is not lost though their reign will be short lived because everything that they have taken our Institutions and Mining and Farming Houses will crumble because they never built them, and they are draining them with no New Ideas or Creations. Just like Haiti, the Curse is upon them.

    1. Anonymous3:18 pm

      Mooi man,jys my broer.

  14. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Very, very good M!
    Checkout this link and help me figure out why people on facebook are stunned by it?

    1. PreatorianXVI10:32 pm

      African's know them and what to expect of them, they will never disappoint, guaranteed.

    2. Anonymous1:46 am

      Good question! This is exactly the type of barbarism & torture suffered by our people on farms that nobody seems to give a shit about. Not an unusual occurence at all.

    3. Anonymous4:32 am

      Holy war se-
      Revenge will be sweet.....

  15. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Hi M. I find this "Boer" reply of yours interesting. About 2 years ago, one of the largest trade unions in ZA asked me if I was a Boer. That was because I am really fifty/vyftig. So, upon replying that I was not, there was a bit of disappointment on their part, which I found out later was because they were targeting "Boere". Even in Industry in the cities......., they are targeting what they perceive as boere.

    1. Anonymous2:38 am

      Just like Mike , he wants to miraculously change us all into Afrikaners and then into whites,Boers are Boers even if there are only 10 left

  16. Anonymous12:44 am

    "" All I have is questions, I looked back at history but I cannot put it together!
    What is their end goal? ""

    Cross the Zambezi and walk (or ride) north and there is our future.
    The European "settlers" ran fast with tail between legs.
    The South Africans are stubborn and hang on to what they built up. We live in our past glory.
    Its a losing endeavour, as we are kidding ourselves we can regain our illustrious past.
    Zuma will go Mugabe Dictatorship - so it can only get worse.
    We will "wake up" when its too late.

  17. Anonymous12:47 am


    Pieter Mulder should resign if so outraged over BAWSI funding - DA Annette Steyn 29 April 2013

    Annette Steyn asks how FF+ leader and deputy minister can issue statements condemning actions
    - - of his own dept

    BAWSI funding: Pieter Mulder must resign if outraged.

    The DA notes the
    Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and ( ? ? WAT NOU EERS Piet ? )
    the leader of FF+,
    Pieter Mulder's condemnation of Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson's funding of (BAWSI) during the farm unrest in the W C last year.

    This condemnation rings hollow from a man who by virtue of being the Deputy Minister of the department - - - is complicit in the awarding of the funding.

  18. Anybody watched sA(N)bC last night? They showed some "exceptional" present day footage of the chief scumbag terrorist in "high spirits" having a "conversation" with that moron of a president. It looked like the old' terrorist was just taken out of Madame Tussaud's wax museum, the only vital sign was just about the blinking of his eyes... and that shower-knucklehead was even having a conversation with him? These ANC retards are so desperate to revive the anti apartheid struggle freedom crap that don't even realize how ludicrous they are becoming in their attempts. But then again when you are addressing the blacks(retards) and the liberals you only need to be a moron.
    As a matter of fact the anti-white anti-West propaganda on the MSM has reached nauseating levels.

    I hear you Zarky! I have the same feelings about whites... we are doomed!

    1. Anonymous11:18 pm

      That was the ANC's reply to the DA poster of Suzman with Mandela. They wanted to show their followers that Mandela is on their side. It backfired.


    2. Anonymous2:35 am

      HA HA HA HA HA

  19. Californian2:08 am

    Mike, everything you are saying is rational and reasonable. And that's the dilemma. Because the people whom we are up against are neither rational nor reasonable. It's like they're infected with a Medieval mass hyseria, a Children's Crusade, a lemming-like march to oblivion.

    Apartheid was a rational policy given the nature of black Africans and the situation in SA. Well, it can be argued that blacks are not overly rational and so they opposed it. But then what do we have to say about the leaders of the white Western world? They betray their own kith and kin in Rhodesia and South Africa. They open up their own borders to third world migrations. They suck up to the worst kind of African demagogs at the UN.

    Oh yes, it supposedly has something to do with universal democracy. Except that black majority rule tends toward one-party states or human rights debacles. No matter, the ideological babble machines give us the "all's well."

    What is their end goal?

    This is the odd thing.

    I can understand how the enemies of white people would promote the assault on apartheid, "imperialism," and so forth. They are looking out for their own interests, looking to grab power.

    But why do white people buy into all this? Why were some of the most fanatic opponents of apartheid, colonialism and (in the USA) segregation white people?

    I have openly debated modern liberalism's suicidal tendencies with white people of all persuasions. They seem to believe that if they are only "nice," then they will be loved. This way, they do not have to engage in ugly clashes of civilization which will probably mean a lot of warfare on distant frontiers or the streets of their own cities. Of course, the surrenders only bring the fighting closer to home. Look at the rioting which swept through England a couple years ago. Look at the car burnings in France. Look at the gangbanging in the USA. Look at the farm murders in SA.

