22 August 2011

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 33 - How the negotiations were lost

By Mike Smith
23rd of August 2011

How is it possible that a people with one of the strongest military forces of the time, ranking then under the tenth best in the world, could lose a negotiating battle with almost unarmed blacks?

How is it possible that university educated white lawyers and academia could lose at the negotiating table to seemingly simple blacks? I mean…how difficult could it be?

This is the story of the negotiations and the treason that led to the destruction of Afrikaner Nationalism.

Why even enter into negotiations at all?

At the time of 1982 the white Apartheid South Africa was a nuclear power with the assistance of Israel. Officially South Africa had seven nuclear weapons according to the IAEA , but in his book “The unspoken Alliance: Israel’s secret relationship with Apartheid South Africa”, Sasha Polakow-Suransky mentions on page 222; 223 that over 20 nuclear weapons and more than 100 nuclear artillery shells were produced. Where these lost weapons are today is a mystery.

In addition to the nuclear weapons, South Africa also possessed chemical and biological weapons. South Africa built up its arms industry with the help of Israel to the point where Armscor was a major exporter of sophisticated weapons such as the G5 and G6 howitzers.

South Africa had a nuclear space program with satellites being built at Houteq near Grabouw in the Western Cape and orbital as well as sub orbital and ballistic missiles being tested at the Overberg Test Range near Arniston in the Western Cape.

At the same time, the ANC Marxist terrorist organisation was finished. By 1980 they were hunted down and beaten into submission by the South African security forces that would sniff them out under every rock and in every nook and cranny they were hiding. From Mozambique to London, from Zambia to Sweden, they were sent parcel bombs or were paid personal visits by the South African hit squads and bluntly eliminated.

South Africa pioneered and waged the original “War on terror” and showed the world that there is only one way to defeat terrorists and that is to beat them at their own game. You have to terrorise the terrorists into submission.

Nevertheless, by 1980 the ANC was little more than a rented office with a fax machine in Dares Salaam. Inside South Africa, Inkatha, the Black Consciousness Movement, Black theology movements and since 1983 the UDF were more the people representing the Blacks, not the ANC. The ANC was largely forgotten by 1980.

In fact there was no reason to enter into negotiations with the ANC at all. There were no reasons to enter into negotiations with any of the Black Anti Apartheid movements whatsoever. The Whites of South Africa ruled the roost.

If the Blacks wanted a bloody civil war they would have received one. The whites were firmly in control of the police and army. It would have been annihilation on a grand scale like the world has not seen since Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot.

Instead, the whites of South Africa decided to bring an end to violence and live in peace with their black neighbours. The white South Africans were also tired of being seen and treated by the rest of the world as the “Skunk amongst Nations”. They thought that with Apartheid gone, with all discrimination gone, sanctions would be gone, sports boycotts would be gone and then they could build an even stronger South Africa together with the blacks...side by side, hand in hand...A South Africa that would be the darling of the world, not the skunk.

The politically ignorant and religiously naive (certainly for the most part) White South Africans at the time thought that when Apartheid was gone, they would be welcomed back by the world like the prodigal son in Luke 15 in the Bible. Best of all was that they could finally compete in the Rugby World Cup from which they were excluded in 1987 and 1991.

So when the choice to negotiate came, along with all the rosy promises of a better South Africa for all by the politicians and the media, as opposed to civil war with the Blacks, white South Africans voted 69% to 31% in favour of negotiations. It was not that they thought they would lose such a war. A peaceful solution simply seemed like the better option for all at the time.

At this stage it has to be stressed that the whites voted for “Negotiations” (whatever that meant at the time) not for capitulation as understood by the National Party. President F.W. de Klerk promised a second referendum on whether the negotiations were successful and acceptable to the whites. He promised that he would not budge on certain “Checks and Balances”...

What was going on in the mind of White South Africans at the time?

The feeling was that most of the whites swallowed the propaganda by the world and South African media. People had high hopes. They honestly believed that a New South Africa with everyone living in peace and harmony was possible, despite history showing us 180 degrees the contrary not only in South Africa, but also the rest of the world.

