31 May 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 14 – Scapegoating Apartheid to steal our country and our wealth

By Mike Smith
1 June 2010

There are several reasons why South Africa had to be given over to the ANC Marxist terrorists; Apartheid was not one of them.

Compared to human rights abuses in Islamic and Communist countries, Apartheid was actually mild. By 1987 just about all the Apartheid laws were abolished, but the world still kept sanctions and boycotts against South Africa.

It becomes clear that the “Struggle against Apartheid” was nothing more than a deception by international power players to get their hands on the treasure chest of the world, namely South Africa.

There were mainly three reasons to conquer South Africa by any and all means.

1) South Africa is the richest country in the world when one considers the mineral wealth beneath its soil
2) South Africa was a Christian and Nationalist state and therefore a rock in the way of globalists.
3) The strategic sea route around the Cape of Good Hope was in the hands of these Nationalists.

South Africa’s wealth

Just before the outbreak of the Second Anglo Boer war, “Human rights abuses” was used as a stick by British imperialist to get their hands on the wealth of the Boers. This excuse would be repeated again fifty years later in 1948 to vilify and demonize the whites of South Africa and more specifically the Afrikaners as the creators of the evil system of “Apartheid”. This term was created by the media. The official policy of the government was “Separate and equal development”.

In the previous chapter, I showed clearly that the Afrikaners were NOT the architects of Apartheid neither where they the only ones who practiced it, yet countries with far worse human rights records hypocritically installed a full spectrum of sanctions against South Africa.

Whenever I think about the demise of South Africa, I think about lions and hyenas fighting over the carcass of a dead Springbok. Once they have eaten themselves full, they leave the rest for the vultures (the ANC) to pick off.

But why would the entire world gang up against four million whites at the Southern tip of Africa?

The reason is that South Africa possesses the mineral wealth that can make it a superpower in the world. In the 21st century the mineral wealth of South Africa will surpass the oil wealth of the entire Arabic region.

Many of these minerals are critical to the Western weapons industry. Therefore the Soviet Union wanted their hands on these minerals so that they could first of all have control over all the mineral wealth in the world, and secondly so that they could deny the West these strategic minerals and in doing so win the cold war.

The West could not let this happen. They could not let the Communist control the mineral wealth of South Africa and in doing so cut off the jugular vein of the Western world and at the same time control the strategic sea route around the Cape of Good Hope.

If the Communists were allowed to control South Africa they could form a mineral cartel similar to that of the OPEC oil cartel and could close the tap on the West whenever they felt like it.

South Africa possesses 93% of the world’s Manganese, 83% of the Platinum, 61% of the world’s Vanadium, 63% of the Gold, 29% of all the diamonds, amongst many others.

The Communists knew that whoever controlled the strategic Cape sea route also controlled a jugular vein of the Western economy. About a quarter of the West’s oil comes around the Cape. On average 70 ships round the Cape of Good Hope every day. That is about 25,000 ships a year with a Brutto Registered Tonnage (BRT) of 550 million tons. (Welt am Sontag, special edition May/June 1986).

By now the reader is probably asking himself why the West would have sanctions against a pro-western, anti-communist country such as South Africa. Not only would they cut off their own jugular, but also that of neighbouring Southern African countries that depended on the harbours of South Africa for their exports of ore.

Is it really believable that the West would risk suicide because of a system such as Apartheid? Why would the West support a Marxist terrorist organisation such as the ANC, whose goal always was to make South Africa a member of the Communist world?

The answer to this we will only find when we see the onslaught against South Africa in a holistic, global strategic way in which the West and the East had common goals.

In his book, “The War on Gold”, Dr. Anthony Sutton writes that the reasons for the onslaught against South Africa had very little to do with human rights issues or the internal politics of South Africa. That was all just propaganda for the war on Gold.

Dr. Sutton adds that Henry Kissinger, who left the prosecution of political dissidents in the USSR untouched, would also not be touched by the welfare and concern about voting rights for blacks in South Africa.

Professor Sutton adds that the war on gold was orchestrated from Wall Street who also financed the Bolshevik Revolution. These diabolical International financiers want a “New World Order”, a one world government of “Dollar Imperialism” under Wall Street control under which the USSR would only be a technical and economic colony of the United Nations. (See “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Dr. Anthony Sutton).

The independence and sovereignty of any nation is a stumbling block in the way of people who wants a one world government with a single currency, a world police force and a world army.

The UN delegate Andrew Young, after a visit to Windhoek, Namibia told journalists that a Communist Angola or Namibia would not bother the USA in the least, because such countries would always be an easy market for goods from the USA. The payment would always be in the form of mineral concessions that the enslaved nations would be required to work for.

Today the colonisation of Africa is made out to be the enslavement of blacks, but this is simply nonsense. The colonisation of Africa meant advancement for blacks. A better living standard, education and peace like they never experienced before.

