09 April 2012

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 35 – The final solution, War or Work?

By Mike Smith
10th of April 2012

The biggest blunder of South Africans were to believe that they could ever co-exist with Marxist terrorists.

Further blunders were to accept that Marxist propaganda has triumphed, that Apartheid was wrong and that a Marxist takeover of the country was inevitable and unalterable. To have accepted the words of people like former Prime Minister John Voster that “The alternative was just too ghastly to contemplate.”

Their fear of an all out racial/civil war in South Africa allowed white South Africans to be intimidated and bluffed into appeasing a weak enemy.

This caused the whites of South Africa to drift into a state of mental stagnation, apathy and inaction. In short, white South Africans have been behaving exactly the way the Communists wanted them to behave.

Instead of maintaining a state of intellectual vigilance we have allowed Marxist propaganda to brainwash us and our children and get the better of us. We have forgotten the blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers that have been spilled in this country to secure our future.

We have forgotten the ideals of the Boer leaders to establish independent republics under God alone.

Nevertheless, in 1994, the whites of South Africa in a 70% majority capitulated to the forces of Marxism, disarmed themselves, abandoned their nuclear programs, dismantled the nuclear weapons and gave the country over to their Marxist enemies.

The first time in history that something like this has ever happened. No country, no nation has ever willingly disarmed themselves and handed over power to their mortal enemies.

It will be the template for future takeovers of free nations and the rest of the free world better take heed because what we went through in SA in the early 1990’s is coming to a doorstep of other free nations soon.

What made it worse to accept is that this happened whilst the enemy was waging a terror campaign in the country called “People’s war”.

To disarm in the face of an obvious and present danger is an immoral act. It can only lead to self destruction.

What led up to the disarmament was the secret negotiations between the intelligence community, liberal intellectuals, NP government officials and the ANC/SACP Marxists in Dakar, England, Switzerland, Lusaka, etc and ultimately culminating in the farcical Codesa negotiations.

Disarmament means that one depend upon agreements instead of strength. Agreements are absolutely useless unless they can be enforced and without the means to enforce these agreements, ones weapons and strength, it is nothing but blind and naïve capitulation to the forces of evil.

In a vacuum of disarmament a group or party with criminal intentions like the Marxist ANC/SACP requires very few secret arms to overcome all opposition and subject the entire population under the yoke of totalitarian slavery.

During the entire time of the Codesa negotiation, the ANC Marxists NEVER once considered disarmament or suspending their armed struggle as they wished to call their reign of terror. The NP did all of that. They totally emaciated the whites of South Africa.

Disarming in the face of political conflict did not lead to peace and freedom, it invited war.

Disarming was the message of the enemy who wanted us to throw away our weapons and tie our hands behind our backs so that they could beat, rape, torture and murder us into submission.

However, the worst disarmament we ever did was not the surrendering of our military weapons to the communists, but the surrendering of our minds.

Peaceful co-existence

We fell for the Marxist promises of peaceful co-existence, because the alternative would be a full out civil war. The truth is that the alternative to co-Existence was co-Resistance.

The truth is that Communism does not have to be tolerated. It has no political, moral or economic right to even exist. It is a combination of sick and laughable theories that can never, has never and will never work. In fact it is extremely vulnerable to many types of peaceful pressures of free men and women. Communism can be beaten in South Africa and worldwide.

It can be done without a bloody civil or racial war. It can be beaten worldwide without the prospect of a bloody class war or nuclear annihilation.

In South Africa, co-existence with ANC Marxist terrorists and Communists is impossible. It is a contradiction in terms, because it means trying to co-exist with an enemy that has our conquest and ultimately world conquest as their agenda and goal.

They are constantly planning and striving for it through the application of deception, subversion, broken covenants and terror campaigns. Either one resists this evil or one is conquered by it.

Another mistake that we made was to believe that a Marxist terrorist organization such as the ANC, the South African Communist Party and their Rottweiler’s, the trade unionists of Cosatu are legitimate expression of political or trade union action.

Political groups solve their problems by entering into negotiations, attending conferences, and working out their differences with bona fide compromises which all parties are expected to perform.

The current ANC-SACP-Cosatu Troika is a criminal conspiracy which uses deceit, disregard for laws, disregard for the constitution, intimidation, terror, subversion, violations of treaties (such as Codesa), open insurrection through mass action protests and incitement to race war through their mouthpieces like Peter Mokaba and Julius Malema to remain in power and rob the country’s taxpayers into bankruptcy.

By viewing the ANC-SACP-Cosatu Troika as a legitimate political organization is the same as giving bank robbers business licenses.

Once we realize that we are dealing with criminals we should look at how law enforcement deals with criminals. Immobilize the criminal, render him harmless, isolate him and rehabilitate him.

Many rogues can and have been rehabilitated. After WWII Germany and Japan were successfully rehabilitated and became some of the strongest capitalist societies in the world.

During the Angola Bush War (1966 – 1989) many black Askaris were rehabilitated and fought on our side in for instance 32-Batalion, the most decorated unit in the SADF.

So what is the answer for South Africa? War or Work?

Here we have to look at our past and see what our strengths were always.

There can be no doubt that when it came to military strength, the Whites of South Africa always gave an exemplary account of themselves.

Up against the Xhosas on the Fish and Kei River, up against the Zulus at Blood River and Rourkes drift, up against the entire British Empire the Boers in the Anglo Boer Wars were militarily superior.

Throughout the First and Second World Wars South African soldiers always gave a good account of themselves against the totalitarian Nazis or Italian fascists.

Up against the full might of Red Aggression in the form of the MPLA, Cubans, Russians and East Germans on the Angola Namibian border, there is no doubt that militarily, South Africans were superior.

Yet today the Communists are in charge of South Africa?

Further, during WWII the Germans and the Japanese proved to be some of the best soldiers that ever existed, yet militarily they were defeated through superior numbers, superior weaponry and isolation.

After the war the Germans and the Japanese adopted a new strategy. They went to work.

They fully rebuilt their countries and conquered the world economically, something they could not achieve politically or militarily.

This brings us to the other strength of white South Africans in particular and something we often forget is what made South Africa the great country that it is, namely HARD WORK.

Today, tens of thousands of white South Africans who are extremely well educated, engineers, doctors, scientists, and even artisans such as electricians, millwrights, hairdressers, chefs, etc are not only making a name for themselves worldwide, but for their people and their country in general. They work without complaint, long hours, often with no remuneration for overtime, etc…

Wherever a white South African is employed in the world his boss wish that he had ten more such people, because South African whites know what WORK is. We get this work ethic in with our mother’s milk.

