11 May 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 11– Bantu Education under Apartheid

By Mike Smith
11th of May 2010

If Communists value and care so much about education, why do they kill off the educated elite as the first thing they do in taking over a country?

From Stalin’s purges to Mao’s “Great leap forward”, From Cuba to Cambodia...the first thing the Communists do when they take over is to kill the academics and educated elite...IN THEIR MILLIONS. In Cambodia they killed about 2 million alone. People were killed for simply wearing glasses, because if you could read, you were already too clever.

That alone should convince anyone that communists have never and will never give a toss about education. In fact the worst enemy of the communist is the educated person. The entire system of communism is depended on a dumbed down, uneducated and unemployed proletariat (the sheep).

Today the Bantu-Education Act of 1953 is highly criticized, called “racist” and “discriminatory”.

I wonder how many of those critics have ever read it through, because I have and I still challenge anyone to point me to the discriminatory part.

Yet it is today held up as one of the main reasons for the resistance against Apartheid as well as the violence of the student’s uprisings of 1976.

Its critics are the usual gang of liberals, culture relativists, humanists and racial egalitarians, but their criticism holds no water.

If one scrutinises the Act as posted above, one will see that the act established a black education department, basically gives the minister of education along with the minister of finance the right to fund the black government schools in a way they deem appropriate, that the government holds the right to determine the medium of instruction and that the minister of education can consult and establish black school councils on how to run the schools and what to teach.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. As I said in part Seven of this series, the duty of the government was not and is not and will never be to provide schools (or any other infrastructure) to anybody. The role of the government is to protect the citizens against the initiation of force. That is it! For the rest of the part, they should keep their nose out of the business of the people.

Government schools are actually a form of initiating force. It steals our money, it locks our children up with criminals, gangsters and drug dealers every day, it teaches them socialist doctrines, dumb them down incapable of rational or logical thought, and it falsifies our history. ..But people like schools, because they think schools do good. Nevertheless the NP government taxed whites almost to death to provide schools for blacks. During Apartheid schooling was made compulsory for all children up to 16 years of age...

But apart from the actual Bantu Education Act of 1953, that nobody ever reads, and just believe what they find in Wikipedia about Apartheid Education...How did it actually work?

As I have pointed out during this series, whites and blacks have huge cultural differences between them. Whites and blacks have huge religious and language differences between them.

Would it not be fair that blacks be instructed in a way that is more suited towards their cultural and religious needs? If one takes the road of the racial egalitarian and culture relativist, one would destroy the culture of the lacks, destroy their language and religion.

Cultural Relativism destroys all cultures. Racial egalitarianism destroys all races, humanism destroys all religions.

Remember that the previous government was called the “National Party” not, “The National Socialist Party”. It did not believe in the destruction of other cultures and people, it believed in the peaceful co-existence between diverse groups, their preservation and separate, but equal development.

And that is all Bantu Education was. It acknowledged the cultural and religious differences of whites and blacks and seeked to educate both groups along those cultural lines.

Surely it would be wrong to force the stories of Snow White and Goldilocks down the throats of black children. How do they relate to Repunsel with here long hair when blacks have peppercorns or afros?

It would be far better if they learned their own songs, their own culture and their own stories of how the zebra got its stripes when God did not intend for black and white to even exist.

The same with white children. It would be far better to teach them about their own poems, songs and books. Blacks and whites have different heroes, different values, different everything.

Blacks needs to be educated in a different way than whites. Blacks have a natural, affinity to music, dance and colourful art. Should one have destroyed that and forced them subjects that they do not like, do not understand or should one have taken their natural talents and improve on it?

When someone says that the Bantu Education system was inferior to that of the whites, then that person either admits that black culture is inferior or that whites are superior. They will then have to explain what they mean by inferior. Inferior to what? Relative to what?...Maybe High Western civilised education? If they say that educating blacks along black cultural lines is inferior to educating whites along white cultural lines then I have to ask you...Who are the real racists here...liberals or Nationalists?

