28 April 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 5 – Black cognitive ability. Third Rationale for Apartheid.

By Mike Smith
27 April 2010
Long before studies like “The Bell Curve” or “Race and Reason” were published, before IQ tests were invented, we whites of Africa knew the mind of the black man intimately.

Nobody had to prove anything to us. We knew the limitations of the African black and his capacity to break whatever he touches. We knew his strengths and his weaknesses.
From simple, obvious and uncomplicated examples the white man drew his conclusions about black’s cognitive abilities.

The white man noticed that the blacks from South Africa never invented the wheel. Blacks never had any written languages. They had no dug-out canoes, let alone ships. Their dwellings were nothing but single roomed shelters that resembled poor imitations of inverted bird’s nests, made from sticks and grass. They had no woven cloth and were wearing animal skins. They had no maps and no borders. They had a primitive belief system and their tribal laws were held and changed by “elders” at will after drinking their tribal beer/brew.

They were nomadic cattle herders that never permanently settled in one place for too long. They hardly grew crops and if so, it were small patches of subsistence maize introduced by the whites who brought it back from South America, the only place where it grew and existed.

Yes that is right. Maize, which is today the staple food of all Blacks throughout the entire Africa, comes from South America and was introduced to blacks by white European settlers. Blacks today cannot even imagine a life without maize, yet they say that whites never brought anything good to Africa. As I said before, blacks needs to go down on their knees and thank the Lord for sending the white man to their evil continent. Because as far as providing for themselves...they are useless.
Blacks have proven that they cannot farm. They hardly understand the principle of irrigation, let alone ever building any dams. When a slight drought occurs one year all their crops fail and they starve.

Whites in South Africa developed commercial farming into a science and built universities such as Elsenburg at Stellenbosh

...blacks who have worked on white farms for their entire lives, for generations, never learned a thing and every white commercial farm that was handed over to blacks failed, even after vast amounts of money was thrown at them, training was given and the most modern implements bought for them by the government.

This tragedy is documented in a book by Dr. Phillip du Toit called, The Great South African Land Scandal . Dr du Toit has made his book available online, free of charge.
Liberals and cultural relativists will be quick to point out that there are many blacks today who are academics, medical doctors or lawyers.

They will tell us that the environment determines IQ. They somehow believe that a black child raised in a white household, who went to white schools and who had all the opportunities as a white kid would magically become equal or better than a white child.

It is only the simpleminded who believes this. Eskimos live on the same parallel as Northern European Whites, but have never been able to reach the same level of development and ingenuity as Whites from Scandinavia, Russia or Germany. Blacks who live in Tropical conditions have never been able to build the structures of the Incas, the Mayas or even anything resembling the beauty of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Besides, the Australians tried it. They took Aborigine children away from their communities, raised them in wealthy white households, sending them to only the best schools, etc. The results were that these Abbo children reverted to the same behaviour and sometimes worse than that of their traditional communities. Today we refer to them as The stolen generation

So what about those clever blacks you ask?...The ones who are doctors, etc...?
Anybody who has ever taught blacks anything, lectured to them or tried to jerk them into the twentieth century will understand what I am about to say?

I have to tell you a little story here.

When I was at school in South Africa I had a friend. Let us call him “Manie”.
Manie was a hyper intelligent young boy. At the age of eleven when we had the “Rubik Cube” craze, he was solving the puzzle in 50 odd seconds. Later on in high school, Manie produced straight A’s, he could play several musical instruments including the drums, guitar and trumpet. He played Rugby and was also a martial artist of note. Manie became a dentist and is currently practicing in the UK.

While he was a medical student I once asked him how difficult the course was. He said to me that to become a doctor is not difficult. It is a SHIT load of work to study, but it is not difficult as in Engineering or Physics. I asked him why he opted for Dentist. He told me that when he wants to drive a Porche, he wants to go out there and buy him one. He was honest. He did not become a dentist, because he had some calling in life...he did it purely for the money.

So for blacks to become medical doctors is actually not that difficult.
The black (Zulu) historian and Shaman, Credo Mutwa talks about this in his book, “My People” (1969).

Credo says that blacks never had any written language so they have no written history. Their history is passed down orally from Sangoma to Sangoma. See, the Sangoma is not only the traditional healer, he is also the preserver of the oral history, the tribal laws and the ancient rituals and customs of the blacks.

He explains that blacks have an excellent memory that they drill from childhood through stories, rhymes and songs. To remember detail they use what we would call “memory association”.

For instance, Credo Mutwa says that the blacks have a huge respect for the late president of the ZAR, Paul Kruger. President Kruger had an ability to mimic the sounds of all birds through whistling. Even till this day the township of Mamelodi east of Pretoria, capital city of the ZAR and South Africa is named after Paul Kruger, the whistler. His statue stands on Church Square in Pretoria.

