24 March 2013

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 37 – The effects of music and popular culture during Apartheid

By Mike Smith
25th of March 2013

As this series has proved over and over, the portrait of white South Africans being mindless racists oppressing blacks was mainly due to a relentless propaganda campaign launched in the 1950’s by foreign mining conglomerates their lapdog secret agencies and trumpeted out through their liberal main stream media newspapers, etc.

This propaganda and psyops campaign was so successful, that people across the world, as well as black South Africans, still hold that image of white South Africans today.

Part of the reason of this series is to shatter such myths and explain in simple language how it REALLY was under Apartheid.

One of these myth shattering examples was the white people’s taste in music during Apartheid.

If they were such racists, why did they make black artist so rich by buying all their music?

Let us take a case study from the recent Oscars as an example.

In 2013 the documentary film “Searching for Sugar Man” won several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

If you are white and grew up during the 70’s and 80’s in South Africa, you will probably know the American Rock/Blues musician simply known as “Rodriguez” who had hits like “I wonder (how many times you’ve had sex)” and “Sugarman”.

Sixto Rodriguez is basically a coloured…part Mexican, part Native American and part white from Detroit Michigan, who had a big fan base in South Africa.

A fan base that was almost exclusively WHITE.

What a lot of people do not know, is that Rodriguez was almost unheard of in his own country, the USA and back there he had virtually no following.

The same for the rest of the world, except for a small cult following in Australia. In reality he never made it anywhere in the world, except for South Africa.

Ironically Rodriguez himself was not even aware of his fame in South Africa…that his album “At His Best” went platinum and that white South Africans were basically the only people who bought his music.

But then suddenly his music stopped and Rodrigeuz disappeared. In South Africa rumours started to spread that he committed suicide… Then in the 1990’s two Cape Town fans Stephen Segerman and Craig Strydom decided to go and look for Rodriguez.

They eventually tracked him down working as a bricklayer in Detroit. Rodriguez holds a Bachelor in Philosophy from Wayne State University's Monteith College in 1981.

Because of their efforts, an Oscar winning documentary was made and Rodriguez’s music has seen a revival and he is currently touring the world and couldn’t be at the Baftas or Oscars, because he was throwing a concert in Cape Town at the time (Feb 2013).

Searching for Sugar Man wins best documentary Oscar

But Rodriguez was not the only one.

As far back as 1966, the year Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, the so called “Architect of Apartheid” was assassinated, the black American singer, Percy Sledge made it big in South Africa with his song, “When a man loves a women”, a song later desecrated by Michael Bolton.

Even my own mother is still until this day a big Percy Sledge fan and has almost every single album he ever brought out.

The 1970’s disco scene in South Africa was no different. You could hear the music of Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Boney M, The Goombay Dance Band and many more pumping in the white discos of South Africa.

Then the 1980’s came…Oh the 80’s… White school children and just about everyone else fell in love with Reggae.

A lot of the reggae lyrics, by greats like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh were hardcore anti white. Did the whites care? No.

Who can forget the Eddy Grant hit, “Give me hope Johanna” directly attacking South Africa and Apartheid at the time…whites were singing and dancing along, even buying the music that called for their destruction.

I can even remember older people like my own mother singing along to “Buffalo soldier” (Bob Marley) and “Give me hope Johanna” (Eddy Grant).

Many whites in South Africa at the time of the ‘80’s were seduced by the smooth R&b/Soul love songs of black artists like Lionel Ritchie, Stevie Wonder and Dionne Warwick to name, but a few.

Cape Coloured Jonathan Butler emigrated to the UK, apparently, because of Apartheid, but made his wealth on the back of it. He perfected his guitar playing under the tutelage of George Benson and became a world star.

In the ‘80’s in the clubs and discos, whites were dancing and singing to the tune of a child molester like Michael Jackson and a drug addict like Whitney Houston.

The NG Kerk Dominees (Dutch Reformed Ministers) were warning the youngsters against so called “Satanic Bands” like AC/DC, KISS, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, etc…all white bands by the way…but I can never recall one moment that they ever warned us against Lionel Ritchie, Stevie Wonder or Whitney Houston.

It seems like a makeshift Devil was held in our faces at the front door whilst the real Devil slipped in by the back door.

As a practicing martial artist for the last 30 years I must admit that I was inspired by the movies of Chinese actor Bruce Lee. I still hold him in high regard not so much as a movie actor, but as a martial arts philosopher. I have not only seen all his movies, but also own all the books he ever wrote. The Toa of Jeet Kune Do is a Martial arts classic that ranks up there with Sun Tzu’s Art of War and Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings.

Thousands of white South African martial artists were likewise inspired by Bruce Lee to take up Karate or Kung Fu as a self defence system. Where they racist? obviously not by far.