    I know, it sounds trite. But there seems to be a real failure for white people to grow up and accept the reality of the adult world. A reality that means you have to be willing to fight and die to preserve your liberties. It's like somehow, most whites since 1960 took LSD and are living in a hippie hallucination where the power of love overcomes all.

    As I say, it is irrational.

    1. Anonymous11:21 pm

      Their goal is the destruction of the white race.
      The question you have to ask yourself is why?

      During Biblical times Balaam tried to destroy the Israelites via miscegenation. Today the practitioners of the doctrine of Balaam still understand that miscegenation is the most effective way of destroying nationality.

      Cultural Marxism is older than most people realize.

  20. New on this blog but happy to be here.See OASE- Afrikaners as westerse minderheidsvolk vasgevang in n eenheidstaat tussen miljoene andersdenkendes.

  21. Anonymous9:26 am

    You've got it all wrong. Please check the following link for the truth about the Boers and the Afrikaners history: http://neultra.blogspot.com/2013/04/response-to-what-is-boer-at-toxinews.html Now you will obviously say that Robert van Tonder talked shite, but you as a previously confessed Liberal all of a sudden got a wake up call after taking the shit out of your eyes.Oh and by the way the best General of the Boers was de Wet pure Boer born in the Vrystaat.

    Danie: ps I agree with a lot of stuff you write, but here you lack some knowledge.

    1. Anonymous11:22 pm

      Piss off Ron

    2. Anonymous1:54 am

      Born a Boer and will die one , no ammount of talk can change the fact that the Boers exist.

  22. Anonymous9:47 am

    I could write books on Canada,but where would I even begin?
    I have traveled the country extensively.

    There are of course many decent whites in Canada with many ex south africans,but sadly they are under the commonwealth and the french were kicked to the curb in Quebec and elsewhere.


  23. Anonymous2:55 am

    Mike do you have an anti-Boer agenda ?

    1. Are you simpel?

    2. Anonymous5:31 am

      Why does a self-styled Boer, who is too proud to consider himself a part of the Afrikaner or larger White race, lower himself so far as to use the english language?

      Anyone, Boer or otherwise, who would whine anonymously on a blog about an imagined 'anti-Boer agenda' is not worthy of respect.

      If people who identify themselves as Boere truly feel like this, they must put there money where their mouth is and prove their superiority. Otherwise their options are to fall in with the rest of us or die out on their own.

      This reeks of divide and conquer.

    3. Anonymous6:32 am

      Nope just a Boer thinking you are pretty strange thinking we don't exist anymore .

    4. Hahaha...Sounds more like an "Agterryer" and "Wannabe Boer" to me. Funny how the Agterryers were always the proudest Boers and had the best heroic stories to tell. Your kind is well known pal.

  24. Anonymous10:32 am

    I think he is simple

    1. Anonymous11:12 am

      Typical anti Boer BS , why would we want to fall in with the rest of you ?

    2. Anonymous11:41 am

      Karl Marx said, "a people without a heritage are easily persuaded.” 

    3. WTF is this? This post was about the Canadians shafting us South Africans. Now its been hi-jacked to be about a Boer-Afrikaner topic. Fuck-Off. I draw the line here. Go read Albert Blake's book, "Boereverraaier" and see how many Boers were killed by fellow Boers for being traitors. See how "Boers" refer to themselves as "Africaanders" and use the terms interchangeably. Directly from the archives in Pretoria.

      This topic started with an accusation that Jan Smuts was not a Boer at most a Boer sympathizer.

      “Jan Smuts was a Afrikaner and not a Boer. You could say he was a Boer sympathizer nothing more.”

      In Albert Blakes book you will see in Chapter 15 how he refers to Smuts invading the Cape Colony in September 1901 and fighting as far south as his birthplace near Darling on 12th of November 1901.

      Interesting was how he sent a traitor called Lambert Colyn from Piketberg (his own birth district) to be summarily shot. Colyn ratted out the Boers in Clanwilliam to the British and 17 Burghers were killed.

      13 Years later Smuts himself sided with the British and as Minister of Defence on the day of Rebel Jopie Fourie’s death in front of a firing squad, could not be reached to grant him a pardon. According to Smut’s son and biographer, Jan Smuts said he would not have pardoned Fourie anyway.

      So there you have Boer General Jan Smuts during the Anglo Boer War condemning and sentencing to death a man from his own district who sided with the British, then later Smuts himself sided with the British and condemned a man to death who stood to the end for his principles, the exact principles Smuts also fought for.