But just as love is blind, South African Whites fell in love with the idea of the “New Improved South Africa” and chose to ignore the realities.

The mindset of the Whites

White South Africans are for the most part very efficient people. They believe in hard work and getting the job done as soon as possible. They are therefore somewhat impatient in solving problems, finding solutions and gets frustrated when the process drags on too long.

Another trait of White South Africans in general and especially the Afrikaners is their immense sense of “fair play”. It stems from their almost religious participation in sports, their Calvinistic religious beliefs and their Roman Dutch Law system.

Little did the white South Africans realise that their traits would ultimately be used against them.

Deception and the Art of War

Today it is difficult to believe that the negotiators on the white side of Codesa had no plan, no strategy and were totally ignorant to the basics of warfare. Know yourself and know your enemy is the basics of Sun Tzu’s Art of War. All warfare is based upon deception...and the Communists were masters of deception.

When it came to negotiations with blacks, the best experiences that whites ever had with blacks were bartering at a roadside curio stand or deciding on what wage should be paid for a day’s work in the kitchen or garden of a white person.

It is with this kind of attitude that the White negotiators at Codesa approached the ANC. They thought they were going to bargain with a few blacks on wood carving of an animal. The Whites at Codesa totally underestimated the ANC negotiators.

The ANC negotiators, white and black had a totally different approach. They travelled to Vietnam in 1978 to learn the techniques of “People’s War” from General Vo Nguyen Giap as documented in the book by Dr. Anthea Jeffery. They traveled to Moscow, East Germany, Cuba and Beijing to learn from the best about ideological, revolutionary and negotiation warfare techniques.

Both Joe Slovo and Cyril Ramaphosa were lawyers. Slovo was a colonel in the KGB. These guys were not idiots and they were on a mission to win.

Bobby Godsell of Anglo American Corporation called Ramaphosa “The most skilled negotiator I have ever met”.

Since 1979 the ANC introduced the techniques of General Giap that defeated the mightiest military to date, the USA.

These were the techniques taught to and employed by the ANC in South Africa during Apartheid and during the negotiation. The gullible black women and children of the townships were at the same time the soldiers and the weapons of war against the armed South African forces.

The ANC negotiating strategy and techniques

When the negotiations started, the ANC was entering a no-holds barred, no rules fight when the NP was entering a boxing match under Queensbury rules. There could only be one outcome. Total defeat of the NP.

The NP had all the positioning and all the leverage, then they slipped up…but how is this possible?

The answer can be found in Von Clausewitz’s “On War”, Book One. Von Clausewitz says that first of all one should not assume that the position of defense and attack is equal. It is totally unequal. This is also stated in Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” under siege warfare.

He further states that there are two things to consider in a war strategy, the size of the opponent and his willingness to fight.

It does not matter how big, how many weapons, how much money or how many numbers an opponent has. If the willingness to fight is not there and instead a willingness to make peace is already there, the opponent stands no chance. He will lose. A thirteen year old girl will beat him.

The fight was taken out of the dog

The NP took it that their armed and security forces already legitimately defeated the ANC. They proved it to the world. They could now sit back and relax while the ANC signed their demands at negotiations on the dotted line.

To the NP the fight was effectively over. The hand was outstretched to help the defeated enemy to his feet and make friends as if nothing ever happened.

To the ANC the fight only just started. All the defeats they suffered all the blows on the nose and on the mouth meant nothing now. They achieved the start position they wanted. The NP, instead of finishing them off on the ground when they had the chance, helped them up. Now the real battle would start.

The NP government soldiers might have been masters in bush warfare, but they were amateurs in ideological warfare.

It is astonishing and embarrassing today to look back at the NP negotiations at Codesa and how the Communists ran circles around them.

The ANC strategy almost comes straight from Von Clausewitz’s first chapter. War is politics continued by other means. The ANC saw negotiations as an extended armed struggle. When the NP lowered their weapons the ANC intensified the use of theirs.

The strategy of the ANC is not hard to grasp. As a backdrop to their negotiations they used horrific violence such as necklace murders of their own supporters.