When one teaches blacks, it is not uncommon to find that they score well to very well in tests or exams where they have to repeat what they were taught. In fact it is almost well known amongst educators that blacks are better at this than whites.
But when it comes to applying knowledge...when it comes to using logic, faultfinding and problem solving skills, blacks fall by the wayside. They just cannot do it.

A black can pass all the theory exams to become a pilot, but put him in a simulator and subject him to crisis situations where he has to think rapidly, then one sees the cogs of the black cognitive system start flying all over the place. And I am talking about the one percent...the best of the best,. The other 99% are only good to dig ditches, provided they do not break the pick or spade.

The proof is in the pudding. It is not as if the world is over run by Nobel Laureates for hard sciences like physics or chemistry. How many black astro or nuclear physicists do you know?

Today much is being said about Black education under Apartheid, but the truth is that in 1987 at the height of Apartheid, six million black children were at school, a new record for South Africa at the time. In the previous year 1800 classrooms for secondary education were built by whites, with white money for blacks. About 130 new schools were built. If one considers the schools burnt down by blacks at the same time the education standards of blacks could have been even higher.

At the time black South Africans had the highest literacy rate amongst other blacks on the entire continent. Blacks had eight universities in South Africa producing lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc of world standard. None of those people would say today that their education and degrees are of an inferior standard. Quite the contrary, they are extremely proud of their education they underwent during Apartheid. Telling them that their education was “Sub standard” would be insulting them.

As I have mentioned before, South Africa was a world leader in medical science during Apartheid and established a unique Medical university called MEDUNSA which produced amongst others on average 200 black doctors per year. MEDUNSA also trained nurses and other medical staff.

The most amazing thing is that no matter how well Blacks are educated, they never let go of their superstitious believes in the Tokoloshe, Muti witchcraft and ancestor worship. Blacks who hold high positions today such as ministers in parliament or judges...blacks who are engineers, still consult the witchdoctor on a regular basis. Blacks still run around and attack everyone, including their own with pangas.

No amount of western education will ever be sufficient to change the African black savage into respectable human beings. They are what they are. We have to be honest with ourselves and with blacks and accept them them for who and what they are. We have to realise that our cultures will never be compatible.

Just as the Boers never wanted to rule over the Blacks, the Boers will NEVER accept blacks ruling over them.

The previous National Party government was not stupid. They never took any decisions without thoroughly investigating all options. They studied the Swiss Canton system and the Belgium model with the Flemish and Walonians ...No sytem could be compared to the unique South African situation. Apartheid was not the only option. There were others to consider like the Stalinist option of just exterminating all opposition in their millions. But BJ Voster asked us to accept the reforms, because the other options were just too ghastly to comprehend for the pious Whites of South Africa.

.../ to be continued


  1. Mike,

    HURRY-UP man!!! I need the next instalment. This is brilliant stuff. Insightful and easy to read. Even a LWB in Sweden would be able to get it into her thick skull.

    Congratulations. This is excellent. And nothing new... Simply writing out our collective memories. My family has been standing against the heart of darkness since 1698.

    Well Done.

  2. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Well, yesterday in the newspaper, there was a report about how 15 policemen were too scared to get a treesnake out of a women's car.

    Also yesterday, I saw a TV program (science for kids thing) with a black kid from Khayelitsha writing in to ask why he gets shocked when he touches electricity with wet hands. Apparently people there told him that electricity is made of water!

    Then we have Zuma telling them all first that if they don't vote for the ANC, their ancestors' ghosts will find them and make them sick. That was over a year ago. Now this past week or so, Jacob Zuma (who has 4 wives like muslims do, and 22 kids - officially, other estimates say he has 30 kids all of whom taxpayers support) has gone and told them that they will not get to Heaven if they don't vote for the ANC.

    Zuma said that 'ANC membership card is a special card, which St Peter will ask you for when you get to the pearly gates'. Apparently, "not voting for the ANC is voting for the guy with the pitchfork, who burns people". It's not the first time they used this. In the past, the world had to hear that "God was there when the ANC was created", Zuma "is like Jesus" and was "crucified" when people were concerned about his fraud-corruption and rape cases.

    The scary part is that many of them believe this filthy, desperate bullshit.

    Not so long ago, lighting struck a black family's home in a rural area and killed a bunch of them. The appropriate minister then immediately requested that the Ministry of Science be contacted so they can research the causes of lightning. LMAO!

    Such genius. Not!

    I like how when they strike they say "if you want to pay peanuts, hire monkeys"... LOL I find it especially funny. Always gives me a good laugh. If they pay you peanuts, and peanuts is what monkeys should have... do the math! Duh! Calling themselves monkeys. Eish!

  3. In college, I experienced the exact thing you are implying (stating) Mike. Wow! The blacks got good marks for their ability to learn "like a parrot" and some could recollect paragraphs, word for word, BUT: when it came to putting into practice what you've learned...we'll, as you so eloquently put it "they fall by the way side". They cannot solve problems when thrown a curved ball.