26 June 2011

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 32. Who does the land belong to?

By Mike Smith
26th of June 2011

I know, I am digressing wildly. With my last chapter I was on the betrayal of the country by F. W. de Klerk and his henchmen.

I should have included this chapter a lot earlier. I assumed that this information to be so well known that it I did not have to include it in my book. I apologize to my readers and followers for veering off on a tangent here.

Nevertheless, the truth has to be spoken and if you bear with me it will shock you.

I normally refrain from giving attention to a self-aggrandizing, nappy-wearing fool such as Julias Malema. I have more important things to write about or do with my life than to spend time on an uncivilized, illiterate, petulant toddler, but this escaped clown from the ANC circus has gotten up the noses of some of my readers and white folk in South Africa with his remarks about nationalization and grabbing white owned farmland in South Africa so I thought it well to settle a few issues by educating him and also those who are worried about his ramblings and verbal bowel movements.

What got my attention is the fact that Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch moved South Africa up to stage six of the eight stages of Genocide last week after Malema, the leader of the ANC youth league threatened to confiscate white owned farms without compensation. His reason being that whites stole the land from blacks in the first place through colonization and legislation such as the Native Lands Act of 1913. Worse was that a sudden Rush of whites wanted to emigrate because of his claptrap.

Nevertheless, anybody with the elementary knowledge of history, law and politics in South Africa knows that this is utter junk, not even worthy of a second thought, but clearly Malema is preaching to his fellow low-browed, plebian followers who gives him a courtesy-suck every time he masturbates their African victimhood, which is nothing else but an excuse for their self-induced failure and right to milk whites until “Jesus comes”.

I have no problem if someone wants to emigrate because of unfair laws such AA or BEE. I have no problem if anybody feels they can no longer live under a heavily biased socialist government and pay taxes to them. I have no problem with anybody feeling that they need to emigrate because of the government clamping down on freedom of speech and the right to own property. But I do have a problem with someone wanting to run away from a limp-wristed coward and his gang, because when the fight starts I will be there in the front line. I pray for that day. Let us continue…

The Lies

There is a common belief in South Africa that the Natives Land Act of 1913 shoved blacks on reserves (7% of the land) and prohibited them from buying land in white areas. That whites forcibly removed them to these reserves and that these reserves were on the worst land in the country with no mineral riches and that whites kept all the best land and minerals for themselves.

Now if I was a black man, I would probably also want to believe that myth, because it would ensure me eternal victimhood status and compensation for generations to come.

Unfortunately, it is a blatant lie and can be attributed to the lack of reading ability or legal comprehension of the journalists and historians of our time.

First of all the biggest Platinum reserves in the world runs through the former Black homeland of Bophuthatswana. The former Nationalist government had no problem allocating this area to the Tswanas for self rule, although they already had a massive country called Botswana given to them by the British. It was originally part of South Africa, called Bechuanaland. Blacks further got another two massive countries from the British called Lesotho and Swaziland. There goes their 7%.

Lie number two corrected. Black homelands were on the worst land in South Africa.

When one compares the rainfall map of South Africa and anybody with elementary knowledge of South Africa will tell you that the largest part of South Africa is called the Karoo. It is a semi dessert comparable to Arizona or Nevada in the USA. Blacks never even entered this area let alone settle it. Whites made it blossom and created successful sheep farms producing meat of world quality.

Black “Settlements” are found on the north and east coast of South Africa. The East Coast having a sub tropical climate and the north a prairie-like climate with summer rainfall and thunder storms. An exception to this is the Western Cape with a Mediterranean climate and winter rainfall.

The northern and eastern part of South Africa with its beautiful green grasslands and fertile soil is where the blacks eventually coalesced and this is the land they chose for themselves. Their eventual homelands were found on the land they inhabited out of their own free will. The Afrikaners even have a song praising the greenness of Natal, called “ Groen is die land van Natal” ( Green is the land of Natal).It was perfect grazing area for the cattle herding blacks.

Lie number three, Blacks are indigenous to South Africa and first settled it.

Today Blacks in South Africa often tell Afrikaners and other minorities such as the Coloureds, Indians, Chinese or Jews to adapt to their misrule and corruption or “Go Home”…implying that we, who have been born here, who holds legal citizenship through successive birthrights should emigrate to Europe, Malaysia, India or Israel. That the only ones who have a legal claim to South Africa, all of it, are the blacks.

Blacks believe that they are indigenous to South Africa when they are not and this has been proven by DNA research.

We are ALL settlers in South Africa. All South Africans are settlers, regardless of their skin colour, and their DNA carries the proof.

So says Dr Wilmot James, head of the African Genome Project, a distinguished academic, sociologist and, more recently, honorary professor of human genetics at the University of Cape Town.

Apart from a few scattered archeological remains found of black culture in the far northern Transvaal prior to 1652, it is generally agreed that Blacks and Whites were contemporary settlers of South Africa. I use the term “Settler” loosely, because blacks never settled South Africa, their presence was nomadic. Blacks were mere itinerants who traveled from place to place with no fixed home. Whole capital “cities” of grass huts could be moved if grazing was exhausted.

They had no demarcated areas, no fences, no borders, no maps, no title deeds to proof ownership of any land apart from a verbal claim and mutual understanding that their temporary presence in a certain area in a certain period of time constituted “ownership” of the land.