They knew the whites would be impatient to put an end to this violence would therefore want to get the negotiations out of the way as soon as possible so they could have their peace. The ANC on the other hand was very patient. They fully exploited the NP negotiator’s impatience, sense of fair play, and efficiency to “get the job done”.

To a communist, just showing a willingness to negotiate is already a sign of weakness. If you were really strong, you would have taken him out. Therefore there can never be any meaningful negotiations with communists.

The NP negotiators thought about compromise. Whites had to give up a few things; Blacks give up a few things and in the end everyone walks away as a winner.

Not to a communist. A communist never compromise. He never gives up anything. If he does, it is only to get something better in return.

Compromise is never a good idea. When two sets of basic principles compromise for the sake of getting along, the result is some muck in the middle and nobody gets along. One cannot compromise on good principles. When good and evil compromise then evil always wins. Evil can only exist, because the good principles have been compromised on.

But the ANC had some other techniques up their sleeves.

The communists are obsessed with saving face. They never want to be seen as the ones who have lost the conventional war.

One tactic they use is “Stage setting”. At negotiations they would seat their opponents looking into the sun or directly in the sun so they feel hot and uncomfortable. Food will be doctored so they feel tired, or ill. Chair legs of the opponents would be shorter than that of the communists. Everything down to the journalists and cameramen would be carefully chosen. Even the language will be chosen to put the negotiators on the backfoot.

Another one is “The loaded agenda”. For instance they would have a hundred points on a list of negotiations; they would present the first five on relatively mediocre issues to the NP as preliminary issues that would first have to be met before any negotiations could start.

One of it was to exclude military generals like Magnus Malan and police minister Adriaan Vlok from the negotiating table.

Every single one of these preliminary issues actually was points that should have been negotiated, but the NP did not want to appear as the guilty unwavering deadlocking party who would de-rail, negotiations. So they gave in…An immediate sign of weakness to the Marxist terrorist ANC.

If the NP refused, the ANC would have used it against the NP as a sign of their inflexibility to negotiate and they would have occupied the moral higher ground.

The negotiations would start over the next five items on the list. The NP would be impatient to get the job done and square away the issues, but the ANC would be patient…deliberately prolonging it by frustrating the NP with arbitrary issue, until the NP would say, “OK, OK, we give in, It is not that important anyway…, let’s move on to the next point”.

Negotiation would start on a difficult issue and at the point where it seemed the NP would not budge, violence ala “People’s War” would erupt at Boipatong or some other place in the country, or Cyril Ramaphosa would threaten that more mass action would follow and four months of negotiations would have been wasted and down the drain. All blame for violence would obviously be put on the NP government or Inkatha, who would be blame the NP of violating the ceasefire and negotiations would be unilaterally suspended by the ANC…

Automatically the NP would stand there like a bunch of idiots, not realizing, not even faintly grasping what was going on in the ANC strategy and would do everything to get back on track with negotiations to look like the good boys.

They also used a tactic called “Welshing”. The communists have no problem to make interim agreements and go back on their words. When you point out that an agreement has already been reached, they would tell you, “No, your interpretation of the agreement is wrong…”

Having agreements in writing also helped little. By inserting punctuations at the right places they could change the meaning of a sentence by 180 degrees.

The chief negotiators of the NP government at Codesa one were Barend Du Plessis and Gerrit Viljoen.

Both were highly educated gentlemen. Du Plessis was educated at Potchefstroom University in South Africa and furthered his studies in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, Viljoen at Cambridge and Leiden.

After the failure of Codesa one, both Finance Minister Barend du Plessis and Constitutional Development Minister, former Broederbond chairman and South West African administrator Gerrit Viljoen resigned and were taken up in hospital from exhaustion…They were no match for the ANC negotiating team.

That is what negotiations with communists bring you.

Nevertheless, Viljoen was replaced by Roelf Meyer who was taught trout fishing by Cyril Ramaphosa, the ANC chief negotiator on a Sidney Frankel fishing weekend in August 1991 where Ramaphosa rescued Roelf and ripped a fishing hook from Roelf’s hand with a pair of pliers.