There were thousands of blacks during the time of the National Party who made it to university and for those provisions of tertiary education of world standard was provided. Ten black universities in SA and the homelands in total.

Today one just has to look around to see how many medical doctors, nurses, lawyers and judges there are in South Africa who got their education under this exact “Bantu Education” system of the National Party. It was not inferior at all. If one accuses any of these graduates of having a substandard degree or education, one would be insulting such a person.

One has to remember that blacks In South Africa had no schools, no written language no basic arithmetic, nothing... prior to the white man came to Africa and through their missionaries started educating blacks.

African societies placed strong emphasis on traditional forms of education well before the arrival of Europeans. Education involved oral histories of the group, tales of heroism and treachery, and practice in the skills necessary for survival in a changing bush environment.

The European styled English and Afrikaans/Dutch curriculum placed no value on such skills. It would have been morally wrong to force such a European system on the blacks of South Africa.

Today there are many who wants to quote and say that the NP wanted to purposefully keep blacks stupid and who selectively quotes what suits them , but when one look deeper and see the truth behind the bullshit and the proof of the pudding then the picture is rather different.

In an article called “Die Afrikaner” 11 Feb 1987, the quarterly magazine called “Vox Africana Nr 29 4/87 stated that,

South Africa had 4,8 million whites and 18,2 million blacks in 1987. The whites paid 77% of the taxes and the blacks only 15%...despite this...56% of the government budget was spent on blacks.

Today it is often quoted that, “Per-capita government spending on black education slipped to one-tenth of spending on whites in the 1970s”. Source

What everyone fails to say is that...

Since 1970 the budget for black education was raised by about 30% per year every year. More than any other government department.

In the period 1955 -1984 the amount of black school students increased 31 times from 35,000 to 1,096 000.

65% of black South African children were at school compared to Egypt 64%, Nigeria 57%, Ghana52%, Tanzania50% and Ethiopia 29%.

Amongst the adults of South Africa, 71% could read and write (80% between the ages 12 and 22). Compare this to Kenya 47%, Egypt 38%, Nigeria 34% and Mozambique at 26%.

In South Africa, the whites built 15 new classrooms for blacks every working day, every year. At 40 children per class it meant space for an additional 600 black students every day!!!

In 1985 there were 42,000 Blacks at 5 universities in South Africa, about the same amount at the universities of the homelands.

Another example of “Bantu Education is the unique medical university of MEDUNSA that I mentioned in Part 5 of this series. Here the whites trained black medical doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons and paramedical personnel to world class standards...at full state costs. About 200 black medical doctors were
qualified here every year...thanks to the “oppressive” Bantu Education system.
Source: (Verrat an Südafrika, 1987, Klaus Vaque).

In my search to find the true reasons for the 1976 Soweto School riots, I found that most sources say that the riots was because of AFRIKAANS being forced to be taken as the medium of instruction. Why this vilification of Afrikaans?

The truth is that if one looks at the original decree one will see that both English and Afrikaans would be used on a 50-50 basis. Once again we see how Afrikaans has been vilified over the years. I can still understand to a degree why the blacks would object to Afrikaans or English, but what I cannot understand is why the coloureds of Cape Town, who only spoke Afrikaans or English, would also boycott and riot.

Here is the original decree...
Northern Transvaal Region
"Regional Circular Bantu Education"
Northern Transvaal (No. 4)
File 6.8.3. of 17.10.1974

To: Circuit Inspectors
Principals of Schools: With Std V classes and Secondary Schools
Medium of Instruction Std V - Form V

1. It has been decided that for the sake of uniformity English and Afrikaans will be used as media of instruction in our schools on a 50-50 basis as follows:

2. Std V, Form I and II
2.1. English medium: General Science, Practical Subjects (Homecraft-Needlework-Wood- and Metalwork-Art-Agricultural Science)
2.2 Afrikaans medium: Mathematics, Arithmatic, Social Studies
2.3 Mother Tongue: Religion Instruction, Music, Physical Culture
The prescribed medium for these subject must be used as from January 1975.
In 1976 the secondary schools will continue using the same medium for these subjects.