Today I am a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Vale Tudo and MMA.

Mixed Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do was the original philosophy of Bruce Lee. The Brazilians are not exactly white, but they have produced the best unarmed, no-holds-barred fighting system this world has ever seen and they have proved this over and over in no-holds barred competitions. Full respect to them.

As a 15yo child, my own mother cut my Jiu Jitsu suit that I bought with my own money that I worked for to pieces with a bread knife, asking me what I wanted with this “Hotnot Kak”.

She considered Orientals as coloureds…This while she was a Percy Sledge fan. Go Figure. Such was the dual mentality of whites at the time during Apartheid.

Nevertheless, during the 1980’s we have seen a lot of films where the heroes were either wise cracking American negroes like Beverley Hills Cop with Eddy Murphy…or morally superior to whites like in the Lethal Weapon series where Mel Gibson played an unstable veteran from Vietnam and black actor Danny Glover played the role of reserved family man.

Ask any social worker anywhere in the world where they have seen a stable black family, especially as portrayed in Lethal Weapon. Good luck with that.

White South Africans flocked to these movies…probably for entertainment value, yet supporting the bastards who were making them out as scum actually.

But the most deliberate and disgusting factor came during Lethal Weapon II when the WHITE South Africans were blatantly pointed out as the corrupt baddies…speaking Afrikaans , nogal. Again white South Africans…Afrikaners in their thousands…flocked to the cinemas to go and see what scum they were as portrayed by Hollywood.

During the same time we had television sitcoms like the Cosby Show and the Fresh Prince of Bell Air showing us that Blacks were the same as us…Educated, humorous, and just generally great people to hang around with.

Meanwhile the reality on the ground during the 1980’s in South Africa was that of blacks murdering other blacks with the necklace method in the townships. Blacks throwing other blacks off moving trains, etc.

On television news we were confronted with all this horror that was reality in the townships of South Africa on a daily basis…shortly to be followed by the Cosby Show showing us a Hollywood fabrication of a perfect funny black family just to sooth our minds...They are not all like that, right?

People swallowed the Cosby Show and ignored the reality of South Africa’s townships.

At school our setwork books for English and Afrikaans were written by LWB's like Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and Dalene Mathee’s “Fiela se kind” portraying blacks as morally superior and totally innocent and whites as biased, racist bigots.

These books were approved by the SA government at the time. The minister of education was one F.W. de Klerk.

Today South Africa has a princess in Monaco, who cares nothing about what is happening in SA at the moment.

Last year, our Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron adopted a black baby and named him “Jackson”.

The most corrupt President SA has ever seen, Jacob Zuma is in love with Charlize Theron We are proud of our Charlize; Zuma

From 1996 to 2008 she contributed R3.6 Million ($450000 US) to ANC election campaigns with a further R250000 ($30000 US) to the ANC woman’s league and ANC youth league.

Treasure General’s report of 2004

The released records end with 2009, however considering the Treasurer General’s report of 2004, wherein it was revealed that Theron’s Africa Outreach Project would, as part of its annual operations cost, include a R800000 ($60000 US) yearly donation to the Youth league It is safe to assume that she has continued with her contributions.

Charlize Theron fully supports the Black Panther Party and their ideology of killing all whites in South Africa. She regularly appears at their functions.

Considering the history of South Africa and the writings of maniacs like Franz Fanon, it is my opinion that the “Total Onslaught” against white South Africans has not stopped and will not stop until the last white baby has been brutally murdered and wiped off the face of the earth.

Nothing has changed in the mindsets of black South Africans since the massacre at Bloukrantz and very little has changed in the mindsets of Whites across the world in the way they view us white South Africans.


  1. FredBarbarossa7:26 pm

    Another fantastic performer not mentioned in your article is Las Vegas based, Lovelace Watkins who achieved prominence in America as well as in Europe and Australia.

    From Wiki: His operatically trained and signature booming voice took him to Europe where he became so popular that he was invited to entertain at the Royal Command Performance for the Queen of the United Kingdom. The Times called him “the best entertainer on earth.” In South Africa he received two gold albums and was so celebrated that a public parade was held in his honour – an unprecedented reception for a black entertainer at the height of Apartheid.

    Nicknamed "The Black Sinatra", his stage personality was earthy and electric. Lovelace never reached his full potential in the United States.

    Wikipedia makes no mention of his LP, ‘Lovelace Watkins - Live In South Africa’ which became a very sought-after recording after his death. If memory serves me.... I think he toured South Africa on four occasions.

  2. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Once again you are spot on, Mike! "Nothing has changed in the mindsets of black South Africans...", and nothing will! They are a brainless, murdering scum that will carry on with their ways until they also perish.