They left behind no foundations of buildings, no statues, no roads, no rock paintings, not a single proof of “settlement” of the land, prior to the Whites settling South Africa. The only rock paintings were made by the Bushmen and the Hottentots (Khoi-Khoi and San) in the caves they temporarily occupied.

Blacks were pastoral-nomads and the Bushmen/Hottentots were hunter-gatherer-nomads. Whites on the other hand built cities, railroads, dams and a first world country comparable to the best in Europe and the new world…their legacy speaks of a people who intended to live there for a thousand years, if not eternity.

To claim that the whole of Africa belongs to Blacks is absurd. It is like an Italian claiming the whole of Europe belongs to Italians, including Norway.

In fact, the pyramids of Egypt is proof of white settlement going back thousands of years, so is that of the Phoenicians settling in Carthage and the Greeks settling in Alexandria. The Arabs settled North Africa soon after the Prophet Mohammed died and the whites settled Southern Africa from 1652 onwards.

Today there are three Africa’s as Dr. Eschel Rhoodie calls it in his book “The Third Africa” (1968)…Arabic up north, Black in the centre and Whites at the south.

The White settlers of the Cape first came face to face with the Bantu around 1770 on the banks of the Great Fish River, 120 years after Van Riebeeck came to the Cape and 1000 km east of Cape Town.

Lie number four, Whites created black reserves and homelands.

The TruthBlacks created the homelands themselves, thanks to Shaka.

The common belief is that the black tribes at the time were all living peacefully and in the spirit of Ubuntu with each other in a virtual liberal paradise. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Zulu tyrant, Shaka, at the time was committing genocide against other tribes. Wiping out an estimated 2 million people in what is now known as the Defecane (great scattering). The Swazis and the Ndebeles fled back north in the direction of central Africa where they migrated from. The Sotho’s fled into the mountains of what is today, Lesotho. The rest of the smaller tribes huddled together trying to find strength in coalescing.

That is the history of black South Africans that blacks prefer to ignore…that blacks drove other blacks of their land, not whites.

It is into this Maelstrom of black chaos that the Boers trekked in 1838. As far as they went they found large open sections of country uninhabited by anyone.

Black tribes fleeing Shaka’s carnage grouped themselves into areas finding protection in concentrated numbers. This is how Sir Theophilus Shepstone later found them huddled together on self created reserves. He just demarcated it in order to protect them from each other.

The creators of the Bantustans were not the Boers or the Whites, it was a black man called Shaka.

Did Whites simply take over black land? The answer is no. The elaborate answer can be found in a letter written by the congregation of the short lived Boer Republic of Lydenburg in the name of Dominee A, Smith from Uitenhage in 1860 after continuous accusations by the Cape Government and the Dutch Reform Church that the Voortrekkers were stealing black land and not converting the indigenous people to Christianity. It is documented in the book, “Kerkverraad” by François Richter and Dr X on page 98.

The letter was first published on Tuesday, 3rd of April 1860 in “De Oude Emigrant” Potchefstroom.

I will freely translate (and not verbatim) the sections of importance.
Start of quote…

“We are are members of a “Volk” (nation) that is attacked and despised by you today. You attacked our rights and our dignity. We are the people who gave up all our belongings in a search of a country of our own where we can govern ourselves, just like you want to govern yourselves.

You refer to us leaving the Cape Colony as if we wanted to withdraw ourselves from civilization. You accuse us that we do not act as missionaries and force Christianity on a people who do not wishes it upon themselves.

You ask, “Did the Almighty tell our Commandant general to stand up and take ownership of the land?”

Our answer is that the largest area of the current British Colony, Natal and the Free State were legally bought by by the Dutch immigrants from the former legal “Kaffir tribes” (sic) who lived on it. A section was taken over by legally fought wars, wars that were caused by the Natives.

When the Dutch Immigrants found themselves in 1836 landless between the Vet and Vaal River, they bought the land from the natives.

While peace were established with the “Kaffir tribes” surrounding them, Mozilikatze and the Zulus or Matabeles attacked us without warning killing defenseless women and children on land we already bought from them and stole everything they could find.

When Chief Commandant Potgieter arrived back from his trip to Delagoa Bay and saw the murdered families he did what you and I and every other person would have done, he annihilated the enemy.

Under Piet Retief a large section of Natal was bought from the Zulu King, Dingane, who without warning killed 70 men. They then proceeded to kill (at Bloukrans) every white man woman and child they could find.

Under a small group of Kommandant General Pretorius the Zulus were defeated (At Blood River). In 1845 a large section of land in the area of Ohrigstad was bought from the natives and in 1846 they bought another section of land from the “Kaffir King” “Omswaas”.

In 1854 another section of land between the Buffels and Pongola Rivers now Utrecht, was bought from the Panda and a year later they bought another section of land from Omswaas north of the Pongola River.

And with this, the question of how we, the “Despicable Dutchmen”, took ownership of our land is answered”.

End of Quote

The Shocking Truth about the Native Land Act of 1913

Most credible historical sources and journalistic contributions such as Allister Spark’s book, “The mind of South Africa, The story of the rise and fall of Apartheid” selectively omits the truth about the Natives Land Act of 1913. I will now expose and reveal the truth.

This law is often quoted by pseudo historians and liberal propagandists to “prove” how “Whites” in South Africa dispossessed “blacks” of their land.

…until one takes this law under the loop.

From the start when one researches the 1913 Native Land Act one is confronted with several ironies.

The act was brought in by Minister J.W. Sauer, a Cape Liberal and Minister of Native Affairs who opposed disenfranchisement of blacks and was widely considered a friend of the Blacks.

