30 April 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 6 Other rationales for Apartheid.

By Mike Smith
30th of April 2010

So far I have only scratched the surface and told the reader about the more common practices and customs of Blacks that whites know about and find abominable such as, Lobola (buying wives with cows), the initiation rituals of boys and girls, witchcraft, superstition, muti-murders, raping babies to cure AIDS, etc.

There are so many more rationales for Apartheid that one can actually write a book about them. And indeed someone has written a book about it...several books actually. His name is Credo Mutwa and the name of the book is “My People-The writings of a Zulu witch-doctor”. (1969) ISBN 014003210X

The book is extremely rare and few people know about it. It is not even mentioned on the Wikipedia page of Credo Mutwa. It is a fascinating book, giving you insight into the various traditions of black South Africans of various tribes, their beliefs, their superstitions, their customs and their mindset.

Credo is the most respected Sangoma and Sunusi in the whole of South Africa. He is a traditional healer, a black historian and an authority on traditional customs and beliefs of the black tribes of Africa. If one has to compare him to Christianity, then Credo Mutwa would be the pope of traditional healers.

He mentions several practices that is just too ghastly for the pious whites of South Africa to accept.

One of the things he describes is the Black law of infanticide when twins are born. This practice is still carried on today. Think about it...look around you...how many black twins have you seen in South Africa?

“The law requires that if a woman gives birth to twins, one must be destroyed by having a round pebble pushed down its throat. But in the case of triplets, one must die and two must live”

“My People”, Chapter 10, Pg. 218

So the few “twins” we see amongst blacks were actually triplets of which one was killed.

Blacks also killed their own wounded soldiers

“The wound would fester and sooner or later the patient would die. Even small gaping wounds spelt a write-off of the patient; large mPanga slashes were regarded as fatal at the outset and warriors thus wounded were given a mercy death. Many battle axes were furnished with special ‘dispatchers’ for this purpose.”
“My people” Chapter 11, pg. 234.

I will conclude with a topic that very few people wish to address and prefer to ignore...But if we are going to be honest about blacks and why we had Apartheid, then we need to mention the facts that blacks are untidy and...well they smell funny.

One just has to look at how blacks live. From ancient times until today, it does not matter where in the world one goes, a black area looks like a pig sty. I have seen this in Trinidad and Tobago, in Haiti, in Jamaica in the Bahamas and everywhere I went in Africa. I have seen this from black areas in European cities to ghettos in the USA.

Blacks just cannot keep their environment clean and tidy. Everything is disorderly, chaotic and dirty...Rubbish lying all over the place.

Another phenomenon that one sees in townships of South Africa, is that Blacks do not plant grass, flowers or trees amongst their tin shacks. This is amazingly odd. Firstly, because blacks work as gardeners or bricklayers for whites.

So the ability to build is there, the ability to keep lawn and a garden is there. Why is it that blacks never do in their own areas what they do when they are working for whites?

Maybe their environments are reflections of how they keep their bodies orderly and tidy as well.

This is how blacks are. They are actors. They can even mimic a White accent, white behaviour or intelligence and appear almost the same as whites. Many whites fall for this and indeed believe that blacks are the same as whites...but it is when one gets to know blacks up close and personal that one sees through this veil and behind the mask.

Blacks can bullshit a lot, especially when they work for whites. Then they know they have to put their best foot forward or lose the job. That is when they wash, dress respectably and behave almost white. In the workplace, blacks who are utterly incompetent will fake competence, bullshit their way through every day, steal other’s work...all an act to hide their incompetence and when they are caught out, they just change jobs and repeat the process.

That is when one realises that the so called intelligent words coming out of the mouths or pens of Martin Luther King or Barack Obama are all stolen. All non original thought and written by speech writers or whispered in their ears by advisors.

But something blacks find extremely difficult to hide is their body odour. Blacks smell. Everyone knows this. You go to Poland, you go to Japan and you ask anybody about blacks, you will hear they say, “Blacks smell”.

Maybe there is a biological reason for it, but I am not exactly keen on finding out. All I know is what my nose tells me and that is that Blacks smell really bad and that I cannot live with that.

But let me quote what Credo Mutwa says in his book, “My people”, (1969) chapter ten.

“Xhosa women also prepare mysterious potions to secure their husbands to them, so that they will not be forsaken. This potion is prepared as follows: The woman refrains from taking a bath for several days, and then rubs the body dirt off her skin in little rolls. To this she adds the hair she has shaved off her private parts. Then follows ground Bangalala root which, when mixed with milk, is a violent aphrodisiac. The recipe may also include the powdered dry petals of a sunflower, a little spittle, and a piece of sandlewood. The whole concoction is then heated in a bowl until red hot and thus reduced to ashes. These ashes are then stirred into the milk of a nanny goat which had a deformed kid, until a thick putty is formed. This is then rolled into little balls or pills, which are added one at a time to the husband’s food.”
“My People”, Chapter ten, pg. 213.

It is clear that the religions, cultures, customs and the behaviour of blacks are just too different than that of white, Christian people.

