09 June 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 17 – The Banking Conspiracy

By Mike Smith
9th of June 2010

I was going to jump to the UN and show how SA became a skunk amongst Nations, but in the light of new evidence in the form of admission and confirmation from none other than ex Foreign minister Roelof Frederik (Pik) Botha about the role of international banks ganging up against South Africa during the National Party government, I thought it appropriate to explain in more detail how huge international banks manipulate countries.
I have also received some requests to explain the methods used by bankers.
Kindly note that I am not anti Capitalism in exposing these bankers. Quite the contrary, I am in full favour of laissez faire capitalism, but one has to distinguish between genuine free market capitalism and that of manipulative high finance Mega-banking monopolies.
"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent."
(James Paul Warburg Appearing before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on 7th February 1950. He was an international banker, a member of the CFR and financial advisor to F.D. Roosevelt)

I must admit that when I started this series, I knew I would sooner or later end up at a point where I had to address the influence of powerful international think tanks such as the RIIA, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission in bringing down South Africa and handing it over to a Black Marxist terrorist regime. I knew the time would come that I would have to address the role of Mega Bankers and how they financed the communist revolution in South Africa. I knew the time would come where I would be slammed with the epithet of “Conspiracy Theorist”.

I thought hard about how to address this issue. It is like being labeled a “Racist” when you speak the truth. In this case it is the same. There is however only one way to counter the lies and propaganda of these communists and that is with hard facts and the truth.

So along came Mr. Pik Botha who was the minister for foreign affairs as well as Information during the last years of Apartheid (1977-1994) and affirms everything I and so many other writers have discovered.

Last Sunday (6th of June 2010) he wrote an article in Rapport, the Afrikaans Sunday paper, titled “Die land wás op pad na ekonomiese verwoesting” (The country wás on its way to economic ruin)...

In this article he affirms how the Chase Manhattan Bank of David Rockefeller wanted to call in all loans to the SA government. He further affirms his year’s long friendship with Dr Henry Kissinger, that still continues to this day, and how he asked Kissinger to intervene with the Bank. Kissinger phoned him back 04h00 in the morning and told him that it was too late, there is nothing he could do and in fact the other banks were going to do the same thing. They were going to overnight ruin the economy of South Africa. It was only due to a rescue package from a Swiss Banker called Dr. Fritz Leutwiler that saved the country.

Every person who has done an in-depth study of how Apartheid was brought down comes to the same conclusions, the same discoveries, the same organizations, the same banks and the same names.

The internationally acclaimed journalist Aida Parker back in the Seventies published a series of articles in “The Citizen” called, “Secret War on South Africa”. This was a revolutionary move on her side. These well researched articles were so hot that she was forced to resign shortly after that and start her own edition called “The Aida Parker Newsletter”.

She came to exactly the same conclusions about the CFR, the RIIA, the TC and gigantic oil, industrial and banking concerns as well as international media corporation who wants to introduce “a world government or “Super state”.

The German author Klaus Vaqué in his book “Verrat an Südafrika” dedicates an entire chapter (Ch. 5) to the conspiracy of the Bankers against South Africa.

Eustace Mullins in his book Secrets of the Federal Reserve (1952) tells the story of a few New York bankers who met on the evening of 22 November 1910 at the Hoboken train station, New Jersey. They were to board the train and their destination was the exclusive Jekyl Island Hunt Club on Jekyl Island, Georgia that belonged to the J.P. Morgan bankers.

This group of bankers are known as the “Aldrich group” after Republican senator Nelson Aldrich who would lead the commission. With him was three bankers, Frank Vanderlip of the then mightiest bank, “National City Bank of NY”, to whom the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb and Company also belonged. The other two were Henry P. Davidson of J.P. Morgan Company and Charles D. Norton, the president of “First National Bank of New York”.

One other person who was part of this group was Paul Moritz Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb and Company. He was the principal representative of the European banking family, The Rothschilds.

These men left for Jekyl Island, not to go and hunt, but to work out a law that would be treason to America and would give these bankers control over the money of the USA. This law is called “The Federal Reserve act” of 1913. They waited until 23 December 1913 when most congress representatives would already be on Christmas holiday before they passed this bill (signed by Woodrow Wilson) through congress and got it approved. On this day ended the American constitution and the freedom of Americans were handed over to a handful of bankers.