Any white farmer in South Africa will tell you that if you want to survive, you cannot gippo, you cannot slack off, you cannot pretend to be sick, you work until you drop.

This mentality, state of mind or work ethic is what carved a first world country such as South Africa out of the harshness and chaos of Africa, rock by rock and is what made South African whites sought after employees the world over. Even the ANC knows that if you want a job done, hire an Afrikaner.

So again...what is the answer? To War or Work? That is the question.

To be a white South African is the apotheosis of work. South Africa is what it is today through work and forgotten work.

Sure, we were the best soldiers on the continent of Africa and arguably the best in the world, but military success has always proved to be temporarily. Somehow the Boers still lost their republics and ultimately South Africa was still lost to the evil forces of Marxism.

So let us start with the creation of everything.

The entire world and universe came into existence through the WORK of God.

From the start man has cleared bush and build himself a shelter to protect himself against danger and hardship. Later on he expanded to cultivate food and domesticate animals so that he could secure his own life and that of his family. Then came cities to protect himself and his greater family and out of that a nation materialized.

There is a perennial nobleness in work. In Greek mythology Hercules had twelve labours and was worshipped for it. The Czar of Russia became a toiling shipwright and worked with his axe in the docks of Saardam. The leader of the Polish resistance against Communism Lech Walesa was a dock worker and shipwright too.

History is our record. When one looks at the great pyramids of Egypt and South America, when one looks at the great civilizations of Greece and Rome, their art, their teachings and their knowledge, when one looks at the majestic cathedrals of Europe, when one looks at our modern Western civilization, then one truly grasps the power of hard work. The world is scattered with the footsteps of hard labour.

There is always hope in a man who works; In idleness there is only perpetual despair. From the innermost heart of a worker rise his God-given force and his nobleness.

Only the lazy and insolent see labour as some sort of degrading necessity or even humiliation, to plough a field, mine ore, or build civilizations…

Truth is…to feel the sweat on one’s brow, to feel it running into and burning one’s eyes, to wipe it off and continue in the face of intolerable hardship is what makes us noble men.

Not war, but discipline in toil of brain, heart and hand… is the only true manhood and leads us to genuine nobility.

Labour is what distinguishes us from animals who merely eat drink and sleep. In the universe of intellect, man must work. He is nothing, can be nothing, can achieve nothing and fulfill nothing without working.

Without work, man will not secure himself, his family or any future happiness.

But it has become part of our society in South Africa to focus on work for selfish needs; for display and ostentation. To live in security villages, drive the latest BMW or Mercedes Benz instead of building more universities for our people or studies of our cultures, languages and art.

In South Africa we can currently also see an unnatural situation. Those who have done nothing are not starving, instead they are growing fat, but even so, such a person is standing proof that somebody has at some stage worked for that fatness of another.

It makes them parasites off the labour of others. Such an unnatural situation is doomed for failure and disaster.

The history of undeserved wealth has always been a history of corruption and downfall.
Throughout history the fall of great civilizations from Babylon to Rome can be attributed to unnatural accumulation of wealth without hard work.

But thankfully the majority of the whites of South Africa are from a class who produces and not only consumes. They add to the treasure of human comfort and not only take away.

The human body was not made for a luxury life. It sickens, sinks and dies under such a life. The human mind was not made for indulgence. It grows weak, effeminate and dwarfish under such conditions.

Someone who initially grew strong out of poverty always sees his fortune squandered by his children or grand children.

Yet we are almost all on that same road of accumulating wealth and leaving it behind for the following generations of our offspring who do not value the efforts of our ancestors.

We, ourselves, do not value the hard work and effort, the blood sweat and tears, it took to create our inheritance, South Africa.

Today we look for a Great Leader or Savior…

You do not look for the bone, sinew and strength of a nation, its loftiest ideals and virtues, its patriots and martyrs, men who can meet the days of perils, hardship and disasters among the children of ease, indulgence and luxury.

No, you look for them where they are WORKING.

We did not lose our country because we did not FIGHT hard enough. We lost our country, because we did not WORK hard enough.

Not everyone is a soldier or can be a soldier, but we can all be workers. And we can all work towards a better or future South Africa. Every man woman and child can work towards freedom for our people.

So why the reluctance to work?

Why work so hard when your name will not be carved in marble on a statue erected in your honour? Why work when you will soon die and the world will forget about you, never remember your name, never read any of your books, look at any of your paintings or remember you as a great general or statesman?

The answer is that every man and women has a work to do within him/herself; A work greater and more sublime than any work of genius.

Every man has to work on his own soul, his own conscious and his own intellect.
Before you can be a king, you first have to be a man.

Therefore the answer to the long-term future existence of whites on the southernmost tip of Africa does not lie in “War”, but in “Work”.

However, it will take a combined effort. It will take parents, teachers, university academics, university students, the students themselves, businessmen and –women, legislators, journalists, religious ministers, and artisans from every walk of life to start rolling up their sleeves and putting shoulder to the wheel.

The time for apathy is over. The time for blame-shifting is over. We have to think about our future and the future of our children. We have to start thinking about whether we want to be here in 50 years time or 200 years from now.

In the Bible God said in Isaiah 2 verse 4 that

"He will judge between the nations, and will render decisions for many peoples; and they will hammer their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, and never again will they learn war."

Ultimately we get the country we are willing to WORK for not WAR for.

So my fellow South Africans, roll up your sleeves, put shoulder to the wheel and let’s free ourselves.


  1. Anonymous11:19 pm

    You are correct, work is the road to success, but to work requires education. This is the problem in South Africa. The majority of black South Africans simply do not have the intelligence to gain educations, yet they are awarded jobs based on the colour of their skin, which in turn places an enormous drain on the economy.

    Young white South Africans want to work, but are often denied the opportunity to study in the field of medicine for instance, as the open spots are soon filled up by those that qualify not by results achieved, but by the colour of their skin.

    There are two ways for the communists to take power. One way is through a communist revolution.

    The other way is creeping socialism, whereby the middle class is subjected to ever increasing taxes, from which the poor are exempt, like for example the e-toll roads.

    The ANC government finds themselves between a rock and a hard place, for both these roads lead to their own destruction.

    The ANC government wants to create a form of national socialism, but this will not go down well with their international masters.

    White South Africans want to work, but are not being given a chance to do so, based on their race. During the last 17 years the black government has proven that it is unable to create wealth. All they can do is to re-distribute wealth, which is why they will fail/fall.

  2. Anonymous11:29 pm

    The ouma grootjie perks up again and I C&P a comment I attached to all the links who were worthy to appreciate your intellect and insight.
    After a lapse of emotional outbursts .. you speak again like a motivating LEADER.
    I have done this for years and wasted my passion on an apathetic generation of wannabee rich.