3. Forms III, IV and V
All schools which have not as yet done so should introduce the 50-50 basis as from the beginning of 1975. The same medium must be used for the subjects related to those mentioned in paragraph 2 and for their alternatives. ...

Your co-operation in this matter will be appreciated.
(Sgd.) J.G. Erasmus
Regional Director of Bantu Education
N. Transvaal Region ...

Further. One has to remember that the National Party government always insisted on “Mother Tongue Education” for ALL races during the primary school period. It was official government policy.

Further note how Afrikaans and English would only be used for Mathematics, Science and technically skilled subjects. The rest would still be mother tongue.

But why would they want to introduce Afrikaans and English in these black schools to instruct subjects like mathematics, science and metalwork?

Well, the problem is that blacks simply never had any words for objects they never knew; they borrowed Afrikaans and English words to describe technical things. The word for Scissors is “Iskêra” from Afrikaans (skêr). The word for knife is “Imêsi” from the Afrikaans word (mes), etc.

Can you imagine trying to explain the replication of a DNA molecule to a black student in Xhoza? Can you imagine explaining the parts of a lathe to black students studying metalwork or woodwork? If you are going to use 90% English words, you might just as well do the entire thing in English...or Afrikaans for that matter. A lathe is a dangerous piece of equipment...people can kill themselves.

The other reason I found that blacks objected to was the maximum age of school attendance. Whites would finish school at 18 or 19.

Blacks on the other hand would be 18 years old in grade 7 or 25 years old in matric (Grd 12). They also started later at the age of 8 or 10. Then they expected the whites to just keep on paying for this. Then they cannot understand why less money was spent on them than on whites every year. Not only were they 5 times more than whites, they flunked so much that they spent an average of an extra five years at school.

The irony of it all is that the Indian journalist Prega Govender wrote an article in the Sunday Times of 22 October 2006, telling how black students at school were taking English as their first language at school, dropping their own mother tongue as second language and replacing it with Afrikaans, which they found easier. These students either dropped their own mother tongue completely or relegated it to “Third Language status”
Prega Govender, Easy-Afrikaans-chosen-over-African-languages

Now I ask you, “What were all those riots in 1976 for?”

The whites of South Africa made a big mistake. They should never have introduced “Bantu Education” to the blacks. They should never have taught the blacks anything. It was not their responsibility to educate blacks. If blacks are so good, then they should educate their own people. They should build their own schools, universities, and colleges with their own money, their own initiatives and their own know-how. They should go for it...I wish them nothing, but luck.

For our efforts to educate the blacks out of stone age and into the modern era, we were vilified and stoned, even killed by. We were cursed at, spat at and blamed for everything else.

The alternative we see today is the socialist “Outcomes Based Education and Traning” system, where “nobody fails”, “Everyone passes”...”Pass one;Pass all” is the ridiculous slogans and demands nowadays. Little black boy in a group with whites and coloureds dragging their marks down and raising his own merely through his presence...but hey... they all pass, right? What is the problem?

The school system is a timebomb...Four Natal schools with 0% matric pass rate

“Liberation before education” was the slogan during the Eighties. Have the communists succeeded in their goal? Have they dumbed down the blacks and most whites? A few pockets of free thinkers remained who are today blowing the horns.
People are waking up from their liberal and socialist sleep. The ANC keeps singing their lullaby, but everywhere the horns are blowing and more and more people are waking up...The ANC knows their days are numbered. Bantu Education made them clever enough to realise that...

.../to be continued


  1. Brilliant. It is easy to see how the perceptions of Bantu Education got twisted. The whites opened a massive gap here for the communists by giving the instruction of technical subjects in English or Afrikaans instead of isiWhatever.