How the Bankers make money out of War.

Every government spends more money than they get in taxes. They use this for big projects such as dams, roads or simply for free handouts.

This money is then borrowed from these big banks and the taxpayers pay the money and interest back. It is thus in the interest of these bankers to drive up the debt of a country, because more debt means more interest.

Nothing drives a country deeper in debt than a war. So if the banks want to make money, they just support the enemies of the state to initiate war, whereupon the state then borrows money from the bankers to fight this war. It is quite common for these bankers to finance both sides of the war. How many people dies in these conflicts means nothing to them.

The first harvest for these bankers came three years after passing the Federal Reserve Act at the end of the First World War,…and because it worked so well, they built in the start of another World War into the Treaty of Versailles.

The Vietnam War could have been won within months if the generals were allowed to do their job. Ten years and 58,156 dead American soldiers later the only ones who won were the bankers.

Today many people believe that Communism is a movement of suppressed masses who are fighting against the exploitation from their employers. Nothing is further from the truth.

Most people know that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia came in (Oct) November 1917, but few knows that the Tsar already abdicated in March, seven months before that. At that time there was an interim, provisional government run by prince Lvov, moulded on the American model. Unfortunately Alexander Kerensky a Socialist revolutionary succeeded prince Lvov. He then lifted a ban on all communists that were previously banned under the Tsar and so allowed 250,000 communist revolutionaries to re-enter the country.

When the Tsar abdicated, Lenin and Trotsky were in exile in Switzerland and the US respectively. At that time the Bolsheviks were no real power in Russia. Lenin was sent all across Europe in his sealed train and had about $5-6 million of gold with him. It was arranged by the German High Command, Max Warburg and Alexander Helphand.

The father-in-law of Max Warburg’s brother, Felix, namely Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb & Co also helped finance the Bolshevik Revolution.

According to the newspaper “Journal American” of 3 February 1949, Jacob Schiff donated $20 million dollars to the Bolsheviks.

Mr. Bakhmetiev, the last Russian Imperial ambassador in the USA said that the Bolsheviks transferred more than 600 million rubles to Kuhn Loeb & Co between the years of 1918-1922.

As we can see, the revolution never comes from the oppressed masses it comes from the top down or from the outside in. It is financed from high power and finance institutions. No war just breaks out spontaneously, it is carefully orchestrated.

Not only did these bankers support the Communist, but they also kept them alive for decades. It is all documented in the work, “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development”, by Dr Anthony Sutton.

Everything the Soviets ever had has been acquired from the USA. One can say the Soviet Union was “Made in the USA”.

It does not matter whether a hundred million people died under Communism and 2 Billion are still enslaved under the Communist yoke today…it was a small price to pay for a future world government.

The methods used by these bankers are one of power play. They tell governments to toe the line or they will send the communists. They do this in Thailand, in Greece and they did the same in South Africa. There is a way to defeat these communists and bankers, but more on that in a later edition.

In South Africa these bankers supported the communists, because they knew that when the natives would start getting agitated and started revolting, the White people would try to appease the aggressors, by building them free houses, schools, hospitals, play parks etc…

The more the Whites built the more money they needed, so they borrowed it from the international banks.

The more the blacks were stirred, the more they demanded and the deeper the country got into debt. At the same time South Africa was fighting a prolonged war on the Angola Namibia border, had sanctions and embargoes against her and was losing a propaganda war at the United Nations and world media.

This tactic eventually becomes a vicious spiral until the point where these banks can literally bankrupt a country or a currency as we have seen recently in Greece and with the Euro. Such is the strategy of appeasement and why it will never work. The Beast is insatiable and there is only one way to stop its appetite for destruction; cut off its head.

Another technique they use is the one of “Angst”. The German word “Angst” is also in the English language, but it is hard to explain. It is something German people are very aware of, because their entire lives are based on it. Nobody is as “ängstlich” as Germans.

It is a condition of constant worrying and fear combined with anticipation and finding solutions. It is a technique used very well in the insurance industry. The more they can make you think and worry and fear, the more money they can make out of you. Inventing risks and fears where none exists is their game and we pay them just so we can sleep better at night.