It was a friendship sealed in blood, yet at Codesa-two they were at opposite sides of the table, supposedly against each other. Both were relatively young at the time. Roelf Meyer 45 and Cyril Ramaphosa 40.

Codesa-two would be what Allister Sparks calls in his book, “Tomorrow is another country”, “The Roelf and Cyril Show”.

During the months of June to September 1992 when negotiations were broken off Roelf and Cyril would secretly meet one on one in hotels several times a month.

During this time, ambitious Afrikaner politicians such as Roelf Meyer, Martinus van Schalkwyk and Leon Wessels started to realize the game was over and started to evaluate their own career prospects and entered into separate negotiations with the ANC. They were more interested about their own political and business futures than with the wellbeing of white South Africans. Meyer represented the government and Wessels represented the National Party at the negotiations.

Eventually negotiations deadlocked on three issues, releasing political prisoners, several extremely dangerous murderers, and Fencing Inkatha areas in and prohibiting the carrying of traditional weapons.

Communist leader Joe Slovo broke the deadlock by admitting that the ANC was not dealing with a defeated enemy and would have to offer the NP some form of power sharing for at least five years. Police and military officers would keep their jobs, etc…

His reason was that the ANC had no trained civil servants to take over from the NP and thus would have to co-operate with them for at least a while until they could fully take over.

As the mafia boss Don Corleone in “The Godfather” so famously mentioned… he made them an offer they could not resist.

The whole time Chief Buthelezi of the Zulus acted like a prima donna, refused to budge on any issues and feeling constantly insulted by not getting the respect he craved and so he was sidelined.

Over the Christmas and New year period of 1992 and 1993 two secret meetings known as “Bosberade” (Bush negotiations) took place between the National Party negotiators and the ANC top ranks at D’Nyala game reserve near Lephalale, formerly known as Ellisras in the Northern Transvaal, now known as Limpopo province.

There Leon Wessels shared hour long talks with Joe Slovo in the swimming pool, Cyril, his wife and Roelf Meyer went nighttime game watching together on the back of a Land Rover. Delegates went jogging together in the morning and shared campfire stories under a Tamboti tree at night while the best cuts of meat were being barbecued for them by their hosts…all sponsored by the unknowing white taxpayers on the verge of being sold out by their government.

During this time Leon Wessels said that he and Cyril Ramaphosa “found each other”…whatever that meant.

Can white South Africans complain today about these negotiations? It is after all the mandate they gave the NP during the 1992 referendum.

They did not specify that negotiations should take place around a round table. They did not tell them that they should win. Besides, negotiations in a swimming pool or around a braai were therefore fully legit.

The next month the negotiators of the 26 groups would convene at the World Trade Centre in Kempton Park and every time a deadlock was reached, Roelf an Cyril would slip away into a corner and quietly convene, then return with a solution, the other 24 parties effectively excluded. The media dubbed it the Roelf and Cyril Show. The other 24 parties might just as well not have been there.

At the time the President F.W. de Klerk seemed disinterested and more involved with his Greek mistress. When the negotiations were finally over and the Codesa results were published in 1993, he exclaimed to his chief negotiator, Roelf Meyer, “My God Roelf, jy het ons uitverkoop!”

(My God, Roelf, you sold us out!)

From F.W. de Klerk’s empty promises of “Checks and balances”, “Minority rights” and a second referendum, nothing came. We lost our country and we would never have the peace we were promised.

Since Codesa-one started on the 20th of December 1991 until the interim constitution was accepted on the 18th of November 1993 the entire Codesa meetings and all the secret negotiations were facilitated and watched over by the National Intelligence Services (NIS).

Advocate P.J.Pretorius in his book “Sell Out, 1997, pg 350” mentions that during this time and towards its end, in April 1993, it became clear to NIS that the NP was losing the battle against the Marxist ANC at the negotiating table and that they, along with 15,000 employees would soon be without jobs.