John Tengo Jabavu, a prominent "educated African" and editor since 1876 of the first Xhosa newspaper Isigidimi Sama Xosa ("The Xhosa Messenger") welcomed the Act.

How then can this act today be considered as “The original Apartheid Sin”?
It is largely through the writings of Sol Plaatje.

Despite his Coloured or Dutch sounding name, Solomon Tshekiso Plaatje (1876-1932) was a Tswana. He was a black intellectual and writer who could speak seven languages including Dutch and German and who translated Shakespeare into Tswana. He was editor and part-owner of Koranta ea Becoana (Bechuana Gazette) in Mafikeng, and in Kimberley, Tsala ea Becoana (Bechuana Friend) and Tsala ea Batho (The Friend of the People). Plaatje was the first black South African to write a novel in English – Mhudi, (1919).

In 1914 he wrote a book called, “Native Life in South Africa”, full of anecdotal “evidence” of black dispossession in South Africa. Hardly any real evidence that would stand up in a court of law today.

It is this work that is used by one-eyed academics, liberals and historians to prove their case of how whites dispossessed blacks of their land and the origin of the “Whites-stole-black-land” myth perpetuated by ANC propagandists and more recently by Nobel Laureate for Woodwork and un-distinguished academic, Julias Malema.

Prior to this act, in 1906, the various black tribes complained to the British Government that whites and Indians and other Black tribes, but most importantly Companies, bought land on their reserves and fearing this encroachment, they rioted.

Because of this, a young black lawyer educated at Oxford and Columbia Universities, named Pixley Seme called various African Chiefs together and started in 1912, the African National Congress or the ANC.

The government of the day appointed a commission to investigate the situation, called the Lagden Commission. It is on the recommendations of this commission that the Native Lands Act of 1913 was founded.

The original Act…The Native Lands Act of 1913 can be viewed Here. Please download it before it disappears down the Orwellian “memory hole”.

It starts off with, “To make further provision as to the purchase and leasing of Land by Natives and other Persons in the several parts of the Union and for other purposes in connection with the ownership and occupation of Land by Natives and other Persons.”

At the time, the word “Native” was probably used for Blacks and “Other Persons” probably referred to Whites, Indians, Coloureds, etc, but that is pure speculation. The act says…quite clearly… “native" shall mean any person, male or female, who is a member of an aboriginal race or tribe of Africa”.

By that definition, Afrikaners definitely qualify, seeing that the group, their language and their culture originated in South Africa.

Where English settlers always held on to their European roots, Afrikaners cut their ties to Europe. They even named themselves and their language after the continent.

The law further distinguishes native companies…

“…and shall further include any company or other body of persons, corporate or unincorporate, if the persons who have a controlling interest therein are natives”…

That means any company founded on South African soil by Afrikaners or any other natives, including banks or mines could buy land from each other.

Nowhere in this Law does it specifically refer to Blacks and Whites. Nowhere does it say that Blacks could not buy White land or vice versa.

It then carries on and says,
“1. (1) From and after the commencement of this Act, land outside the scheduled native areas shall, until Parliament, acting upon the report of the commission appointed under this Act, shall have made other provision, be subjected to the following provisions, that is to say: --
Except with the approval of the Governor-General --

a. a native shall not enter into any agreement or transaction for the purchase, hire, or other acquisition from a person other than a native, of any such land or of any right thereto, interest therein, or servitude thereover; and

b. a person other than a native shall not enter into any agreement or transaction for the purchase, hire, or other acquisition from a native of any such land or of any right thereto, interest therein, or servitude thereover. “

Here one has to understand already that the law, just like all Apartheid laws, use to cut both ways. It was perfectly fair.

Further that the law never specifically referred to Whites or Blacks. It only refers to “Natives” and “A person other than a native”.

Not only could “other persons” not buy “Native Land”, but also that, “Natives” could not buy “Other Person’s” land…

As I have said. The act was 100% fair.

But right in the beginning it says, “Except with the approval of the Governor-General…”

That means that there was an escape clause. The law stipulates that Black tribes could still buy white land subject to evaluation of a committee and the approval of the Governor General… And boy did the blacks buy land…

Recently a study has been made by two distinguished academics, Professors Feinberg and Horn, that totally blows this theory about black land dispossession by whites apart. It is called:


I suggest you download this data from the PDF link provided for future reference before it disappears off the internet and down the memory hole.

* Harvey Feinberg is Professor Emeritus of History, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, and Research Collaborator, Department of History, University of Pretoria.

* André Horn is Associate Professor of Geography, University of Pretoria.

A reference to this study can also be found at the following link, written by a black journalist called Jacob Dlamini of Bussiness Day, Was Natives Land Act SA’s original political sin?

This study proves that contrary to common belief, the 1913 Lands Act resulted in MORE land for blacks not LESS. The act resulted in Blacks increasing their land ownership by 65%. This is conveniently ignored and omitted from contemporary history.

It proves that at the time Black tribes were farming right next to Whites. It proves that whites were renting land from blacks and vice versa.

Sometimes Whites and Blacks were farming on the same land in total symbioses without interference from government, taking care of each other and their shared livestock. Liberal journalist Allister Sparks also acknowledges this in his book, “The Mind of South Africa”.

The study by Feinberg and Horn further proves that the Nationalist government of Barry Hertzog allotted far more white land to blacks than the liberal government of Louis Botha and Jan Smuts. Today, it is believed that the Nationalists brought nothing constructive to South Africa. The Nationalists are vilified to kingdom come by journalists and historians alike. The truth is rather different.

