28 April 2010

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 4 – Black culture and customs. Second Rationale for Apartheid.

By Mike Smith
27 April 2010

I find it rather amusing that the cultural relativists wants to tell us that all cultures are equal and that no culture is better or higher than another, but these same primitive cultures they want to make equal to our White Western culture, rejects the notion of equality outright.

In South Africa we observe this amongst blacks on a daily basis. Again the examples are legion, but let us start with the way the African black treats his women. I said women (plural), because Black men are polygamous. They can marry as many women as they can afford.

When a black man walks down the street, his wife is lucky if he allows her to walk five paces behind him. Most of the time he tells her to go walk on the other side of the street and a few paces behind him. You see this all the time in South Africa, but we who grew up in South Africa just accept it as “it is just the way blacks are”.

Although black women can vote in official government elections, on a tribal level they have no political say and are not allowed to even sit amongst men least raise an opinion.

I said that a black can have as many wives as he can afford. That does not mean that he has to work and look after his wives. Quite the contrary. Traditionally the women do all the work in black culture.

Black men buy their women and pays for them in cows in a system known as “Lobola”.
It starts with five cows and then the two families barter a price. The price is dependent on her social status, whether she is still a virgin or already has a child, what education she has, etc. The daughter of a chief is worth around twenty cows, but normally the price is kept down to between five and ten cows for ordinary women.

Once married the woman is chattel and becomes the possession of the man, to breed and beat as he feels fit. The Xhosas practice what is called, uKetwala (the hunting down of a young girl and raping her to make her his wife)

Missionaries from Europe have tried to convert the Blacks to Christianity ever since the whites first set foot on African soil. These missionaries came across savages who believed in the powers of their dead ancestors, rather than that of a deity. Just about all civilisations had deities of some sort, but it was absent amongst blacks in South Africa. Believing in an almighty God and abstract thoughts such as time infinity takes intelligence that blacks lack.

These missionaries saw the results of intonjane (female initiation) and ukwaluka (boy’s circumcision and initiation into manhood) where some boys were lucky to live after their penises fell off due to gangrene, etc. They saw the licentious behaviour and customs of the blacks, but none of their efforts could ever win the blacks over.

They struck up compromises in the hope to later convert the blacks, but even after their best attempts the best they achieved was that blacks accepted Christianity as an addition to their tribal religions and beliefs, not as a replacement. Blacks continue to practice their traditional beliefs in parallel with Christianity up until this very day.

Read about the fruitless experiences of the missionaries here

The bible says in Mathew 7 verse 6:
“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

In Mathew 13, Jesus said to plant the seeds on fertile soil only, because the rest will only produce thorns and weeds.

But let us explore the weed and thorn infested soil of African customs.

To us whites the initiation rites of blacks are horrific and barbaric practices that are still practiced to this very day. No Xhosa will ever be accepted as a man if he as a last resort to save his life, went to a western hospital during the circumcision period.

The Zulus initiation into manhood is called ukeshwama. A group of boys have to kill a bull with their bare hands. They pull out his tongue, stuff dirt down his throat, squeeze his testicles till it burst and then finally wring his neck by gripping the horns until his neck snaps. They also have to tear meat from the carcass with their bare hands and eat it raw. This is all in the name of “Culture”.

But the most horrific practice amongst blacks in South Africa and Africa in general has to be “Muti-murders”.

One just has to make an internet search or a search on a news site like IOL for “Muti-murders” to be shaken to the core at the brutality of the black man.
Muti means “medicine”. It is made from plants or animal organs, but the most powerful muti is made from human body parts, harvested while the person is still alive.

Everything from sexual organs to hands, lips, ears and other organs are cut from victims of all ages while they are still alive, including young children and babies.
Some will say that these are a few dissident Sangomas (traditional healers) who practice “muti-murders”, but the shear amount of these killings tells us that there are huge markets of believers amongst the black communities which drive these killings.

Blacks further believe in the “Tokoloshe”, a hairy goblin-like creature with a huge penis, who is sent by the Sangoma to attack them if they have done something wrong.
One can literally write volumes on the evil practices and beliefs of black South Africans.

In more modern times new “cultural beliefs” of blacks have emerged that shows their primitive mindset that no amount of education or conversion to Christianity has been able to change.