It is the Decolonisation of Africa that means slavery to these blacks. Never before in history has blacks been so much exploited and enslaved as after decolonisation. None of the colonial powers such as France, Belgium, England, Portugal or even the Whites of South Africa have ever exploited the blacks of Africa as much as the High Financiers are doing today. These Third World countries are de facto the property of high finance groups who make their currencies into worthless paper and any loans in US dollars have to be paid back in the form of mineral concessions.

This neo-colonisation of Africa by Wall Street is thus hitting two birds with one stone. Firstly they get their paws on the mineral wealth of the country and secondly the country sacrifices its independence and sovereignty in the march to a one world government.

A strong, independent sovereign and White South Africa that possessed the largest Gold reserves in the world and, next to the USSR the largest reserves of strategic minerals, therefore became a gigantic rock in the way of these global financers and their planned Socialist World Government.

A corrupt black, Communist government is much easier manipulated than a professional and strong incorruptible white government.

Neither the Western financers nor the Communists ever give anything away for free. All the weapons and money the ANC received from the Communists and the West needs to be repaid now. Further the ANC takes on massive projects such as building of (low quality) houses for blacks, acquiring weapons such as frigates, submarines and fighter jets from Europe to a country that is not at war and at peace with all its neighbours. Soccer stadiums are built that will become white elephants in no time. They set up Socialist schemes such as the “All-pay” system of paying grants to unproductive and lazy blacks that breed more unproductive and lazy blacks. They give out contracts for new types of driver’s licenses, passports, etc…

All of these government schemes are contracted out to companies owned by the top brass of the ANC and needs to be financed from somewhere. The Western financiers are only too glad to grant them loans of billions of dollars that ends up straight in the pockets of ANC fat cats such as Tokyo Sexwale and Patrice Motsepe.

At the end of the day this money needs to be paid back…by the white taxpayer, the enslaved milk cow of the ANC. It is therefore in the interest of the ANC to prevent the whites of South Africa to find out the true extent of the theft and rape of the country that is currently being perpetrated under their noses. It is in the interest of the ANC to paint a rosy picture of a rainbow nation and dumbing whites down into believing all is well in South Africa, because they cannot afford all the whites to leave the country as more than a million of the four million whites have already done.

But the Global Financiers are not really bothered about how many whites leave South Africa. In fact the sooner they leave the better, because the moment the milk cow runs away, the sooner the ANC will have nothing to repay the financiers and the sooner they will start pawning off the mineral concessions of South Africa.

The problem is that they did not reckon with the tenacity of white South Africans who love their country and who do not want to or can not leave. These whites stay and work themselves to death to appease the ANC…hoping that it will be enough to ensure their continued existence in a country that is going to the dogs. They do not realise that they are persona non grata in South Africa.

The chess game starts to become a bit clearer once they realise that the end solution is to get rid of all whites in South Africa. If the whites do not want to leave willingly then they should be terrorised into leaving through violent house invasions, rape, torture, and farm murders. The final solution will be an all out, full blown genocide of white South Africans.

That is why we see this playoff of racial tensions between white and black South Africans who are all too ignorant to realise that they are just white and black pawns in a chess game that they do not understand and where the wealth of South Africa is the prize.

Unless whites leave South Africa to the last man, they will soon become the targets of impatient global financiers who are using the blacks as their instruments to get their hands on our mineral wealth by any means. It has nothing to do with racism or human rights; it is just business as usual for the financial elite of the world.

Many will say that the mineral wealth and the marine resources of South Africa was not the property of the Boers to start with, that it belonged to the blacks all along, but that is devoid from any truth as I have explained so far in this series. The Blacks and the Whites were contemporary settlers of South Africa. The Boers discovered the gold and the diamonds that the blacks were sitting on and did not even value. The law of “Finders Keepers” therefore prevails. Blacks never extracted any gold from ore. The blacks did not eat fish because they have a fear of the ocean and never even had dug-out canoes. The whites of South Africa started mining and fishing on a commercial scale and therefore have full claim to these resources.

The selling out of whites and the treason by their own leaders who were collaborators of these global institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-Lateral Commission will be dealt with in future posts.

The shocking truth of how bankers, countries, large corporations and church organisations ganged up and mobbed against an anti communist, Christian, sovereign nation will all be revealed…

…/ to be continued


  1. Anonymous2:17 am

    Wow, this is good!

  2. Anonymous10:31 am

    please keep it comming

  3. Thanks, Mike, for the suspected truth revealed. What do you think is the best solution ?

  4. Anonymous4:38 am

    Hi Mike

    I really like your articles on the how and why of South Africa and it just reaffirms my view that the truly evil ones were the United Nations and their ANC stooges. Just one point that you missed on our mineral wealth and that is Chromium, of which South Africa has 75% of the worlds reserves. This by itself is a major strategic material since the U.S. only has 5% and Russia 17% respectively with the rest distributed amongst numerous smaller nations.

