16 June 2011

Sharpeville revisited: The Avocado tree at Cato Manor

I wrote this a year ago, but seeing that it is youth day today and everyone will fork out the picture of Hector Peterson let us revisit the truth about Sharpeville...and the Avacado tree...

By Mike Smith
17th April 2010

About a month ago on the 21st of March, the autumn equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, the Communist in South Africa celebrated their 50th anniversary of their Satanic Passover namely the “massacre” at Sharpeville. Few people today know what really happened that day, how the Communist offered 69 Blacks to Satan and what preceded the events.

Sharpeville 1960 is held up today as the single biggest “massacre” of blacks by whites during the years of Apartheid. The truth about Sharpeville is actually quite well known for anybody who wants to do the research.

Basically about 15,000 Blacks armed with guns, pipes and machetes (pangas) marched on a police station manned by about 300 policemen to “Peacefully” demonstrate against the law of having to carry a passport when visiting or working in South Africa. The march was organised by the Pan African Congress Communist Robert Sobukwe, who in typical cowardly communist fashion used women and children to do his dirty work while he was sitting in a pub in an adjacent town during the events.
About fifty policemen, mostly rookies, one of which were in the service for only a month, went outside to meet the crowd. The police officers were given strict orders not to shoot, but nervousness set in and one policeman dropped his weapon and a shot went off. All hell broke loose and the police started firing.

69 Blacks died. The official reports states that many were shot in the back. But the journalism have to be brought into question because the bodies photographed had EXIT wounds on their backs where the most blood is shown.

Shot in the front, small entry, person runs away and collapses on his stomach, bloody exit wound on his back is photographed by BBC journalists and claim that he was shot in the back... you get the picture.

If the police really wanted to commit a “massacre”, they would have shot wildly into the crowd, emptied their magazines and thousands of Blacks would have been killed. The fact that only 69 were killed was a testimony to the discipline and restraint exercised by the policemen.

The Sunday night and the Monday morning preceding the “Massacre” the police drove the Blacks back with batons and tear gas, but they still kept coming, at about 13h35 on the Sunday they broke through the gates and their aim was to kill every policeman inside the police station.

But what gave the Blacks this courage and confidence to march on a police station and kill everyone inside was an horrific incident that took place about two months before that at Cato Manor.

It was a Saturday, 25th of January 1960...

A large amount of blacks came to have a family reunion and were getting pissed out of their brackets at a local “Shebeen”, an illegal drinking spot in Cato Manor, Durban.

Standard police practice was to set off a 12 man patrol in certain areas and then pick them up with their captives later on.

On the watch of a Sergeant Winterboer, he set off a 12 man patrol and arranged to pick them up at later at the premises of a firm called “Benoni Nr 1”.
The leader of the patrol was a constable Joubert. The police arrested a man and suddenly was surrounded by a mob of drunken Blacks who demanded the release of the prisoner. Under the circumstances it would probably have been the best thing to do, but Constable Joubert, who has been a policeman for only 18 months, underestimated the danger.

The black women started cheering on their drunken males with their traditional high pitched tongue noises.

Constable Joubert’s answer was, “Only over my dead body will I let this prisoner go”.
At this point a Black policeman stepped on the foot of a Black woman who started crying and screaming hysterically. Within a few minutes the police patrol was surrounded by a mob of drunken Blacks armed with Knobkerries and Machetes coming from every surrounding shack and shouting, “Kill the Boers!, Kill the Boers!”. Under a hail of rocks the policemen tried to make their way back to the premises of “Benoni Nr1” where they hoped sergeant Winterboer would be waiting for them, but the Blacks barricaded their retreat.

At this time Sergeant Winterboer arrived at the scene, but instead of using his rifle, paniced and ran back to the police station to call on reinforcement.
While he was gone, the stone throwing increased on the police patrol and Constable Joubert made his way to a nearby Avocado tree, attempting to climb it and escape the machete wielding mob.