    "" NOG EEN WAT PIS IN DIE WINDE en poep teen die donderstorm.... nes ek... die ou hyena idioot van vandag.
    I will not translate this uncouth explicit imagery of Afrikaans truism as it hits below the belt...about an "EXERCISE IN FUTILITY.
    My Comments for the Americans who get this link.

    "Trying to convince the nuveau riche to stand up for their rights. "

    MIKE's MOTTO : (and mine) THE TRUTH HURTS. He is a MAN amongst BOYS.

    He is your generation (our post bush war) and stands out like a beacon. He is pulled down and lights up again. No doubt will be pulled down again with this "traitorous" article and will pop up again. ""

    Keep on Mike - at 81 it is time for me to lay down my kierie and enjoy this last winter of discontent. I was and remain one female who never 'learned her place' and proud of it.
    To the shame of my family.
    I will stop after this post because - I choose - to stop ranting not because I am silenced by any other.

    1. socrates5:45 am

      If you really want to stop your "ranting" :-) then do so OG, but I for one have always enjoyed your comments.... and I dont think I am alone.
      Your style always brought a frown to my face in my attempts to decipher what you say... a single word carries the meaning of a sentence and a sentence the contents of a book .... baie dankie hoor ...

  3. Anonymous12:09 am

    More old hyenas starting to teach the young how to live...

    "Doug ­Grewar and Fanie Venter are two typical white, small-town, old toppies: bored, lonely retirees with ­little better to do than sit around moaning about how Vryheid,
    and the rest of the county has gone to the dogs since 1994 ----

    they could be but CHOOSE NOT TO BE.... P:LEASE READ THIS....

    As a result, they often bypass councillors they believe are less than effective, pressuring unit managers to cut through red tape to get things moving – and making enemies in the process.
    Frankly, neither gives a toss.

    “We’re not the most popular people with the council staff and the councillors who don’t work,’’ says Venter, a retired medical professional. “That’s okay by us.’’

    “We believe that if you pay for a service, you should get the service. If you don’t, then it’s like going to the supermarket and paying for groceries and then the supermarket takes them back from you.

    “It really doesn’t make sense. We pay rates, we pay for water, we pay for electricity and we believe that we need to make sure that’s what we get,’’ the 68-year-old adds.

    “People know that we will put pressure so if somebody’s streetlights don’t work, they call us. The next morning I’ll be waiting at the electricity depot. The same day the lights get fixed. If we don’t intervene, it can take weeks,’’ he says.

    Both believe the three-year-old ratepayers’ body is growing because of their activism, which even saw President Jacob Zuma intervening to stop the provincial health department from removing public parking bays at the local state hospital and giving them to staff, forcing patients to park in the nearby veld.

    “If you don’t speak up, you get left behind,’’ grins Venter

  4. PreatorianXVI12:53 am

    Arbeit macht frei

    The problem is that you have Satan's Spawn hell bent on extinguishing the the light of the world and have it all for themselves, at some point you have to prepare for war so that you may live in peace.

    King James Bible - Luke 22:36 (Cambridge Ed.)
    Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

    An Honest hard working person or group of people does need a means of protection against hostile savages, hard honest work alone will not be enough amongst raving Savages out to destroy what is good to satisfy their lust and greed.

    Thus we can not all be soldiers, but a soldier class will always be needed to protect the workers, so the soldier is also working hard to protect what is precious.

    What is needed is a people who will guard against insidious influences that corrupt the very fibre of a nation and there we have been seriously lacking, which is where this Communist scum got their foot hold.

    Anyone who does not work for the good of the Nation is against the Nation and when they can not be rehabilitated they need to be REMOVED from the environment that they are polluting.

    Unless some has a better Idea, remember that Communists negotiates through the barrel of a gun, literally and figuratively speaking.

  5. socrates1:29 am

    Powerful , powerful words Mike.. brilliant stuff and worth so much more than just gold !!! Exactly what you have put down on paper are the very principles I am raising my daughter on ....A wise person once said to me "Hard work has no shame", and how true that is. We should not look to have statues erected or our names engraved, the pure satisfaction of doing something well and with our best effort is reward enough. Winning and achieving should be a habit. Even the material reward should not be our measure of success. The irony is that once we release ourselves from the trap of material gain, that is when we achieve our greatest successes. Or, as the first Greeks that came to SA would say, If you look after the business, the cash register will fill up by itself. All the great empires that you mention fell because they chose a life of decadence and low morals. I believe that we must educate our children with wisdom and not blackberries ... technology has its place but discipline must take priority in a fertile young mind before the weeds of excess choke the growth of the lust for knowledge. It is through Education and hard work with which we achieve Liberation and Self Determination ... not the other way around. Keep up the good work Mike, I for one really appreciate what you do.

    1. Laager5:13 am

      "All the great empires that you mention fell because they chose a life of decadence and low morals."

      From what I see history is repeating itself again in the UK and possibly Europe and the USA as well. The indicator to measure this by is to look at the mindless game shows that get dished up on TV. What is even worse is to see the quality of some of the "men" that participate.

      Being tolerant and open minded (I stop at saying liberal) is not a bad thing but these values need to be applied within a framework of sound moral judgement and personal discipline.

      The liberals of this century have a lot to answer for. Not only have they ruined working nations like Rhodesia and South Africa but they have wrecked the education systems with countries like the UK. By eliminating the element of competition they are producing a nation of wimps which is why UK employers in certain sectors prefer Eastern Europeans. Their work ethic puts the Brits to shame.

      We can also see it on the sports field. A white SA rugby XV consistently outperforms England despite their bigger players pool, massive sports science infrastructure and money that can be invested in the game. The time honoured "old fashioned" values of hard work and never give up has provided 'Bok success many a time.

      The historian Kenneth Clark in his TV series Civilisation spoke of when 4 ingredients are visible in a society that culture and nation is in decline. I can only remember one of them:
      Freakishness In The Arts. Look around you and see the dross that passes for "art" in all disciplines.

      We (Europe) are there right now.

    2. Anonymous1:18 pm

      communism and socialism destroy body and mind,but Liberalism rots the Soul

  6. Anonymous1:47 am

    ...."However, it will take a combined effort. It will take parents, teachers, university academics, university students, the students themselves, businessmen and –women, legislators, journalists, religious ministers, and artisans from every walk of life to start rolling up their sleeves and putting shoulder to the wheel."

    But Mike they are all brainwashed and liberal. Did you watch the Varsity cup finals...?