These cultures are worlds apart and totally incompatible with each other.

Whites and blacks will never get along in South Africa. Anybody who believes such a pipe dream as a multicultural “Rainbow Nation”, does not know black culture or white culture. Such a person would only be fooling himself through masturbating his own delusional, liberal, feel-good mindset. No, I am sorry to disappoint such people, but blacks and whites are NOT the same.

The reality of South Africa is so that few options actually exists. Either one of the two, black or white, totally wipes out the other or they separate completely. Not partial separation as under Apartheid...Total separation.

The reasons for Apartheid are still as valid today as they were 100 years or 50 years ago. Whites can never apologise for Apartheid, because whites cannot help for the inferior cultures, customs and behaviour of blacks. Separation and separate development of all the tribes is and was the most humane and fairest solution for all the complex groups of South Africa.

.../ To be continued


  1. Anonymous2:53 am

    Mike you're a legend dude! Masterful writing!


  2. Anonymous12:36 pm

    What the hell is that dude doing to the goat?

    1. Anonymous11:21 am

      He is screwing the goat.

  3. wally5:41 am

    Hi mike this my people book by Credo seems to have been banned, or is it being surpressed on purpose to hide the nature of the beast which I got to know very well having fleed from the belgian congo during independance

  4. Anonymous7:01 am

    Anonymous (May 29), I think you know.

    If you really don't, let me give you a hint. It's illegal in civilized white societies and PETA will hunt you down.

    Robert Ruark wrote a book 'Uhuru' that describes some of these blood oaths and things that the Mau Mau did in Kenya. Obviously not much variation elsewhere.

  5. Anonymous7:40 am

    So I smell ?

  6. Anonymous6:27 am


    Please will you write a post about the crazy things we're told to do in The Bible?

    You forget one thing. This is Africa. When in Rome, do like the Romans. Your ancestors chose to invade and colonise this country. What right do you have to impose your ways on them to the extent that you want to limit them to specific areas?

    1. Anonymous 6.27am - If you've read all Mike's articles on "Opening Pandora's Apartheid Box" and did a bit of studying history you will find that all your ancestors also invaded and colonised this part of Africa.
      However whites never invaded this country because it didn't exist at the time, they have however invented the concept of a bordered country and created one for you in 1961.
      Otherwise you'd still be chased by the Zulu's who displaced most bantu tribes in Southern Africa
      Know your facts and rather be thankful for the countless blessing you received from your white co-invaders

  7. Anonymous8:54 pm

    So, Anonymous Dec 12,2010 5:27AM, is that why you all run to Europe, trying to make them conform to your low standards? Flocking to Europe to go and do as the Europeans do? Isn't that un-African? Afrika is for Afrikans, remember.

    Also, if you want people to stick to customs of a certain region or leave, then perhaps you should start conforming with hard work and intelligence to conform to European standards.

    Also, you blacks came from Central Africa, around places like the Congo. The Zulus are descendants of a Nguni called "Zulu", and came from the Congo.

    Your comment reminds me of the following:

    A message to White people of South Africa from the South African Black majority (and photo to prove it):

    "Go dig a hole and create your own world if you don't want to live with blacks. This is our country too."

    This is what they have to say about the shit, condoms and general filth, crime and pollution which has taken over Durban, a once incredibly beautiful, clean holiday destination. Of course, then the blacks swarmed the place, usually swimmin in their underwear or even wearing their swimwear backwards with everything popping out in front. Sick.

    Don't believe me? A picture tells a thousand stories. Here's a particularly gross example:

    So ya know... we're sorry if you prefer to live in filth like the above, which has spread to other places as well:

    I guess that is why countries run by a black majority are always such 3rd world filthy shitholes. But you know, like you said, when in Rome... The problem is, whites can't really live like that. It's in our nature to want cleanliness and progress but when we leave an African country, (or other countries eg. Haiti where the blacks committed genocide of the French and mulattos in 1804) it's not long before degradation and poverty sets in. Whites are successful because of hard work and intelligence. Nothing else. You can take everything away, but we will always get back on your feet, which clearly is why the jealous, greedy, violent lot of you hate us so much - you can't seem to do it for yourselves. There are African countries which have never been colonized and are still shitholes regardless. Liberia was GIVEN to blacks to rule themselves, Haitians have had over 200 years to prove how it should be done, but they've got nothing to show for it. Even before the earthquake a year ago, they were selling their own kids into slavery to other Haitians.

    I just don't understand if whites are so awful, why then are you all fleeing your respective shitholes to go to Europe and other Western countries which you then proceed to pull down to YOUR level? Apparently 'freedom of speech' and 'when in Rome' applies only to blacks? All you had to do was to maintain things built and created by whites? But everything you touch turns to shit. Why is that?

    You certainly believe in designer sunglasses, German cars, Italian suits? Italian. From Italy. Where Rome is. You're in Africa. Shouldn't you therefore be running around with spears so you can eat and wear animal skins? And drinking that disgusting fermented brew rather than the French champagne you loves so much?