  3. FredBarbarossa8:04 pm

    I have fond memories of the period when Percy Sledge toured SA... It was an exiting time for a young farm boy such as myself to be working in the metropolis of Johannesburg in 1970 and then being part of the audience at the Empire Theatre when his album “live in South Africa” was recorded. He was certainly revered by the white public and he in turn, enjoyed performing for us.
    He enjoyed incredible support across the country and his favourite quip to audiences was, “I dig you the most”.

    Here’s a limerick that came out during his tour:

    There was a young girl from Umnati
    who met Percy Sledge at a party
    She said, “Mr. Sledge, you can feel ‘round the edge,
    but aikona faga pagati.

  4. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Charlize makes me sick to my stomach. She is what the americans call a "mudshark" or "coalburner"

  5. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Speaking of martial arts, I would compare south africa to being a kid that was bullied at school. That kid is desparately trying "to fit in"

  6. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Charlize Theron, Ferron, Teferon, TEEF!! erasie
    :) heheh fkn illuminati joiner soulless pawn.

  7. Anonymous11:41 pm

    mmm Charlize do you know your own people's history, do you know who Danie Theron is ? Same name but not of your substance.

  8. Anonymous11:41 pm

    The music by these 'negroes' had 'a tune' poetry that touched the "Soul."
    Ask your parents why they liked 'the music' and ignored the fact that they were black.

    These artists were the end of real music for the masses. They died out with Whitney.
    Our black music - in general - was so repetitive and tuneless, it was ignored.
    In fact - it is "worser" than ever.

    The TV content in the years before the sell out - was carefully controlled to brainwash the audience. Cosby was the Poster Boy - just like us.
    The other sitcoms had obnoxious children WHITE nogal, badmouthing and ridiculing parents.

    Wonder why the kids of today are so callous, supercilious, filled with delusions of grandeur ?
    Today - its Gothic, dark, sinister, evil wins the spoils.
    The digital clones rule the earth zombies.
    The youth opposed to the aged.

    Parents are dismissed as wallpaper during family gatherings. Only the kids know what life is about. Grrrr

    1. Anonymous1:16 am

      Niggers can't compose music. I'm very sceptical of what Mike claims in this article. How can you honestly call yourself a proud white man when you degrade yourself by listening to a fat lipped bantu kaffir "sing". I consider anyone who listens to non-white music to be a traitor.

  9. Anonymous12:53 am

    "Classic Rock Radio"-

    Sorry,I didnt listen to any black music ,I was classified a satanist for enjoying and still listening to british/yank classic rock outta the 60-70's. Nobody beat the brits for classic rock.

    1. growing up in the good ole days of 'sinful maroccanroll music' we were frowned upon and treated as devil worshipers and outcasts...:)

      I wonder what would be said about today's society if the same verkramptes were still around to witness it...

    2. Anonymous10:08 am

      If it wasn't for the "verkramptes", this country would have been down the drain long ago!!

    3. Anonymous10:23 am

      Where are your ''verkramptes'' now? Lost their voices?

  10. Anonymous12:54 am

    What makes me sick to the very pit of my stomach are the whites who desperately want to fit in with the rest of the world that they will openly forsake their own race and heritage. The black's attitude is one that we are used to, but these mother-fucker, white turncoat sons-of-hyena-bitches make me want to vomit in their pathetic ass-wipe faces!

  11. In the seventies Milly Jackson gave a concert in the old Coloseum
    in Commissioner Street JHB. The audience was to 99 % black. Her raunchy , sexy songs went way past the comprehension of most boons in the audience. At one point Miss Jackson had to verbally restrain a boon that constantly shouted some crap. One could notice that she did not appreciate this audience.

  12. Mr Mister2:21 am

    what is this Charlize up to ?


  13. Anonymous2:48 am

    Mike, at 'Varsity in the 70's I was so enchanted with Harry Bellafonte that I spent money on his records. Today I am disgusted with myself. I am still at a loss to explain how I could have done that, because even at that tender age I was already a proud and staunch Afrikaner Nationalist of the Verwoerdian type. I share this seemingly dualistic nature we might have with reference to your mother`s behaviour. The best explanation I could come up with for my own lay purposes, is that I believe that we have an element of nobility deep within us that makes it hard to accept that the other one could be inherently evil, and nothing else but evil.

  14. cosby always showed a poster on his shows...saying free mandela..cosbys son was murdered by another ....african american...re theron,a lot of them were around during the Boer war,they did not do well after the conflict,theron tried unsuccessfully to get a German passport!

  15. Anonymous3:27 am

    Brazilians are white, it's just that they've bred with blacks, Chinese, Japanese, coloureds, native Indians and God knows what else, so yes the majority of the people you see are coloured or black.