Joubert was pulled down and the mob of machete wielding Blacks hacked him to pieces. Two White policemen called Kriel and Rademan and a Black policeman called Dludla also tried to escape the mob. Kriel fought with his bare fists and ran almost a kilometre before he was also hacked to pieces. Rademan heard the cries of his comrade and returned to help and was also hacked to pieces. The Black policeman Dludla tried to Help Rademan and he also was hacked to pieces.

The body of another White policeman Gert Rheeder was later retrieved from under a heap of rocks and loaded onto a police truck. When it arrived back at the police station, Police Major, Jerry van der Merwe officially saluted the slain Policeman, at which point an Indian policeman saw the finger of the “corpse” move, his head and his body was reduced to such a bloody mess that his own parents could not even recognise him.

Rheeder, survived, but remained for the rest of his life a useless psychological wreck.

“So what about the Avocado tree that Joubert tried to climb?” you ask...
Well, about a month later...Nine Blacks bought a case of beer at the local Shebeen and parked off under the exact same tree and started drinking, when out of nowhere a lightning bolt hit the tree an killed all nine blacks underneath...

Coincidence?...An act of God?....you be the judge.

Source: “Verrat an Südafrika”, Klaus D Vaque Copyright 1988, Varama Publishers, ISBN 0-620-12978-6, pg 172-175.


  1. Oh my word!! Every White South African should plant avo trees.

  2. Anonymous10:28 am

    But don't for one moment think the truth will get in the way of the 'evil white sharpville massacre' fairytale.

    As always, great article Mike!

    Krakende Kakebene

  3. Anonymous11:35 am

    Wow good writing as usual, please write something about malemas recent rant

    "Willing buyer, willing seller is not an alternative ... The alternative from the Youth League is that we take the country without paying. That is what we are proposing.” That is what we are proposing. "
    “They never bought the land, they stole the land” “everything is going to change, the country's mines and banks would be nationalised.” "They never bought the land, They stole the land" "Everything is going to change, the country's mines and banks would be nationalised."
    “Whites never have a problem with black-on-black fighting over tenders and over who is going to be the receptionist. "Whites never have a problem with black-on-black fighting over tenders and about who is going to be the receptionist. That is why we will never be friends with them.” That is why we will never be friends with them. "
    “The coloniser is still in London. "The coloniser is still in London. Everything must change and the Queen must be told that it looks like everything is going to change.” Everything must change and the Queen must be told that it looks like everything is going to change. "

    It seems as if the danger is seriously intensifying here in SA, this man is starting uhuru or something to the likes of Rwanda

  4. Mike, you omitted to note that the genitals of the dead white policemen at Cato were cut off and stuffed in their mouths....

  5. Anonymous12:08 am

    June 16, 2011 10:28 AM Anonymous said...
    Yess please Mike do a artical as per above.
    and also apparantly Julius said, they will acheive this by amending the constitution after the 2014 elections, apparantly the anc requires a 75% majority win in order to amend it!?

  6. Anonymous12:13 am

    Malema kom bar ingestap met n padda op sy kop.. Barman vra: "en nou"? Padda sug en se " ja fok, ek is met die gewas in my hol gebore"

  7. Anonymous12:13 am

    EXTRACT from BULALA by Cuan Elgin: Just a year before the declaration of the Republic, an event
    occurred at Sharpeville in the TRANSVAAL, in 1960, which would
    resonate around the world, and forever...-after be used as anti-
    Afrikaner propaganda. A mob of about 6,000 blacks, protesting
    against a law which compelled them to carry identification-passes
    allowing them to work in “white” areas, surrounded a police station. The ostensibly “peaceful” demonstration turned ugly when a
    woman inserted a gasoline-soaked rag into the fuel-receptacle of
    a police vehicle and then lit it. The resultant explosion panicked the
    small contingent of besieged policemen (already on edge due to the
    fact that 9 young policemen had recently been hacked and burned
    to death by a mob near Durban). A known criminal in the crowd then fired a shot at a policeman he recognized, standing in the doorway. The commander at Sharpeville ordered his policemen to be ready to shoot, but only if the masses broke down the fence; their last line of defense around the police station. When the mob stormed through the fence, firing broke out, and 69 of the rioters were killed. The senior police commander Lt. Colonel Pienaar later told a commission of inquiry into the “Sharpeville Massacre" that: “The Native mentality does not allow for a peaceful demonstration. For them to gather [together], means violence.” Although the white Afrikaner, by virtue of their 3 centuries of contact with black Africans, could claim to “know”
    them better than any other white nation did, a liberal media’s spin
    on these events, led to a world-wide perception that the Afrikaners
    were violent “white supremacists” and thus international sanctions
    against them were necessary.