Quoting from Dlamini’s article…

“Between 1913 and 1936, for example, Africans bought about 3200 farms and lots outside of native areas. What’s more, the 1913 act was not retroactive, meaning that Africans who already owned land outside of the native reserves could not have it taken away from them. Feinberg and Horn say that between 1913 and 1924, under the governments of Louis Botha and Jan Smuts, there were 302 exemptions granted, amounting to 35% of the total. Between 1924 and 1936, when JB Hertzog was in power, there were 565 exemptions granted, amounting to 65% of the total. “

In effect what happened is that blacks could congregate into a group and call themselves a tribe, appoint a “headman” and thus buy white land on a “willing buyer willing seller basis”. Was this legal? Was it ethical? Was it mafia-like conspiracy to steal and encroach on White land? Who stole the land from whom…or was there no stealing whatsoever?

It is this age old system of “Willing buyer; Willing seller” created by whites and black South Africans themselves that the ANC and Julias Malema want to do away with today. The ANC wants to steal all the land.

It is this interference with the lives of the citizens of the country that we have a problem with; black and white alike. The further the ANC or any government for that matter stays away from us the better. We will solve our own problems.

That includes the United Nations, The Common Wealth and The African Union. Stuff them all. We South Africans will find the solutions to our own problems.

What this study proves, is that White South Africans especially Afrikaners and Blacks, sorted out their issues with each other decades ago. They were enemies; they fought bitter wars against each other.

Then they became friends. They lived and farmed side by side with each other, respecting each other. They came to common agreements of “Live and let live” and “Each to his own”…until the internationalist and their Communist agitators with their self interest and view on self enrichment by stealing the mineral wealth from all South Africans played the one off against the other.

South Africa is at the moment at a crossroads. There is the rough road and there is the smooth road.

We as the reasonable whites and blacks of South Africa can choose to co-exist with each other as we have done for the last four hundred years and as we have decided in 1994 or we can choose to go to war with each other.

Fact is that the Afrikaners can take a lot, but sooner or later they also reach the “Gatvol” stage. Sooner or later even the strongest ox gets tired.

When the Afrikaners are fed-up, they have never backed down when it comes to a fight for their existence and their place in the sun… and they have always produced a good account of themselves.

Whether it was the Mighty Zulu Empire at Blood River, the Mighty British Empire in the Anglo-Boer War or the Mighty Communist Empire in Angola…one thing is for sure, you do not scratch the balls of a sleeping lion with a thorny twig. When he wakes, do not beg for mercy.

Fact is that, when all the historical facts, truths and lies have been laid bare in front of reasonable people, it still means nothing. The ANC do not even hold themselves by their own Freedom Charter that says “South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white.” Or that “The rights of the people shall be the same, regardless of race, colour or sex”…

The ANC today practices unequal laws of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment, quotas in university entrance and sport…How in God’s name do they expect us to take them seriously when they preach “Equality” but practices Inequality?

In the study of revolution, Crane Briton was a master who wrote the book “Anatomy of a Revolution”. He analyzed the various stages of revolution based on various case studies. All revolutions passes through these stages from the “Old Order” to a “Moderate Regime” to a “Radical regime”, to “Thermidorian reaction” which is a reaction to the brutality and the excesses of the revolution.

In the light of the current ANC acknowledged “National Democratic Revolution” I will leave it up to the reader to decide in which faze we are in.

Crane Briton says in his book that it is the “Great Haters”, the single-minded men of heroic emotions, who eventually rides revolutions to their successful conclusions.

It is the focused minds of young tigers who are not distracted from their ultimate goal, who are willing to kill en masse, who are willing to risk their lives and who are willing to die for their cause who will eventually rule the land. Fortunately we are not that far yet, but we are close...

When the Blacks sing, “Hamba kahleUmkhonto”...

Go, go well, Umkhonto,
Umkhonto, Umkhonto we Sizwe.
We,we the people of Umkhonto,
Are ready to kill the Boers...

Are they talking reconciliation? Are they willing to work towards a commonly shared country by all South Africans? I do not think so.

When Jacob Zuma sings “Bring me my machine gun” does he intend to use that machine gun on Blacks? Obviously not. When Julias Malema regurgitate the words of Peter Mokaba and sings “Kill the Boer; Kill the Farmer” and millions of blacks laud him...what do they think goes through the minds of the young Afrikaners?

I can tell Malema what the Afrikaners think and how they behave.

The ANC is shit scared of the right wing Afrikaners, the AWB...they see them as their greatest threat. They are wrong.

Let me tell you how it goes at an Afrikaner social gathering or braai.

Obviously there are the Rightwing fanatics who want to shoot everything and who want to blow up everything to do with the ANC and "Kaffirs”.

They are the ones who wants to take it to the streets in mass action and want to Toi-Toi ala Kaffir and go and demonstrate in front of the Union Buildings with pickets in their hands.

Then there are the “New Liberal Afrikaners” who make up the biggest part of the Afrikaners today. These are the youngsters and housewives brainwashed by liberal bullshit radio and tellevision who praise Mandela as a demi-god and who believe in the “Rainbow Nation Bullshit...and who listens to Jack Parrow and “Die Antwoord”....They are zeros on a contract.