    Brazilians are Portuguese people, white people. The problem is that they don't keep to their race.

  16. Anonymous4:31 am

    Excellent post Mike.

  17. Anonymous5:17 am

    Charlize is only good for one thing...

  18. Anonymous6:47 am

    An excellent Article and so true Mike. To think of it how we did actually support these , making music of all the bad things we were doing which WE dont even know about. This is typical the lies that were spread throughout this world. As you know Mike the DEVIL spins it all around. If one looks at the the clips shown of Johannesburg 1960s or 70s or even the 8m/m reels of Rhodesia how the peaceful coexistance prevailed between Blacks and Whites. This had to be spoiled by the Forces of Evil by those wanting power for greed. The likes of our SA poppie charlize who is a attention seeker and not so patriotic. If I recall the little bitch needed a dress for her Oscar and had South African clothing experts design her a nice dress only to be turned down and she chose Christian dior instead, such a slap in the face after all their effort. Her adopting a black instead of a little white kid also was not so brotherly towards her nation , ok a kid is a kid but depends on the temperament inbred. Oh yes then the Mandela praise of being such an INSPIRATION, had he not been in the Holiday resort called robben with fresh air communal crayfish and mussel and rich protein POT, with Gym and Study opportunities away from STRESS would he have lived soooooo f long. My dad slaved his arse off employing and trying to teach this lost Zombie lot something to no avail, with so much STRESS he died young 67 . So these f... Lot just Lies and takes and chances and the Liberal shit just thinks they are the top Heroes. NOT TO ME THOUGH. The truth will OUT as to what they REALLY ARE.

    1. Knowing what u know,u would not want a white child to be under her/its control,a black child is perfect for her,perfect.

  19. Anonymous8:13 am

    We listened to music that was not even part of our culture or heritage, SA had some great musicians but because of political nonsense, they could not play outside the borders of their country. We were supporting foreign musicians who supported the placement of the current regime with all their free Mandela concerts nonsense. We truly as whites in SA are being led to the abattoir.

  20. Anonymous8:58 am

    Atomic Rooster said-

    Stuff Cliff Fucking Huxtable!

  21. Anonymous10:20 am

    Youtube is full of black bitches like riana and all the other asswipes openly taking part or worshipping satan. Their perfomances is sick and everything about them is all about lucifer. But dumb ass white people still buy the shit they produce. We have our self to blame.

  22. Never miss a chance to profit from someone else's misery while playing Mother Theresa.

    London: Ryan Gosling and Charlize Theron are reportedly being lined up to star as murder-charge athlete Oscar Pistorius and his late model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in a forthcoming biopic.

    According to reports, a number of scripts are being developed in Hollywood which tell the tragic story of South Africa`s one-time Paralympian hero and the fateful Valentine`s Day morning in which his model girlfriend was shot and killed.


    1. Anonymous9:29 am

      Charlize Theron is a nut job!

    2. Krokodil3:03 pm

      Yes, quite disgusting. The dust has hardly settled on the killing of Reeva Steenkamp. Of course, the film industry has zero morals, as we know.

      As for Charlize, she likes to mix with people that approve of her, and not dissaprove of her. Hence her support for gay marriage, being all trendy with liberal causes and, more than likely, her adoption of a Black child.

      Her Oscar was also a lot of crap, quite frankly, as the film she won it in - "Monster", I think it was called - was a load of revisionist feminist bullshit. Portrayed her character as the victim, instead of the vile killer she actually was.

  23. Anonymous4:35 am

    mooi man.

  24. Anonymous8:38 am

    Does she have to breath the oxygen we breath this low life of human nothingness piece of shit

  25. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Hi Mike
    I see this week on ENCa that Rodriguez's daughter is appearing in some programe where she has connected with some Sangomas and is trying to get closer to "the people who loved her father's music"
    I fear she is really on the wrong track and has been poorly misdirected as to who his real fans were. Quite ammusing!

    1. Oh yes, the poor Eva was hardly in SA or she decided to become a Sangoma herself. She is a fully fledged Sangoma, after going to Sangoma school. Totally misguided American fool. She married her father's bodygaurd, a white guy and has a son with him. They stay in Wilderness.

      She should know better. If you watch the movie, Searching for Sugarman, you will see that she accompanied her father to SA many times. Rodriquez has been to SA something like four times and played in 30 sold out Concerts. ALL WHITE FANS.

      I would dare her to go into any township...any black person's house and see who has a copy of Cold Fact. I bet you NONE.

  26. Anonymous6:43 am

    I would dare her to go into any township...like Amy Biehl, she won't get out...I don't think Eva has too much between the ears.