  8. Anonymous6:56 am

    "Coincidence?...An act of God?....you be the judge."
    It appears that God no longer helps us or gives a damn about the white people anymore in SA. Have not heard of any divine miracles lately. Maybe he (God) thinks that the so called white calvanist christians (boers/afrikaners) deserted him when they gave away on a silver platter our beloved country and birthright to the Devil for six peaces of silver and RUGBY, hey! what do you think ladies and gents. It seems plausable, not.

    1. You have a point,and the rugby thing is still in use ..BIG TIME

  9. blougat9:33 am

    You know what Malema is saying to point is right, especially about the Queen and foreign money controlling SA and its mineral wealth, they help put animals like Malema ( ANC)in power and now pay back is a bitch, nationalizing mines and businesses. Unfortunately it is the whites in SA who are stuck and bearing the brunt of this hatred and genocide. Scary!!

  10. Great stuff as always Mike.

  11. Anonymous3:27 am

    Whites are their biggest downfall , they always feel sorry for blacks, instead of just dealing with them

  12. manenge9:11 am

    We will never forgive you boere for that massacre.

  13. @ Manenge...Ja, just like we will never forgive you for the massacre at Bloukrans or the 3000 odd Boers you have killed since 1994

  14. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Julius Malema is shouting and ranting for the privatisation of the Mines and Banks in South Africa - That’s institutions with ‘Jewish’ interests!
    That’s right Julius, keep on ranting, feel like ‘king dingeling’ - You just might get an unsuspected visit from a ‘kidon’ team.

  15. Anonymous3:30 am

    Truth be told, you had it coming a long time. You had time for repentance and restitution but instead you spat at the oppotunity. The anc had a 2/3 majority in parliament and could have passed any law to take your land but chose to work with you instead. You thought that was a sign of weakness. Now a new breed of the blacks is coming through, the generation that is not bound by the sunset clause. The sun has sat and nw its rising and you will wake up to a nightmare. Talk civil war all you like. Dnt you think that will benefit us more. The end is here for you. We will not negotiate with you anymore. Maybe there is still a chance for you. Repent, reconcile with us, pay your do's. Malema is nt the problem, you are. Malema's words fall on fertile ground because of your doing. See you on the otherside of the revolution.

  16. Anonymous3:33 am

    You are an idiot. A spoilt, white, ignorant idiot.

    As you type your self satisfied articles with your tiny army of followers, you do not realise the pain and suffering that the black people of apartheid went through. You never will realise. The hardships you complain about now, is nothing. NOTHING compared the brutality that was released upon the Africans during apartheid.

    "The fact that only 69 were killed was a testimony to the discipline and restraint exercised by the policemen"

    Do you even SEE what you are typing?! Regardless of what happened that day, it doesn't justify the evil things that your beloved apartheid government did to black people. Yes, admittedly, the black citizens acted stupidly that day, however, so did the white. 69 men lost their lives OVER NOTHING!!! (You failed to mention how many white police officers were killed in this massacre? I assume none? which is a very hard number to accept when you say they were challenged 15 000 to 300?) You keep complaining about the state of South Africa and saying that you hate the government when your people are the reason it came to this!!!! I feel so sorry for you because your porcelain skin has sheltered and shielded you your entire life. You really do not know what it means to be under oppression. When black people were oppressed they learned to fight back. With everything that they had, until they won. Those are the kind of measures that need to be taken when you are fighting for your life. When you are DESPERATE TO BE HEARD!!!! I find it staggering that you seem to think that the death of 69 people shows police restraint when black people showed restraint for years. year after painful, year we showed restraint to your segregated bullshit! and now you come and write articles like this??