    The problem of course remains the problem today: The blacks have no Afrikaans Taal en Kultuur Vereeniging or similar bodies who identify words that DO NOT EXIST and invent them instead of just doing the "iskere" thing. A REAL word, not a bastardised misfit, is created and its meaning established clearly and unequivocally. These bodies add to the richness of Afrikaans every year, and the "new" words are added to the vocabulary of the schools and institutes of higher education, passing in less than one generation into the mainstream of the language. If a word is "borrowed", the meaning likewise is firmly and clearly established by writ, not just by popular use. There are many "African" words we use in Afrikaans that are part of the language, just as there are many we use daily that are just part of common use and DO NOT form part of the Afrikaans Linguistic heritage.

    This effort is now being hampered by the government taking over and destroying the culture of learning and innovation in the previous Model C schools. All done in the effort to promote equality. Well... They have succeeded. Our government sponsored education system is now equally DYSFUNCTIONAL for whites and blacks. Cudos to Kader's Arsehole for engineering it!!!

    Another small observed fact. Blacks tend to overrun the English Medium ex Model C schools a lot more than the Afrikaans ones. In my town, not one Afrikaans Medium ex Model C scool has been overrun by blacks to the extent of the English Medium ones. A number of these schools are now completely black and have degenerated to the state of the old "township" schools. As qualified experienced white teachers leave for greener pastures and are replaced by government appointees, the standards of education also plummet. I have seen how the whites move their children to private schools once the blacks get to about 20-25% of the school numbers. After this point the blacks just overwhelm the whites through their rowdy, exuberant (untamed) aggressive, non-education centric attitudes and behaviours. White female learners are harrased by blacks at levels they are not harrased by whites. The black testosterone levels mature earlier than whites and they place sexual pressures on the females before they are actually ready for that kind of attention. The school then becomes completely black within two or three years, with all the associated evils of black culture.

    Seperate but equal had a lot to do with colour, but it was all done to preserve the cultures and traditions of the people of South Africa. We now see these culture dissapearing and popular culture is becoming a mish-mash of black, white, gangsta etc. cultures and ALL the races are losing their heritage.

    I do believe an interesting book called 1984 (George Orwell) was written about the road we are on in South Africa.

  2. Anonymous7:44 am

    This is very interesting!!!
    Where are the links to the previous articles? It's difficult navigating the archive from the main menu.

  3. Anonymous5:50 am

    Black females, in my observation, are the ones that are harassed by whites who want something different. This has in all cases been their predilection.

  4. Anonymous12:55 pm

    The "riots" (actually a revolt) of 1976 occurred because white racists oppressed blacks in South Africa, pure and simple. If you can not acknowledge this simple fact it makes this article completely invalid and lacking in any real intellectual vigor.

    1. Anonymous4:07 pm

      What is the black form of RACISM.... Like in typical BLACK form, they cannot admit that BLACKS are the BIGGEST racists that there is... They simply call it XENOPHOBIA..... Black form of APARTHEID?? called BEE, or suck crap.. Black name for cofee?? Icofee, Tea?? Itea... Seems that YOUR culture has a lot to learn... and admit. Doos.

  5. You know what anon 12.55 PM?...I want to put it to you that you sling the word "Racist" arround very easilly. By doing so you condemn, you judge and you find and conclude a guilty verdict...yet, you cannot even supply us with a definition of the word. I dare you to define "Racist". I dare you to define "oppress"... then maybe we can have a debate on here. Common, asshole I am waiting for you...give it your best shot. Don't hold back now...

