05 May 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 8 – The lies about the Homelands

By Mike Smith
5th of May 2010

A common myth or lie about Apartheid is that the whites stole the land from the blacks and shoved them on 13% of the land of South Africa in what was called Homelands. It is further believed that blacks barely scratched out a living in these homelands due to it being on barren soil or arid regions. It is further claimed that whites made sure there were no minerals on these lands before giving to the blacks.

It is time to address these lies.

Traditionally South Africa belongs to the whites who first permanently settled South Africa since 1652. Blacks entered South Africa at about the same time, but never permanently settled any area, because they were nomadic cattle and goat herders. Blacks only started settling areas permanently after about 1770.

Wherever the Boers or Voortrekkers went they bargained for land with local Blacks who settled certain areas before them. In fact there is hardly any part of South Africa that was conquered by whites from blacks. Piet Retief’s treaty with the Zulu King, Dingaan still exist to this day.

Blacks settled other areas than the whites and in those areas blacks have the right or claim on those areas. It is however difficult to determine their claims, because blacks had no written language, no maps and no legislation such as land title deeds.

Despite this, whites researched the areas that Blacks traditionally settled and gave them full autonomy to rule themselves, with their own police forces and armies trained in South Africa with white taxpayer money.

To create work, white business people were encouraged to open factories in these countries with huge tax concessions.

The ten homelands were as follows:

Transkei –Xhosa
Ciskei – Xhosa
Venda – Venda
Bophuthatswana – Tswana
Gazankulu – Tsonga/Shangaan
KaNgwane – Swazi
KwaNdebele – Ndebele
KwaZulu – Zulu
Lebowa – Pedi (Northern Sotho)
QwaQwa – Sotho

Note how some blacks got TWO or even THREE countries of their own.

The Xhosas got both Ciskei and Transkei.

The Tswanas who have their own country called Botswana, also got Bophuthatswana.

The Sothos who already had Lesotho as their own country also got Lebowa and QwaQwa.

The Swazis who already had their own country Swaziland got KaNgwane.

After South Africa became a union in 1910, the territories (British protectorates) of Bechuanaland (Botswana), Basutuland (Lesotho) and Swaziland was excluded from the union, but the plan was to incorporate them later. The successive South African governments always tried to enclude them, but the British played delay tactics and after South Africa withdrew from the commonwealth in 1961 it ended any prospect of incorporation of these territories into South Africa. Botswana got its independence from Britain in 1966, Lesotho in 1966 and Swaziland in 1968.

If one considers that these countries are actually part of the original South Africa, then the territories under Black rule and autonomy including the other homelands makes up 50% of the total land and not 13%.

One further has to remember that about 70% of the current South Africa is uninhabitable simply because it is too mountainous or it is half desert in the Western part. Only about 10% is under normal climate conditions economically viable farmland.

When one considers the rainfall map of South Africa and the areas settled by Blacks, then one sees that Blacks settled in above average rainfall areas. The soil of these homelands was some of the most fertile soil of South Africa.

Today the black ANC government is taking white owned farms away and handing them over to blacks to be totally ruined in a few months.

Something else a lot of people do not know is that the White NP government ALSO forced whites off their land by paying them out undervalued sums for their farms so that they could hand it over to blacks in the establishment of the homelands.

I personally know people who lost their successful dairy farm in those days to make way for the Ciskei.

About 48% of all the viable agricultural land was in these Black homelands.
Today the Blacks want to say that these lands are barren. As I have mentioned it is totally false, but on the other hand, these were the areas the blacks chose out for themselves to settle on about 200 years ago. The cannot blame the whites for it today.

It is often said that whites first made sure that there were no minerals in these homelands before they gave it to the Blacks.

This is also false. In the homeland of Bophuhatswana, the Tswana homeland in addition to having their own country Botswana, we can find the largest Platinum deposits in the entire subcontinent. Gold are also mined as a byproduct in these platinum mines.

In the “Book Verrat an Südafrika” Klaus Vaque mentions an article in the German Magazine “Deutschland-Magazin” Nr. 3/83 where a Lebowa chief was asked if it was true that blacks have been pushed onto worthless desolate areas...