    You must be joking...

    If you have a problem with the state of the country as it is today, well then go jump off a cliff. The new South Africa doesn't need people like you. people who were so accustomed to their luxurious life when blacks were animals... no, you can just go. There's a new generation of youth, a new generation in South Africa that thankfully hasn't had a taste of deep seeded racism as you obviously have. We don't need you poisoning their minds with this crap. So please, JUST GO!

  17. HAHAHA..."Just Go"??

    So much for tollerance and free speech then. Oh I see. You only support free speech when someone agrees with your distorted view of history.

    Dont talk to me about restraint, Sparky. Let me enlighten you to what restraint is.

    Restraint is when you have 7 official nuclear weapons and twenty unofficial ones as well as biological and chemical weapons, and you choose not to use it on an enemy that is planting bombs and blowing up white women and children.

    Restraint is an engineer who has the knowledge to reproduce any of such weapons and chooses not to do it.

    The whites "oppressed" you so much that there is today no mass graves. no concentration camps. No gass chambers. Instead the testimony of white "oppression" is there for all to see. Schools, universities, the biggest hospital in the world (Barragwanath), etc. All built by the white "oppressors" for the angelic Black population. Just look at the black and white population numbers from 1903 to today. A hundred years ago there were about 2 million whites and 2 million blacks. Today there are 4 million whites and 47 million blacks. That is oppression?

    Whites had the tenth best army in the world and the strongest on the African continent and chose to make piece instead of annihilating their enemies. Whites were the ones who offered the hand to blacks. The ANC smacked that hand away. You had your chance at peace.

    I agree with you. I also see a new youth amongst the whites rising. Far more racist (because of Affirmative Action and BEE) than their fathers or grandfathers were.

    If it is like you say, you see nothing wrong with Malema, then come on...come take the white farms. Let us see how far the Malema "leaderless revolution" goes.

    We are not scared buddy. It is high time that we stop all this posturing and beating of spears on shields and get down to business. It is high time that this score is settled once and for all.

    1. This clowns day is made by reading your stuff,seems he cant get enough....or is it fear,liberals are like that....wac

    2. Anonymous7:11 am

      So you're saying that the government should have used nuclear weapons on the ANC? You really are a fucking idiot

  18. Anonymous5:10 am

    BRING IT ON! White bitches. Nx.

  19. Anonymous8:04 am

    I completely believe in free speech as being the ability to express one's opinion without being subject to government interference, which is exactly what we're doing, no?

    And no, what you described there is not restraint, it's humanity. It's someone who has enough sanity and common sense in their head to know that thoughtless bloodlust won't solve anything but rather cause more deaths than necessary. Innocent people too.
    Not only is it irrelevant to restraint, but also irrelevent to what I was talking about!!! This isn't germany and the only reason we don't have gas tanks or concentration camps is because the blacks were unwilling to surrender. Because all of them, even the children, were willing to risk their own lives to bring about change. You talk about supposed drunken africans acting violently, what about hector pieterson? I cannot even explain the amount of disrespect you show to him and all those who died for freedom when you claim that you offered peace because really, you're just adding insult to injury...

    In regards to the black population numbers, you couldn't have given me a better platform to display oppression. Population rises are caused by miseducation of south africans. Had we been allowed proper schooling in appropriate languages then maybe we would be equals. Maybe aids wouldn't be such an epidemic. Maybe there wouldn't be so many poverty-stricken black beggars on the road, because let's be honest, when was the last time you saw a white beggar???

    And I can't say whether or bot I agree with you. I'm still in highschool and the generation that I'm in hasn't been overly exposed to racism. Infact, most of the racism we pick up comes from teachers, parents, etc. People who should know better.

    I'm not a fan of the anc. Fullstop. But I do believe that I can't complain about how they run our country when I haven't done so myself. I, for one, think that hellen zille's approach to the black communities has been effective and encouraging. Better than the anc, and hopefully, our uneducated country will stop falling for the ANC's tricks and really consider who they are voting for.