      The Afrikaners never forgave Smuts for the Jopie Fourie incident and that was one of the reasons why he lost the election in 1948. To me this story also has a personal meaning. My grandfather on mother’s side was directly related to Jopie Fourie’s family. Jopie Fourie was my great grand uncle.

      Treason is a blot on the name of the Boers/Afrikaners that we should never forget. Let us not suffer from historical amnesia.

      I will leave you with the poem of Jan F.E. Cilliers.

      Jopie Fourie

      Daar trek 'n koeël, met spoed, met spoed,
      hy's nat van Afrikaner-bloed,
      en smart die boodskap wat hy voer;
      hy kom uit Afrikaner-roer,
      hy kom deur Afrikaner-hart,
      Maar met die rou en die smart
      bring hy die hart se kragte oor.
      Slaap sag, trou hart, so wreed deurboor,
      want, trekkend, trekkend jaar en stond,
      sal steeds die koeël sy boodskap sprei;
      en waar hy tref, heel nooit sy wond;
      en wat hy tref, dit heilig hy!

    4. Anonymous3:25 pm

      Bo baas se:
      Viva Jopie Fourie!

    5. Anonymous12:41 am

      So there you have Boer General Jan Smuts during the Anglo Boer War condemning and sentencing to death a man from his own district who * sided with the British,
      then later Smuts himself sided with the British and * condemned a man to death who stood to the end for his principles,
      * the exact principles Smuts also fought for. "
      . . We hate and will betray each other because we do not know 'how to see the good in others.'

      These actions encapsulate the psyche of our Afrikaner/Boer nation.
      WE NO LONGER know who we are. "Divided we fall."
      Our "VOLK" has become a myth and forgotten ideal, because we can not accept that our past is dead in the water and we do not know how to move forward.
      We only prove our superiority when we attack each other.
      That is why we are such a traitorous tribe. We hate each other because we do not know how to see the good in others.
      The cardinal rule of "SOORT SOEK SOORT" got lost over the decades.
      The rooinekke did not defeat us - we slowly killed ourselves.

      BTW - Add to above, that he put the army onto Miners who were striking. Muishond.

      Ouma Grootjie

    6. Captain Logic2:02 pm

      A couple of years ago I read Christiaan De wet's Boer War autobiography. He referred to "Cape Dutch" (I use the term for sake of argument) troops fighting the Boers as "Afrikanders", and was highly disgusted with them as he SPECIFICALLY referred to them as blood kith and kin with the Boers whom they were fighting against!

      As opposed, of course, to the British-born English-speaking colonials of Southern Africa.

      People like Ron, or this van Tonder individual, are on an ideological mission on this issue - where facts simply have no bearing on the argument.

      Let me repeat, Ron is not a born-and-bred Saffer - I've seen this info on some or other blog (where he admitted it).

  25. PreatorianXVI12:31 pm

    White Westerners are a conglomeration of various tribes and their make up, you belong where you Identify, Nordic, Baltic, Germanic, Frank, Italian / Roman, Basque we are all Western Europeans.

    Germans are by no means a single unified or homogeneous group, you have Prussia, Bavaria, Schwabia, Thuringia, etc, each one first Identifying as their Tribe then the Nation.

    Boers are a tribe on their own with their own identity, although the term Afrikaner was coined much later it only refers to a larger group of Western Descendants speaking the same language, Cape Dutch, Trek Boere and so forth, the whole discussion about who is what is pretty pointless as whether you are a Boer or an Afrikaner, we get killed all the same for the same reason, we are White Westerners.

    If we can not stand together to beat our common enemy for our own survival but rather squabble like idiots about an identity that will be extinguished if we don't, then Satans Spwan will have won.

    All the Black tribes in SA hate each other with a vengeance, but boy do they stand together to get rid of us and we squabble like children over simple terminology.

    Based on my ancestry I am a descendent of the Trek Boere, proud of it, but don't let it get in the way of our survival.

    1. Anonymous8:56 am

      That is the best comment on this issue.........let Boer be Boers Afrikaaners be Afrikaaners or whatever people feel like. But have respect for people who feel a certain way.

  26. brick in the wall1:42 pm

    Instead of fighting amongst us, here is a well written article which explains it pretty well. See the origin, and don't deal with the symptoms


  27. And yet the first thing you did when you landed here is rape black women,you should have practiced apartheid by not boarding those ships to africa,for people who believe in separateness you've been all over the world mingling with tribe known to man.SMH

    1. Anonymous5:26 am

      Whies never raped blacks and they still don't. You stink to much.

    2. Whites raping black women? I think you'll find statistics worldwide proves the opposite.

    3. Anonymous4:18 am

      Moloto (hau), eish, you are delusional! See what happens in the states where these statistics are more evident and exact the opposite.