In order to survive they would have had to embark on a marketing strategy to sell themselves to their new masters, the Marxist ANC. So what they did was to invite the ANC honchos to a secret meeting on their secluded Island in the middle of the Vaal Dam near the town of Heidelberg (Transvaal) to make a presentation of their capabilities and how they could and would sink the “New Enemies”, namely the Right Wing Afrikaners.

The main focus of their presentation was on “Intel-igence”…obviously illegally and unconstitutionally monitoring the public’s phones, cell-phones, internet, etc…

The ANC being keen students of Sun Tzu accepted, because in Chapter thirteen “On the use of Spies” Master Sun Tzu advises that spies, all five kinds, should always be treated well.

Soon afterwards the so-called Rightwing was neutralized.

The negotiations of Codesa should never have taken place. The referendum should never have taken place. As I have mentioned before. When F.W. de Klerk revoked the Population Registration Act, he did away with the Tri Cameral Constitution of 1983. From that moment on the NP was an illegitimate government with zero rights to negotiate or call referendums.


  1. Anonymous7:19 pm


  2. Anonymous12:07 am

    I have said it before, and I'll say it again: They (FW and company) should be in jail! FUCKEMALL!!!!

  3. Anonymous5:26 am

    Yes Mike,like the Nazareth song says :Love Hurts!
    Ja,they were all made an offer they coulnt refuse....
    What whites(boers) need to understand is" Talking aint worth shit",youve got to find a solution to your problems...Why sit in a world of Problems?

    I find that many in sa(boers & whites) have many complaints about the Rainbow nation yet no action is ever taken.We need to tear a page out of our enemies book and formulate a plan to fight back,(the anc did it),they got funding and embarked on a struggle.

    I dont see any of the above,because part of this action by the anc at the time was to show their grass roots members and supporters almost daily that they were taking action(bombs)etc
    It made them feel good about their fight back campaign....
    White boers will do nothing because they are not in a corner yet ,i tend to believe tutu to a certain degree(in terms of numbers),that whites beneffited plenty under apartheid(as well as blacks) & are currently still surfing on the apartheid wave thus no action by whites....(im ok ,fuck you jack scenario)

    I believe that the real action on the whites behalf can only come from the western world who control the mineral wealth of sa.(The same way "They" aided and abbeted the anc)against us boers.
    Only Greed by Zuma & co.for sa"s mineral wealth will generate interest by the west,and maybe not even in our favour,but the opportunity will at least present it self if we boers play our cards right(a recent example being Libya,and the rebels who are now being officially recognised & respected by the west and meetings are in the pipeline between the west and rebels)
    Gadaffi was always a trashbag in the eyes of the west but they left him because he wasnt really Rocking the boat with Oil,BUT then he either wanted to deny the west,or join brics and then he was a tyrant,like you say (human rights abuses)...
    When you see USA,Uk,G8's speaking out about the ancs track record on human rights abuses,Then and only then will we boers be sure that they are getting set up to take a BIG fall.
    In the mean time it is our duty to expose these human rights abuses in sa(A.A,BEE,Farm killings,rape by policeman etc etc etc),so we make the wests job easy for them when zuma nationalises and they the west are looking for examples.Unless he nationalises "We south africans are living in a wonderfull Rainbow Nation,like the last 17years"

  4. Anonymous5:35 am

    Brilliant article Mike!

    You mentioned the following:

    "Bobby Godsell of Anglo American Corporation called Ramaphosa “The most skilled negotiator I have ever met”."

    Personally I think Bobby was being humble. I mean who kept control of the minerals?

    What Bobby offered in exchange for control over the minerals we know today as BEE and AA. A peace offering...

    There is a reason why Winnie accused Mandela of having sold out his people, because according to her he gave them political freedom at the expense of economic freedom.

    This is why Winnie is backing Malema. She is hoping that he will be the person to fulfill the ANC's freedom charter.


  5. Anonymous5:57 am

    It says a lot about white South Africans that this treacherous National Party scum has not been killed off like vermin.