  7. Anonymous3:57 am

    Problems that emanate from ANC itself
    Ralph Mathekga
    AMONG the things that have sparked fear in society is the proposal to review the powers of the Constitutional Court.
    The framing of the problem by the ANC is of great concern. The ANC seems to have the idea that most of the shortfalls in its attempts to effect social and economic change can solely be attributed to constitutional blockages.

    Thus the need to amend the Constitution to allow for deeper transformation. This assertion is misleading and smacks of sheer politicking on the part of the ANC.
    Judges have questioned the power and actions of the executive branch of government in judgments that have, in some cases, directly probed government policies.
    Judges have also been indulgent and went much deeper than desirable when they were called on to assess some conducts of the executive branch of government.
    One interesting case is the one involving President Jacob Zuma's decision to appoint Menzi Simelane as national director of public prosecutions. Whenever the judges indulge much deeper and refers to the president's decision as "irrational", they should expect a backlash from the executive.
    This is normal and happens in most democratic societies. In the Simelane case the court could have delivered a judgment that effectively invalidates Simelane's appointment without having to delve into Zuma's state of mind when he made the appointment. Too much reasoning would certainly provoke a direct attack on the judiciary, unduly exposing it to political battles.

    The problem with the judiciary's approach, as seen in the Simelane case for example, is that it plays into the hands of the executive where the impression is created that the president and cabinet is under some form of philosophical attack by the judges.

    The ANC's response has been to create the impression that the party's failure to accelerate transformation can be fully accounted for by the blockades from the judiciary, particularly the Constitutional Court. It is disingenuous of the ANC to blame its policy shortfalls on the Constitution.
    The main reason why social and economic transformation has not been accelerated to significant and desirable levels is because of clumsy policies./
    Careful observation of some of the cases that were up for review by the judiciary shows shoddy policy work by the ANC. These are the policies that end up being struck down by the courts not because they are undesirable, but rather because they are not presented properly.


  8. Anonymous3:59 am

    ....Continued from above

    Take for example a recent affirmative action case. Some individuals were barred from taking up positions in government because those positions were designated for blacks. This case involved Emil and Martha Oosthuizen, white people, who were denied promotion within the SA Police Service (SAPS) as the posts were meant for the historically disadvantaged.

    The judges decided in the case that such a policy as adopted and implemented by SAPS was illogical as it left vacancies unoccupied and the SAPS not fully staffed.

    In such cases the judges do not really dismiss the principle that positions can be set aside for previously disadvantaged individuals, but rather on the idea that you cannot keep certain positions vacant because individuals from disadvantaged groups are not yet available to take up those positions even if there are qualified persons who may not have been historically disadvantaged to take up those vacancies.
    This demonstrates poor formulation and bad implementation strategy of policy. This also explains why social and economic transformation has been lagging in the country.

    An example is the land restitution policy that requires compensation to be paid to white land owners to allow blacks to acquire land.
    It is disingenuous of the ANC government to maintain that the reason why land restitution could not be implemented to significant levels has to do solely with the constitutional protection of private property.

    The government could have spent R60billion to purchase land for redistribution instead of spending that money on arms. The government failed to get its priorities right.
    Further, failure in bringing up efficient utilisation of land that has been redistributed point to ineptitude within government and this cannot be said to be a constitutional problem. The Land Bank, a state-owned institution that is supposed to finance owners of recently acquired land to start farming, has suffered under the jaws of corruption.

    The ANC policy discussion documents do raise fundamental questions and set the stage for introspection. But it is important to distinguish between genuine concerns from political posturing intended only at creating an impression that the party still wants to reconnect with its disgruntled constituencies.
    As for the judiciary, it is important that judges are circumspect and avoid utterances that might equate their judgments with the views of opposition parties.
    The discussion about constitutional amendments would still not really assist the ANC in regaining the moral connection with the majority of its constituencies who grow disgruntled daily.
    The truth is that the constitution and the Constitutional Court are not a stumbling block to policy implementation.
    At this point, the problem emanates within the ANC itself.

    Mathekga is a director of Clear Content Research & Consulting

    This appeared in a middle class readership newspaper. Bravo.

  9. Anonymous4:22 am

    Great essay, I disagree only with one important point:

    University academics and university students are not part of the solution as the whole university as it exists today is only a glorified status-symbol. I have myself wasted years on the university, the whole "campus-culture" is leading to laziness and idleness.

    Nevertheless, great essay, I agree wholeheartly that we have to pull up our sleeves and work hard to regain our independence. However, this may also mean to forego many status-symbols (including universities).

    To compare our SA situation of today with the situation of Germany and Japan after 1945 is simply wrong. Both this countries did not contain multi culti mixes of people , but rather people of one culture, with a generally great work ethic as well as good know how. There are no paralelles here.

  11. This may be your posting Mike but it is not your own words.

    I have been following your blogs for a long time and clearly get the sense that this is not of your doing. It seems to go against the trends of the past and you also throw in a bit of a religious theme too - I can't really recall you bending that way before.

    Writing now about "work" being the salvation for SA contradicts fully what in the past you have continually expressed as the hopelessness of the situation that exists in SA today.

    Has this transformation arisen from some sort of epiphany over the Easter weekend? It's as if you're walking around with a stupid grin that those reformed happy-clappers have permanently fixed to their faces in ignorance of reality.

    The more South Africans work, the more that will be taken away by others - stop deluding yourself.

    1. Gloria Dei est celare verbum, et gloria regum investigare sermonem.

    2. Mike - your blog, you can say what you like. But this response is shallow and reeks of egotism, Your Majesty!

    3. Anonymous12:17 am

      "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter"?

      WTF do you suffer on? King Syndrome?

    4. What do I suffer on (sic)? Note, in the English language you suffer “FROM” something, not “ON” something. Those are the subtleties that give you away and tell me exactly who you are.

      So what is it you are suffering from? Idiocy or bored housewife syndrome?

      The post is not for everyone. It was never meant for everyone. A select few will understand it and that is all that matters. The other 99% will have to be content with themselves and their limited understanding of it.

      The secret lies in the word “work” and what it means to different people. “work” to a poet is different to “work” for a soldier. Just think about that for a moment. Mill it through in your mind…Maybe the word “work” does not have the same meaning for you than it has for me. Maybe one day you will understand the post.

    5. Anonymous2:04 am

      Great piece, but I agree, it does not sound like the "Mike Smith' I've become accustomed to....

      I have nothing against hard work, I've been brought up with the saying: 'niks is verniet nie', so if you want/need something you have to work for it. But, there are A LOT of white South Africans who wants to work, but are denied in the workplace(BEE), and on the other hand, those of us who are fortunate enough to have a job, have to pay through our ears for all the taxes imposed on us - it's a loose - loose situation....