  6. Anonymous9:27 am

    every black in southy africa would tell you how discriminated and oppressed they were by whites. i must say that the writer of this article must be a white man who had and will neva care about black people, and the way they feel. all the evidence that is being provided here is invalid and comes from the mind of a foolish white man who was doctrinated at an early age to think that blacks are kaffirs who cannot do any thing for themselves. mike my friend i must say that you sound very clever and educated but you lack a bit of knowledge about us, i mean black people, who for a number of years had been oppressed and discriminated. let me tell about the iskera and umbese words whom you are so big headed that we borrowed them from afrikaans, of which i must admit we did, but plz tell me clever mike, what do you call uphuthu and amasi in your language? you also forget that there are numerous words whom you afrikanners have borrowed from dutch and german. bantu education was bullshit i tell you, and your hero verwoerd was such a heartless basterd, remember what he said? "that equality with europeans was not for us"

    go on with your big mouth and talk, we will never forget what whites did to us. The sharpville massacre, june 16 1976, and all the torture in robben island. only cos we wanted freedom. pls shut your big mouth

    1. Anonymous3:01 pm

      "and all the torture in robben island..."

      Oh, I just love the way these idiots just believe whatever the MSM tells them. I'll tell you what: Even the ANC big men talk about life on Robben Island as the best years of their lives.

      In fact, I wrote an article that compares life on Robben Island to life in Camp Quatro, the ANC's most famous prison camp.


      Awesome work, Mike. It's 12 and I can't stop reading. The world is waking up...

  7. Yes, you bet I am a WHITE MAN. ANd extremely proud of it too. But you are wrong...I did care about blacks, but that was a long time ago. There was once a time I believed in true reconciliation and working together, But You blacks decided to continue the "Struggle". You were never interrested in real reconciliation and working with whites. No you just wanted revenge...for whatI do not know. For bringing you into the twentieth century maybe. For building you hospitals, roads, harbours, dams, etc.???

    Now, I could not care a drop of piss for you blacks. What have you blacks ever done for the whites? Where have a black man ever given clothes, food or money to WHITES, like whites do every day for blacks in SA?

    And listen up Kaffir...Please do not EVER call me your "Friend", because I am not. If you are so convinced that blacks can do something for themselves then show me...Show me what have blacks achieved in this world.

    Again you are wrong. I was actually indoctrinated from a very young age to believe in Liberal bullshit. It was only arround the age of 26 that my awakening started happening and I realised that I was lied to my entire life, by none other than my liberal parents, teachers and church.

    "Uphutu" is simply "PAP" and "AMASI" is called "Kaffir-sour-milk"...Both stuff that us whites stay far away of.

    You are such a symbol of free speech, tollerance, open-mindedness and objectivity...But sorry...I will not shut up. The truth will be told. You Kaffirs have been lying and believing lies for way to long.

    Thank for following my blog. It shows that deep down inside of you...you actually do realise that you have been lied to your entire life and that you actually search for the truth.

    As it says in the Bible..."Seek the truth, because the truth shall set you free"

    ..."discriminated and oppressed they were by whites" ???

  8. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Most of them would never be able to remember it, because they weren't even born at the time. Like julius dilemma.

  9. Anonymous8:36 am

    Para Bellum, regarding George Orwell, I believe "Animal Farm" also applies... The ANC terrorists (pigs) turned into the farmers and now the communists / muslims are the new pigs.

  10. Mr.JG Erasmus that signed the original decree(as mentioned above) was my grandfather and i can definitely tell you that Bantu education was taken out of preportion by people not involved because he was a good man that had helped black people more than anything else. He had told me many stories of how they tried to help but most of the blacks did not want to learn.

  11. Anonymous4:34 pm

    All I hear from the blacks is how hardly done by they were.

    When I was in primary school the class size was roughly 40 to one- same as for black schools. There was nothing too flash about my school let me tell you something. The people there were not so rich as if they were oppressing someone else. I saw with my own eyes how my friends dad would come back from work with a sandwich and the family would have a few bites to share round, not knowing where their next meal would come from, all the while paying taxes to build black schools. The school tried to earn a few pennies by playing movies in the hall etc..

    When I was at high school we had moved to a richer area. OK the class sizes were smaller, but believe me there was not an excess of money. Two schools had to combine to try and save money.

    When I was at Technikon, I witnessed how it went black. For the first year, it was a darn fine institution. For the second year the bottom floor got mesh to protect the windows. By the third year there was the first murder on campus and some other body I personally saw with a sheet over it. No more could you take your case into the library, you couldn't even walk between universities as we used to use their libraries and vice versa. Just to see a campus you needed an appointment.

