03 June 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 15 – Smuts and Rhodes’ “World State”

By Mike Smith
3 June 2010

The history you will read below is denied to most students today at school, but relatively freely available to people who are willing to do the research and make the connections.

Today we find many so called “Conspiracy theorists” who speak of a “World State” and those who try to make them off as nutters, even in the face of hardcore proven facts and evidence. Most of the time truth and facts are all we need to see and understand what happened to South Africa.

The idea of a “One world government” with a one world army and police force under the UN, might be familiar to most readers who are observers of world affairs and who can see that we are daily tiptoeing towards a Communist totalitarian state. What most people do not know is that since Machiavelli first rolled the ball and proposed the basic idea of world government and rule without scruple of justice or humanity, the ball was picked up in South Africa by team mates Rhodes and Smuts who ran with it.

In order for us to understand why Apartheid was scapegoated to hand South Africa over to Marxist Black terrorists; how South Africa became the skunk amongst nations, why the Western Capitalist as well as the Communists and every man and his dog ganged up on us…we have to look at events holistically. We need to see the roots, the trunk the branches and the position of the tree in the forest. We need to see the position of the forest in the country, the country on the continent, the continent in the world and the world in the universe.

It is only then that we will understand why South Africa had to go and why Dr. H.F. Verwoerd, who saw himself as an “unmovable piece of granite” was assassinated.

A good point to start with is the idea of “Holism” or the man who coined the word “holistic” namely General Field Marshal Jan Smuts

Today when one speaks to Black people in South Africa one would soon hear that they do not really mind racists, because they say, “At least we know where we stand”.

With Liberals it is a different story. Helen Zille of the DA has tried her entire life to win the support and respect of the Blacks, but I can assure her it will never happen. In Credo Mutwa’s book, “My People” he says that Blacks do not trust liberals. Blacks never know where they stand with liberals who are nice in front of them, but try to shaft them behind their backs. Blacks of South Africa have an immense respect for President Paul Kruger, but they have no respect for Jan Smuts…and with good reason.

Jan Smuts advocated racial segregation for most of his career, but after loosing the election in 1948 to the National Party he changed his tune and issued the Fagan Report. The main recommendation of the commission's report was that influx control of African people to urban areas should be relaxed.

During the Second Anglo Boer War he led Boer troops in the Transvaal under Koos De la Rey who were supplied by the Germans, but afterwards in the First World War he turned against the Germans and Koos De la Rey and fought on the side of the British, with General Botha annexing the German Colony, German South West Africa, now known as Namibia and commanding the British in German East Africa .

Smuts was a bright character. He graduated from Stellenbosch University with honours in Science and Literature. He then studied many subjects at Cambridge in England amongst other things, Law.

Back in Cape Town he became a lawyer and journalist for the Cape Times. He also became friends with Cecil John Rhodes, who owned the De Beers mining company, and became his personal law advisor.

When Rhodes launched the Jameson Raid in 1895-96 Smuts was furious and felt betrayed by his friend and employer and subsequently left De Beers to go to Johannesburg.

Again Smut’s erratic behaviour came to the fore. At first he fully supported Rhodes’ expansionism policies, but suddenly was its biggest opponent.

After the war, Smuts was instrumental in drawing up plans for the unification of the two Boer Republics of Orange Free State and Transvaal and the two British colonies of Natal and the Cape that happened in 1910.

Smuts created the South African Defence Force and served on the British Imperial war cabinet during WW1 as well as WW2. He also helped to create the Royal Air Force. He was a signature at the treaty of Versailles and a proponent of The League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations.

After WW2 Smuts worked day and night to draw up the charter for the new United Nations. Smuts had a driving force and personal philosophy called “Holism” defined as "the tendency in nature to form wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts through creative evolution"

One biographer ties together his far-reaching political vision with his technical philosophy:
“It had very much in common with his philosophy of life as subsequently developed and embodied in his Holism and Evolution. Small units must needs develop into bigger wholes, and they in their turn again must grow into larger and ever-larger structures without cessation. Advancement lay along that path. Thus the unification of the four provinces in the Union of South Africa, the idea of the British Commonwealth of Nations, and, finally, the great whole resulting from the combination of the peoples of the earth in a great league of nations were but a logical progression consistent with his philosophical tenets.”
Smuts was seriously disappointed when at the first UN general assembly in 1946, India chastised him about his racial policies and the condition of Indians in SA.

Smuts' view of Africans was patronising, he saw them as immature human beings that needed the guidance of whites, an attitude that reflected the common perceptions of the white minority population of South Africa in his life time and in 1929 he justified the erection of separate institutions for blacks and whites in tones reminiscent of the later practice of apartheid.