Then right at the back you will see a quiet “Old Ballie” who does not say a word. In fact he only listens and looks somewhat bored, yawning and checking out his finger nails. When prompted for an opinion he dislodges an old liberal Greek philosophical quote that no-one has heard of or can comprehend before reverting back to his quiet observing state... reservedly smiling at the audience, drinking in their ignorance and stupidity.

This is the man the ANC should actually be scared of, because he is an “Old Liberal”...one who has been around the block and knows that bullshit baffles brains. What goes on in his mind, nobody knows and he won’t share with anybody else. He is the man who slowly and quietly chips away at the block and if needs be has a lifetime of education and experience to make a decisive difference when the time comes.

He is the one who knows that survival of the species do not rest on a few Recce Special forces who can survive for two weeks on eating grasshoppers and Mopani worms. He is the one who knows that survival does not depend on success in a few glorious battles such as Blood River, Majuba, Spioen-Kop or the Lomba river...No.

He is the one who knows that survival takes a long term view. A view of a chess player thinking eight moves ahead all the time...A vision of seeing your nation in fifty years from now...two hundred years from now.

In ancient Rome, when a glorious General returned from battle, The Romans had a massive parade down the main street. The General would ride in on a chariot to the thunderous applause of the citizens...to his side would be a subject, whispering in his ear...”You are only human, You are only human...”

Certain people in the ANC have forgotten that they are only human. That the same people who have put them into power can take that power away at the drop of a hat.

Many years ago I watched the sitcom, “The Cosby-show” where Dr. Huxtable’s son gave him uphill. In the end he lost it and told his son, “Remember that I gave you life, I brought you into this world and that I can take it away”.

This is the lesson Julias Malema and the ANC still needs to learn.

But when all is said and done, “Might is right”...Africa taught us that lesson. Shaka did not care about political debates or philosophy.

Alexander the Great might have listened on occasion to Aristotle of Stagira, but when it came to the crunch, Alexander was the first man over the wall of an enemy city thrusting a blade between the ribs of an enemy soldier while the philosophers were pondering back home about the existence of life.

Whether it was Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, Julius Caesar, Napoleon or Shaka...the ones who eventually conquer the land are the ones who are willing to take it by force. Holding on to that land for a thousand years is the realm of the philosophers and the warrior poets.

At the moment things are really hotting up in South Africa. All the whites have a feeling of the time is near now. The situation is almost unbearable at the moment...like a cyst waiting to explode, whites are bracing themselves for the onslaught to come. Whatever Malema hoped his rhetoric would achieve is having the counter effect. Whites are uniting like never before. They are finally starting to recognize a common enemy.

For his sake I hope he has the will and dedication to pull through what he wants to start, this time it will be all or nothing, there will be no half measures. No mercy.

Julias Malema last week made his offer quite clear when he put it on the table. Here is our offer. Go for it! We stop at the equator. Do with it what you want, Julias.


  1. Laager4:23 pm

    Good article Mike.
    Now let us have some balance and fair play:

    Are there any foreign readers in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand who can inform us how the white settlers in these territories came to control all the land?

    Can they also inform us how their reservation systems ( = to the RSA Homelands) were set up , by whom, and how they work.

    Could they also inform us how they have escaped international censure for this control - particularly by the British Commonwealth nations and the United Nations - while South Africa was put upon by the whole world.

    And are there any readers out there who can explain to us how the various Caribbean island nations are recognised as independent nations by the UNited Nations when clearly the black majorities in these countries are intruders from Africa.

  2. I love those questions you raise Laager. Excellent comment. Thanks for your contribution and continued support.

  3. Walter11:43 pm

    Once more - brilliant Mike! Yes, I would like the Congo river as our Northern boundary, with the Black Plague eradicated in toto!

  4. Anonymous1:32 am

    A fantastic article.
    Many young people are still taught that SA had the biggest and most evil land redistribution following post-WW II Communist states.
    What they don't learn is that the land was paid for, and people could challenge it in court.

    It's all such a sham, this ANC revisionism.
    Sometimes I wonder why they don't just buy a big black pot and dance around it.
    I mean, they've lived up to every other racist stereotype. Why not go the whole way?
    - Friedrich

  5. Anonymous1:51 am

    Mike wrote: "It is into this Maelstrom of black chaos that the Boers trekked in 1938."

    1938 should read "1838".

    Good work Mike Smith! Enjoyed reading this piece.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks for the correction. I will correct the date.

  7. Anonymous2:27 am

    Mike - one thing I'd like to have investigated more is corporal punishment amongst the kaffirs.
    Currently our young people and students are being told that the whites and the boers were uniquely sadistic. However, I have material where a black woman is sjamboked by her tribe, and black culture practiced corporal punishment too.
    In fact, they had the "kangaroo courts", and they still burn people with mob behavior on a daily basis. The world is seeing it, but here whites are taught that they were somehow uniquely evil!
    Similarly, I heard on the radio how a black claimed they were dehumanized by being stripped naked for medical inspections on the mines.
    But I kept thinking: so what?
    People of all races were caned if they did something wrong, and white men also stripped when they wanted certain jobs, or they had to go to the SADF.
    However, I can't recall a single incident where whites ever set anyone alight, or stoned them to death in SA.
    So maybe young people should rather learn the obvious truth that correlates with our daily news: Black African culture in SA is violent and inhumane. It is not a human rights culture.
    It is racist, homophobic, misogynist and xenophobic.
    This is all proven, yet still whites are painted as the "bad people" who must be forgiven.
    This is a false teaching.
    We must indeed struggle to forgive the blacks every day, not only for their terrible violence against us, but also for how they assault our senses with their lies, filth and ridiculous canards.
    White people are not perfect, but by any comparison they are the "good people".
    I mean, just name me one white person that stabbed a woman 50 times in her vagina, that cut off a woman's breasts, or that set set a baby alight in a newspaper in SA.
    Yet, blacks do this to us.
    And they're not even apologetic.
    So why must we teach young whites that they are the devil, when the plain truth stares the nation in the face?
    It's almost as if blacks have hijacked a discourse of victimization, when they were always the true sadists and victimizers.
    - Friedrich.