I freely translate, the chief answered:

“No, it is not true. We have here all the raw materials except diamonds and crude oil. We have all other minerals. As far as agriculture is concerned, we have some of the richest parts of South Africa. We have good rainfall and good soil. I think our livestock are some of the best and our wheat and maize potential is fairly high. The people who say that we have been pushed onto dry and desolate areas do not know what they are talking about. I think they are talking about others.”

The question has to be asked...what is so bad about giving all the major Black tribes of South Africa their own country where they could rule themselves on territory they historically settled and where they could be ethnically homogenous, where they could speak their own language, practice their own culture and religion and where they could be totally free?

What is the crime in that?


  1. Good question; any liberal given you an answer yet?

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    No, I see the liberals have been quiet since I started this series. Hardly any comments from their side.


    Thanks. That animation looks great. I appresiate the help.

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      The Liberals havent said a Word because they in Australia and the UK.

  4. Thanks Mike!

    Give me the North and West Cape from the Orange River to the Fish River (west and south) as a homeland for my people. Most of the Karroo ha PLENTY of water. It is just very deep. I would build two/three Koeberg style reactors on the coast to provide power independance and to generate gigalitres of desalinated seawater via steam condensation. Hell, with the power over supply you could use reverse osmosis. Pump it inland and plant olives, lots of jatropha for fuel and orange trees. In ten years you could change the climate of the entire region. Look at what the Israelis have done. The climate of the region is now significantly wetter as they have planted MILLIONS of trees all aspiring water into the atmosphere. If the Jews can do it so can we. We just need to be prepared to clean our own toilets.

  5. Anonymous10:38 am

    Thanks, Mike keep telling the truth!

  6. Those maps are great eveidence and must be hated by all who who are anti white.

  7. I have to say that this is very interesting article, however I have to disagree with that fact that all black tribes were nomadic. There is evidence of the sotho speaking tribes having settled there( Lesotho) since the 1400's this coincides with the time when there was great famine and cannibalism in that region. The only tribe that was not exposed to this famine was the Sotho tribe hence the consolidation of the other tribes because of their dominance of the region. However the nguni in their nature are nomadic and these are still visible in their behaviour. As to the land issue there will be a great debate for the coming years, I think such evidence can be helpful in resolving the issue.

    Nice one

  8. Anonymous10:14 pm

    To Mgast. My friend you are talking about the soto tribes settling in Lesotho in the 1400's but what most people seem to forget is that there is solid evidence and proof that the San tribes were in South Africa long before any other African tribe such as the Nguini in the north who invaded their land. The San have been in Sothern Africa for 20 thousand years to date. So if any one has a claim to receiving a raw deal they most certainly do. Furthermore if any nationality in S. Africa has the right to reclaim their land on a historical basis I repeat again that they most certainly do. After having inhabited the country for so long a time there is definitely no doubt about who was first in S. Africa. However the politics of mank becomes an evil thing in the hands of fools and the greed for power and riches becomes the dominant force and the main objective of such fools as we are now witnessing in S. Africa today. A goverment who can do as they please whenever they please without shame or retribution is a loose cannon and a complete disaster. They believe in one thing only and that is to become as rich as possible as soon as possible and to hell with the rest. At the end of the day true historical facts mean nothing to them especially if the facts are going to punch holes in their deceitful propaganda and evil greedy ambitions. The sad part about it all though is that the government does not suffer any hardships from their arrogant ignorance and bad governance only the poor people do.

  9. Sounds exactly like someone else... the devil. He was the same. Still is and is defo leading our Goverment. I will never again vote for and stand with a goverment who does not live by the Bible. And not just sound like they are. South Africa needs to turn back to God. There is only Good and Evil no inbetween.

  10. Anonymous5:39 am

    For Someone who believes in the bible, you are too quick to judge Sonitha. You are no different from the government. Don't judge or thou shall be judged first. Change your evil ways first, and then maybe you can change the world. You too Mike...

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    I Found Photos of all the homeland developments If you are interest in posting them as proof , let me know for contact details! regards

    1. uc.mikesmith@googlemail.com

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    Just goes to show how the communists use lies and deceit to remove their good opponents from power and then replace them with unintelligent brainwashed idiots.

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    Mike Smith you dirty stinking Boer your claim that South Africa belongs to Europeans (and you white South Africans ARE EUROPEAN) is utter nonsense just like it's crap to say Europeans were in S Africa before Africans the so called Bantustans were barren,poverty stricken with no infrastructure