The United Nations would be one of the first double speak, Orwellian Newspeak names we will encounter, because the UN is an organisation that is suppose to keep peace, but their means is making war…an organisation that did not come to unite nations, but to destroy nations on its march to a one world government.

But what about Cecil John Rhodes, Smuts’ drinking partner before the Anglo/Boer War? Rhodes got much of his ideas from John Ruskin, a “Do-Gooder” liberal arsehole who was famous for his impassionate championship of “the downtrodden masses”. Funny enough, Ruskin’s life ended with a mental breakdown as so often happens with La-La-Land Liberals who think themselves God-Like. Nevertheless Rhodes was a student of Ruskin at Oxford where Ruskin spoke of a “New Imperialism”.

He told his aristocratic students that to preserve their privileged lives they have to absorb the lower classes and that they have to extend it to the non-English world.

Rhodes was greatly influenced by Ruskin and when he arrived in SA, he had an idea and that was to make the entire Africa British or as he said it, “Paint the map of Africa Red (i.e. British)”

More than fifty biographies were written about Rhodes, A university in Grahamstown South Africa is named after him, two countries (North and South Rhodesia) were named after him. (Today called Zambia and Zimbabwe).A massive memorial to him stands below the University of Cape Town.

In his first will, Rhodes wrote his ambition was “ extending British rule , throughout the world and founding so great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible and promote the interest of humanity.”

Rhodes also set up a secret society called the Round Table based on the Jesuit model (Society of Jesus) and interestingly enough also the model that Adam Weishaupt of the Bavarian Illuminati adopted in 1785 and also used by the Communists. The model works on a principal of circles within circles where the inner circles knows more than the circles surrounding it. In the inner circle (“Circle of initiates”) were Lord Rothchild, Sir Harry Johnston, Mr Balfour, and other personages prominent on the South African scene. The outer circle was called “the Association of Helpers” or as Lenin called them, “The useful idiots”. We simply refer to them as “Liberals”.

Another of Rhodes’s legacies is the Rhodes Scholarship under which about a hundred young men are handpicked from the British empire, the USA and Germany every year to spend two years at Oxford University where they receive special instruction in world affairs, the object being so that, “after 30 years there would be between two and three thousand men in the prime of life scattered all over the world, each one of whom would have impressed on his mind in the most susceptible period of his life the dream of the Founder. Moreover each one of whom, would have been specially, mathematically selected towards the Founder’s purpose”. Prominent Rhodes scholars include Bill Clinton, actor/singer Kris Kristofferson, Edwin Hubble (Hubble space tellescope), film director Terrence Malik (The Thin red Line and Badlands) and feminist Naomi Wolf who wrote “The beauty myth”.

Lord Milner became the head of the Round Table in 1891 and surrounded himself with a group of young men called, “Milner’s Kindergarten”. Prominent members were, Phillip Kerr who held many positions in British South Africa, Lord Lothian, British ambassador in Washington and Lionel Curtis British Official and author who promoted a World State. He became the head of the Round Table when Milner died.

Lord Lothian was the one who said that, “We should strive to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”…

I find it amusing how “World State”, “One World Government” proponents always claim that “Peace” and “Heaven” will come of their efforts, but in reality it just brings more and more war, suffering and death.

Blacks in South Africa and Africa as a whole believe that they have aquired “Freedom”, but all they experience is death and misery. As George Orwell said in “1984”…, “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength”

In the next edition we will see the happenings on the other side of the Atlantic, namely in the USA and Canada…the role-players, the Rhodes and Smuts successors, who would strive for a “One World Government” and how they sold out the whites in Africa.

…/ to be continued


  1. In France, the main force behind the anti-apartheid campaigns like the boycott of Outspan oranges, was the commmunist party, whose guys were busy sticking leaflets and calling protest meetings. With no significant communist party none the less Britain lead the world campaign against South Africa, with unions as notorious proxies commanding opinion at public owned medias. Their foreign followers were to be found in the ranks of western european left, while the eastern block enforced the soviet party line and the third world countries supported the whole pudding.
    I mention the french communist party because it hardly can be found more ignorant people on South Africa than any european working class individual affiliated to a union with close ties to communism. In part because the unions are opinions movers just like any media with their own distorded view filtered by the brother party back in USSR before the iron curtain falls.

    So I agree that soviet communism was the main enemy of apartheid fueling the ANC , that it managed to turn the world opinion against apartheid, in an overall process of decolonisation which finally applied to USSR itself.