    I don't mind that whites leave SA. In fact, it gives me a sense of satisfaction almost... because I know the sooner whites leave, the more your slide into poverty will accelerate and I really do think that you deserve having to live like typical Africans if you can't keep to Western standards or hate whites. It's like karma for farm murders.

    But then just stop invading Europe and trying to act white with all the cars, clothes, champagne, technology etc. It's all whites. And you wouldn't want to 'act white', would you?

  8. Anonymous11:17 am

    That's a good question old chap because they do actually want to become white and skin lightning creams and hair straightners are selling like hot cakes right throughout the country. White cosmetic firms especially the big name brands are having a glorious time watching their profits soaring in the bank. Everything white that takes the fancy of the modern so-called high class black has to be of the very best in the world. For instance when the little man with the huge ANC voice box "Ju Ju" Malema throws a shindig for his comrades he places the most expensive imported liquor in the world before them. Some of S. Africa's world renowned brands are not good enough to impress his cronies. Vain glory and financial greed is also a main part of the African culture especially since this government came into power. So on the one hand we have the blacks who denounce the whites at every available opportunity dressed in the best of the white mans/womans clothing and such and trying to look more like a white person every day. Then on the other hand we have the very same blacks celebrating a customary festival in traditional dress to apease the ancestors and all are adorned with animal skins, plastic beads and with clay smeared upon their faces and obese bodies. Their cultural weapons are also used for effect and assagais and wooden knop kieries are also on display to add more cultural significance to the celebration. This can also be seen seen at the annual reed dance festival where our honourable president was snapped in all of his traditional glory surrounded by a multitude of semi-naked virgins each one carrying a reid in their hand. The day before that I had seen him on TV stumbling through a prepared speech to his fellow parliamentarians. He was dressed in a white man's clothing and speaking in the white man's language (English). The transition was with all due respect phenomenal and without a doubt the animal skins looked more suiteable. The third world customs such as those that were described above by Mike will never be fully understood by the whites in S. Africa let alone by whites from and within overseas countries. Ignorance to the truth can also be clearly seen by some of the anonymous comments made by blacks. They don't even know that some of these customs actually exist and the remainder of them are also not fully understood even by them. Living in the evil ignorant past and seeking guidence and instructions from dead ancestors through a witch doctor is definitely not the white persons cup of tea now and never will be in the future.

  9. "Whites and blacks will never get along in South Africa. Anybody who believes such a pipe dream as a multicultural “Rainbow Nation”, does not know black culture or white culture. Such a person would only be fooling himself through masturbating his own delusional, liberal, feel-good mindset. No, I am sorry to disappoint such people, but blacks and whites are NOT the same"

    I attend a typically middle class school in Centurion, Pretoria. It is a mix of races and cultures, but pigmentation has never been a problem. Sure,I am Indian, and you may argue my perception is obscured as I only have the benefit of looking right and left and not straight forward from either side as I am neither black nor white... But, I'd like to believe that your generations issues, that of both the blacks and the whites (and everyone else:), have remained within your generation. And sure, affirmative action is unfair, I, as a student of south Asian descent am at the top of my class, but when it comes to medical school acceptance, I will be at the bottom of the pile, being passed over in favour of black, coloured and even white students who are intellectually inferior to me. And it sucks, but it's not the fault of my peers and I refuse to generalise and make them bear the cross for the injustice done to me by a government comprised of many skin tones.

    Er, sorry, I went totally off point, but I sincerely do believe- from experience-that we can live perfectly fine together. We just need to be free from the ghosts of the past interfering with who we become as members of society.

  10. I saw many black home-owners in Soweto who do plant gardens and maintain their lawns. So there goes that myth.

    1. I am sure you can supply us with many pictures then to back up your claim. Or not?

    2. Anonymous6:43 am

      I have finally stopped planting and nurturing trees on the municipal stand adjoining mine (to make it look pretty at my expense). After around 20 trees now stolen, I've given up. Is there anything a wog won't pinch?

  11. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Hi Mike. I love your blog - never a truer word written! I have done a bit studying and I, in my finite wisdom surmise that the blacks are actually NEPHILIM breed-offs. They are (blacks) very violent, have no regard for others and are until today, cannibals and muti murderers. I maintain that they get their smell from their cannibalism. Have you smelled a black corpse, or a black necklaced murders corpse? The Bible states that GAM's descendants will be recognisable from the rest of the tribes, and they will be cursed forever. With that I can understand that they can only turn their "forefathers". And that is why they act like demons and are capable of incredible heinous acts.

  12. Anonymous9:10 am

    People, Black or White, small one way or another because of what they eat. People who eat meat have the rankest odor, vegetarians the least odor. All you have to do is compare the smell on a public bus in a working class area of Buenos Aires (where people eat lots of meat) to a bus in a similar area in Mexico City (where the poor live on corn tortillas and beans). In the Dominican Republic, where most people are mulatto, they smell the least, because Dominicanos all bathe once or more a day.