    6. Anonymous6:16 am

      "Rudeness is the weak man´s imitation of strenght."
      (Eric Hoffer)

    7. So...Chapter 35 was the last chapter, Maybe it does not mean much to you. It is just a chapter, right? But it does to others. Why will there not be a chapter 36?

      Get out your calculator and start adding up...

      1+2+3+4+5+6...+36 = ???

    8. Anonymous2:56 pm

      "The post is not for everyone. It was never meant for everyone. A select few will understand it and that is all that matters. The other 99% will have to be content with themselves and their limited understanding of it."... etc...

      What an arrogant, hysterical and confused ass hole you are!

    9. Hehehe...so if I understand you correctly then it is like this...

      If I speak the truth I am a racist and if I can count I am "an arrogant, hysterical and confused ass hole"...

      Pardon me, but I sense a wiff of jealousy on your breath ofter you have sucked my cock.

    10. socrates12:18 pm

      Hmmm... well, I for one understand what the core message is here... so clearly I identify with arrogant, hysterical and confused assholes .... must be honest, Ive been called that before so I guess if the shoe fits I'll just have to wear it....

    11. socrates12:44 pm

      "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter"?

      WTF do you suffer on? King Syndrome?
      To each his own Anon ...
      If you are prepared to carry the yoke and assume the responsibility to search for the truth in the face of ridicule then the success or failure of that is your own ....
      But dont stand on the sidelines and commentate while doing f-ckall yourself....

  12. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Fantastic piece, Mike! You are one of the best bloggers around today. VIVA ZUID AFRIKA!!!!!!!JP

  13. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Whites who work hard in the current situation are only doing so because that is what we do. It is an exercise in futility and holds absolutely no meaning. 40% of our money is directly robbed from us by that gang of thieves called SARS and distributed to an even more perverse and corrupt gang of inept thugs called "government" who are openly hostile to us and is headed by a person who openly sings that he and his cabinet is going to chase us with machine guns.


    Stuff work.

    The WAR has already begun but only one side is fighting. We need to join the party.

    All the labour of our hands is dissipated before our eyes in taxes VAT and levies and handed to the lazy indigent hateful unwashed masses.

    We need a good, old fashioned, fuck everything up completely, (un)civil war to clear the air and put every nation back into it's rightful order. Work will come later to raise a first world nation once again from the ashes and dust of the destruction of Africa.

    Our work can only be meaningful when we have our own free country. While our work is dissipated amongst the hostile hordes it has no meaning. It simply provides the regime the means to enslave us and our children and deliver just enough to the uneducated unwashed to stay in power another day. Until this country is cleansed in the crucible of civil war, there is no meaningful work a white man can do - unless it is to prepare for that day. THAT is the only way left.

    Ask the Zimbabwean farmers what happens to a lifetime of work under a marxist regime - stripped away without a pennies reward on the whim of the useless eaters.

    Stuff that!
    Fight TODAY!
    Work tomorrow!

  14. Anonymous12:09 am

    I don't know why there should be a conflict between war and work. You need money to wage a war, and where is the money going to come from if there is nobody left to work?

    1. At least somebody is starting to see the light.

  15. Anonymous9:32 am

    working under a commie regime is like sowing seeds onto solid rocks and hoping for a bumper crop

    1. Do not plant two kinds of seed in your vineyard; if you do, not only the crops you plant but also the fruit of the vineyard will be defiled. Deuteronomy 22:9

      And Jesus said. Mark 4: 3 - 9

      Listen! A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants, so that they did not bear grain. Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.” Then Jesus said, “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”

  16. Anonymous3:17 am

    Our hard work from the past 360 years has been destroyed in 17 years. We remain humble hard working Christian citizens. We keep quiet and sit and wait and watch the drama unfold. The show will be over soon, then it is back to reality. We will have to fight for our children's birth right again. We can continue with hard work and rebuild this country again, after the war. Now, all we have is faith and rain in our hearts. Maybe that is our Fathers Will? First regain faith and then the rest.

  17. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Yes Mike feeling the sweat on our brows and dripping in our eyes and burning and continuing in the face of intolerable odds is what makes us whites/europeans/latins/slavs/celts/anglo/nordics ...noble and great men for all eternity.Others have tried it but have rightly failed.

    History will be our judge,not jesus,(he was designed by whites for the local savages)

    We whites are the greatest race to walk planet earth("March of the Titans")

    We are as shakespeare said ,the "Paragon of the animal kingdom"
    Unequalled in I.Q,customs,language,Commerce,Industry,Architecture,Art,History,Music,Law,Flight,Arms,Technology,Space,Agriculture,Medicine,Democracy,Politics,Monuments to greatness and all the fancy of the human mind.

    While the history of undeserved wealth has always ended in corruption and downfall, working for the anc will also not do whites in sa any favours.

    Whites in south africa need to learn to diffirenciate between working on themselves and daily labour.I admire the masons on this issue regarding "time management".I actually think a masons philosophy on time is very telling on the subject of constructing the ideal man/ultimate temple.

    It is also interesting to note that many of the worlds greatest civilizations in the new world fell due to some of the same reasons.Hard labour by whites did not save these countries.Most whites in the new world ultimately returned to europe or were absorbed by the local indigenous population.

    Most of the whites in places like south america,Mocambique,Angola had it out with the marxist terrorists but eventually left these colonial outposts because of pressure from there very own countries back in europe.

    Our problems are with whites not blacks.

    The decision in sa by fw de klerk to hand over sa to the anc was not a local white mans decision but one taken under duress of the western pressure exherted on apartheid s.a(banks etc)

    Black rule within a former white framework HAS,CAN & WILL NEVER WORK...Why should sa be the exception?
    This is why the anc attempts daily to change the system to something they can comprehend in their idiota/loco minds.

    The more they try it the bigger the liberals,media & D.A ,who voted yes in 1994 crap themselves.

    Kom jou bliksems,when the anc finish off the white liberals in s.a they will then face us,the unbowed/ongebuk.

    Anglo american better know this fact!

  18. Anonymous3:26 am

    Thank you for your work in this series.

    Question? How, from your point of view, does UN plans such as Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius and the Coyote treaty play a role for world domination, in respect to what has happened in south Africa as regards the change in political power.

  19. What is the “Work” of a soldier? What is the “Work” of a General? What is the “Work” of a whore or a porn star? What is the “Work” of a boxer? What is the “Work” of a judge? What is the “”Work” of a singer…a writer…a professor…a scientist…an engineer…etc?

    Now think about the boxer who climbs through the ropes to fight his opponent (doing his “work”). That boxer is not alone. In his corner he has a trainer and a cut man. He probably has a dietician and a psychologist on his team as well. None of which are eventually exchanging blows with the opponent, but an integral part of the team. Without them, the boxer would lose.