  8. PreatorianXVII3:17 am

    Thanks for posting the Truth, which is not that hard to come by, it is more a case of people not bothering, finding it easier to pull up their shoulders and shrug it off as if their past history means nothing.

    Ask any white 20 year old today what 16 April 1652 means, battle of Blood river, The two Anglo-Boer Wars, not a clue very few know anything.

  9. Laager5:16 am

    @ Friedrich

    Slightly off topic

    I have done a personal study on the topic:
    Who are the biggest killers of blacks in Southern Africa from 1652 to the present - Blacks, Boers or Brits?

    And the result, in order of most kills are: Blacks, Brits and Boers.

    Blacks are the biggest killers of their own and greater than the Brits and Boers combined.

    The most recent example is after Pres de Klerk abolished apartheid.
    In the period 1990 to 1994 - i.e the first 4 years of apartheid free South Africa - about 14, 000 blacks perished. About 12,800 were the result of black on black violence and the remainder were by the police and army in defensive operations saving themselves whilst they tried to keep the warring factions apart in the townships.

    By comparison 7,000 blacks died in the 42 years of formal apartheid from 1948 to 1990
    Figure accepted by the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission

    So the next time blacks sprout this untruth of white on black violence you can confidently look them in the eye and say: "Liar!"

  10. Anonymous7:06 am

    Thanks Mike !

    Just a little story : A few days ago I saw my front lawn and it looked alive, and with closer inspection I saw millions of black termites eating away the grass down to its roots...Well anyway in between those millions of termites I also noticed little white termites but they were far in the minority but working just as hard, and I thought to myself..these little bastards just started coming from no where and stealing and destroying what I had planted and cared for, for years...There is plenty of grass in the veld next to my house, but no.. the have to come and eat mine, Why ? Is it because my grass was better taken care of than the grass in the veld ? This is the mentality of the termite..It is in his make up and existence to do that. Unfortunatly for them they (All the termites) had to be exterminated, to protect what`s left of my lawn.

  11. Anonymous7:28 am

    I’d like to quote a once great ‘Sergeant of Arms’ – William Wallace;
    William Wallace: “I am William Wallace! And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here, in defiance of tyranny. You've come to fight as free men, and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom? Will you fight?“

    Soldier: “Against that? No, we'll run, and we'll live”.

    William Wallace: “Aye, fight and you may die, run, and you'll live... at least for a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!”

    You have your own William Wallace, he’s out there! He’s waiting for you to rise!
    You’ll have to pull the collective White finger, together, at once!

    Could the ANC spell it any clearer? – They want a civil war! They want to take your land, your houses! Would you let me take your land or houses?
    If no, why then are you doing nothing about the ANC wanting your land, your houses?

    Your president sings “bring me my machine gun” – WTF!
    Malema sings “Kill the Boer” - Maybe you the reader are English, so it doesn’t apply to you, right?
    Wrong! – Look in the mirror, you and the Boer are evenly white in the eyes of the ANC.

    Maybe you the reader are liberal and the blacks love you and vise versa, so it doesn’t apply to you, right?
    Wrong! – Look in the mirror, you and the Boer are evenly white in the eyes of the ANC.

    Wake up! – The blacks are not playing games anymore. Uhuru is going to catch you fast asleep, because you’re suffering from white guilt.

    Are the ANC coming for EU land or EU houses?
    No! They’re coming for your land, your houses!
    You’ll have to deal with this, don’t count on genocide watch for your safety.

    The world is way too concerned with anti-semitism, and aiding the rest of the African tyrants, than the plight of South African Whites.

    South Africa is designed for implosion, no European country will come to her aid – You’re White! Europe’s leaders applaud the ANC.

    Get it through your thick skulls – You’re in deep shit! It’s not a singsong!

    Question is, will you make history again, or become history this time ‘round?

    I hope the blood of your forefathers wasn’t spilled in vain!

    From a concerned watcher, a very concerned one at it.

  12. Anonymous8:37 am

    Lag-lag een van die beste artikels wat ek in die laaste twee dekades gelees het!!!




  13. Adrem8:43 am

    Thank you Mike for yet another masterpiece on South African history which helps to counteract any bogus claims from the moronic 'Rainbowlers' (pun intended) or any other left leaning good-doer sect of the communist variety.

  14. Anonymous9:22 am

    Mike dishes out more bullshit and you asswipes are licking the plate clean. White people are doomed in this country.

  15. Well, Anon 9:22, kindly point out the "Bullshit" in my article and provide a counter argument or facts.

    You say, "White people are doomed in this country"...

    What do you base your evaluation on? Do you perhaps know something that we don't?

  16. Mike I come back and I read your articles, just like every other site I go to. What you write is true, but the world decides what truth it wants to accept unfortunately.

    I am at the stage where I am sitting in the back row, the quiet guy, spoke when spoken to and some idiot is scratching my balls with a thorny branch.