  6. Anonymous10:40 am

    They portrayed the white South Africa to the world as this brutal monster with military and police that is oppressing these meek and mild African black people who's land was stolen and taken away for their own selfish needs and profits, they are only wanting their freedom from the white oppressor. AS you said war is about deception, the ANC knew exactly how to convince the world on how to make the white SA'ns basically look like fools and idiots. Their MK and APLA was a complete joke and these clowns today are running the police, military and other government institutions.

    So the actual ANC fight was all the propaganda and lies so economic sanctions can be placed on white SA by the rest of the world and they could boycott all SA export ( sports, products, technology etc) during the apartheid years.

    You have to admit it is pretty ingenious!

  7. Anonymous10:58 am


    Good article! Whites committed suicide by thinking they could just hand the country over.

    You make such a relevant point - Whites did think that by giving the beast control that the world would still love them or help them best of all reward them for their noble deed of letting little munto out the cage and handing power to him!

    What the world then did was forget or refuse to admit who belongs in SA and championed the old under dogs as the new champions having transformed south africa.

    Whites in SA make me sick sick sick, in fact they deserve to be humiliated made fun of, murdered, they did it to themselves not me (i dont mean to sound cruel) but try talk common sense to them and they will say things like

    "Ag i dont want to talk about that" or Ag you know things are alright! Sure...

    Expecting the world to feel sorry for you when you dont feel sorry for yourself is crazy. Like usual we took the easy road

    The road we paved for these munts and the world was paved with good intentions but like the old saying says, the road to hell is always paved with good intentions.

    We are in hell now through our good deeds and intentions that we hoped the world would recognize, instead all we got was a blind eye at the facts like genocide etc etc and a half blind eye shouting from the top of the roof how good the country is

    But talk to most whites in SA and things are fine, things will get better blah blah blah blah blah

    They could be smashed in the face with a hammer and they would still praise the ANC and saint mandela....

    So sorry to say ...

    The germans who didnt fight alongside their country men were tortured by the Russians and women raped ...

    Those who sit on the fence are bound to fall off and break something....

    Most zimbos (Rhodesians) sat on the fences laughing at our apartheid policies saying " ag you are doomed" they fell off their little high fences and have nothing now....

    Sitting on the side lines like we are doing is not going to help anyone, not suidlanders joining the likes of the AWB or anyone we are ALL just reacting to the winds of change in SA...

    Sooner or later we will have to decide... Until then we will keep getting bashed from all sides because we are sitting on the fence..sitting ducks...white cash cows when the milking stops the culling starts!

    And if you didnt notice there are fewer and fewer cows, the fat ones are leaving those left behind cannot get milked!

  8. Anonymous11:35 am

    Good summary uncle cracker...May I mention a few points?

    You don't bring the huge pressure of disinvestment into the picture...The NP was under MASSIVE pressure due to the vast drain of capital flighting out of SA...As I recall the prime interest rate around 1989 was about 28%!

    This was a further "gun to the head"

    Secondly, I think the AWB did us a disservice by storming the building in Kempton Park where negotiations were being held...Thirdly (and this also did help us at all) was the assissination of Chris Hani by the polishman Walus aided by Clive derby Lewis...That third one was a real dumb mistake but really there were other pressures that hastened the demise of the Nats...

    It was a time for cool heads but we lost it...Never forget that most whites voted YES in 1992 and even Treurnicht had to admit that it was valid (although he bitched about the "rhetorical" format of the question) and he too died shortly thereafter, perhaps from the shock of the future that he was able to envision coming...(what an ironical surname under the circumstances...! Treur)
    Anonymous Bosh

  9. Anonymous12:34 pm

    My Father in law ( He passed away-bless his soul) was a groot Broederbonder. He was also very closely involved as a negotiator at the time when the mine unions started their strikes and had to negotiate with the powers to be in order to strike.At that time Cyril Ramaphosa was head of the mine workers union, he and my Father in law (a senior law man in the goverment) was involved in a couple of negotiations.

    When he heard that Roelf Meyer is going up against Cyril Ramaphosa at Codesa, his only words was " ons is gefok!" (We are fucked!)


  10. The Real Mike Smith12:42 pm

    It's only brilliant the same way that the crap that the ANC's comms agency spits out is brilliant.