    Then I hear from black people how they couldn't get into a white university etc. You know what - I FEEL NOTHING. They couldn't get into a white university, now nobody can. Why did they never make nice universities for themselves.Why do they only ever steal electricity rather than pay for it. Why does somebody else have to pay for their house. Somebody please tell me why did they burn the schools WE built for them and WHY SHOULD I NOW CARE. GO ASK MANDELA! Ask him too why life expectancy is down by at least ten years. As the infrastructure crumbles, just ask me to come back and help. See if I now break out into a sweat of remorse and shame. NO SIR, there is not one scrap of South Africa that the whites did not pay dearly for for both the benefit of the blacks and the whites, the pity card is all shiny and worn out. Just give me a call anytime, you can put the phone down and you will probably still hear the laughter!

  12. Anonymous6:14 am

    what drivel. all one has to do is look north of the limpopo (for some in this forum, just beyond their noses)to Zimbabwe (the history of a people who were amongst the best educated on the continent) And all that clap-trap about "us whites are like awesome hey, we can like to bring you book learnin' and buildings and technology" PFFT! the only reason you came to Africa in the first place, was because you were rejects, misfits, idiots from the west (just tryna make a quick buck of the backs of others, taking advantage of resources that were lacking in your own european back yards). and it seems all that in-breeding has messed up yer brains! turn your eyes to the ongoing boeremag trial (longest ranging, draining the fiscus: millions spent over decades) = the idiots and their failed coup! duh! document 12, nogals! oh my word! u can't make that up! its classic comedy! u "ran" the country - illigitimately for like 50 years, spent most of that time trying to legitimise your rights to the land (killing and mucking up along the way)! IDIOTS! and then you forced to hand over "power" in the face of the scary "black gevaar" (bunch o ninnies) and now u complain and turn your eyes on the past (o vervoerd was can like to be such a nice oke, hey, wish he never did died. OR Delarey, kan jy die boere kom lei?) shem! p.s. we dont really like you much either, find out what time the next plane departs (although i'm not quite sure where u should go: your ancestors were rejects, you're a bunch of inbreds (who despite your best efforts more than likely have black blood coursing through your veins)---oh wait, i know, stay here and work for ACSA : kom plane, kom plane! ) HAR HAR HAR!

    1. Anonymous 6.14am - I think a beaver's fart had more intellect than your response.

      Not one single fact from you, not a single contradicting substantiated word....all just a BIG FART from your angry brainwashed PAP hole.

      Just to correct you on something fundamental that you need to understand (I don't expect much but here we go). You generously pigmented bunch were indeed the original rejects of stronger African tribes north of our border, yes you were escaping extermination from your superior bantu African tribes and filtered down towards the southern part of the continent where you became the very first "settlers". This all more or less at the same time when our brave European explorers and skilled ship builders navigated their way towards this newfound land of opportunity which no one ever claimed as their own before.

      It seems you clearly don't know your history my pepper corned shadowy friend, you CAN NEVER claim ownership of a country that never belonged to you in the first place - there never existed a defined South Africa for you to claim ownership of!

      Furthermore, as your bantu tribes roamed the velts like nomads and being slaughtered by each other (but mostly the Zulus) until early 1900's you found refuge for the first time under British colonial rule as a union and started grasping the concept of a country, unity and security (for the first time ever).

      The union ceased to exist in 1961 when for the first time an independent RSA was established. The Afrikaner only officially ruled for a mere 23 years (in a country that we have founded and fought for against the colonial Brits).

      Even so we gave you your own home homelands (10 of them) to become citizens in and to roam freely as you please (with your own security and far away from the other genocidal tribes to murder you as they used to).

      But as it turned out you couldn't sustain your homelands by yourself and needed work/help from the whites again. AND STILL NO THANK YOU?