  28. Anonymous12:19 am

    children - Afrikaners on Edge of Starvation

    'We urgently need meat, bread, milk, and vegetables for the children. We have not (yet) received the state-subsidies for food'...

    While summarising the April 2013 hatecrimes logged on the archive http://www.farmitracker.com a shocking story is emerging
    -- namely that the ANC-regime is either deliberately denying and/or slowing down its food-aid benefits to the most vulnerable members of any society: its children.
    Using slow starvation is one of the worst forms of genocidal violence any regime can commit against its own citizens. New facts are still emerging after shocking appeals for urgent food-help emerged from the Jacaranda Children's Home in East Lynne, Pretoria: where children are placed under orders of the Law Courts.

    JACARANDA CHILDREN HOME thumb TOO WHITE APR232013 donations: Jakaranda Kinderhuis,
    ABSA bank, branch: Derdepoort, Coide 632005,
    Account No 143-014-0724.
    Contact Ancha Smits asmuts@jacarandachildren.co.za
    To arrange food donations contact her at telephone 012-800-4368 or 083-230-8366.


    Above: In their latest appeal, Mrs Lientjie Van Niekerk, the housemother of House17 at the Jakaranda Children's Home in Pretoria (#JakarandaKinderhuis) wrote: 'we urgently need meat, bread, milk, and vegetables. We have not (yet) received the state-subsidies for food.
    We believe that this is due to the fact that we have seventy percent Afrikaner children in our care and that the ANC-government's Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment laws require 'BEE compliancy: 75% of the children must be black'.
    In ordinary language: we are 'too white'.
    Many of our corporate donors have also withdrawn their support due to this government-pressure. I am a housemother and look after twelve girls from six to eighteen years old. contact me at tel 0792440022 or linkilomba@gmail.com

    links: http://www.jacarandachildren.co.za/

  29. Anonymous12:54 am

    Do you know why we left Europe,Mohau?

  30. Anonymous11:13 am

    Bo baas se:
    Hier kom n ding.......

    "U.K direct aid cut upsets SA"-

    The Uk's decision to end direct aid to South Africa should have been communicated through official diplomatic channels,the International Relations Department said yesterday.

    Cutting developmentalaid would have far reaching implications on projects running in South Africa,spokesman Clayson Monyela said.

    "This is tantamount to re-defining our relationship.Ordinarily the U.K government should have informed the South African government through official diplomatic channels of their intentions"
    U.K authorities announced yesterday that direct aid to S.A would end by 2015.
    International media reports indicated London wanted a relationship with Pretoria based on trade,rather than aid.

    Monyela said this decision would affect our bilateral relations but would be discussed at the S.A-U.K bilateral forum scheduled for later this year-Sapa

    1. Anonymous2:39 am

      Ha ha ha ha and now the Germans are showering these clowns with aid and investment.

  31. Anonymous2:29 am

    You hit the nail on the head!!!!!!
    Without Colonisation they would be still in Beshew's and hunting with spears!!!!!
    If there was still anything to hunt that is??????
    I grew up with the Zulu's when they had respect for their elders.
    But now they Just want to get rich Quick,like the ANC Cadres, Mandela 27 years in Verster Prison Grounds living in luxury in a mansion with a telephone and fax "Nogal"
    He led the ANC from a place of Safety, and sent the ANC youth to do his Dirty Deeds!!!!!
    Sjambokking them in Zambian and Angolan Terrorist Camps to kill the "White evil" torchering them to death if they refused to comply with the ANC!!!!!
    Mandela's Grandmother was KHOISAN!!!! FACT!!!!!!

  32. As a Canadian, but born after and actually have no memory of this Prime Minister, I apologize to the white people of SA for this mans political games. But, I hope you will understand that the average Canadian has no power over the Political Process and the Agenda's at it's underbelly. Just as someone mentioned above what is currently happening in Canada, once again, has nothing to do with what the common person wants...but it's happening none-the-less. Just as it is in every other Western Country. Additionally, with regard to the First Nations people and the French people of Quebec and the Eastern Provinces it was the British and their Religious tools who were behind these atrocities. The average Canadian, once again, had no idea this was happening. Further, until the 70's the Irish, Quebecer's and basically all Catholics could not acquire loans nor hold a position higher than a foreman. Not many people outside, or inside for that matter, know what has gone on in Canada for the past 4-5 centuries.

  33. Anonymous12:29 am

    Hear! Hear! And the Canadians residential schools did much more than just forbid the children to speak their language, thousands of children were raped and killed in these schools and throughout the whole system which fell under the Indian & Northern Affairs department. One man, Kevin Annett has been instrumental in uncovering mass graves of these aboriginal kids. The Canadian truth & reconciliation commission is just a way for the government to try to bury the past and absolve those responsible of any wrongdoing.