    Why is there no mention of the civil uprising between the ANC and IFP during the 90s? The latter being funded by the government to try and stop the change the power?

  11. Jason the boer1:01 pm

    I received chills down my spine after reading this great article, with all the treachery by white NATS. This is why I grew up supporting and always will support the Conservatives. Andries Treunicht should've ruled then we wouldn't have been in this filthy messed up country.

  12. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Anon 10:58AM "Like usual we took the easy road" ????
    Let me tell you meneer what is the easy road:Voting Yes for Change!

    I know many boers(loyal people),people that i have and will still trust with my Life!
    People who were members of the awb who tried to stop this Soddom & Gamorah in sa....
    Remember that! Ja i can almost hear you say Ja those branderwyn cowboys!
    Thats what the media called Them!
    Well at the time, i challenge anybody on this site If They would say that THEN ALREADY! Ja they meant business those Boers They took half of jhb airport to pieces....Remember That!!!

    They were veraaied by nis,nia,sap,traitors,moles,security branch,etc etc and most lost Everything,were jailed,and some later pardoned...Did you play your Role ,like I personally did????
    In Fact did ANY whites????Ja,Sometimes i wonder wheather you lot Deserve Your Predicament,
    Come Lets Bury the Hatchet & Join Hands,Boere.

    Boere -Mafia.

  13. Anonymous12:22 am


    Ek stem saam met jou, meeste mense was en is te slapgap om iets te sê of doen!! Die AWB, Kommandokorps en Suidlanders gaan nog n einde tot al die gemors bring. Ek dink ons moet ook net onthou dat die wereld ons sielkundig afgekraak het voor 92 en dis hoekom baie mense JA gestem het. Maar nie te min, dit was geen rede om JA te stem nie, want tot die Bybel sê, "staan saam met die Wêreld en jy staan teen God, staan saam God en jy staan teen die Wêreld". Kyk maar na die klein goepies wat teen die Wêreld staan (Conservatives, Right-Wing, etc), die groepe wat die Wêreld laaik om te haat.

    As ons mense regtig saam God gestaan het daardie tyd, sou die uitslag heel anders uitgedraai het, maar soos wat almal maar vandag is, draai ons weg van hom en aanvaar maar Satan se gedoentes. Nie dat ek een is nie, ek staan vas teen sy kak, en die Wêreld het ook nie my steun nie!!

    Maar ja, ons geloof is teen ons gebruik deur die Kerke wat ons moes beskerm en die woord van God vertolk, maar soos meeste Kerke is, gaan dit oor mammon.

    Sterkte Broer, sien jou by Bloedrivier.


  14. Anonymous3:29 am


  15. Ons grootste vyand sit tussen ons ore.Dis nie die pikstele,vrymesselaars,broederbonders of geld jode se skuld as die Witman in die algemeen so min verstand het om nie die regte pad te kan sien nie of wat dalk kan vorentoe gebeur indien daar 'n verkeerde besluit geneem word.Ons denke is nog te veel verbind aan die Donker Eeue en tot die Witman nie kan vorentoe beweeg nie sal ons in die Natuur gedelete word.Kyk maar wat aangaan in die res van die Witlande,dis dieselfde as hier.Ons het hopelik te beskaaf groot geword.Die meeste mense wat gestem het in die laaste 50 jaar moet nooit toe gelaat gewees het om te kon gestem het nie,want behalwe vir rugby en engeltjies het hulle absoluut niks geweet wat aan gaan nie en so het hulle die VP/PFP/DP,NP en Kp aan die lewe gehou sodat hulle kon uit verkoop word aan die barbare van die land en nou kak ons almal.

  16. Maybe, just maybe Julius Malema will be the catalyst to bring the rest of the world to their senses to realise who and what the ANC/SA Government really is.

  17. Anonymous9:43 am

    white South Africans should relocate to one area of the country,possibly eastern Transvaal and use Richards bay as a port.Declare an Independent white Homeland and defend the area as the Jews did in the forming of the state of Israel.