    THERE IS NO SCORE!!!! It's not about who was right and who was wrong, because the past has passed and maybe that's what's wrong with our country today! Everybody's so busy playing the blame game and analyzing what was that they can barely focus on what's going on in the country today! You are so quick to condemn malema but you both have exactly the same mentality. If everyone in this country would just accept the past, never forget but accept, then we wouldn't have blogs like this that are intent on revealing "the truth" about apartheid. Maybe we'd have more blogs about fixing what went wrong than castigating people who have already moved on with their lives. Grow up man


  20. Anonymous8:19 am

    Please Mike
    Let’s not give @ Manenge and anonymous said... June 21, 2011 3:30 AM
    a platform to spew hate and show how “RACIST” the black really are.
    With a mentality like that, why bother?
    Why waste time responding to people who could care less that they are utterly wrong and refuse to see the proof that's right in front of them?
    There are only about a dozen or two pro-black, anti-racist arguments that are repeated and used and here's my answer to them all
    This lie stems from the fact that blacks have no history or culture or achievements of their own.
    Therefore, they attempt to claim the advancements and history of other cultures.
    The fact of the matter is that niggers come from Sub-Saharan Africa and live worse than animals and they have been living that way for thousands of years.
    The pure-blooded, Sub-Saharan African black’s never been known to plant one single crop, domesticate an animal or even invent the wheel.
    They live in hut-like structures made with grass, mud, and animal shit the likes of which a common beaver could build.
    With a 'history' like that, no wonder they try to hide it.
    All one has to do is look at the reality of history and how niggers of today live here in native Africa or in the ghettos of America they have created to clearly see that they are nothing but retarded apes so the only way around this is to change history and claim that their present living condition is the result of White racism and oppression that took their civilisation, intelligence, and special powers away.
    I guess all the niggers in Sub-Saharan Africa just decided one day to get up, go north and cross the Saharan desert on their own and then build the pyramids and an advanced culture only to abandon it one day and go back to Sub-Saharan Africa to live in straw huts, rub shit and cow urine on themselves all day and wait for the next white-donated Red Cross care package to arrive with food.
    There's plenty of information out there to prove this.
    Blacks don't just have a darker tan than the rest of us, they are a failed tree swinger species:
    Their brains are smaller, their hands and feet are larger, their arms are longer, their skulls are angled 10 degrees more like an apes, their nose bone is fused together, their eyes are yellow, their hair is nappy brillo-pad like, etc. etc.
    Just take one look at them next to a tree swinger to see what I'm talking about
    Racism keeps blacks down… Really?
    If that's the case, why do blacks enjoy their highest living standards around 'racist' whites?
    Who lives better?
    Blacks in racist America or niggers in their own black countries such as Nigeria?

  21. Tell you what you do...If you really want to know about Apartheid, then read my series of Articles called “Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box”. You see, it works like this... There is the truth about Apartheid...and then there is that BULLSHIT they teach you in school. I lived through Apartheid.

    Start with this one about Bantu Education under Apartheid

    Then read The lies about the Townships

    1. Anonymous7:27 am

      Believe me, we can see that you lived through Apartheid. Only someone who lived a life of privilege before 1994 could be so bigoted towards the changes that have occurred in SA. You are to be pitied for your sad, insecure, racist beliefs. You truly were indoctrinated by the bullshit the government and news spewed, weren't you?

  22. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Oh my soul anonymous, you are unbelievably stupid. This is coming from a 16 year old BLACK girl. I'm not going to even give you a proper response because you're simply looking for a darkie to attack and I'm sorry to inform you that I'm not phased by your efforts. God bless your soul. @ mike, you say you lived through apartheid but you lived through only half of it... The "bullshit" they teach us in school isn't where I learnt about apartheid. I've seen the passes. I've heard the stories. I've touched the gun wounds. No matter how informative and convincing your articles may be, it will never replace what I believe as truth. My point is, we may agree to disagree but I refuse to argue about what has already passed because it'll do us no good.