One of these fears was the threat of nuclear war with the USSR during the Cold War that never existed. As Henry Kissinger once said, “The world’s superpowers will never make war on another; The European Socialists are too dumb to understand that. The Soviet Union is too badly prepared for it...”

This Soviet incompetence and bad preparedness was so well illustrated when a West German teenager named Mathias Rust flew a light aircraft from Finland through a supposedly impregnable air defence system, all along a railway track in Russia and landed on the Red Square in Moscow. It led to the firing of several senior Russian officers including the Defence Minister Sergei Sokolov. Today the Russians maintain that Rust was tracked several times, but they never received an order to shoot him down. Nonsense! They will never admit that they were outsmarted by a 17 year old boy.

Another example was the Russian aeroplane in which the Mozambiquen president Samora Machell died. An independent international investigation pointed out that bad maintenance of the aircraft and the incompetence of the pilots who got lost and did not stick to the flight plan (probably drunk from too much Vodka) were the reasons for the crash over South African territory, but hey...you can always count on a communist to blame everything on big, bad, South Africa, as they did.

This technique of using angst is playing on our worst fears and used to great effect by the communist and international banking elite to get us to pay. Even our fear of the dark is being exploited as with ESKOM shutting down and blacking the country out. Eskom proposed a 35% increase in electricity tariffs and got from Nersa (National Energy Regulator) 25% in 2010 on top of a 30% increase in 2009 and a 28% increase in 2008...And the sheep just accepts it all without as much as a bleat, because they are scared of the dark. Source

Today in the absence of The Soviet Union and Apartheid, new enemies should be created and fears exploited so that the bankers can make money and keep us enslaved. Our fear of suffocation is used to perpetuate lies about “Greenhouse gasses”, our fear of drowning is exploited to lie about “melting ice caps” and “global warming”. Our fear of terror lurking behind every bush (no pun intended) is used to fight “Al Qaida” for the control of the world Opium trade, our fear of prison or economic ruin is preventing us from speaking the truth and doing something about the killing of our people in South Africa…and so I can go on…fear, fear, fear…

These fears were used in South Africa to great effect. Apart from Black and White fearing being wiped out by another, we feared financial collapse as Pik Botha tried to tell us then and is telling us now. We feared the “Swartgevaar” (Black terror) and the “Rooigevaar” (Red Terror). We feared everything from world isolation to being caught out on camera by Leon Schuster.

Maybe if we feared GOD it would have gone better…

Nevertheless, FEAR is an acronym in the English language for "False Evidence Appearing Real. It makes the wolf appear bigger than he actually is. But it is through knowing the truth and exposing their methods that we will fear no more and laugh in the faces of these manipulators, because when we fear something we give it power…And that I refuse to do.


  1. Anonymous5:10 pm

    I don't see any comments here Mike even though I am a bit of a late comer. However don't let that put you off of what you have set out to do. The hapless sheep of this world are being led to the financial and corporeal slaughter houses (abattoirs) without a bleet of protest. The truth of what has and is taking place in the world today is cause for great concern and millions, perhaps even billions of of ignorant people are doomed to physically suffer and die due to these financial "greedsters" (my own word for them) trying to achieve their goal of ruling the world. However the truth that you have revealed in your document is either way above their heads (understanding/intelligence) of the average sheep or they just don't have the guts to stand up for their human rights. Silence by the masses is joyfully accepted as an endorsement and an encouragement by these financial thugs and they will stop at nothing to gain control of the world. Its a pity that the majority of the innocent people of this world are the ones who are going to suffer and die because of the greed and evil ambitions of a few cold hearted and ruthless lunatics. Keep it coming Mike there are still a few of us left who don't give a fat fart for the lunatics of this world and who are brave enough to to tell them so straight to their ugly faces.

  2. Anonymous6:02 am

    Wow Mike I am taken aback by your FEAR paragraphs, the last two! Awesome.

  3. Anonymous6:34 am

    What a brilliant piece of writing. I am just fascinated with the workings of the world! This just confirms more!


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    The Nazi bankster crimes http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4B50BFDEE2F38C62

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