    In the old days there were probably ten people who supported every knight from polishing and repairing his armour to feeding him and his horse. Without them, the knight would not be able to do his “work”.

    Now think about the fighter pilot who is involved in a dog fight with an opponent pilot. That pilot has a team of mechanics, instrumentation technicians, etc that makes sure his plane is always in top condition so he can do his “work”.

    Starting to get the picture?

    In any war, the soldiers who are actually in the thick of things doing their “work” on the frontline (combat troops) are actually very few. Behind them there is the artillery (combat support troops) and other soldiers who are not doing the fighting (combat service troops), but who are integral parts of a complicated machine. You have drivers, you have mechanics. You have medics, you have chefs, signalers, engineers, chaplains, psychologists, propagandists, intelligence operatives and many more. Without them doing their “work” the soldiers on the front line cannot do theirs.

    Without the civilian people who do their “work” back home, earn money for the country and pay taxes to fight the war, the entire machine will come to a grinding halt. For the society to function you need lots of people, such as a judiciary, police, telephone technicians that ensure the communications work during a time of war.…The postman delivering the important mail…Engineers that ensure the roads and bridges are in order for transport that can quickly supply the ones on the front…and the power stations engineers who deliver electricity for it all.

  20. Continued...

    You need lots of people in a combined effort, from the scientist down to the ladies taking care of the lonely soldier returning from the front. Everybody needs to do his/her bit if the nation is to survive as a whole. Everyone needs to “work” REALLY HARD in a coordinated effort. It is not just about grabbing a gun and starting to shoot.

    In fact if we all did that…How far do you think we would get? Probably last for 24 hrs…and then what? Total annihilation.

    Come the time…there will be enough people to grab the guns and do their work. They will need the support of the others. Not everyone is a soldier, yet everyone is. Do you understand that?
    Now start to think. And get to work. Look at Israel and how a small nation of 6 million survives against hostile enemies of 200 million. It is a full on combined effort where everyone from the university professor, the banker, the film maker down to the Hollywood madam (Heidi Fleisch) the porn star (Ron Jeremy) and the gangster (Meyer Lansky)…is doing his or her bit in whatever way is necessary for the nation of Israel to survive. We as the whites of South Africa and especially the Afrikaners can learn a hell of a lot from the Israelis.

    And do not forget about learning from our enemies. Look at the Communist Chinese. They have a 50 year plan and a 200 year plan. They know where they want to be as a nation 200 years from now and are hard at work trying to achieve that goal…

    Now compare that to the Afrikaners of South Africa…they do not even have a five year plan…they have no leaders. There is no coordinated effort or a single goal that everyone is working towards.

    No…instead they sit on their arses and do nothing but wait for a miracle to happen.

    …And you want to go and grab a gun…? Good luck with that. The wise secure victory first and then go to war. The idiot first goes to war and then tries to secure a victory.

    The ultimate “work” starts within yourself. Getting your mind ready, coordinated and focused on the goal. It evinces through sweat and calloused hands. It reaches a pinnacle in long term survival and freedom.

    There is a lot of work that lies ahead before we will taste our freedom, but the sooner we all start and coordinate our efforts the sooner we will realize our goal. And if the day comes for the soldiers to do their bits of work, then so be it, but without the forgoing hard work, the structures and the securing of victory before they go to war, they too can forget it. They will be annihilated.

    Hard work is the only solution to both short term and long term survival.

    The boxer who has done no work and hopes for a miracle will lose.

    The boxer who has worked the hardest, the smartest beforehand, and who has done his homework properly, is the one who will win on the day of the battle. He will be the one who gets the prize money. He is the one who will have secured both his short term and his long term survival with the hard work he has done…before he climbed into the ring.

    So ask yourself…What have YOU done for your people today? Are you proud of the bit you have done?

    1. Hey Mike,
      I just stumbled on your blog and I had a quick read of your previous series. I'm not necessarily at home with your postings and I generally refrain from commenting on anything that does not advance the society. I'm not shallow enough not to understand how our violent past is shaping our future and I will not take it upon myself defend something that any wise person will rather walk away from.

      Nonetheless, I tend to acknowledge it when people talk from deeper places. I noticed that people are surprised by your deviation from the usual "whites are awesome and blacks are stupid" posts. Mike, it seems some people didn’t get the point you were passing across in this post because you have fueled their delusion and reality is a new thing to them.

      You earned my respect by insinuating anything but war. Those that have seen war will never wish it on their enemies. If there’s anything I have learned in the history of the world, it's never to make a permanent enemy. War is not always winnable. Take USA for example, with all their state-of-the-art weaponry, they could not declare victory anywhere in the Middle East and they have to look for exit strategies (what a cowardly move) and they have accidentally made permanent enemies in their quest. It appears the enemies will forever take the battle to them.

      You think those people we have pushed around for ages will not resent us and demand a pound of flesh? Newton's third law of motion explains it better: "action and reaction are equal and opposite" What Newton did not explain is the element of time (which tends to infinity) between action and reaction. Forgive me if I’m too analytical. I’m just accustomed to logic, reasoning and fairness.

      Constant reflection is good for the soul for anyone who wants to survive the chaotic world of SA or any other world for that matter. My advice, enjoy your privilege and let them have their affirmative action. In a 100m race you started at 90m mark if you get the drift. The best way to lose the race it to resent those that started from 0m mark.

      Just to be clear, I’m not giving any group a pass for creating social unrest but I’m simply acknowledging the root of our problems and we can collectively look for solutions instead of blaming the other group.

      Mike, it’s interesting that you brought everything down to work. Maybe others will get the post if you take them on historical excursion on how SA was built. If you choose to thread that path, please do so objectively. Perhaps people will understand you better and appreciate the “marriage of inconvenience”.

      You may not consider yourself a powerful man Mike, but responses to your posts suggests to me that you do have some followers and many of them with no minds of their own. You can certainly do better with your platform (Forgive me if I'm wrong in assuming that you have a unifying agenda). God bless SA; black, white Indian, Chinese and others.