    P.s. I read the articles and it sounds like you're attainting the sowetans for living relatively comfortable lives? So you're not happy unless we're miserable? Or is the point that you're trying to get across that : "Whites are supreme. Blacks shouldn't complain. They should be thanking us that we even let them live in this country as equals because clearly we're not!" Am I wrong by saying this?

  23. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Keep telling yourselves that blacks are a dump species. See how far that thinking gets you. From reading many of the comments here i've come to realise i have nothing in common with most white people. You have no ties with africa, and you are not and never will be african. Soon as shit hits the fan, many of you are quick to run of home to europe or make threats of leaving (like we said we care) or want their own piece of land where they can practice their european culture. Guys lets face it we tried this rainbow nation shit and it didn't work and twas all your fault. Many countries were colonised by whitey, guess what. When their rule ended they left. China, japan, india, the whole of africa...many xamples, they all left. Its time you got the f out. It doesnt make sense to be still experiancing white racism in 2011. The msg is clear nw. Do this willingly while we are still showing mercy. Those that wish to stay must b willing to xcept us as their equals and countryman.

  24. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Education, why do the whites always have too take care of blacks when it comes to education ? Show me one African language that has a writing system, an alphabet? Who learned your language and taught it back to you with the roman alphabet?? It is always the whining of whites did not do this or the whites did not do enough here, or the whites are always so spoilt. Blah blah blah racist whites ( yawn! ) blah blah blacks where oppressed ( yawn again !) blah blah. Break out the violin. Look at your heroe Bob up north, he destroyed your neighbours economy to such an extent that they all streaming into SA. Now the SA'n blacks are supposed to tolerant in this new rainbow nation, then why are they singling out and victimizing foreign blacks, hey I thought this was the rainbow multi culti everyone loves everyone nation! Bullocks, but hey bring it on you fuckers we will fight for our land of birth right. Bring your threats you miserable bastards who only know how to pick on the elderly, women and children!

  25. @ Anon 12:53. Many countries were never colonised in Africa. Liberia is founded on the American constitution. Ethiopia has been independent for 4000 years. They never had Apartheid nor colonialism, yet they are the poorest of the poor countries. What is their excuse?

    You saw the passes? What is so bad about the pass laws? You go to any country you must have a passport or visa.

    So come let us be fair. Why do you blacks not do exactly to us what we did to you?

    Give us our own homeland, anywhere in SA. Tax your black people and channel billions to us so we can have our own government and police and army. Then you blacks can build us some hospitals and schools and universities and dams and roads and electricity, etc...Won't that be fair?

    Tell you what. We do not need your help. Just give us our own land. We will do the rest ourselves. In ten years you can come back and compare our country to your part of greater SA...And if you want us to visit greater South Africa, I will gladly wear a pass.

    1. Re passes,a black man gets hit by a car,or falls ill in the street,WHO IS HE? ID is very necessary,TODAY as reported in the press blacks struggle to get an ID book from the inefficient ..HOME AFFAIRS... more than one has committed suicide over this,things have turned right around,but then there is no one NOW telling blacks to burn their ID books,they have ...for now ..achieved the aim of those who control them.