      Give us that 10 homelands back today and just see how we develop it and flourish whilst you lust in the destruction of your SA then. What exactly have you bunch achieved in the past 23years I ask you?...I know you've established corruption, violence and crime like never before and diminished education, medical, the currency etc etc. Joblessness was never more flourishing than today and now Zuma proved to be the most incompetent president in recorded democratic history.

      We have lived about the same period of time under black apartheid rule today than what you lived under white rule, except you haven't achieved a single thing!

      You act like black saints but forget that you have murdered more whites in the past 23 years than whites have ever done to you in the last 400 years! (ref. http://www.genocidewatch.org/images/White_Genocide_TVA.pdf)
      Who's the true oppressor and aggressor now Brown Cow?

      You're always quick to insist whites should accept your "civil" and "well behaved" culture and to trust you and live amongst us, to this extent I ask you this - would you honestly live in peace amongst a pack of wild hyenas in your backyard?...if so then we will live in peace amongst Black Africans,
      sounds fair?

  13. Anonymous7:28 am

    Mike Smith ni a penga muthannga. No dowela u sa thonifha mukhwa wanu. Ndi ngamini ni sa aweli na fhedza maduvha anu ni tshi khou diphina u fhirisa u twa ni tshi khou di remisa thoho nga zwithu zwo faho? Mbilu yanu ndi ntswu muthannga...

    1. Why are you speaking to me in Venda? Translate please.

    2. Hello, Mike, many thanks for this - I have been bending over backwards in the media to TRY and get it into the liberals' heads that Bantu Education was NOT inferior; that it enabled many blacks to attend university and qualify as doctors, lawyers, etc, etc., all achieved HERE in S.A. and NOT overseas. But what the heck - we who are more level-headed and in possession of the truth, preaching it till the cows come home, will continue to be humiliated, castigated, lied to - allin the effort of the communist-indoctrinated leftwing-libtards to foist their madness upon an ever-increasing world of madness in a country that has fallen into a cesspool of crime and corruption of unprecedented proportions. But we must not give up - NEVER!!!

    3. Anonymous3:20 am

      Yes they did qualified for being doctors but they were few because apartheid government built few school on areas of blacks and that was one of the ways of reducing chances for blacks to attend schools. Remember blacks were not allowed on whites places, meaning there was a civilised area for whites and poor area for blacks even though the government's money was generated by blacks. I even wish to see your face and discuss history wish you because I can see that you lack sympathy side.

    4. Yes but did they not build more schools than the present one . Your arguement is that black education is inferior . A few facts for um. The longest running university is in Morocco, it has been running since 850 AD . One of the greatest collections of writings ( before being destroyed by ISIS ) was in timbuktu in mali .
      African culture previously was nomadic ( thats a fact ) ,but there were centres of education . Most african words for modern machinery is english based , this is because the words never existed in african languages , just as they never existed in english .
      Accept that there is a place for both education systems . Neither should have dominance . If a child is science orientated, teach them inthe best way . If they have a artistic leaning so be it .
      At the moment there is a vast shortage of artisans in the world , there are too many over inflated egotistical intellectuals .

  14. Hi Mike,

    Can't stop reading.

    The link you posted, namely:


    Have you and Alistair Boddy-Evans ever engaged and challenged each other in debate.

    Would be fascinating to see the rebuttal.

    All of the best.

  15. Mike you failed to mention that the liberals that ruled before the NP did nothing to educate the Blacks. When the NP took office in 1948 less then 5% of blacks had any form of education. Black education was done by some missionaries and the state just gave them small allowances to help pay for the teachers. The reason that the budget was raised at 30% per year since 1970 was because it was only then that enough teachers could be trained to fill the teaching posts. That is when the first investments of the Apartheid government into black education started to pay dividends. I always ask people criticizing Bantu Education what then was the answer, they recon the blacks should have been educated in white schools. I see that as a Paradox as they have revolted against Afrikaans.

    An other favorite question to the assholes would be if they can tell me how manny schools the Blacks forefathers has build.