  21. Anonymous8:53 am

    Yes, Mike you are one of the few who speaks the truth!!!!!!
    The Khoi-San are the first humans to inhabit South Africa.
    Why are South Africans always told that Blacks (Mainly of the Nguni and Tswana tribes were the first humans?
    Lies just like the ANC Marxist Communists who have enriched the few elite and their families?
    Nelson Mandela promised freedom for all south africans many are far worse off than under apartheid!!!!!
    I was an Ex-SAP member and I used to guard Nelson Mandela during the 60's I am fortunate as a white South African to be able to speak several languages English,Afrikaans, isiZulu,isiXosha,sepedi,etc.
    I studied ethnology as a member of the SAP.
    I have mixed with most groups and found that there are both good and bad in all nations.
    But, why does Mandela have 3 Mandela Children bank accounts(ref Mandela's Children's Fund) One for the actual cause to assist poverty stricken Children,One for The Mandela Family,and finally,Winnie Mandela has access to an account?
    This is in it's self fraudulent misuse of funds.
    Secondly, The Nationalist Party,had Dr. H.F.Verwoerd assasinated
    Stefendas wasjust a pawn,Ndebele Mother,and Greek father born in Mozambique.
    He spoke 8 languages and was employed as an Interpreter.
    Pik Botha,and H.Oppenheimer,Henry Kissenger were the Traitors to all White South Africans!!!
    Mandela could never have defeated the South African Defence Force alone without inside help?
    We had the most sofisticated defence force in Southern Africa.
    I as an English speaking South African banished to a life with high walls,electric fencing,alarms,burgular bars on windows and doors,panic buttons etc for armed response!!!!
    This is the New SA. Maxist Communism,why are so many Hood winked by the ANC lies,Crimes,Corruption, inability to manage their high paid positions, Condoned of crimes committed due to lack of evidence or Shredded Dockets by SAPS!!!!!!briberyetc.
    Mandela lived in a mansion on the grounds of Verster prison,had access to a telephone and Fax machine where he instructed the ANC what to do next.
    He had fish plates loosened mainly on bends on the Railway lines to derail trains mostly 90% of the Passengers were Black so who was he targeting?
    In the ANCYL Camps in Zambia and Angola the youths where sjambokked, violently beaten because they refused to act as terrorists.
    He has enriched himself as much as Mugabe in the North,700 Billion USD nett worth today?
    What about the one's who fought for nothing?
    While he sat in Luxury in a mansion in Verster prison who took the risks?
    Even the Angola fiasco was not about fighting the Communists nor the Cubans,hundreds were killed as machine gun fodder,for nothing, yhe NP fought for the oil,and mineral wealth GREED,whole the most solgers thought they were defending their country!!
    You see the centre of wars is GREED,the ANC,ZanuPF,Caesar, MONEY AND GREED IS THE DOWNFALL OF ALL NATIONS!!!!
    I rest my case.

  22. Anonymous7:29 am

    This was really an amazing piece to read!! Thank You!!

  23. Anonymous2:23 pm

    mike, you can not compare your people with chinese and israelis, first, of all, you are slaves on your own land, but not the chinese or israelis. ANC will just tax you higher, while you work to death like an ass.

    i suggest you consolidate whites and start your own institutions, make parallel government or society. you beat them with their own game..sabotage,.. bribe these people with black middlemen.

    i am neither whites or south africans, but it pains my heart to see a great people who is more deserving to south africa getting disposessed.

  24. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Hi Mike

    Thank you I read through all the chapters and the reading was worth it. In terms of work - although it does feel as if it is too vague and people may misinterprete it as just working harder - I believe it also means to stand our ground - not with weapons, but with intellect. Start helping each other and forming a bond. Don't let corruption, corrupt us and don't sleep with the enemy.

    Indeed, if one has to spell it out - if you cannot get a contract because your business doesn't have the right BBBEE score, then you are on the right path. Don't sell out your soul to get business from the government and don't support BEE companies. If a cop wants a bribe report him rather than supporting him. If you get poor service, demand a refund. At same time, deliver on promises, be friendly and stop the attitude of ... if we stay "nice" they will help us... the Jews had to give their businesses to the Germans and then they were placed in Ghettos, shortly after they were sent to labour camps or so they liked to think until it was too late. Don't help them take your school or home.

    Every compromomise is as said, seen as weakness and they will take more. Start using the available channels to protect what is yours and that of your nation. Stop reading the Huisgenoot and watching Rugby whilst fellow South Africans become beggars on the street. When you need labourers employ the white South Africans without jobs. It takes a helping hand to get others to once again believe. For those that beg, start working together to rebuild rather than to lie down. For all of us that just have to keep paying taxes whilst others live in richness, keep blowing the whistle and never stop. Unite rather than fight.

    If the police doesn't obey the road rules, write down their number plate and report them. If hawkers sell at the robots don't support them - they are breaking the law. If someone litters, ask them to pick it up.

    Stop using Facebook as a place to post photos of cute animals and cliche filled messages and start spreading the truth. Only once people no longer see it is a futile operation, will we able to do something. As long as we feel helpless and isolated we will be exactly the sheep they want.

  25. Anonymous6:58 am

    Arbeit Macht Frei!

  26. Mike, it's all well to say that we must work. A first grader in shool will understand that.

    But, it is during rest that ideas are conceptualized and the body restored bio-chemically and if a man's rest is not respected and does not become Rest then all the work he did will be waisted.

    Perhaps Afrikaans and English people must better realize their common Israelite ancestry (as is indicated by researchers such as Yair Davidyi) and uncompromising Christian values and life style.

    The problem as I see it is that we've become too reliant on a labour class that doesn't share the same cultural and spiritual values and they will definitely not allow you a peaceful life in a democratic system where everybody's votes are equal unless they are replaced by others or unless you walk away like the first Apostles and start a totally new community in a place such as Orania. If peace is rejected...

    Perhaps the contribution of a black movement such as the Zionists might change attitudes but the status quo in municipalities shows that this is not likely to happen soon.

    A few insane artists perhaps hit the nail on the head, and contribute to a more just society and a differentiated awareness, but the masses aren't likely to respond.

  27. Anonymous12:55 pm

    The fight has been delayed only - it will happen. But God will fight for us.

  28. I was taken aback at first, reading the ultimate episode. Steve Hofmyer uttered the words on Twitter "go figure". For somebody that knows history, it was elementary to "go figure".

    If I interpret Mike correctly, he referred to go work on a long term plan. Something like "go forth and occupy a piece of land from where independence can one day be attained".

    Thank you for a great set of history lessons!

  29. Anonymous7:43 pm


    Mike I understand you wrote this quite some time ago, I would like to know how we can do the following which you mention below....

    Therefore the answer to the long-term future existence of whites on the southernmost tip of Africa does not lie in “War”, but in “Work”.

    However, it will take a combined effort. It will take parents, teachers, university academics, university students, the students themselves, businessmen and –women, legislators, journalists, religious ministers, and artisans from every walk of life to start rolling up their sleeves and putting shoulder to the wheel.

    The time for apathy is over. The time for blame-shifting is over. We have to think about our future and the future of our children. We have to start thinking about whether we want to be here in 50 years time or 200 years from now.