    I am waiting, will they come to their senses, I don't think so.

    My conclusion on how this will end, bloody, very bloody and lots of violence, I see no other way!

    I am not a profit of doom, I am a realist, study your history and your eyes will open.

    The end.

  17. Wow. Amazing. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and research. Will share.

  18. @PresidencyZA @helenzille @Derek_Hanekom @pieter_mulder @MaxduPreez: Who does the land belong to? by Mike Smith http://bit.ly/kIZqGN

  19. Julius Malema is just an instrument of the ANC to see how far the ANC can push the envelope. Behind the ANC are the mine owners that want nationalisation rather than pay for the huge costs of tackling acidic mine drainage, costs they would rather push onto the taxpayer. The ANC knows it can't run mines for shit. It's all just window dressing to make whitey feel scared and oh so grateful to cough up for mopping up the acid waste rather than be murdered in their homes.

  20. Furor Teutonicus5:54 am

    Great article again. I really enjoy this pandora's apartheid box stuff.

    Recently i read Hans Grimms book "Südafrika - Ein Stück deutscher Geschichte" which he wrote as a journalist in South africa in the early 20th century. There he is also writing about the history of the settlement (especially german settlers in this case). Many things that you are mention here, i also could find in this book. Unfortunately such interesting books are not printed in the 21th century, cause it's not compliant to the Zeitgeist. ( i think you say Zeitgeist in english as well? ) So you have to go to second-hand shops to find such stuff. And that's sad.

    So, what i want to say is thanks for your work and keep on writing such interesting articles.


  21. Anonymous10:33 am


    One thing for sure is that Malema is as you say, uniting all whites regardless afrikaans/English while making many zots scared.

    I love it when he opens his mouth, it makes the whites in other lands kak, they then think and say amongs their circles "see we made the decision" coward pussies

    I understand why they left,but will they come back to fight? Thats all that matters!

    I hope this monkey brain malema opens his mouth more often, he disturbs the calm of whites bringing us just one step closer together

    but like i have said a thousand times, i will say it again, blacks are not the problem it is the white man, his mentality, uplifting blacks, thinking they are equals, giving them rights in the land he has built up, making excuses for them, he has created the problem and at the same time is the solution to the problem - all can be sorted out in a matter of days.

    Sa is not the world and we should stop looking to overseas to end our problems here nor look to them for help, it starts by asking one important question --

    Are we going or we staying?

    The afrikaaner & most english speaking people have answered this the question is then

    Are we going to put our differences aside and unite to become one

    or let the sun set on us, there is only one solution.

    UNITE - United we stand divided we fall

    So far we have been divided and they have been picking us off like flies

    The time is here!

    Fight or flight

    You can only run for so long until there is no place left to run.

  22. Cheeziz Mike, reading you always makes me feel kinda small afterwards...

  23. Anonymous10:42 am

    Hi Mike, "Whites are uniting like never before. They are finally starting to recognize a common enemy. "
    Are you quite sure about that statement? I wish I were as optimistic as you. The majority whites in SA are liberals and they seem to carry on as usual, listen to radio 702 etc, rtc, or they (the liberals) are keeping their thoughts very secret.

  24. Sean Boolsen - Vorster7:40 pm

    My name is Sean Boolsen - Vorster, I am fifteen years old. My parents brought me to Canada as a young kid and I am a Canadian citizen. I read this talk of war with deep concern and yet empathy and understanding of the genocide that European South Africans face. I would imagine that European South Africans, irrespective can see the writing on the wall and it is called genocide under the current trajectory. I must mention that European people outside of Africa are indifferent, brainwashed and incapable of understanding the terror of Africa that is currently your reality. Their own history is one of premeditated genocide throughout the old European colonies of Australia and Canada and the mindset does not include any ability to think outside the business controlled media daily brainwashing. European South Africans have the established credentials of peace and common decency with the surrender of seven theater and two thousand tactical nuclear weapons poised against bricks and stones. It is not even known outside South Africa nor is the genocide that is daily your reality. In this uncalled for war, and pray God Malema comes to his senses, you will be on your own... and God's speed to you all.


  25. Anonymous12:19 am

    The ANC is fast becoming a nationalist socialist party, the emphasis being on NATIONALIST.

    This is why the SACP has become so concerned. Oh! the irony of having the SACP against nationalization.

    The SACP were - under apartheid- very pro towards a specific type of nationalization and being the brains behind the ANC in a consolatory role, helped to overthrow the apartheid government. The thing about the SACP is, that they were and still are the representatives of the global elite / internationalists.

    Nationalization as set out in the ANC's freedom charter did not happen after 1994. INTER-nationalization happened after 1994, so the SACP were successful in what they set out to do. They accomplished the wishes and desires of their global masters.

    BUT now the ANC is fast changing into a nationalist organization and this is becoming a problem for the SACP and their masters, because the ANC wants to nationalize what has ALREADY been internationalized.

    I have a message for the internationalists.

    1) Nationalization will happen. It is the African way. Not only did you back the wrong horse, but you did not know the nature of the horse that you were backing at all. You now have to live with the consequences.

    2) Your scenario forecasters should rather have consulted with people that know the African mindset.

    3) You are now going to have to do all that you can to try and counter the threat of (black) nationalization and in the process you will alienate yourself from the masses.

    4) Every single white person in South Africa is against the nationalization of the mines and the banks. You should learn something from this.