Blacks believe that sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. This has resulted in horrific rapes of babies as young as six months.

Black men rape lesbians, to “correct” them. It is called by the media, “corrective rapes”.

How can any cultural relativist ever be able to convince us that these practices, customs and cultures are the same as ours?

The problem is that people who do not know Africa, or more specific, South Africa, will never believe anything I wrote above, yet it is all true and only a fraction of the truth about the blacks of South Africa. The information is today freely available on the internet and in books.

Cultural relativists should first go and try to preach their “equality” and “relativism” to the blacks of Africa, before they try to convince others of it.
The whites of South Africa learned the hard way from observing the black man in his natural habitat over hundreds of years since they first settled on South African soil in 1652.

Despite all this evil, never, not once, did it cross the minds of the Whites to annihilate and obliterate the entire black populations of South Africa, although they had every reason to do so. The whites were too pious and despite all the evils committed against them during the nine Kaffir wars, at Bloukrans, at Bloodriver, at Makapansgat, etc, still believed in “Peaceful co-existence” with Blacks.

The whites acknowledged the nature of Blacks, with all their evil customs, cultures and superstitious beliefs. The whites did not want to change any of it like the missionaries attempted (and failed) to do. No, they just wanted to separate themselves from such evil as far as possible.

In the end the piousness of whites would mean their downfall. What they should have done was to extinguish this evil.

.../to be continued


  1. Anonymous6:47 pm


    1. I believe it is you that needs to grow up Anonymous. It's pretty simple really, if you can't handle the truth then don't read the history.

    2. Anon., you have come out and battered Mike's factual statements without offering any "truth" or facts to the contrary... not a very compelling argument. You have probably lived in a city your whole life without ever seeing the white-faced initiates on the hills yourself. Make a proper, factual argument next time if you are to convince anyone of errors in this article.

    3. Anonymous11:52 am

      lol you have a lot of growing up to do...you are clearly very uneducated and naive.....

    4. Anon - really was the best you can do?...only a bit of spew without any factual contest?
      Blaaaablaaablaaa translates into no contest and provides testimony of your intellect
      Take the floor and provide factual contest if you have any, otherwise make peace with these facts

    5. Anonymous, really was the best you had to offer?...a bit of spew and empty remarks?

      The floor is yours to contest anything in this forum but don't make a mockery of yourself by your mere blaaablaablaaa and standard slogans. State your contradicting facts or in the absence of any learn to accept facts as they stand.
      Truth hurts hey?

  2. Anonymous11:19 pm

    THERE IS ALWAYS A JOKER IN THE PACK, IF YOU ARE LUCKY YOU MIGHT GET TWO AND MAYBE EVEN THREE IF YOU HIT THE JACKPOT MY BUDDY. LET ME NOW REPEAT THAT ... "THEIR IS ALWAY A YOCKA IN THE PACK. IF YU ARR LUKI YU MITE GET TOO AN MAY "BEE" EVIN TREE IF YU HIT THE JAKPOT MI BUDDI". Well! Well! There's a thing for you now. Damn it Mike get a bloody life. How can you reveal the cultural customs of such a highly educated and tremendously advanced society so openly on the web. Don't you know that the South African government is busy pushing a secrecy bill through parliament because of people just like you. You are a threat to deceit and a curse to coruption and dishonesty and you are liable to become a "good Samaritan" and an abominable nuisance. We would not like to see that happen now do we? So I would suggest old "buddi" that you should be like the rest of the world and turn a blind eye and keep a closed mouth about all of South Africa's wonderful cultural secrets. Get a life man ... Get a life no matter what kind but get one. When will they ever learn? ...WHEN WILL THEY E-V-E-R LEARN?