    My first question is how can we make it work when trying to work together has not worked, seems like we are making an effort but continually being abused physically and emotionally by this abusive partner who kicks us around calling us a colonialist / imperialist aka whore in Bantu?

    My second question is, what if the blacks in SA are no longer willing to work or have the whites work around them?

    Now If you asked me 2 years ago, I would have agreed with you 100% but now what can or must one do when you are called a colonialist and an imperialist in your own country?

    What do you do when they continually destroy statues, remove statues and deface everything that is white and call for more destruction and renaming?

    How do you live in a country or work with them when you have a group of people who keep pointing their finger at you and saying you are a "thief" if you argue back and try debate the argument they no longer want to go that route, so then what is one left to do?

    We can leave tomorrow, but how many can leave this country? What do those who stay behind, who have tried their best, brought up their children to be tolerant and work with our "new partners in the new SA" and yet when they go to school they are taught they are thieves?

    How do we get on, when the entire "getting on well" in the new SA has eroded that you dont have a school in your own language?

    How do you get on and work when they systematically kill your language on TV, Newspapers, removing it from schools? How do we get on and make this work when we are told that we have done no good in SA?

    As mentioned, 2 years back I would have said I agree 100% with you, but when what was agreed upon has been eroded and they now continually call you a colonialist and imperialist what do you do?

    We keep keep plowing along with our heads face down, cause when ever we look up we see new laws excluding us from everything, called racists, seeing murders go through the roof when nothing is taken, the leader of another African country comes here and says he doesnt want to see a white face and no black leaders condemn it, in fact they laugh.

    So again, do we keep plowing along by the sweat of our brow and just hope for the best, because plowing along looking at the ground to scared to look up for the next whitee comment is giving me a stiff neck.

    1. ;-) hehehe. You are starting to ask the right questions. I want more people to ask those questions. I want people thirsty for a solution. I want people crying for an answer. Only then will they willing to listen.

      That piece you quote comes from Part 35 of Opening Pandora's Apartheid Box. Back then very few people understood what I wrote there. I took a lot of flack for that, because I was not making a call for war, but for work. What people did not understand is that war is work and work is war. What is the work of a soldier? It is war. But people are too focused on the Boer War and the Angolan Bush War. They are too narrow-minded to realise that every war is different. Our third war of freedom will be fought completely differently. If I must show you the blueprints, you will not even recognise it as "War" or at least not what most people understand under it. Times have changed. In 2008 I wrote a piece called How will World War IV be fought

      People called me crazy. Some openly laughed at me. Called me a "keyboard warrior"...Actually I was the one laughing at them.

      Then came the Arab Spring in 2010-2011and proved me right. Students using Facebook, Twitter and smartphones toppled one dictator after the other faster than any guerrilla war could and with a lot less casualties.

      See, people do not understand that a good general should be able to read and recognise the situation in hand and manoeuvre accordingly. Failure to do so (unadaptability) will lead to disaster.

      Like I said. Times have changed. Technology has changed. Those who think they can fight an heroic war in the vain of the Boers of old or the SADF in Angola are destined for disaster. People need a paradigm shift in their minds. They need to think out of the box. Like I said they need to start to WORK.

      People need to forget about a great leader, a "De la Rey", coming to lead them heroically into battle. This is not the Anglo Boer War. It is not Bloodriver. It is 2015. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      I can show you how to do it, but the problem is that you cannot squeeze a fruit ripe. People are not ready yet. They need to be educated. Trained. Putting untrained soldiers into war is akin to murder. A good general knows when to go on the offensive. When to seize the initiative and when to rally and focus his troops at precisely the right time. Like a skilful conductor building the orchestra up into a crescendo. That time has not come yet, but it will.

    2. Anonymous8:23 am


      Thank you for your reply.

      Yes the times have changed and the the way we do battle has changed for ever.

      Though the same savage who we have tried to work alongside has remained the same in his effort to extinguish us from this country and get us out or living in the most disastrous situation.

      I am just honestly losing hope in this country, I honestly feel like this is not what we were promised as whites and saying this usually gets two responses which contradicts the entire negotiations in the first place.

      One camp says - you were privileged and now have to give the blacks a chance

      One camp says - this is pay back.

      But both of these contradict a "free & fair" South Africa. See I have no problem with blacks, there are some decent blacks who in my mind are actually more civilized than some whites in this country.

      Obviously at the heart of this is the racial thing, always will be but I have no issue with them but what I have an issue with is continually bashing whitee for everything in this country.


      If we say ok mense prepare and train, then I feel like we are preparing for war when we tried to avert that and genuinely work together to build this place.

      I just cant see the solution or an answer, perhaps Im not looking at it right or not asking the right questions but our nation is very very despondent to put it mildly.

      How much longer before the nation is ripe to do something, im just concerned that they are eaten from the inside out before they get picked for the ripening stage.

      I just look at the situation and there is no future here for us under these conditions and the conditions, the lies, the bashing of whites is getting worse as time goes by.

      I really dont know what we can do.

    3. Our time will come. To each action there is an opposite and equal reaction....it is the law of nature and this is the course of all things. We may not rise up in arms, but in unity and intellectual capacity the white man will defeat the Marxists in this country. It may not be 5 years or even 25 years but the change will happen. Opportunity will come and South Africans, even the Liberals will realise that Communism does not work! Until that day, have faith and be patient but don't do nothing. Help and unify your white brothers and sisters! Be tolerant and understanding of their different views, Afrikaans or English! Lastly, do not break anyone white brother or sister down for not sharing a view, whether it be Liberal or not...fighting with your own kind creates seperation, and in these days we need every single person on our side.

  30. Organisations such as Afriforum and Solidarity do provide opportunity to work towards a better future for white people and our children, thus the tool exists for work to be done and organisations like these can and will unify many white south africans...not only afrikaans or english speaking....but all white south africans. Actually, any right minded person black or white will support any structured organisation such as above mentioned. I personally believe that the victory in thus country can not be won with military force like Mike said, but rather by achieving unity and making that unity count by becoming independant from Government or their services. Only then will we have a prepared a prosperous future for our children. We have to work. Work towards sharing our skills with each other and we have to work toqards tolerating each others' views. There can be no more time wasted on infighting, the enemy has power in numbers, ours is one of intellect and numbers, although fewer, combined with intellect and cause....can be of great benefit. Excellent articles Mike.

  31. Mike you are so right...All I can say is I will serve my nation when they can admit that to be racist is not evil. It is just to love your own kind..And to express your disgust for the ruling atheist murdering people..It is the political correct liberals that are "dying to be good" that wants to serve two masters.When the war begins I will return and fight for my Afrikaans nation.