  18. Engelsman7:18 am

    I seem to remember reading in the newspaper about a bunch of 155mm shells with uranium / nuclear-type fillings being found in a scrap yard in Joburg in the late 1990's? Curiously, I can't find anything about it on Google.

    A while ago I saw a guest on Al-Jazeera who was an expert on nuclear weapons describe South Africa's (FW de Klerk's government) co-operation on nuclear weapons as a model of what a co-operative government should look like. Funny how the Americans and British were falling over themselves to install the can-do-no-wrong ANC into power but went all out to make sure that no nukes would ever fall into their hands!

    Just to show you how deep the brainwashing goes... a few years ago there was a military dinner where most of the guests were white... and the guest speaker they had invited was Roelf Meyer... the man who single handedly transformed the SADF (rated in the top 5 defence forces in the world) into the SANDF (no. 49).

    When I expressed my amazement at Roelf Meyer being the guest speaker, the others who had been present as guests thought I was being peculiar!

    FYI I am an English speaking South African and not a right wing extremist, but inviting Roelf Meyer to talk at a military dinner is like asking Malema to give woodwork lessons to carpenters.

    Can anyone please tell me what "concessions" white South Africans obtained through these so-called negotiations? How is it that those who held the advantages walked away with nothing? This is not the defintion of negotiation but surrender.

    Mike, I think you are wrong - the NP were not out-negotiated - we were sold out long before and the negotiations were only for show. The bottom line is that the Broederbonders and the Communists struck a deal - even Jan Breytenbach said so.

    Perhaps this will teach us in future not to tolerate in public office those who belong to secret societies and who will put the aims of that organization before honour, fairness and decency.

  19. Engelsman5:29 am

    Some more words from FW "Judas Iscariot" de Klerk who knew exactly what he was doing when he sold us out in 1990 (http://www.politicsweb.co.za/politicsweb/view/politicsweb/en/page71619?oid=549502&sn=Detail) :

    "FW de Klerk warned the public about the ANC's intentions in a speech that he delivered on 31 January at the Foundation's annual conference in Cape Town. In his comments De Klerk summarised the main elements of the NDR as follows:

    "The ANC sees itself, not as an ordinary political party, but as a national liberation movement with an uncompleted revolutionary mandate. It sees "the continuing legacy of colonialism and white minority rule" as the "defining reality of our society."

    "Unlike its negotiating partners, the ANC did not view the constitutional negotiations as the means to achieving a final national constitutional accord. Instead it saw them as a means to achieving a beachhead of state power - which would then enable it to shift the balance of forces further to its own advantage. In the process it admits that it had to make constitutional compromises that it regarded as temporary expedients necessitated by the then prevailing balance of forces."

    "The ANC's first priority after the 1994 transition was to shift the balance of forces in its favour by seizing control of the levers of state power. Its targets, in its own words, were "the legislatures, the executives, the public service, the security forces, the judiciary, parastatals, the public broadcaster, and so on". It planned to gain control of these institutions by deploying ANC cadres to leading positions.

    "The central goal of the ANC's National Democratic Revolution - even after 1994 -continued to be the elimination of apartheid social and economic relations. This would be achieved through the "de-racialisation of ownership and control of wealth, including land; and equity and affirmative action in the provision of skills and access to positions of management"

  20. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Well, is this not the way of the world. Liers and Bul.sh..ter..s and treachery gets the advantage. And fools with no spines praise them and think the are clever or geniuses. Play with peoples very lives.
    Right there is the exact reason why Boers and Afrikaners have wanted their own separate lives in their own separate countries for the last 3 centuries. They are generally decent honest folk, salt of the earth who hit the bible hard. Apparently that is not a good thing anymore?
    Unfortunately the evil in the world got the upper hand and that is OK? That points a finger at everyone of you who thinks so and is happy to accept this outcome.
    There is therefore ONLY one choice - give them (these spineless admirers of communists and black lies and treachery and deciept), what they want... violence, treachery, deciept and lies.
    No More! Genoeog is Genoeg. Ons kom vir julle! People will regret not having allowed everyone their own independent homeland in the 60's...