  3. Anonymous4:53 am

    The nationalist party had good intentions to build this country into the most financially prosperous and advanced country on the African continent. Mandela and the ignorant ANC had other plans and they are proving it daily. Their theme song should have been ...
    "We want it all we want it now, We don't need no education and we ain't gonna plow, The commies are going to help us and the west will eventually do the same, No matter what the outcome and regardless of the shame, We'll seize the countries riches for our own personal and private needs and gain."
    The ANC have contiinually blamed the previous government for the chaos in the country yet compared to the atrocities and chaos that has occured since they have been in power the previous government were nothing more than timid Sunday school teachers. The ANC has no forsight a common deficiency of the blacks and their disguised black apartheid polliicy is just what their communist masterss require of them. For the ultimate goal in their involvement is to take the vast untappped riches of this country for themselves. They cunningly will do so right from under the ambigios ANC noses. The ANC is just being used as a pawn in a worldwide supper power chess game. The average working class citizens of S. Africa both black and white are of no consequence and are regarded as expendable as far as the communists and the ANC leadership is concerned. It is the blindnes of people such as anonymous in the first comment that are keeping the ANC in power and assisting the communists to achieve their ultimate evil goals. He/she does not seem to realize that he/she could soon become just another number on Africa's genocide list. Not on the white one but on the black one. So far more than a hundred million black people have been killed due to communism. If there is any growing up to be done anonymous should start doing so. The ANC has no intention of relinquishing power now and by hook or by crook they inntend to keep it that way. The masters make the rules for the wise men and the fools and the dogs of the three will still only receive the scraps from their tables.

  4. Anonymous10:05 am

    One can sit in any pub and hear white men say exactly the same thing.

    Black men rape lesbians, to “correct” them. It is called by the media, “corrective rapes”

    1. You don't really read much of your black history do you?

  5. Anonymous7:24 am

    Judging by your statements you seem to believe the apartheid era was the best thing that could have happened to SA.There is NOTHING that can justify apartheid.If white people had had such unpleasant encounters with blacks and wanted to keep them as far away as possible how did white folks end up having black maids and gardners?Dude you need help!All this hate is not healthy for you nor our beloved country

    1. Thanks for this valuable information Mike, it surely put things into perspective on how apartheid started. In fact it makes perfect sense of what truly led up to separatism in communities.
      Who in their right minds would have liked to live amongst such savagery!

  6. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Hello there just happened upon your blog via Yahoo after I typed in, "Blogger: Mike Smith's Political Commentary" or something similar (can't quite remember exactly). In any case, I'm glad I
    found it because your subject material is exactly what I'm searching for (writing a college paper) and I hope you don't mind if I gather some material from here and I will of course credit you as the source.


    My blog post ... way

  7. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Oh my, your article can be used as an example of what does the term xenophobia stand form. If you were a bit educated and learnt about various white cultures you'd realise that there were traditions that you would probably not like to have in your own culture.
    The racist people who peddle ignorant belief of one culture being above another are a cause of human tragedies such as the ones that happened in South Africa. Cultures are equal and in every culture you can find things you disagree with or would do differently.That does not give you any right to attack those people.
    Your support of a regime which treated a group of people as mentally inferior or even not human and subjected them to cruel and unfair treatment is certainly not a sign of advancement in the eyes of any civilised people. Rather it shows that you yourself support evil acts based on ignorant beliefs and disrespect towards other culture. You yourself are pretty savage,my friend.

    1. Ok take the floor and "educate" us about the white South African's savage culture/s please, we're all ears...
      Mike is trying to tell us why apartheid made sense at the time - NOT ANYMORE YOU IMBECILE!
      If you feel that this blatantly clear justification is not good enough for you to understand why whites couldn't live amongst brutal savagery with complete opposite radical beliefs and practices than ours, then nothing in the world would ever be good enough for you. I read from Mike's article that it was a question of survival to stay away from the life threatening bantu cultures of the time.
      Tell me, as an example if you are a Christian would you live in harmony with ISIS, the Taliban or a Cannibalistic tribe in South America or are you a racist who believes that all your cultures and values are equal?
      It merely became a question of survival at the time, that's all

  8. Anonymous2:08 am

    Believing in an almighty God takes intelligence .


  9. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Anonymous 6:47 PM
    and here

  10. Anonymous11:25 am

    The rest of Africa showed what happens when the locals are allowed to govern to the best of their ability.
    Those unhappy with apartheid never explain why millions came over our borders illegally, before and after the electric fences were taken down by Home Affairs minister Buthelezi.
    The homelands allowed locals to control their own destiny but the real aim of the "struggle" was to control the destiny and taxes of non-suntanned persons.

  11. You have just scratched the surface here, you will have to dig much deeper. But I believe if you would reveal more people would regard it as nonsense, I do not believe the Europeans and Americans would be able to wrap their heads around the whole truth.