  26. Anonymous9:37 am

    No one is refusing you your homeland. We are demanding that you go to your homeland. GO HOME WHITEY!. You can come with stories of how many african states have failed, fact is we dnt care. Redicule mugabe all you like but truth be told, all of africa agree with what he did maybe not how he did it. Call us racist if you like, we are just returning a favor. You can't say we didn't try to make this country work for us all, put the past behind and work on a future for our children. We even made a man, you put behind bars for 27yrs, go around hugging and kissing your white kids so you can see a possible future with us as your equals and partners. But we were faced rejection. Malema always repeatedly mention that we tried willing buyer willing seller, we tried free market economy, we tried we tried we tried. IT DIDN'T WORK. To those that want to fight, we will not fight you. Enough of our peoples blood has been spilt for this country. But know that if you try anything stupid we will crush you. We will make this country work for us now. No more 70% unemployment in black youths. No more landless africans. Continue hating us if you like, makes no difference. We tried to get you to atleast like us but all we got was hate. Well we are used to that. We are nw returning the favor demanding that you go to your homeland. GO HOME WHITEY!. You can come with stories of how many african states have failed, fact is we dnt care. Redicule mugabe all you like but truth be told, all of africa agree with what he did maybe not how he did it. Call us racist if you like, we are just returning a favor. You can't say we didn't try to make this country work for us all, put the past behind and work on a future for our children. We even made a man, you put behind bars for 27yrs, go around hugging and kissing your white kids so you can see a possible future with us as your equals and partners. But we were faced rejection. Malema always repeatedly mention that we tried willing buyer willing seller, we tried free market economy, we tried we tried we tried. IT DIDN'T WORK. To those that want to fight, we will not fight you. Enough of our peoples blood has been spilt for this country. But know that if you try anything stupid we will crush you. We will make this country work for us now. No more 70% unemployment in black youths. No more landless africans. Continue hating us if you like, makes no difference. We tried to get you to atleast like us but all we got was hate. Well we are used to that. We are nw returning the favor

  27. Anonymous11:16 am

    Exactly Mike!

    Krakende kakebene

  28. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Anon June22, 2011 9:37 am. Man you speak a lot of illogical nonsense. NO facts, no figures, bring the facts, let us see. Otherwise take a hike, you speak a load of codswallop.


  29. Anonymous8:47 pm

    White beggars are seen ALL over South Africa.

    One hundred years ago there were 1 million White people & 3 million Black people who were all FORCED into a single state for the first time ever.

    There WAS in fact Apartheid in Liberia started by the American slave descended Colonists. The fist Apartheid laws on the African Continent occurred in Liberia. This is a sobering fact as White people are often arbitrarily blamed for Apartheid when it was first employed by a non White population group.

    There are a portion of the White people who ARE African as they cut their ties to Europe early on & began calling themselves Africans & later founded a multitude of republics - but we are often BARRED from talking about them though as both White & Black Nationalists view their political freedom aspirations as a threat.

  30. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Dam Mike, it looks like a black school internet cafe stumbled on "our" platform and now they are all spamming us with their manipulated anc mindsets. We are behind you all the way Mike.

  31. Anonymous7:15 am

    This is addressed to previously disadvantaged who are enraged by what they read on these threads.

    Get off your high horse. Most people who own houses and cars and can afford servants worked hard to get where they are. First they got a proper education. They did not burn down schools.

    The got promoted through being above average. They started businesses with there skills.
    They did not get there from AA or BEE or jumping on the backs of others.

    Where i am today is in spite of the ANC. Many previously dis-advantaged persons made it good in the old SA. Its called hard work, initiative and motivation.

    Drop the victim mentality. Jews were oppressed all around the world and yet where ever they are they are successful. Why.

    E D U C A T I O N is the answer.

    Not Malema, Not communism. Wake up. Or you will lose what you have and successful people will relocate to where we are needed and wanted.

    Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and the UK do not have the Sh!t we have here. You and your kind are the white man,s cross. Very soon we will get tired of carry you and then the Chinese will crucify you.

  32. Neuen7:20 pm

    Blacks education was inferior. Today they have adopted that inferior education in school and they are failing by the masses.

    Why is the riots still going on and 41 protesters and 15 protesters or xx amount of protesters killed at them? Its been almost 20 years after the election but there is moe voilence than in apartheid and more poor black people.

    Can't the black population see that the ANC is enriching themselves and do not give a fuck about you?

    Oh the education in Apartheid. Who got their degrees and a higher education then yell Liberation before education? Who was it again? Oh yeah ANC now they give their buddies nice jobs and the masses sit with no education but they want top jobs. haha Really can't you see what is happening? ANC don't give a shit about you. THey have done nothing in 19 years just empty promises and throw bags of maize meal out before elections. And you are so dumb to fall for it again.

    1. I've been in Black education for about 15 years. The notion that Black education during the apartheid dispensation was inferior is a blunt lie!

  33. Mike,I think you should block all anonymous comments like Tia.Let them show their PASS!!