  5. Anonymous1:18 am

    The only question is ... "what are our wonerful and heroic democratic friends going to do about their huge grand f%&#k up now?" NOTHING! They denounced communism and yet they joined forces with them against South Africa to bring the ANC government into power. Now that the true intentions of the ANC are revealed and their communist buddies are buzzing around the honey pot they seem to have lost their tongues. Seems like they are piddling in their pants and are too scared to say anything. Oh and by the way the Cubans who borrowed 170 million Rand from our generous fraud riddled government and havent paid it back are now going to receive a further 350 million Rand loan. The previous 170 million Rand loan has now been given to them as a bonsella (reward) for their good commie friendship. No doubt that the 350 million will go the same way as previous one did. Five million S.A. taxpayers will cough up for it forty four million non taxable citizens will be robbed of it. Three out of every five children will go to bed tonight with an empty stomach and the ANC politicians and goverment officials are demanding to know WHY! What a stupid question. Over and above the massive governmental fraud that is taking place and the enormous generous hand outs given to other countries it is then no wonder that the poor children are going to suffer. It's easy to demand to know why the children are hungry but to ask such a stupid question when the answer is clearly visible is the utterance of a fool. Oh and by the way communist China has just consolidated a massive agricultural deal with ... Let the games begin the commmies are now our welcome friends.

  6. Anonymous5:49 pm

    What a shame to see such a beautiful country such as South Africa going down the drain for the sake of foreign and local financial greed. Africa and its former great beauty has been raped by the plunderings of their so-called independent governments and the financial conglomerates of the world who are masters of deception and masters of disguise. There is no doubt of their true dishonest intentions and of what they intend to achieve. Millions of poor ignorant and innocent people have already died in Africa because of their greedy cause and yet they feel no shame or pain for the horrific onslaught that they are unleashing upon another beautiful country in Africa. Its disgusting to see to what lenghts these filthy so and so's will go to to achieve their low down filthy evil goals. I have always been told in life that God never sleeps but I am not so sure about the truth of that statement anymore because when you see the millions of poor ignorant innocent people suffering and dropping dead like flies from disease and starvation and many other poverty related infections it makes one wonder. Especially when we see the filthy rich adorning their pet animals with gold and diamond jewellery and a personal private chef to boot. Methinks that God has washed his hands of mankind and the filth that it gloryfies and wallows in here on earth. He has gone off in search of another planet and another try at creating a more obedient and righteous species. Perhaps God is also very sick and tired of having His name being dragged through the mud and used as an excuse for killing people and committing violent crimes of all kinds. If He is not sleeping and He has not fled then He must have gone into hiding because most of the churches now are unwittingly serving satan today. They will all deny it of course but if one takes the time and makes the effort then the truth of it can and will be revealed for those who are prepared to see it. Jesus said to love God above all things and to love thy neighbour as thyself. Give unto Ceaser that which belongs to Ceaser and give unto God that which belongs to God. I am sure that the first statement does not need any clarification so let us have a closer look at the second one. In this statement Jesus clearly seperates the holy spiritual Kingdom of God from the natural political governments and their authority over natural mankind. Today we find church ministers inviting politicians to preach their political filth to the congregation from the church pulpit during a church service. Today we find Bishops bestowing honourable church positions on politicians that never studied for or served the church for the stipulated time to earn them. Today we find church Bishops making excuses for and openly supporting armed political struggles in their countries. Today we find that the majority of the churches are up to their necks in politics and the TRUE God of Israel whom we read about in scripture is lucky to get a small mention. Even God's name has been and still is being used by politicians to further their political cause. I read on the web that several millions more people died on this earth fighting religious wars than people fighting natural wars. There is nothing but internal chaos mockery, blasphemy and deceit all over in the world today and it is glorified instead of being scorned and destroyed. Nowhere in the good book does it say that one has a right to kill people for personal, material or religious gain in God's name. Man can only rule the fools on earth but God rules over Holy Angels, His Holy servants and His Holy Obedient Chidren in Heaven. The choice is mankinds to make so don't just think about it do something positive and righteous about it and destroy the rot before its too late. The first and best place to begin the fight against the evil politics of mankind is within ones own mind and from then on peace will reign on earth.

  7. Unfortunately peace will never reign on earth because satan is the prince of the earth and hates humankind and will do whatever he can to steal, kill and destroy. It has also been prophesied in the Bible that there will be many wars and unrest in the days to come...

    We live in a fallen world and it is every individual's freedom to choose between good and evil at every given moment. Unfortunately the path to God's kingdom is very narrow, so few will find it. We have to live with the knowledge that in this fallen world we will always reap the consequences of humankind's sins....But if we choose the narrow path and keep our eyes on Jesus even in the midst of the storm, then we will make it through the storm with God on our side.

  8. Thanks for the good work as always Mike

    Many readers ask the question what now, where to from here, what about our children?

    The way I see it is for whites inevitably to flock together again someday (like the Israelis did) and to fortify ourselves in a conquered homeland somewhere where we have to aggressively segregate from blacks again and where we have to heavily defend our borders (like the Israelis do)...I HOPE I'M COMPLETELY WRONG THOUGH!

    For me the situation only steers towards one thing - whites have to become selfish and focussed again to ensure the survival of our children in this lion's den

    The acceleration of this movement will be triggered once the ANC completely lose control of the country and the EFF takes over!

    Question is how far down the line does that seem??