    5) Currently you are OK with the nationalization of the farmland, thinking that this might appease the masses and that they will leave your mines and banks alone.

    6) Faulty reasoning at best. By supporting the nationalization of the land, you are alienating the only people that support the current system of bank and mineral ownership. You should learn something from this as well.

    7) You might not belief this.....YET, but the only possible way to hang on to your property will be to create a white homeland that encompasses your mine properties. Everyone wins. The whites get their own homeland and you get to hang on to the control that you so desire.

    8) Part of the reason your strategy failed, is because the black masses are uneducated and are thus immune to the thought shaping processes of the main stream media.

    9) Mark my words. This is the only option you have. You can still control the white sheep. Look at how they are all now supporting the DA.


  26. Laager2:17 am

    Where are the Canadian, American, Australian and New Zealand correspondents who can tell us about the land acquisitions and reservations created in their countries by the white settlers?

  27. Anonymous5:08 pm


    1. Anonymous3:51 pm

      Fuck off, sour poes!

    2. Anonymous2:01 am

      Some White pigs are becoming stupid by the second instead of by the day. This self prophesed moron called Mike is hilarious. Mike write a book since you seem to have all the answers about South Africa make sure your face appears on it.

    3. Anonymous2:01 am

      Mike, I am not sure where you dig up all this information, it needs to be put to the test as I find it more fable than factual. An example is talking about the forced removals as a result of the 1913 land act enacted to disposes land from the Africans in favor of the whites. If land was bought who were the beneficiaries how was the price determined? It so happened that in 1982 my Father tried to purchase some land , after the transaction was concluded with the owner he received instead of a title deed a 99 year lease. Why would this be if according to you it was fair for all. Which leads me to question what tests you expose your opinion to,in order to arrive at fact. Whilst you accuse Julius of being the puppet master with plebian black masses as the puppets I think it would be closer to home if you also drew similarities of character from him. The problem with your statements is that they are one sided with overtones of racist propaganda. Whilst your congregants are willing diners of your self prophesied vitriol I think it goes without saying that unless you have plans of exterminating Africans in their continent your are merely passing time with fable. I however commend you on the drive and misplaced effort your energies would have been better used elsewhere.

  28. Anonymous5:05 am

    This country does NOT belong and never will "belong" to the so called rightful black people they cerated nothing in or on this land and never will.The persent regime is doomed to failure and will never be able to govern effectively because they know not that thye know not!! The die cast and Mike is correct we wait for the sword of Damocles to fall and it will!

  29. Anonymous12:09 pm


  30. To the "ILLITERATE of HISTORY" Anonymous 5:05AM that states that "The Whites" STOLE 'THEIR LAND'

    My Forefathers landed in the Cape in 1793 and have a great history in this land:

    Study your REAL History.......

    Mpande (1798–1872), uMsimude owavela ngesiluba phakathi kwamaNgisi namaQadasi, as he was praised, was king of the Zulu nation from 1840 to 1872, making him the longest reigning Zulu king.

    Commandant Gert Rudolph (My Forefather!)
    He later became a South African political figure and served as the last head of state of Natalia between 1842 and 1843.

    Commandant Gert Rudolph, for his help in fighting a war in January 1840 helped Mpande in his revolt against his half-brother Dingane, who was killed on an expedition north in the Hlatikhulu Forest,so Mpande gave him (And Andries Pretorius) a valuable concession and piece of land to own & to farm.

  31. Thanks Mike for your great article. Too many people are ignorant of history and that is why they let these ANC commie liars get away with bullshit. Soon the White Afrikaners and the Whites of the rest of the world will see the folly of our recent politics and stop caring about anyone but ourselves, or we will all perish. Today blacks, colourdes, Asians, and others are settling in White homelands around the globe and proceeding to annihilate us and our cultures. They don't even pretend to care about equality. They only care about their own, and rightly so. In nature the ones who survive are the ones who have their priories in the right order. Nonwhites in Europe are taking over cities and pushing out the indiginous Whites, just like in South Africa. They do this with the help of the same backers as the commie ANC. Sadly, most Whites are blinded to this state of affairs by liberal media. We will either learn to stand together or we will be annihilated. The immigrants in Europe and other White lands don't care about native rights. They will never recognize the rights of White folk anywhere.

  32. Anonymous12:41 pm

    this is briliant just wish the rest of southafrica can see through the lies well done

  33. http://www.scielo.org.za/scielo.php?pid=S1017-04992013000200020&script=sci_arttext
    Also you rely on a book where one of the authors is called Dr. X? Um how reliable is this?

  34. http://www.nativevillage.org/Editorials/Ancient%20Human%20Metropolis%20Found%20in%20Africa/p1%20ancient_human_metropolis_found_i.htm

  35. Anonymous4:02 pm

    HCUA--for lack of a better appellation, I will remain anonymous. I am an American, writing this on April 5th, 2017.
    I find it interesting that Eschel Rhoodie's book was mentioned, as I have the book, read it 25 years ago, and referred to it a few days ago, in reference to a comment that I was putting on another site, which I accidently found today, while looking at another article.
    I wonder why the whites in South Africa do not go heavily armed at all times. I know that the Negroes sneak up on them , and it must be quite a strain for farmers and others to constantly alert, so they do not get slaughtered by the savages.
    Several large dogs should be kept. I read of an African breed years ago, which is quite big and savage. I realize that the dogs would be killed first, but, if I had dogs, and they suddenly went silent, I would grab strong weapons, and be watchful.